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  1. Congrats to Joe Ryan setting the Twin's rookie pitcher strikeout record, and a great September to cap off a really good rookie season. Fun to watch pitch.
  2. From the AP: "DETROIT -- — Jake Ryan allowed five hits in six innings and the Minnesota Twins blanked Detroit 7-0 on Friday night, the Tigers' 22nd shutout loss of the season." Jake Ryan? Twins get no respect. Maybe we should call ourselves the Rodney Dangerfields.
  3. Some of us make people's lives better by drifting away.
  4. Could be an interesting series against the ChiSox; 2 teams that just got the stuffing kicked out of them the last 2 weeks.
  5. Injured injured everybody's injured. And . . . Trevor Larnach who was out with core muscle problems has a sore wrist. Jorge Polanco continues to have knee inflammation. Max Kepler still has a sore wrist. Tyler Malle has shoulder inflammation and won't return this year . . . and so forth and so on.
  6. As Twins fans, we hate the White Sox. But Cleveland? We wonder how they do it.
  7. This is a 2 part question really. The first part, "why", is an age old question and best answered with, "because." The second part, "is Dalton Shuffield at the St. Paul Saints and not Brooks Lee?" . . . yes.
  8. But it's the Twins, and they leave all runners on to end the inning. Drat.
  9. Oh well, the booing has started and that's enough fun for me. Think I'll head out back to the pond and see if the frogs are having a concert. Ciao.
  10. After 3 innings, Bundy has thrown only 6 more pitches than Quantril.
  11. So, are the Vikings going to be any good this year or is this Lollygagging training camp gonna backfire?
  12. Watching this game makes me think Helen Keller was fortunate. She probably didn't even know the Twins existed.
  13. Now if we can actually hit the ball beyond the infield.
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