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  1. Concur that signing Buxton should be the team's highest priority. Also concur with Vanimal...if it was gonna happen, it already would have.
  2. Describe tonight's loss in one word. I'll go first: Lackluster.
  3. To get this back on subject... I'm not ready yet to call for jettisoning Falvine, but my confidence level has certainly fallen way off. I felt, for example, they did a really poor job of assembling a pitching staff this past winter, and felt that way PRIOR to the season, particularly the pen. In retrospect, the "add 40 percent of a staff on 1 year, make good deals every winter" plan has been pretty risky, and likely not routinely possible. Maybe that was necessity rather than plan, but they've surely had enough time to get away from that. I think their actions over the next mont
  4. Shane Mack. Not really "unknown" I guess, at least to long time fans, but he was really good and underappreciated. Brant Alyea: I remember the start he had to the 1970 season...I was convinced he'd hit like that forever. Spoiler alert: he didn't. But always will have a place in a 12 year old's heart.
  5. My guess is Buxton gets more in free agency than Berrios, if they both end up there after the 2022 season. 12 pack of Grain Belt Premium?
  6. Nobody, including Pohlad, had any doubt what he meant when he promised payrolls a little over 50% of revenue. Nobody but you. And for the record, he's more or less kept his word recently. Payroll hasn't been lower than needed or warranted. But he wasn't talking about payroll taxes or medicare.
  7. The idea that you can predict Buxton's future health, or Berrios's for that matter, is iffy at best. A player like Donaldson, or Thome, with known chronic issues, can certainly be expected to miss time. Buxton's only similar issue is his history of concussion, and that hasn't been a problem for some time now. Getting hit in the hand with a pitch is a fluke, not a chronic issue. Given how often pitchers break down, I don't even think it's a good bet Berrios is healthier than Buxton going forward.
  8. Interesting argument...Berrios will only play 20% of the games, at best.
  9. This is easy...if they can sign Buxton, they should. Buxton is a game changer (when on the field). A player is "injury prone" until he isn't. If you can get Berrios under contract, great, but the priority should be Buxton. Buxton is an elite player, Berrios isn't. Pay for elite before you pay for pretty good. I'd wager a lot of money Buxton is worth more going forward than Berrios.
  10. There certainly are reasons not to trade Rogers, but "too many prospects" isn't one of them. There is no such thing as too many prospects. Every team in baseball would love to have too many prospects.
  11. Great topic, John. Personally, I think you have to trade Rogers, even though I hate the idea. At the least, the fate of Rogers (and Berrios) will tell us how Falvine view 2022. If Berrios and Rogers are dealt, we'll know they don't believe the Twins can contend next year. Dealing Cruz, for example, doesn't tell us much because he wasn't likely to be a Twin next year anyway. But dealing good players with team control...well, that's a pretty clear statement about where we're at. (Buxton too, except his fractured pinkie makes dealing him tricky at the least, impossible if he takes longe
  12. I'd say if more than one of those three are in the opening day rotation I'll be surprised, and that will be another bad offseason for the front office.
  13. I don't know for sure Arraez actually HAS a future position. I know he's an easy guy to like, but is he actually any good? It's all SSS, but 2021 marks another significant drop-off in his offense. After a fall into into mid. 700s last year, He's barely into the. 700s for OPS this year. Maybe he's really the .800 OPS hitter-built off singles and walks-that we saw in 2019. Then again, that's a tough way to make a living, and we've seen lots of guys have trouble duplicating 2019. Coupled with questions about defense, no apparent place to play him, and no speed at all...I'd try to t
  14. Not important, but he took a breaking ball for strike 3, not a fastball. I was also disappointed to see a hitter--any hitter--take strike 3 with the go ahead run on Second base. You're not up there to walk, you're up there to drive in that run. It's just another example of why I strongly disagree with those who downplay RBI these days. There were certainly other issues, both today and season long, but in a thread about today's game, I do think Luis's pinch hit AB is worthy of discussion.
  15. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm worried Our bullpen might turn out to be an issue this year.
  16. The more baseball strays from the traditional, the worse it gets. Leave the HBP rule alone.
  17. Ok boys, listen up. You won a game yesterday. You won a game today, that's two in a row. You win tomorrow...that's called a winning streak.
  18. You hold your breath and silently curse (insert name of bullpen member of choice here) for about a half hour.
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