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  1. I would like to know who actually makes the final decision on who plays and who doesn't. I think it's comical for that a handful of posters have the 'inside knowledge". If you know for an absolute fact, ok. If not, then say so. Too many clueless posters, out there.
  2. It used to tick me off, when Gardy would invariably give Mauer a Sunday off. Being a regional team, nothing would upset me more than to bring my kids to a weekend game and Mauer would be running riding the bench. This entertainment is an business, built and supported by physical and media attendance.
  3. Thank God, we didn't need buxton, tonite. I hate carrying all that extra baggage on the roster.
  4. Four terms/words, never used to describe Twins baseball. 1. Heads up play. 2. Logical play. 3. Killer instinct. 4. consistency.
  5. It's getting frustrating giving the opposition advantages, before the games even start. We make questionable pitching decisions. We overuse some pitchers and let others vacation on the bench. Our line-up is a headscratcher more often than not...We need to be more consistent and let these guys go out and earn their salaries. The Buxton situation is just one mind boggling example.
  6. Worst thing you can do to a young player in the MLB. Compare him to a Rod Carew or Tony O. Tough enough to be regular, much less have the pressure of performing like those two.
  7. Yeas, and half the population wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the logos and being on halluinogenens
  8. Guardians? Is that some insurance company based out of Cleveland?
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