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  1. What's he done for us lately, though? Ober pitched today.
  2. Game Ober! Ober and out! Ober, above and beyond! Ober and Ober and Ober shall I do these!
  3. 9th inning. The Horse* has got this. * I looked on b-r.com and they say that's his nickname. I do not recall seeing that before.
  4. I went to b-ref.com to look up what I expected to be a quick rebuttal, but guess how many times in 28 games Gerrit Cole has walked the #9 batter this season? Zero. Did the same in 2019. (2020 was a bad year, he walked 3 guys, probably pinch hitters or something, I'm not gonna look in that detail.) Berrios in 2021 has 7 - now make that 8 - such walks. Again, I'm not going to delve in to extenuating circumstances. So, yeah. That's one benchmark that's interesting to look at.
  5. Man, I'm glad to get that Berries guy, or whoever he is, out of the game. He was mowing us down like he's a machine or something!
  6. Depth arms need to still have a minor-league option remaining, and not have sufficient service time to refuse a demotion. Pitchers who lack the flexibility to be sent down must be viewed in other terms than "depth", i.e. are they actually good. Maybe you can put up with one pitcher who must be up all season, in a long-man role, but even that's very far from ideal. I'm really at a loss to how to manage this ragtag assortment, which seems to need a 50-man roster and infinite options to burn.
  7. Yes really. Simmons was on the Restricted List, only because he could not travel outside the US for the Toronto series. If Levine were to tell Simmons, "I'm leaving you off the active roster another game, because we want to get this career minor-leaguer a plate appearance," yeah, that would be a snub. Which in turn could have negative impacts, e.g. for clubhouse chemistry, or on the ability to sign a mid-tier free agent in the future, or other reasons that only a GM might be aware of. It might not even be allowed under the CBA, given that he has sufficient service time to refuse a demotion to the minors for example. Easing a guy off the roster in a back door way wouldn't fly. In that case I guess it wouldn't be a "snub", but a "grievance" that they would surely lose in arbitration, or maybe a fine (or game forfeit) as a penalty from the league office for not knowing the rules. I don't claim to know the ins and outs of roster management, but I presume our FO does.
  8. Probably you or I wouldn't use Colome in the ninth, regardless of how long Ryan went.
  9. Don't you think if Ryan goes that extra inning, Minaya is the one who is bypassed, and the late innings are covered exactly the same as it played out?
  10. I want to believe this would help, but I think the FO has a philosophy in place for both hitting and pitching, and a coach who tries to go against it wouldn't last very long. It goes beyond any one coach.
  11. I clicked Like even though I didn't like any of these outcomes. Please bring us better news next time.
  12. Tuned in just in time to enjoy an entertaining top of the ninth. Yeah, didn't enjoy the wasted out by Jeffers quite as much. But speed kills, and that insurance run was fun.
  13. Yeah, just to be clear, while the AFL website finally has the schedule posted, the Rosters tab still seems to reflect 2019, unless Luke Raley and Dakota Chalmers are being brought back to the Twins organization somehow. They haven't named the players yet, so if I were in charge I'd take down the outdated website material; the Twins aren't even Salt River anymore, they're Scottsdale. Indeed the linked article is still the one dated July 21, and it's only the schedule that is new. This one is more up to date, and contains the info I was looking for: fans are welcome under whatever Covid protocols they have in place. Gonna give this some serious consideration.
  14. Classless and clueless is in the eye of the beholder. AL East opponents of the Jays might say it is classless to pinch hit a career minor leaguer in the ninth inning, for instance. I was initially puzzled by the lack of game action, but the timing worked against Maggi (as can probably said every step of his career); he could have been a pinch hitter instead of Tortuga yesterday, with different luck. Maggi understands where he is in the team depth chart, even with Simmons underperforming, so that when the bona fide major leaguers come back he goes down. Snubbing Simmons this late in the season might be viewed as classless and clueless, from other vantage points. The point being that Rocco and the FO deal with variables that we may not fully be privy to. Crossing fingers Maggi gets another callup when we're playing the non-contenders.
  15. At first I was guessing this was purely an artifact of his era. If so, expect the record to be broken within a few short years, by someone already well on his way. Perfect use for baseball-reference.com's Stathead tool. So I asked for a list of active players with 1000 or fewer SO, to see who might be a candidate. Everyone near the top of that sorted list already had more than the 660 games Sano has. So then I asked it to show me such candidates who also had fewer than that number of games. Joey Gallo has 868 SO in 613 games - he's not going to make it at that rate. Aaron Judge has 772 in 558 - slightly better rate but that's not going to cut it. Yoan Moncada with 671/525 - nope. The tool doesn't (to my knowledge) let me sort by a ratio, but a quick scan of the list sorted by SO doesn't reveal a viable candidate with any kind of track record. As with any negative milestone of counting stats (e.g. 20 losses by a starting pitcher) you have to be pretty good to achieve it. The truly bad never make it that far. Congratulations, Miguel. Your record may stand a while.
  16. What would you say to Baez instead? He's not signed to an extension yet, is he?
  17. I feel I understand the motivation for pitchers and batters alike to try to "slow the game down", in the mental sense, so as to provide absolute top-notch performance. But that implies that to force them to speed up the game is approximately an equal burden to both adversaries. The batter may not have quite as much time to focus on the strategy of the next pitch, the pitcher likewise may not be able to concentrate on precise mechanics (and max-effort may not be as advisable, as already has been pointed out), but the net result may not be any diminishment of the competition, and the same approximate quality of play should result. Or maybe better - or at least more entertaining - because optimality can be awfully dull when viewed over and over. Good competition comes from mistakes on both sides.
  18. At this point I am on board with giving Gordon many starts at SS, not because I want to see his defensive stylings at a position I expect him to be overmatched at, but to get some peace from the voices who advocate that the Twins' talent evaluators must have missed something at AAA that will reveal his arm and range to be suddenly sufficient at the MLB level. I suspect he's not going to get more than one start against Toronto, though, because the latter is in a pennant race and there's an unwritten law about not tanking in such situations. Maybe against the Cubs, maybe in the final two series too.
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