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  1. Huh, and I was just going to post something about how frustrating Kepler is to watch.
  2. Why is it okay for a team to ask for a hometown discount but less okay for a player to ask for his worth on the market? Don’t make it sound like the poor Pohlads will have a net worth under $2,000,000,000. See how that works both directions?
  3. That’s my point. Almost all players go for money first, team a distant second. And there’s nothing wrong with that, teams do the same thing.
  4. until

    Testing a comment here about this!
  5. I agree this is the most likely compromise. The MLBPA has no real reason to dislike comp picks, only the loss of free agent revenue that comes with the signing team losing a pick to sign the free agent (and therefore driving down the price of good free agents).
  6. This is basically how I feel about Baldelli. I don't need a raving lunatic in the clubhouse and believe that management style hurts far more than it helps. But I don't see a lot of fire from Baldelli. That doesn't mean it's not there, he could simply keep it behind closed doors. But I can't assume it's there, either.
  7. I'm not sure he'll blow past Wheeler money, as a big draw to Wheeler was the general sentiment the Mets hadn't gotten the best out of him... and the general sentiment was right. Wheeler has been a beast since leaving New York, jumping from "good" to "elite level ace" numbers. Inversely, Berríos has age, durability, and performance (relative to Wheeler's numbers with the Mets) on his side.
  8. Agreed. I've had many problems with various moves Baldelli has made this season but sticking with Berríos last night was not one of them. The guy sailed through six low effort innings, it's on him to finish the seventh, particularly during a stretch where the Twins play multiple doubleheaders and will need bullpen relief.
  9. I'd be hesitant to offer him Wheeler money unless he agrees to take a year off Wheeler's deal because he's not a free agent for another 15 months. There's a fair amount of risk into giving a guy full-blown free agent money when he's not going to be a free agent for over a year.
  10. Cruz was so dedicated to the Twins he waited to sign until the eleventh hour when MLB finally announced the NL would not have the DH in 2021. I'd have to dig it up but the last I heard a year+ ago, the Twins were reportedly offering Berríos somewhere around $50m, but I can't recall the specifics (or that the reports were accurate but they're all we have to go on).
  11. He wasn't that deep into the game, though. He was well under 100 pitches through six innings and hadn't completed a third turn through the lineup. Up until the seventh inning, Berríos had no real high effort innings. Expecting the staff ace to pitch seven innings in a low effort game is far from unreasonable, especially coming out of the long rest provided by the All-Star break.
  12. Agreed. I wouldn't consider moving on from Maeda right now. He has shown flashes of his 2020 season but has also battled groin issues and arm fatigue. We don't really know where he's going to settle yet but I it's likely a higher performance level than we've seen in 2021.
  13. If Berríos stays healthy, he'll get Zack Wheeler money and I've been saying that for over a year now. The Twins haven't come within $50m of offering him Zack Wheeler money. Whether you agree with it or not, the reality is that a pitcher of Berríos quality is going to command $100m or more in free agency.
  14. @Greglw3 Berríos threw just 94 pitches last night and sailed through six innings, allowing fewer baserunners than innings pitched. And this is what vexes me about fandom and baseball management. Half the fanbase is screaming at Baldelli for pulling pitchers too early while the other half is screaming at him for leaving in pitchers for too long. What's most likely is that Baldelli uses his pitchers in a pretty similar way to other managers, he's just not pulling the right strings and/or rolling snake eyes way more than usual this season.
  15. I think this is pretty unfair. Berríos has been with the Twins since he was a teenager and now they're considering trading him because he won't sign for pennies on the dollar. Neither side is really wrong in their thinking but neither side is showing much loyalty to one another, either. I'm always confused why fans tend to look down on players for behaving in the same manner that front offices have behaved since the beginning of the sport.
  16. You're joking, right? You can't throw a rock on this forum without hitting five people who are mad at Baldelli. I agree that the front office should be closely examining why Baldelli has faltered this season (I think the loss of Mike Bell has hurt him a lot) and how to change that going forward. After two successful seasons out of three, I'm not ready to move on from Rocco quite yet. As for Johnson, I think your evaluation is pretty unfair. Just 12 months ago, he was a pitching genius for improving the squad drastically over a couple of seasons, culminating in the Twins posting a very good pitching staff last season. Until three months ago, no one questioned his ability to handle MLB pitching and it feels like a real knee-jerk reaction to decide he can't do the job because everything blew up in everyone's face this season. There's plenty of blame to go around this season from the backup role players all the way to Derek Falvey.
  17. I generally agree but the problem with that approach is that we have no idea if a comp pick will be attached to free agents after this season.
  18. For sure, which is why I added "with significant flaws" to my statement about the offense. This lineup could use a right-handed Arraez-style bat. That would solve a lot of their problems. But also, just having the wrecking ball version of Buxton in the lineup drastically alters the offense. Will that ever happen for a full season? I don't know but I sure hope so.
  19. I don't think anyone is surprised the Twins are placing a high price on Berríos but according to Dan Hayes, the asking price is "one pre-arb MLB player and two top 100 prospects". That's an insane ask and makes me think the Twins aren't actually interested in trading Berríos. Which isn't necessarily the wrong decision but they better do a hell of a lot better job in the coming offseason than they did this past offseason. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/twins-trade-rumors-jose-berrios.html
  20. While 2019 was almost certainly an aberration, that doesn't mean the offense isn't good anymore... they're still quite good with a few significant flaws. And the team is hitting quite well while two of their three best hitters have combined for under 250 plate appearances. Of course, that could continue to be the case but there's still some offensive upside on this team.
  21. The White Sox have the sixth-best slugging percentage in the American League. They're a very good offensive team.
  22. On this we agree, except for the part about the shift. Banning the shift is not a silver bullet and under no circumstances am I under that delusion. It's a small move that makes the game slightly better to watch, in my opinion. But the "real" change needs to come on a grander scale and that's reducing pitcher advantage while encouraging batter contact. And that's going to be a complicated dance for MLB to peform.
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