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  1. He's only pitched four innings for the Mets, so it' s too early to say. That said, I agree with the first comment. Sometimes it just takes awhile to put it all together. I'm not sure the Twins could have done anything differently.
  2. I agree with the above post that Buxton should be with the major league team. He can shake the rust off just as easily in the Twins lineup. They aren't going to the playoffs and his replacements have been awful. He may not be 100 percent, but so what.
  3. Another Simmons error. Can we have our $10 million back?

    1. bean5302


      4 games in a row with an error is crazy for the guy. 1 error in his previous 50 games.

  4. Actually, Littell pitched pretty well for us too (2019), which made his release even more bizarre.
  5. Their annual contract disputes are well documented. What's bizarre is that the Twins lost him to waivers. I don't know if that was standard procedure back then or if Calvin did it out of spite.
  6. I thought Simmons was supposed to be a defense first SS. He has not impressed me with his glove.
  7. Very funny. Point taken. But look at all the guys he plucked out of obscurity from other farm systems.....Joe Mays, Kyle Lohse, Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan, Carlos Silva, Nick Punto, David Ortiz (ouch, I know what you're going to say). He took Mauer even though the national media was telling him to take Prior or Texeira.
  8. Agreed. I think Ryan was a brilliant scout and talent evaluater, but his fault was in management of the 40 man roster and clinging to guys who should have been let go. (He lost me over the Matt Guerrier fiasco.) This new front office seems to go the other way, being too aggressive in cutting guys that maybe deserve a second look. Maybe we can't have one or the other and are idiots for thinking so, but I completely understand that comment.
  9. Speaking of guys they gave up on......that move was just bizarre. Littell was actually pretty good in 2019. 2020 was a lost season because of injury and then they just cut him loose, even though they knew they were going to have to find bullpen reinforcements going into 2021. The move was odd then, and it looks downright dumb now. Do they know something we don't?
  10. This front office will need to show patience. Most MLB pitchers aren't that successful right out of the gate. If you look back in Twins history, guys like Frank Viola and Brad Radke had 300+ MLB innings under their belts before they put it all together. If they think these guys have the stuff, they're going to have to let them take their lumps and not shuttle them back and forth to St Paul or the waiver wire. It's probably going to make for a long season in 2022, but we are where we are.
  11. In the past I would watch 75% or more games per year. The last couple years, maybe a third to half. A few reasons... 1. We welcomed a small child to our household, which has been a big timesink. 2. This team has been lackluster to say the least. Even when they make the playoffs it seems like they just go through the motions. I blame Baldelli. 3. Who can devote 3-4 hours a night to watching a game? They need to tell these kids to get the ball and pitch. Stop messing around out there.
  12. And really dirty, old baseballs, like the kind we played with in the backyard. Not the gently used batting practice balls.
  13. The Santana trade was a Bill Smith trade. Ryan stepped down shortly before. I've always asked myself if Ryan would have made that deal.
  14. But they really really need pitching. Woods-Richardson is a work in progress. If they were going to trade Berrios to the Jays, I would have preferred Pearson and a couple lesser prospects.
  15. No Pearson? I hate this trade. Neither of those guys will help next year, if ever.
  16. Am not sure I agree with the point being made, but that picture sure made me laugh.
  17. Some of the posts are suggesting that the Dodgers wouldn't trade him for Dozier. Obviously, we don't know what really went on in the conversations between the Dodgers and the Twins, but I seem to remember the rumor mill suggesting the Dodgers wanted to do DeLeon for Dozier straight up, but the Twins wanted more. It would have been a dumb trade for the Twins at the time, and would have looked even worse in retrospect.
  18. I wish I could say getting swept by the Tigers has been the low point of this season, but there has been too much competition for that dubious honor.
  19. You're all looking at this the wrong way. There are countless ways to lose games that we have yet to see. Don't you want to tune in to see what jaw-dropping error or bone-headed base running mistake causes the Twins to lose their next game?
  20. When I see numbers like 5 for $125 million, that's basically what Zach Wheeler got. Berrios is NOT as good as Zach Wheeler, not even close. I agree $20 million per year is doable, but no more. I would only go that high because the Twins are in such a poor negotiating position. They have no one else.
  21. Why not? Although MLB may want to avoid any controversy over him not wearing pants.
  22. I gotta think because of his service time he can elect free-agency.
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