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  1. Is Archer better suited as a set-up man. a situation where he can let it all out for 2 or less innings? Just spitballing.
  2. Line drive wake-up call for Gordon. God, his facial expression just shows how much his confidence has grown.
  3. I've always hated when a runner takes a base and they say, it doesn't matter. Anytime you remove a defensive force possibility at a particular base, I would care. Multiple scenarios where a defender could field a ball, not be able to make a good throw to first and not have the option (fileder's choice) at second.
  4. If the Twins hang on, they're going to do some celebrating. Ice cold bud light, Jeno pizza rolls and a cornhole tournament, will be on tap.
  5. Tomorrow's bullpen is going to look like a bunch of dirty rags hanging from a clothesline.
  6. First time I can remember someone getting yanked before complete implosion.
  7. Do you think Lopez is on Rocco's radar? 30 pitches last night?
  8. sharp single, walk, no outs.................Jax warming up to implode, here. Yank him, now!
  9. Small ball? What an interesting concept. Do the runs count as much?
  10. I had both pages open. I apologize if on the wrong page. Are you wanting to continue to troll me?
  11. Most of the Twins hitters have shown they have at least warning track power. Now, they have to prove they can lay down the 20 ft bunt.
  12. Until Rocco starts thinking of station to station baseball, these doubles with 2 outs or less are just going to die at 2nd base. Since the Twins choke on getting that big hit, they need to employ small ball. Base to base. Can't be any worse than their current strategy. A few more drill daily on bunting and advancing runners is in order.
  13. Fulmer's bellowing and grunting. I think he passed his liver on that last pitch.
  14. Fulmer to himself "Gotta walk this guy, to set up the double p lay"
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