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  1. 8 pitchers, 169 pitches. Guys arms are gonna fall off by Aug 1st.
  2. I believe Brayan Medina was assigned to the DSL (Dominican Summer League) which opens play June 6th.
  3. We also got 19-year-old pitcher Brayan Medina, probably the best Venezuelan pitching prospect in 2019.
  4. Today vs Bieber = the sacrificial Smeltzer.
  5. Pagan, only 22 pitches to get through the 9th, he's improving.
  6. Pagan sure loves those 30 pitch innings doesn't he.
  7. Yeah, we wouldn't want to run up our run differential or anything.
  8. Update: looks like Pagan, he of the i-can't-find-the-plate club.
  9. If Rocco brings Duran out for the 9th I'll be pissed.
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