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  1. Food for thought: Steve Carlton wins 27 games in 1972. total team wins for Phillies in 1972 was 59.
  2. Well, let's see. In 1961 the Senators became the Minnesota Twins..........................................................
  3. Great, the traffic here scares the hell out of me, now I got to contend with the game thread!!!!!!!!!
  4. That's very nice of you, but it just wasn't asplit second reaction. First he made no effort to go for the ball. Second, Baldelli and the trainer walk out to an empty mound. Unless his hand was severed, he could have at least walked off with them. IMO it looked liked it was one of those 'all for me reactions'.
  5. Zimmer's been a thorn in our side, both offensively and defensively.
  6. Can you replace a regular starter with a DH in the batter order. If so, I'd rather have a DH for Keppler and let the pitcher hit.
  7. Baldelli's new word for 2021, c-o-n-t-u-s-i-o-n. Can you use it in a sentence. The back of my head has a contusion, from me slapping it all season.
  8. Mr Ryan seems a bit high strung and partially full of himself. Didn't even make a reflexive move to make a play. Doesn't wait for the trainer or anyone else, to pull himself from the game. Even if he knew he shattered his wrist, he could have followed a more familiar protocol. I know he's a confident pitcher. I know he knew he wasn't going to be able to continue. But come on, you have to at least act like you are team member. Maybe he's just what we need. soeone to cut through the bulldung.
  9. I know there hasn't been much to cheer about this season for Twins fans. We've had ups and downs, but mostly downs. I'm holding back my feelings on Joe Ryan, for the present time. He has thrown a total of 16 innings for the Twins. Very small sample size. Maybe he's the real thing, but then again. Everyone's going to think what they want, but it seems we're very anxious to anoint this guy as solution to one of several problem areas. I just hate to see him fly too high, then crash. Give him time to settle in over the course of a period of time.
  10. Are you serious? How about on his follow through, he falls towards first base. Is that accurate enough for you
  11. Falvey's cursing in the owner's box. "That's another $800,000 of salary negotiation"
  12. Ever notice how the infield tilts to the right when Pineda pitches and Sano plays first?
  13. I love the way Pineda has a seizure between pitches. It used to bother me, but I've mellowed.
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