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  1. Sanchez seems to do a good job of getting strikes on the edge of the zone called balls.
  2. What is the potential for Duran to be a starter in the future? I just noticed that he pitched 82 games in the minors and 80 of them were as a starter. Could he be brought along like Johan Santana? Use him out of the pen for a year or two and then work him in as a starter? Or is that not possible for him?
  3. I really like that Joe Ryan has picked up pretty much where he left off last season. He looks like an acey type pitcher in the making. I hope some of those other Young guns in the minors can make something happen also.
  4. Interestingly enough, Tovar's best ops ever was .798. he only went over .700 ops 4 times in his career. His lifetime ops+ was only 100. According to the newer stats Tovar was only a league average player. I'd like to think he was a little bit better than that. But the new stats are saying he wasn't?
  5. I also wonder if Sano's numbers look different if he played 81 games at Coors field?
  6. I think once he clears waivers and refuses a minor league assignment he can pretty much go where ever he wants? And after he clears I believe the Angles still owe him his contract minus whatever the league minimum salary is which the team who signed him would have to pay. I think San Diego would probably be a good spot for him.
  7. Oh yeah, definitely do not claim him then. I see, a team could pick him up after he clears waivers and not pay him anything. Then if he gets hot could use him as trade bait for something else?
  8. So if someone picks up Upton they owe him 28 Million, but if no one picks him up then the Angels owe him 28 Million? That doesn't make sense? I was under the impression that if someone picked up a player who has been DFA'd that the former team still owes him the contract??
  9. Not sure how DFA's work. But maybe the Twins could pick up Justin Upton, and then turn around and trade him and someone else like Larnach for one of their pitchers? I don't know what the Twins would be on the hook for with Upton money wise. But dang he hit 17 HR's last year in just over 80 games. Looks like he could still hit 25 - 30 bombs and, not that it really matters but has a great spring training line?
  10. Trout has been hurt quite a bit lately. But he is still a .305 career hitter with a .419 career on base percentage. He has over 300 home runs and almost 1500 hits plus he has over 200 stolen bases and he's only 2 years older than Buck. Trout won the rookie of the year, 9 x all star, 8 time silver slugger 3 x MVP. If Buck were to become an All Star and win the silver slugger every year of his contract he still wouldn't catch Trout. Man I would love to see Buck win the silver slugger the next 7 years straight because that would mean the twins would be doing really good. But as much as I want it, I don't see Buck passing up Trout. Trout is probably almost a hall of famer if he retired now.
  11. I'm glad to hear that the velo looks good. I was worried because he had that Thoracic outlet surgery that seemed to put Phil Hughes to sleep.
  12. Oh of course, I'd love to see the next Doc Gooden step on the mound. It would be great if a few of these young guys panned out. All I was saying is I don't want the Twins to give up on them so early as they do sometimes.
  13. I'm not trying to compare innings from back then to today. What I'm saying is that had they continued to hold Viola down in the minors and didn't give him a shot until he was 26 and he had a season like his first one he would have been done. He wouldn't have gotten any more chances. I think, especially in seasons where the Twins realistically aren't going to compete for a title, that these young guys need to be brought up when they are 22, like Viola. Give them a chance to fail, often times athletes learn how to do things better from failure. They work on the things that went wrong. But that's hard to do with a 26 year old as they are quickly passing their prime. So I'm saying let these guys have a chance. If they struggle don't be impatient, give them that chance to struggle and learn. Holding them down in the minors until they are 26 is ridiculous, at least to me. Give them a shot is all I'm saying.
  14. I think as fans we need to be a little bit careful. People are very impatient nowadays. I mean in today's game would Frank Viola have gotten a 2nd chance? Like he did back in the 80's?? Take a look at his first years and that dumpster fire. I think in rebuilding years, it's best to get guys up when they are really young. Then if/when they crash and burn they have a chance to go down, because they are young enough, and work on what they learned at the big league level, then when they come back up they have a better chance of succeeding. It seems like the Twins wait so long to bring guys up that if they aren't successful right away they punt on them because they are already like 25-26. So either they slide into a bullpen role or they fade away. Now in years where the team is a favorite to do well they probably should go with more veterans.
  15. I suppose it's too much to have the AAA rotation to be Balazovich Woods Richardson Duran Winder Strotman Sands I'm guessing we will end up with guys like smeltzer and Chi chi and guys like that??
  16. So I used to follow things quite closely, probably between the years of the late 90's with contraction talks all the way up to about 2010 or so give or take a year or two. Now I'm still a fan but with my kids both playing sports and going to school I just don't follow things as closely anymore. So I was wondering, what some of you guys, who are in the "know," think will be the lineup and pitching staff of the Saints this year?? Let me know what you think?? Thanks
  17. Does he have anything left? I mean what happened last year? He only threw like 19 innings.
  18. I wonder if Falvey took a course on Hypnosis during the lockout. I feel like Pohlad's going to come too in a few days and cancel that check.
  19. So I'm watching part of the spring training game between the red sox and the twins. Jeffers is catching and Sanchez is the DH. So in that scenario, which I am assuming should happen quite often this season, who will be the backup catcher on the bench in case of injury etc..... I hear all kinds of stuff about Story etc... But who are they going to have as that back up dude as they don't have Rortverdt, Garver, or Astudillo anymore?
  20. Like I said earlier, I figured they traded Berrios because they weren't going to be competitive this year, maybe in a year or two. That's why the long term deal for Buck and a rotation of a bunch of young dudes to prepare them for next year or the year after But if you were planning on being competitive this year. Then I'm ok with the Petty for Gray deal, and then they should have kept Berrios and had a good 1 - 2 punch. But if they are going to be a middle of the pack to the back of the pack type of team then I'd rather have kept Petty and gone with the young guys to see what they can do at the MLB level. Because Gray, Bundy, and some guys like Dobnak aren't going to get it done. I suppose if they are in the back of the heap at the end of the season Gray can be shipped off to a contender for some prospects once again. But they won't really know what those prospects have so it will be like re-setting once again. JMO
  21. On a low key note, because don't get me wrong I think Gray is a good pitcher and would have loved to see the Twins pair Berrios and Gray up together in the same rotation. However, now looking at it, is Sonny Gray an injury risk? I mean he only threw 135 innings last year and had a 4.19 era, that's even more of a red flag since he pitched in the NL and they get to face a pitcher a couple times every game instead of a Nelson Cruz type. I hope he's ok, but it's kind of concerning to me.
  22. My thinking is why trade a #1 draft pick to be mediocre? I mean I like the trade if the Twins were really planning on winning something this year. But they didn't win last year with Berrios so why would they win this year with Gray? So let's say the Twins had kept Berrios and tried to resign him like Toronto did. And then they traded for Gray now I'd be like heck yeah! Let's go for it. But this move realistically puts the Twins right back where they were last season.
  23. Always fun to armchair quarterback a draft from more than 10 years ago. However a couple of thoughts. Yes a couple of guys in each draft out performed the Twins pick. But my question is, how many guys that were picked before these guys did worse than the Twins pick. Also, I really hope I'm wrong, but after seeing teams like Cleveland and Tampa Bay develop so many decent young players who come through their system, I really wonder how a guy like Lance Lynn or Josh Donaldson would have turned out had they ended up in the Twins organization? I would hope just as good, but maybe these guys just had some guru help them out with something in like A ball that made the difference? Maybe the teams they were on had that magic opening that allowed them the extra playing time to hone their craft? Who knows, but seems like the Twins picks did ok, and who was responsible for those drafts?
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