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  1. I know this doesn't solve anything, but Houston let Correa walk and they still won the World Series. Just sayin'.
  2. Per MLB Trade Rumors the Angels have acquired outfielder Hunter Renfroe for pitchers Janson Junk, Elvis Peguero and Adam Seminaris. Lots of new bodies heading to the Halos early in the off season.
  3. Detroit's offense is due to rebound in 2023 as a big part of their lineup severely underperformed this year so I think it's a good place to be for a hitting instructor. I hope Mr. Rowson finds success, just not against the Twins.
  4. A most assuredly possible maybe, but it looks like MR. Renfroe is to remain with the Sudsmen.
  5. I think we have enough "defensively challenged" hitters to fill the DH role, but improving offensively against port-siders should be a priority. I miss the days when Kirby Puckett was a one-man wrecking crew against lefties.
  6. Will any team sign him to a major league contract? If its a performance based-laden minimum commitment deal, why couldn't it be with the Twins? If he can re-find some plate discipline he could be a good complementary RH power bat for DH-1B-3B, but then again he actually has a higher OPS vs Righties so maybe not. Projections for 2023 aren't kind.
  7. I would think the Twins would want to resign Camargo and possibly Roy Morales unless they have other plans for catcher depth.
  8. I can't believe we used 38 pitchers. That's an insane number of arms to be plied at the major league level. The 1970 Baltimore Orioles won the world series and used a total of 12 pitchers all year. The 1974 Oakland A's won the world series using 11 pitchers all year. Maybe part of the decline of the popularity of baseball is the use of so many players and loss of personal identity in a baseball game. Also, according to FanGraphs relief pitchers accounted for only about 9-10% of the value (in wins above replacement) that all position players and pitchers created last year. And yet, they occupy about 25 percent of roster slots. Relief pitchers are eating baseball alive, lol.
  9. God bless you Sir for helping a fellow in need.
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