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  1. To denote Missouri, or Mississippi, or Montana? Milwaukee, or Missoula, or Muncie?
  2. I'm going to be pissed if the White Sox draft ahead of us because they found a way to tank the final couple of weeks after falling out of contention.
  3. According to mlb.com, we're in the middle of the 9th with the Twins leading 8-4.
  4. Unless one of the guys below them goes completely nuts in the few remaining games, it's down to these two. If Arraez could have just found a way to hit about 55 more homers, he'd be running away with the batting crown. So unfair.
  5. The majority of runners in the Boston Marathon, or similar, do not train by running a practice marathon alone. They condition to distances much shorter, and then push themselves on race day.
  6. I'm no Spanish speaker but I consulted my Spanish-to-English dictionary and found that it means The Jucho.
  7. I feel like the FO's analytics aren't all they are cracked up to be, and I haven't really discussed their approach to relievers. They basically seem to subscribe to the most basic analytic view that armchair analytics fans such as my self have absorbed: Closers Are Overrated. But they seem to have taken it further, and treat arms that look elite as easily replaceable. They traded away Pressly. They traded away Rogers. They traded away Graterol. In each case they got something back of value; I saw Rogers as becoming a chronic injury risk and thought he would be a good trade chip (whom they flipped for didn't work out so great, though). But they don't seem to follow up these moves with anything but belief that the Pitching Pipeline™ will spit out another similar arm at will. Other teams don't seem to undervalue good relief arms, and offer value in return, and I wish our FO would stop and think harder about why that is.
  8. I see this as the heart of the problem. Lewis probably doesn't belong in the same list because he started the year in the minors and earned his way up. And to a great extent I offer patience when a FO has to "play the hand they are dealt", because Buxton/Sano/Kirilloff were all brought in by the prior regime, and I can imagine that any trade talks weren't going to bring equal value in return (of course with perfect hindsight we might have taken a decent offer for any of them). But where I fault the FO is 1) talent evaluation and 2) lack of a perceived Plan B when injuries occur. Buxton, for instance, requires a highly competent backup, someone so good in fact that he deserves "starter's minutes" in LF or RF. Kepler used to be that guy, but evidently he isn't given that role now, because the first player to start a game in CF in 2022 when Byron got a day off was... Gilberto Celestino. I think highly of him as a prospect, but he's still only 23 and the FO looks as though they went all-in on him, and/or went all-in on Buxton never playing hurt. Looks like a serious mis-evaluation of his readiness for the Show. The same philosophy seems to permeate the roster, with an apparent belief that loading up on pitchers who will need to be given light loads would pay off. It didn't. Trading away one veteran catcher in Garver was reasonable, but trading away the young backup was reckless, and when the one who remained got injured we were suddenly very thin. Et cetera et cetera. We were treated to playoff teams in 2019 and 2020, and told that the down year in 2021 was just a fluke. Now we're getting mixed messages on just how close we are to needing a full rebuild. Two bad luck seasons in a row? I'd like an actual rebuild to be managed by a different FO - I'm not seeing any special sauce at the end of their sixth year.
  9. We all get the logic, but it's a dead end. Keep going and you'll reach it. The ultimate MVP by this view is to pick the lowest-seeded team that barely made it as a wild card (usually a close race, maybe just one game in the standings), pick an average guy who played full time for them (Gio Urshela, say, had we been so lucky), and boom, he's your league MVP - he provided a couple of wins that a AAAA replacement wouldn't have. Without Gio, or his clone on that team, the team misses the post-season. Actually, he's co-MVP with presumably several players on the same team better than him - lose any one of them and they miss the playoffs - but none of them is more valuable than Gio. Dead heat for MVP. Okay, let's look at what you specifically suggested. Imagine the Yankees calling up Cleveland's FO and says, "hey, we really like Clase. We'll give you Judge for him." Ignoring contract considerations (which MVP voting certainly does), can you imagine the Guardians saying no? Trading away an MVP to get someone even better makes no sense. And New York wouldn't offer that trade anyway. Historically, MVP votes count heavily in the arguments for a player eventually making the Hall of Fame. The MVP is shorthand for future generations to know: "this guy was as good as it got, that year." If MVP were done your way, you'd have a Hall full of players who earned Brownie points with the voters through freak arithmetic where they were on teams that were good, but not too good. For folks who dislike cultural relativism, this is just another example: demonstrable worth taking a back seat to outside factors. Being the best is mainly what the award is all about, plus some sentiment as a tie breaker. To do otherwise gets you lost in a corn maze of faulty conclusions.
  10. Kinda nice to come to the box score late in the game and find this kind of pitching gem in progress. Get the RISP numbers a little higher on offense and this could have been a laugher.
  11. I can check your work for typos and post each one separately to pad the thread, if you like.
  12. The Twins have a decision to make after the end of the World Series. Buy out his 2023 contract for $2.75M, or let the $14M contract vest and thus bank on a comeback season. My guess is the former. I don't see him as a net $11.25M gamble.
  13. They aren't releasing Kepler. Doesn't matter what I "think", bounce backs or whatever. Cut bait, eat the salary? They aren't.
  14. It needs to. High end pitching needs to bring back high end prospect arms. I've always viewed the trade as Berrios for SWR, with Martin as a very good sweetener. I would have preferred one or two additional arms instead of Martin.
  15. Sano's contract next year is a team option, which the Twins will surely decline and buy out, whereas Kepler's 2023 money is guaranteed. Not a similar situation.
  16. Jay Leno may have a world class collection of cars, but if I have a $28M Rolls Royce Boat Tail* parked in my garage next to my 2010 Subaru Forester, I might have the Most Valuable Car regardless of whether people scoff at my bizarre overall roster of rolling iron. PS: I don't. *Or, if you prefer, the DeLorean from Back To The Future that really could time-travel - what would someone pay for THAT?
  17. These are each recognizably about one team, even if outsiders aren't necessarily in the know on what the letters stand for. The generic M they had on their uniforms and caps for a while - hated hated HATED that. "Milwaukee? Miami? Montana?" (The worst ever, IMO, was the Expos' M. "What the heck is elb?" )
  18. And just who was responsible for the empty cupboard? I realize that your article wasn't meant to be Yet Another Referendum on the FO. But turns of phrase in the article itself, and then in comments, go ahead and invite exactly that. It comes across as a apology for the FO, and begs rebuttal.
  19. "...How do you pay tribute to that history and heritage, but do it in a very modern way?" Guh. I have a tolerance for marketing-speak having speaked it for periods of time myself, but this makes my skin crawl.
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