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  1. I know this is satire, but how many quality starters have the Twins developed in the last 25 years? Berrios, Radke....I guess you can count Santana.
  2. Was he ever fully healed? When you watch the replay it's not clear how his knee got hurt.
  3. I'm not sure that's all on Polanco. It landed closer to Correa. I think Correa gave up on it when he saw Polanco moving. Someone needs to call it. Just poor communication.
  4. Who else can they put out there? I assume they are saving Duran for later.
  5. I'd give Kirilloff a pass since he is still basically a rookie and is coming off a season ending injury. I also give Pagan a pass since my expectations were low to begin with. (He hasn't disappointed.) As far as Sano.....what happened? I don't recall a player imploding so quickly and inexplicably. Remember when we had visions of him being a future MVP? I don't know where he fits on this club anymore. I can think of half a dozen guys I would rather see at 1B or DH than Sano.
  6. This is painful. If I wanted to watch AAA baseball I would go to St Paul.
  7. I wouldn't feel bad about not giving Lewis the benefit of the doubt. I don't think anyone expected him to come out of the gate this year like he has. The talent was certainly always there, but he has never had a sustained run of success in the minors. Injuries certainly played a part of that, and are still a concern going forward.
  8. How long will they let Archer keep taking his turn every 5 days? At this point he needs to be behind Smeltzer and Winder in the pecking order.
  9. Maybe Taylor Rogers will become available at the trade deadline. A guy like him would come in handy, because he can close or be used as a situational lefty. Also, the Twins are already paying his salary!
  10. The pitching still concerns me. Will Archer and Bundy be exposed when the bullpen loses that extra roster spot and they have to pitch more than 4 innings per start? How many times can Pagan keep tiptoeing around disaster in the late innings? The young guys have impressed (Ryan, Ober, Duran, Winder), but they are still green, and they will take their lumps. And is Buxton anything near healthy? They've been on a good run, and it's been fun, but the competition will get tougher.
  11. I agree with most of the other posts that there is no way they would (or should) trade Correa if they're still in the playoff hunt. And even if this is something the Twins would consider, I don't think the return would be as big as some might expect. He would effectively be a 3 month rental. If the Twins are out of it, then by all means, they should take whatever they can get, but unless they absolutely nose dive in the next month, that's not gonna happen.
  12. As much as I have been critical of this front office, even I don't think they were expecting to get fair value in terms of production. There had to be method to their madness. As Mr. Christie stated above, this was all about unloading Donaldson. So why did they do it? I suspect we'll never know the full story of what went down during that weekend of trades until someone spills the juicy details in an attempt to sell their biography ten years from now. Anything else is complete speculation.
  13. Rocco finally came to the realization Cano doesn't have his best stuff today......
  14. What hope is there that he will contribute in 2023 or 2024? Apart from his rookie campaign in 2019 he's been terrible. That's what I never understood about this trade. He just isn't that good, and he had a known issue with his elbow. What was the Twins front office thinking?
  15. For those happy the Twins unloaded Donaldson.....he currently has a WAR of 1.7, which is more than Urshela, Sanchez, and Correa combined.
  16. The capstone on a completely pointless trade. Sometimes, in retrospect, it is easy to look back and say it just didn't work out. However, that trade made no sense from day one.
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