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  1. Baldelli left Jax in too long, rather than removed him too early.
  2. Picking nits, but Albers wasn't called for a balk in the first.
  3. I don't think the Twins can build a contending staff for 2022. That's the point. I disagree with the premise of the article.
  4. . 500 is not competitive. And .500 is a pretty tall order for the pitching staff advocated here.
  5. As to Nick's article, I can't see this rotation resulting in a competitive 2022 Twins team. There is no "there" there.
  6. I bet I can go back to the 1st year of TD and find this exact post every year, with just the actual names changed.
  7. No player worthy of playing time has ever been blocked for long in the history of MLB. It's never happened.
  8. So the Twins are going to sign Carlos Correa, Michael Brantley, Robbie Ray, Danny Duffy, and be aggressive in FA in addressing the bullpen?
  9. Just imagine the crater we'd be mired in if Falvine weren't such renowned pitching staff builders.
  10. Have you looked at the most recent AL pitching stats? https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/AL/2021-standard-pitching.shtml We ARE doing better than Baltimore in most areas, so I guess 14th out of 15 is something our pitching coach can hang his hat on. BTW, we also have the OLDEST average age of our pitching staff. Yeesh. A feather in Falvine's cap to boot.
  11. Yeah, I still don't believe any of this. First of all, 8 of Buxton's 33 hits came on infield grounders? Doubtful. Second of all, he's not turning into Matt LeCroy. He will be an exceptionally fast runner into his late 30s at least. Not as fast, sure, but still very fast. He's not losing 50 points of OPS over infield grounders.
  12. Hopefully Maeda wasn't "pitching hurt." If he was, someone needs to be fired. If he GOT hurt, that's different.
  13. I have watched a lot of baseball, and I question the need for a "rehab" assignment for a position player. I understand it's been pretty much SOP forever, but what is gained? 15 ABs in ST Paul doesn't "prepare" Buxton for anything. I can understand a starting pitcher who needs a few starts to "stretch out," but a position player? Those 15 ABs might as well be in MPLS. They make zero difference in getting a player "ready."
  14. An outfield of Refsnyder, Gordon and Cave doesn't excite you about the future of the Twins??!?
  15. Pretty difficult to excuse the front office running out an OF of Refsnyder, Gordon and Cave. Sorry, but if they're not interested in fielding something more major league than that, I'm not interested in watching.
  16. I like a nice, warm and fuzzy human interest story once In a while. Just not as part of a plan to build a championship baseball team.
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