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  1. I don't care what your opinion on the vaccine is, this has to be one of the dumbest takes I've seen on anything on this page in a long while, if not ever. I mean, I get it. Virtue signaling and running political cover for yourself that costs you nothing while trying to non-person someone who doesn't share your pathological obedience to authority or deranged hypochondriatic beliefs is a pretty easy and gutless position to take at the moment. I'd be curious how many people here who are correctly pointing out that the 1st amendment does not apply to an employer/employee relationship were espousing 1st amendment argument for the Kaepernick dust up. Considering the responses I've seen and the make up of the liberal Alabama known as the Twin Cities, I'm guessing the number is fairly high. I'm sick to death of people taking straight forward comments about a single thing and conflating them to be arguments that aren't made, extrapolating them into oblivion to look better to their friends and neighbors. Acknowledging that the vaccine has its downfalls and doesn't prevent you from getting Covid is just that. Any other sentiments or arguments gleamed from crystal clear syntax is your problem and shows a fundamental inability to understand basic language and argue in good faith. The vaccine does not guarantee you don't get covid, ergo it may or may not work. It does have some side effects. These are true statements. I get that standing on a soapbox to espouse really safe and popular opinions in an echo chamber is a popular strategy right now, but it demonstrates a glaring misunderstanding of and respect for any semblance of rational discussion and merely acts as a reminder to "not forget that I have the right opinions today". This page should be better, and the readers deserve better than this circle jerk of an article that only exists to remind us that Randball Stu believes he's a good person. It's gross.
  2. ALL THE YES. While we're at it, can we put Deduno in the bullpen, cut Correia loose, and bring up May and Meyer?
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