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  1. You are kinda saying exactly what I am saying only differently. Yeah if my co-worker left the company that I work for to better himself, it will depend on why he is leaving. If he is forced to leave to better himself you better bet on it that I'm going to work my ass off too so I can get the hell out of there to better myself too. See what I'm saying? It means that the company that we are currently working for is failing if it is unable to keep it's employees, and it's employees have to leave in order to better themselves then everyone who comes to work there won't really be thinking about the company but will be thinking about themselves so they can get out of that company and into a better one. It kind of creates the type of environment where everyone who comes to work for that company is using it as a stepping stone and not as a destination company. That was a great example you used to prove both of our points. I get it, I'm overreacting a little to say that the twins might as well get rid of everyone, but if you get rid of everyone and start over the twins will be near the bottom of the league next year and probably another year or two or three. If the twins don't get rid of everyone but they get rid of their best starting pitcher they will be near the bottom of the league next year and probably another year or two after that again. So why keep guys around that are going to cost money when you are going to be near the bottom of the league anyway? Might as well start over and start preparing a bunch of new guys to play together.
  2. Yeah for sure no doubt, however those guys usually come in and add something to an already veteran roster that got the team there in the first place. Usually, those teams in the post season runs to the WS didn't get rid of all of their main guys the year before. Plus many of these guys have been playing together for a long time, like Buxton, Kepler, Berrios, Polanco, Rosario etc.... They made it through the system together. So to start replacing one here and there often will break up the chemistry that the team once had. So that is why when people talk about competing next year then most likely you won't compete by adding a bunch of new faces every year. If they trade Berrios they might as well get rid of the whole team and start over with a new core that have been playing together while they have been on the way up which at that point it is once again a 3 or 4 year rebuild. So I say trade the guys that are on expiring contracts but keep your core if you want to compete. I realize that all of these guys are supposed to be professionals, but as mid 20 year old guys you just don't know what it might do to them as human beings to see their friends discarded here and there. So if that's what you're going to do then do it 100% and give up on the next 3 or so years. If you don't want to do that then getting rid of Berrios right now is not the answer.
  3. Yes as with all AAA teams their players always have to move on to Major league teams eventually.
  4. San Diego is a great example. They have one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball in Gore, but look at how many pitchers they brought in during the off season. They brought in enough to the point where they don't need Gore. Teams looking to go after the world Series don't usually want to bank on rookies.
  5. Twins front office did such a great job this off season that almost all of their expiring contracts are untradable. Happ, Robles, and Colome are basically untradable. Shoemaker in no way shape or form is worth anything. I mean when teams sign free agents one of the thought processes are, well if we are out of it then we can off load them at the deadline, right? However, the Twins tried to save a few bucks by bringing in Colome; I mean it was fairly clear that Hand wasnt opposed at all about coming to the Twins. I think he is making what? 10 or 11 million this year? Where as Colome is making what like 7 million this year with an option? But at this point in time, they could actually trade Hand for something but Colome is pretty much dead in the water. Another example of the problem with dumpster diving. Had they just signed better players yeah it would have cost them some more, but they'd have some trade value at this point in time, unlike what they now have with these guys. Now they are stuck with them for the rest of the year.
  6. So my thought process on this is why do negotiations need to stop at this point? I mean why would the Twins draw a line in the sand and say if we don't have a deal done by this date then we are done negotiating? I mean what value does that give the Twins? So why would an article come out like this that basically says everyone failed in their negotiations? (Unless the Twins gave up for good?). I mean why wouldn't the Twins and Buxton.....er his agent just keep the lines of communication open? Doesnt really make sense to me.
  7. JA Happ isn't going to be able to be traded. That's for sure.
  8. It seems to me that one of the issues is that the Twins have an approach that sometimes (whether analytical or not) devalues their own talent and often overvalues other people's talent. I think often times a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You really don't know how a player from somewhere else is going to mesh with the team you currently have. I get it, everyone is going to say; they are professionals, they are getting paid a lot to play this game they the players need to adjust. But, they are human too. So when you have players that you already know and can trust to stick to the program that you have laid out then sometimes I think that is worth way more than trying to build a team based on fantasy value. Analytically a player may be worth this much, but in the wrong situation that value may go down. So I really feel that the Twins need to focus on what they have sometimes over what looks shiny and new out there. So I mean one instance I can think of is Rich Hill. They had him last year and let him fly, but then went and replaced him with Matt Shoemaker, I mean they are making close to the same amount of money? So why let a guy go that actually performed for you pretty well, I know he had a few injuries and dings last year, but you had him and replaced him with someone that is now terrible. Another instance, now this one is fairly speculative, but Brad Hand is a Minnesota boy, it seemed like from articles that were written that Hand was pretty interested in coming home, instead the Twins pick up Colome, I don't think their salaries are that far off, probably like 10 mill vs 6 mill. But from what I felt like I read is that Hand wanted to be here Colome just wanted to play baseball I don't think Colome really cares one way or the other about being in Minnesota. These types of things are not really measurable via analytics, but I dare to say that had the Twins had Hand closing games and Rich Hill as the 5th starter that they still might not be in 1st place, but they'd be doing much better than they are right now. Heck Jake Odorizzi made it clear he likes it in Minnesota, I'd venture to say that with him instead of JA Happ again the Twins would probably be in a better place and I don't think their salaries are that much different either. Probably both close to 10 million. So now when we start talking about Jose Berrios, yeah you can get rid of him via a trade or what not, but Jose has been here for a long time and understands the program, so whoever you pick up to replace him, may analytically look to be on par with Jose but may not feel any loyalty whatsoever towards the Twins organization and as a result may not pitch anywhere close numbers wise to what Jose would have done. So they can just pick and pluck new and different pieces year in and year out, and they could even end up spending more, but they may never regain the clubhouse culture that the homegrown kids developed together. So analytics does a great job predicting how a player may play, but it can't tell you how well they will mesh with the new club. Now to me, it seems a lot easier to add a new personality or two at the trade deadline, like they did with Shannon Stewart. Now when you put a guy onto a team that is already winning they can usually buy into that, and in the meantime develop a relationship with the new squad. Winning seems to do those kinds of things. So I feel that the Twins need to place more importance on trying to keep their own guys vs going out and getting replacements every year. Also, when a guy says he likes it in Minnesota, don't use that as some form of weakness to try and get them to sign cheap, pay that guy what he is worth because he actually wants to be here because you will not be able to replace that. I mean Lance Lynn, Tom Here are all examples of guys that didn't want to be here and how did they perform? Not very good, for the Twins. So again, sometimes you need to look at a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  9. What and I don't know hopes the lead holds up too.
  10. I don't know why it did that 3 times? Dang phone!
  11. It sure does seem as though their hitting has completely fallen apart after Rowson left? Pitching has been awful this year, but I'm almost just as convinced that the hitting has been more of an indicator of the poor season than the pitching has.
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