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  1. How much did they pay you to write this? How. Much. Did. They. Pay?
  2. Yah, my excuse today was being in Reno assisting Mrs Ash buying a new bicycle. We've just entered the portion of the year where every day has some excuse.
  3. Concur on Cave, but Garlick doesn't even belong in this sentence. The only CF he ever played in the pros was 22 innings at the major league level last year, for some unearthly reason I choose to forget but surely was dire. True, he played CF in college (baseball at Cal Poly Pomona must be a laid-back affair), but the Dodgers in their wisdom did not invest one inning of his five-year development with them in center.
  4. Projecting young players from their minor league stats isn't an exact science, but it isn't that hard either. Someone looking only at MLB small-sample stats in an age-22 season and saying "that's all he'll ever be" is likely to be surprised time and time again.
  5. Watching Pagan is a guilty pleasure. In a season where I have low expectations, I can tolerate the eventual blown save. He isn't a world-beater but seems to have the necessary makeup to just plow ahead, bulldog like, not getting flustered and not giving in to groove a game-losing pitch, and when he gets the job done (possibly with the aid of a favorable strike call) I just have to smile, expecting that it won't last. To this point I find him entirely admirable. It's like not being able to look away from the crash you know is coming.
  6. Donaldson has displayed a reverse-platoon split this year. We know that won't last.
  7. Twins today amassed 7 hits in 34 AB. Not going to win many games hitting like that - a .206 batting average. It's yet another demonstration of why BA is an incredibly important offensive stat. I can do one of these by hand for OBP too, or even OPS, if you like. I'm not versed enough to eyeball WOBA or WPA, but they probably are poor looking numbers as well. This was a bad, bad game. Any reasonable form of analysis is going to confirm that.
  8. Maybe add some fabric softener when laundering the pillow cases, next time.
  9. I feel a little bad about the song I posted earlier. Here is something much newer, and IMO good. It helps to like punk rock a little. Beware, the lyrics are suggestive.
  10. Buxton's up. Come on, old timer, show these kids on the bases in front of you how RBIs happen.
  11. Internet hiccups seem to be prompting reposts. Maybe time to reboot. Or buy new infrastructure.
  12. Save this for the Fun With Numbers thre-... wait, never mind, it's not fun.
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