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  1. EDDIE . . . EDDIE . . . EDDIE . . .
  2. You still don't want to ignore league wide changes/influences.
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing some Eddie Rosario exploits sink the Dodgers.
  4. Too bad they couldn't come up with a 2B man to round out that lineup instead of cycling through O'Connell, Schoendienst, Mantilla, & Cottier.
  5. Half the players drafted by a MLB team out of Concordia U are named Varland. Louie in the 15th round in 2019 by the Twins. Gus in the 14th round in 2018 by the A's. The other 2 "non Varlands" in 2009 and 2012. No major leaguers . . . yet.
  6. Good work. Another thing to consider is league batting averages have declined significantly too. JD's line drive rate was down and flyball rate up. Still, an OPS+ of 127 was higher than Polanco (125) even. JD at 3B-DH for the Twins next year is not a problem that needs fixing.
  7. I'd still play golf with the man.
  8. Casey Stengel would be proud of you.
  9. Heck, starting Maggi at shortstop a game or 2 might have been the better choice over Simmons considering his offensive suck-ti-tude if you're talking about trying to win. Now the season is over and Maggi didn't even get into a game. I'm not impressed Rocco.
  10. Agreed. A few of his starts were complete ineffectiveness. Don't know if he's just having release point problems or if the year layoff is affecting him (walks have been up all over the minors). He'll probably be invited to MLB camp next spring so it will be interesting to see how he develops.
  11. "Chuck a Bradbury" . . . awesome. Nice article. So does this award come with any hardware? A gift certificate? A free beer in Cleveland at the Thirsty Beaver? Or do we just dub him the "Ober Meister", recipient of the 2021 Bradbury.
  12. Byron Buxton should play for one team his whole career, and that team is the Minnesota Twins.
  13. I think Colomé has a secret money deal with someone on how many baserunners he can allow while still getting a save.
  14. Who would have thought that adding Happ and Lester would help propel them to the playoffs.
  15. Colomé's performance makes me think kindly of Ron Davis.
  16. If I go to the doctor next week and he prescribes heart medicine, I'm sending the bill directly to the Twins front office.
  17. I am more than disappointed. Why call up a career minor leaguer at the end of a dead season and not play him? He doesn't deserve a chance to start in a MLB game? He's injured? So he has to sit at the end of the bench and do what, pine for the fiords? WTF. I'm not really a Rocco fan but I haven't jumped all over him . . . until now.
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