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  1. We know with absolute certainty the Twins view Polanco as a 2nd baseman. Having zero SS's on the roster seems like another data point in favor of new management.
  2. The reasons the Twins moved Polanco off SS in the first place still exist. I strongly doubt this happens. And i strongly believe it'd be a mistake. Find a SS. Don't just find a person to play the position.
  3. You can say this as many times as you wish, in whatever length sentences you wish, and it'll still be speculation, without a shred of evidence.
  4. Yes. Edit: OMG! Ninja'd by Squirrel. The humiliation...
  5. Start spring training, open to whichever players show up. Same for the regular season. The MLBPA will cave within a week of opening day.
  6. Anyone qualified for Roy seems like a good definition. "Under team control" doesn't. Jorge Alcala is under team control, but I don't think he can be fairly described as a "prospect." I'll stick with under 5. I would guess that'd be true for most teams throughout history.
  7. I'd wager a lot of money on "less than 5," but I'd want a definition of "current prospects" beforehand. I'd assume it's something like "less than 80 days of MLB service time" or thereabouts?
  8. I'm confused...your argument is that because the Twins handed out contracts, and extensions, to lesser relievers, they wouldn't have given a contract to Pressly? That seems...counterintuitive.
  9. How he was acquired is not relevant. Albert Pujols was a 13th round draft pick...a lottery ticket. Would you have traded peak Albert Pujols for Alcala and Celestino and considered it "quite a bit of value for a 13th round pick?"
  10. There have been many, but if forced to name just one, Kirby.
  11. Well, I guess if offering an 8 yr, $200m contract is "letting him walk." The Cardinals tried very hard to retain Pujols. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/610475-st-louis-cardinals-reportedly-offer-pujols-8-year-contract.amp.html
  12. Stop it. The NY Yankees last had a sub .500 season in 1992. 28 consecutive seasons above .500. It's your contention that massive payroll discrepancy plays no part in that?
  13. Happy New Year, everyone. Special thanks to the owners of this place. Without their vision and hard work we wouldn't have this tremendous resource for Twins fans. Special to Brock; don't give being spectacularly wrong about Thorpe a second thought. ... That's not even in your "top ten" of wrongness.
  14. Go get the perfect free agent after you're already good isn't a viable strategy. It ignores -the fact you, by design, wasted at least a year when you had everything BUT the needed FA talent, -assumes the FA talent will be there, just waiting for a Twins offer at the point you obviously need it, and -assumes the rest of the team will continue to be good enough to win in the future You already wasted the previous year(s) when they were good enough but didn't have the needed FA talent because you were foolishly waiting for some future point to purchase it.
  15. Bingo. As it stands today, the Twins "rotation" is easily the worst in MLB. And the kicker: "investing a year in development" doesn't guarantee ANYthing for the future. It only guarantees 2022 will be awful.
  16. The chances of ANY pitching prospect, in ANY organization, "shining" are remote. So the most likely outcome is zero. Might one or two show promise, providing hope he might develop into a quality starter in a year or three? Decent chance. Will the current crop provide all that's needed to compete at some future point? Zero chance.
  17. Do you have links to these specific trade scenarios for Buxton? Gleeman links? Because I don't remember any specific trade reports. Generic "Twins may trade Buxton" speculation, sure. But nothing concrete.
  18. I am strongly opposed to an automated strike zone. It will do nothing to improve the game. Also, for the record, it was smart assedness, all the way. (Also, smart assiness is not a word.)
  19. We should have robot players, too. Eliminate errors and such.
  20. A TRIP to the WS? Not WINNING the WS??? And you call yourself an OPTIMIST?????
  21. 60-69, because I'm an optimistic homer.
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