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  1. Producing a couple of studs each year is definitely primo, but winning sets a good tone. If I had to choose between the two, gimme the studs.
  2. Late post here but was watching the highlights of Gant's start over at MLB.com and the strikeout of Jose Ramirez and his reaction to end the 5th on a nasty changeup is perfect.
  3. Man did Polanco jump all over that pitch for the home run. Bomba baby.
  4. Minor league record of 18-3 with a 2.41 era and a 26-244 W-K ratio. Ober definitely had the pedigree, just not the innings totals. At 6-9 and 260 pounds, he has a pretty intimidating presence on the mound too. I picked him as a sleeper to make the Twins roster this year, not sure if I thought he'd earn a regular spot in the rotation this soon. The Ober-Meister!
  5. I wasn't a big fan of signing Josh Donaldson but this last month I've really grown an appreciation for his effort, style, heads up play and determination. You sure wouldn't know the Twins are out of the race by watching him. Also, I've been watching the Cubs who traded away half their starting lineup and are playing a bunch of rookies who are letting it all hang out and playing some inspired baseball. Fun to watch.
  6. Nice game for Nick Gordon. Colomé can fall into a holomé.
  7. Nice game for Nick Gordon. Colomé can fall into a holomé.
  8. I like how Danny pronounces Arozarena different each time.
  9. Our pitching staff are the Keebler elves of baseball; tossing up cookies.
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