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  1. They need Winder for Rotation Depth, he’s clearly a big league starter. I’d DFA Thornburg, he hasn’t pitched in a week and was the only fresh reliever last night, the manager still didn’t use him. Replace Thornburg with Sands as the long man. Just throw innings in those short start blowouts.
  2. “Let'shope last night was the last we saw of Duran, the guy's nothing but toxic for this team.” Please tell me that’s a brain fart…
  3. I’m with the other posters that rotation isn’t the problem and trading away the depth that makes it “not the problem” for a guy with health concerns isn’t a good idea.
  4. What? How? I’m at a total loss on this statement.
  5. Seems to me like the GM has a heavy consult at the very least, and all the way through the minors
  6. The manager picks his staff, but doesn’t pick the 12 years of amateur and minor league coaches those players had prior. the game adjusted to the live ball which lasted for 25 years. It’s now adjusting again, right in front of us
  7. I sure don’t. Full disclosure, I eat meat a couple times per week…
  8. Vegetables with a focused light we call a “laser beam”. Everyone deserves a warm meal… mwa ha ha ha
  9. The Manfred ball has suppressed home runs and scores across the MLB have dropped. We’ve seen many articles over the years of managers complain that players don’t learn the fundamentals in minor league ball (from many organizations not just the Twins). And there was this article from 2018 about why no one steals anymore. The point is the game adjusted to the live ball. now that the ball is dead again, maybe steals and situational hitting comes back. we saw the TD article about all the steals in the Twins minor league system. Seems like Times, They Are A’Changin
  10. They’re 4th in the AL in runs scored, 4.4 per game but have been shut out 10 times. they score a bunch, or not at all. it seems like the very conservative run game is part of this. They’re built and coached to trot around the bases post dinger. the new Manfred ball suppresses homers, so if the hits don’t come, they struggle to manufacture on the small ball tactics. seems like this is recognized and being coached/implemented in the minors. what to do now in the majors?
  11. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34152424/peacock-stream-kansas-city-royals-detroit-tigers-game-announcers From the article: “Peacock will not have any announcers in the booth for its streaming coverage of the AL Central matchup from Detroit's Comerica Park. Instead, reporters will take fans around the ballpark and view the game from different vantage points.” Who else is picturing:
  12. Yeah, but a bad read, nonetheless. It’s good to see reports of base running becoming heavier part of the minor league coaching and game plan.
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