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  1. Twins need to bring in a closer. I know all of the popular theories nowadays says you just need a bunch of high leverage pitchers and that anyone can close. But it sure is nice when you've got one guy that has some balls and you can trust on a nightly basis.
  2. Maybe the Twins could trade Paddock for Rogers. Oh, wait a min.
  3. Sanchez seems to do a good job of getting strikes on the edge of the zone called balls.
  4. What is the potential for Duran to be a starter in the future? I just noticed that he pitched 82 games in the minors and 80 of them were as a starter. Could he be brought along like Johan Santana? Use him out of the pen for a year or two and then work him in as a starter? Or is that not possible for him?
  5. I really like that Joe Ryan has picked up pretty much where he left off last season. He looks like an acey type pitcher in the making. I hope some of those other Young guns in the minors can make something happen also.
  6. Interestingly enough, Tovar's best ops ever was .798. he only went over .700 ops 4 times in his career. His lifetime ops+ was only 100. According to the newer stats Tovar was only a league average player. I'd like to think he was a little bit better than that. But the new stats are saying he wasn't?
  7. I also wonder if Sano's numbers look different if he played 81 games at Coors field?
  8. I think once he clears waivers and refuses a minor league assignment he can pretty much go where ever he wants? And after he clears I believe the Angles still owe him his contract minus whatever the league minimum salary is which the team who signed him would have to pay. I think San Diego would probably be a good spot for him.
  9. Oh yeah, definitely do not claim him then. I see, a team could pick him up after he clears waivers and not pay him anything. Then if he gets hot could use him as trade bait for something else?
  10. So if someone picks up Upton they owe him 28 Million, but if no one picks him up then the Angels owe him 28 Million? That doesn't make sense? I was under the impression that if someone picked up a player who has been DFA'd that the former team still owes him the contract??
  11. Not sure how DFA's work. But maybe the Twins could pick up Justin Upton, and then turn around and trade him and someone else like Larnach for one of their pitchers? I don't know what the Twins would be on the hook for with Upton money wise. But dang he hit 17 HR's last year in just over 80 games. Looks like he could still hit 25 - 30 bombs and, not that it really matters but has a great spring training line?
  12. Trout has been hurt quite a bit lately. But he is still a .305 career hitter with a .419 career on base percentage. He has over 300 home runs and almost 1500 hits plus he has over 200 stolen bases and he's only 2 years older than Buck. Trout won the rookie of the year, 9 x all star, 8 time silver slugger 3 x MVP. If Buck were to become an All Star and win the silver slugger every year of his contract he still wouldn't catch Trout. Man I would love to see Buck win the silver slugger the next 7 years straight because that would mean the twins would be doing really good. But as much as I want it, I don't see Buck passing up Trout. Trout is probably almost a hall of famer if he retired now.
  13. I'm glad to hear that the velo looks good. I was worried because he had that Thoracic outlet surgery that seemed to put Phil Hughes to sleep.
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