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  1. Agree 100 percent. Watch where the catcher sets up against Pagan and where the ball eventually ends up. He has no idea where it's going.
  2. Overall I like them. I will echo others about the "M" caps. Not a fan. Just stick with the TC. It's iconic. Also, I wish at least one of the jerseys still has the Minnie and Paul patch.
  3. If you provide the horsey sauce I don't see how he could turn that down. It would have to be a done deal! On a side note...why did Arby's get rid of the cole slaw?
  4. https://www.mlb.com/twins/team/front-office If you look at the Front Office Directory the Twins have a "Coordinator, Run Creation" and "Coordinator, Run Prevention". Didn't those two jobs used to be called "the Manager"?
  5. Would you rather sink $25 million per year into someone like Rodon or use that money for 2-3 quality relievers? In terms of flexibility and risk, option two may be the better strategy. If Rodon gets hurt, not only do you not have him in your rotation but the Twins will still be on the hook for the $100+ million still left on his deal. With relievers you're spreading the injury risk over multiple players and can also sign them to shorter deals.
  6. Yeah, I would like to see him back. They need to sign at least one other half-way decent relief pitcher. Will they do it???? This front office has shown that they don't like to spend resources on the bullpen. I think a decent comp would actually be a former Twins pitcher currently being profiled on this website, Trevor May. May's numbers coming off his age 30 season were very similar to Fullmer's. May got a two year deal for a little over $15 million from the Mets. With inflation, it's possible Fullmer could get more, although you could also argue the Mets overpaid. If I were the GM I would be willing to do 2 years at $15 million, but probably no more.
  7. Why is there a picture of the Red Sox spring training facility? I will be interested to see how Raya's stuff plays as he moves up the ladder.
  8. Interesting. I know it's all speculative so need to take it with a grain of salt. However, I can't be on board with any roster where Garlick and Leon may be getting a significant number of at-bats. That's not a recipe for success. Also, there are question marks at every outfield position. That's too scary for me.
  9. I'm somewhat sympathetic to the injury argument. As the summer went on, no one wanted Archer or Bundy in the rotation, but what choice did they have. Yeah, Varland and SWR had some encouraging outings towards the end, but were the Twins going to throw them into the fire while they were still in the middle of a pennant race? They had barely gotten their feet wet at AAA. As noted in another comment, the achilles-heel of the Twins has been their failure to develop pitching. Falvey was brought in to help solve this riddle, but the results so far have not been encouraging.
  10. Not happening. It's fun to think about, but there's no way he leaves the Yankees. There's too much at stake for both sides.
  11. Sadly, I believe Marsha Warfield and John Larroquette are the only two still with us. I had to correct my earlier post. Richard Moll is still alive!
  12. Many people only remember the off-field anecdotes, of which most are probably untrue. They forget that he was a pretty damn good player.
  13. I generally concur, although I would only go one added year instead of two. If he accepts that kind of offer and doesn't opt out after 2023 or 2024, then something very unexpected has happened. The Twins would end up writing massive checks to someone who either can't play because of injury or is ineffective.
  14. The first pick in the draft is the worst pick, because it means the team stunk the year before. I would rather the Twins were picking at #30.
  15. Depressing. Martin- As long as he keeps the OBP up I don't care about the power. How many times have the Twins had runners on first and third with no outs and then walk away with nothing because guys struck out while swinging for the fences. The bigger issue with Martin is where does he fit on defense. Canterino- I don't have his medical records and I'm not a doctor. But yeah, one has to wonder if this situation could have been handled differently. Balazovic-In 2000 at AA Kyle Lohse went 3-18 with a 6.04 ERA. He went on to have pretty respectable career. Sometimes you have to struggle to find and toughen yourself.
  16. What is it about Cotton that the front office doesn't like? There's been moments where he's been really good. I would rather they kept him over Sanchez or Pagan.
  17. We needed Larnach two months ago. Too late now. Might as well stay home at this point and get healed for next year.
  18. Why do I keep watching this crap? I like to think I've led a good life, and don't feel the need to punish myself. This team is just flat out cursed.
  19. Will any arms be left for the double header tomorrow?
  20. I think the last two months have already answered that question.
  21. Rocco's moves blow up in his face once again. This will go down in the books as another winnable game that got away.
  22. There really is no reason for him NOT to opt out. If it turns out like last year and he and Boras are left without a chair once the music stops, then what's the worst that can happen? They can go sign another short-term make-good contract. Ok, so maybe it's only $30M instead of $35M. So what. They could even circle back to the Twins, who have no one else ready to play SS.
  23. It's not a bad deal. The monthly cost is still less than the cost of a ticket. I get MLB.tv where I live. The bally sports app is only a little more and you get wolves and wild in addition to the Twins (presumably).
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