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  1. Well, in case I die or put my foot through the pc this might be the last time, I visit the game thread. Hope everyone has a great off season. enjoy the gophers/vikes or whatever, your pleasure. If I've offended you, I apologize. I've got a bad habit of verbalizing my frustrations. Take care.
  2. I propose a 'rollback season' for MLB. Not next year, but soon. We can go with : 2 leagues, with the league winner only in world series, No DH, no showboating without recourse by the opposition, no limited sliding rules at 2nd base or home, no instant replay, amphetamines only, etc. You get the idea. Oh, and a rollback on ticket prices. (I found an old stub for Met Stadium), $3.50 for a box seat.
  3. Right up to the end, Baldelli continues to manage with his head in the clouds. No clue, except on putting guys on the IL.
  4. Taking the extra base, advancing runners, proper tagging up, hitting the cutoff man, bunting, going with the pitch are pretty much lost crafts of today's player. Homers, strikeouts, bat flips, etc., are now 'in'. Bottom line, the game has evolved into a homerun derby. When I heard Baldelli doesn't even require a daily batting practice or infield practice, I knew this guy wouldn't get the results. When the FO tells us, Baldelli is included in the Twins future, it told me we can expect mediocrity, at best. It certainly doesn't give the fans much hope for future improvements, unless he really bottoms out. Unless the culture changes and the way the Twins play, we can't expect too much.
  5. I think the best thing to do is to avoid this area. Let the properly trained people do their jobs and provide the necessary assistance. The last thing the local people need is sight-seers and people getting in the way. Let's not put in danger the lives of the first responders and other support personnel.
  6. Yeah, the weather here is fair weather, while the big weather action is on the eastern seaboard.
  7. I don't think rocco lets Ober even try for nine innings. He may want another start before season is over and it looks like c.s to the other pitchers.
  8. Lynn didn't get this call, didn't get that call, etc. As a Twins' fan I don't have much compassion.
  9. Playoffs? Playoffs? ..............Jim Mora, NO Saints head coach
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