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  1. True, true. But think of the weird pitches he could develop and be known as "three finger" Rogers. Nah . . . rehab and recovery is probably better. Get well Lefty.
  2. Well, if they amputate he'll never have problems with it again.
  3. Sometimes the best measure of a clubhouse is did you win today.
  4. I'm kind of the opposite. The amount of hard work and sacrifice these guys put in for years to maybe get the call the big leagues is always a great story. Not every player is destined for stardom but some sure do deserve a shot at their dream. There is no substitution for hard work and perseverance. So to the Drew Maggi's of the world, I'm rooting for you.
  5. Interesting stuff. Lets hope he works it out and makes his way back to the major league roster and pitches well, then we can say "The Shoe" fits.
  6. Completely denies they guy a possible "W" next to his name. Not the first time Rocco has done this. I hate it.
  7. I'm no pitching analyst but it looks like he maintains the same windup speed, arm angle and release point across all his pitches. That makes it mighty tough on hitters.
  8. Wow, Angels trade Heaney to Yankees for Elvis and Junk, you can't make this stuff up.
  9. Giants acquire 3B/OF Kris Bryant from Cubs for OF Alexander Canario and RHP Caleb Killian.
  10. The number of players changing hands this year is like a baseball card trading frenzy.
  11. Both Buxton and Josh Donaldson are being shopped by the Twins, MLB.com’s Mark Feinsand tweets.
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