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  1. Thanks Jack! We’ve seen him not being afraid to make changes with GoMedia and Bring Me The News. Did you interact on any of the analytical side? How receptive?
  2. according to this, he managed Go 96.3 radio, so…. I’m leaning towards agreement https://tcbmag.com/tcb-100-people/chris-pohlad-joe-pohlad-and-tom-pohlad/ and yeah, he did oversee the brand refresh https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/joe-pohlad-to-take-over-as-twins-executive-chair/ar-AA14EQd5
  3. Agreed, Kepler’s defense doesn’t fill that 8+ million delta between him and Gordon. I’d take Gordon too.
  4. I disagree, the Yankees authentic version is regularly 12% cheaper and is currently 43% cheaper.
  5. The coaching staff and FO limited innings for the starting staff because 4/5 of the rotation wasn’t healthy enough or stretched out enough to pitch a traditional starter’s work load. I’m sure the FO and Coaching staff would prefer to take the reins off
  6. I would do Sands, Balazovich and Kepler for Jansen in a heartbeat. Guessing too low, but a start
  7. Well, the stats I quoted were ‘22 and career, so clearly last year isn’t all I care about. How’d Eovaldi do in ‘16, ‘17, ‘19? He’s had 2 very good seasons, 2 ok seasons, and several bad and injured ones.
  8. Agreed 100% on the risks associated with buying high on a pitcher. The challenge is the Twins have not shown capability to buy low on a starting pitcher and get excess value. Chris Archer, Dylan Bundy, Martin Perez etc, etc…. Bad before becoming Twins, bad as Twins. While Nathan Eovaldi is a fine pitcher, he’s not better than Sonny Gray, and probably a touch below. Gray career - ERA 3.56, FIP 3.67, ‘22 - 3.08/3.41. Eovaldi career 4.16/3.83 ‘22 - 3.87/4.30. The Twins have tons of depth that’s all mid-rotation very similar to Nathan Eovaldi. What they don’t have is a front of the rotation starter, which Eovaldi is not. More importantly they don’t have innings. Last offseason the FO knew they weren’t getting traditional starter workload, but they still weren’t capable of executing a non-traditional pitching workload to get to 1500 innings, and Nathan Eovaldi exacerbates that deficit greatly. He’s pitched greater than 150 innings twice in his career. The Twins can’t rely on Eovaldi to be a traditional high quality 150-200 inning starting pitcher who also doesn’t move the needle on the front of the rotation. Go big, or develop internally
  9. As today is Thanksgiving, I’d like to share my appreciation. I’m eternally grateful for TD and all the work to deliver content and platform that the owners, John, Nick, Seth, Parker and Brock, content creators, and my fellow moderators/community leaders do. This great group of people keep TD going strong after all these years. Most of all, I’m grateful for our community members. All the posters with their passion for the Twins and their minor league affiliates, with their respectful differing opinions makes this a great place to talk Twins. Thank you all so much!
  10. Correa fired his old agent for a reason. Stating you’re dragging it out, and actually dragging it out too long, are very different things.
  11. And Lewis’ health. He tore his ACL in June, there’s a chance we don’t see him in the bigs until ‘24. Carrying over from the other thread, if they don’t sign one of the big four, I think tier 2, Iglesias and Andrus would be a break even or step up from Farmer. Farmer could then be the valuable Super-duper utility player they need. below tier 2, I’d sign a utility infielder who can play short. Lee and Martin aren’t ready opening day, Nick Gordon is not a SS. that plan leaves a huge hole in a very bad hitting lineup. From there I think they’d to sign an outfielder and a DH or 1B. Judge or Nimmo would be great, but more realistically Mitch Haniger and Josh Bell or Jose Abreu
  12. Farmer 91 wRC+ and 1.4 fWAR Andrus 105 wRC+ and 3.5 fWAR Andrus produced much more value than Farmer. I’m not certain Urshela was a salary dump as much as a roster spot opener. Time will tell if that was a salary dump, and some of the things DSP said in his late season interview suggested it could be. If that were the case, would we expect a better record than 2022? I would not.
  13. He’s insurance. I don’t mind him as an insurance policy, but I’d rather see Andrus at SS with Farmer still the insurance policy. Past 5 or 6, then go get another utility guy to platoon w/ Farmer and throw a crap-ton of money at outfield. This team needs to score more runs and black hole at SS makes that harder
  14. Option A isn’t cheap depth. Option A is cheap starter with no depth. im a fan of cheap depth. Not a fan of cheap starter no depth.
  15. I forgot to offload Kepler to make room! @stringer bell now that you mention it, agreed. if I were to do this again, trade Kep, Larnach Left, Wallner Right. About 5% under budget
  16. In the words of the great Steven Tyler: “Once is enough”
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