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  1. Maybe Cleveland has a genuine disrespect for the Twins, Maybe, they don't feel they have to do very much in having a team overtake the Twins in 2024.
  2. The soon will be defined when Correa loses the ability in his right arm, or when he can no longer walk.
  3. I'm hopeful that Byron will return to the Twins active duty roster next year. What I don't look forward is belaboring all his issues over the off season. It's obvious the level of transparency concerning Buxton and his condition is not very lucid. We get some facts, some projections and a whole lot of guessing. I hope his surgery was as successful as first mentioned. Let's hibernate this discussion and revisit when spring training starts. We have plenty of other players and team personnel to talk about and explore. Let Buxton alone, to recover and rehabilitate.
  4. Positive things when a season ends. 1. No loss of income (don't bet on MLB) 2. Able to spend more time with family 3. Better use of time (reading, seminars, etc) 4. Increase church attendance (< 10%) 5. Get involved in a community charity 6. Work on better avoidance of in-laws.
  5. I hope the Pohlads use this time as opportunity to send every Twins fan, Christmas Greetings. The LCF scoreboard should work, nicely and is very cost effective.
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