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  1. If Buxton is on the way out, you might as well include Falvey and Levine. Obviously, they respond to ownership's wishes, but if they are given the go ahead to sign buxton, and fail, they should be ushered out as well. There was definitely a reason why Cleveland and Texas let these two FO men go.
  2. Gant is at 27+ pitches. Is he trying to get in a bullpen session along with the start?
  3. With no bullpen action, this is Baldelli's, 'I don't care or I don't" give a hoot' managerial style. Just make sure I have enough gum to finish the game.
  4. Anyone warming up? Oh, I forgot Baldelli wants the bullpen fresh going into the off-season.
  5. Goold job by Gant. He's allowed a run without getting an out.. Good job!
  6. Buxton's recent on field performance is pretty much sealing the Twins fate that he will go somewhere else. It's turning out to be audition for any team that is willing to risk a boat load of money in signing him. The Twins will not compete with the 'big boys'. And you can't fault Byron for the opportunity of hitting the jackpot. With his history of injuries, he has to get, while the getting's good.
  7. even Jesus struggled his first two years in the Holy Land League A.
  8. Yeah, he's taken a lot of criticism this season. But, I think he's finally healthy and really feels part of this team. His personality can be somewhat annoying, but I think his teammates realize he's a gamer.
  9. Kind of disappointing more people aren't posting. Wonder how many would post if the Twins were a contending team. SMH.
  10. Yeah, he looks like a natural, with that long, lanky swing. He can generate a bunch of bat speed, much like a golfer who hits the long drives.
  11. This is a non-baseball field moment, that really touched me. My son knew a bank employee in Phoenix who handled Harmon's account. She told Harmon she knew someone who really was a fan. (Referring to me). Next time Harmon goes to the bank he brings her an autographed ball to give to me. My son picked the ball up and noticed Harmon's signature was smudged. No big deal and nothing was said about it. A few weeks later, Harmon is in the bank and mentions that the ball he dropped off was autographed with a pen that smeared. He said he would bring a newly autographed ball. Now anyone who knew anything about Harmon, was that he took great pride in his autograph. Well, Harmon never made it back to the bank. He was hospitalized and then went into hospice. He died very soon after. That ball sits on my dresser, and is a very personal possession of mine.
  12. 2 general moments come to mind. 1. Cesar Tovar legging out a triple. 2. Harmon Killebrew coming out on deck in the ninth at the Met, in a game he did not start. The one in particular was against Oakland, and he hit a homer to win the game for the Twins 3-2.
  13. I thought Morneau had a nice speech yesterday. His stories were a bit mundane, but at least they seemed probable and credible.
  14. I bet these Twins players can't wait for the season to end. A whole off season of drinking beer, eating wings, furnishing their apartments with IKEA and hanging out with their girlfriends at Mall of America.
  15. The '69 and '70 Orioles were loaded, offensively, pitching wise and defensively.
  16. Sandburg, Hornsby, Davey Johnson, Dozier, Semien are the only 40 / 49+ hr hitters by a 2nd baseman
  17. You can fool some of thee hitters, some of the time, but you can't.................................................................
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