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  1. quit knocking on Arraez..i'm perfectly fine with him at 1st or DH..don't care if he doesn't knock it out of the park. what this team does too often is K....i'd rather have a guy up there batting .300 + than a guy batting .220 and hitting a HR every 20 AB's and K-ing 10 times.
  2. he's a rally killer with his constant K's. last nite..1st two batters on..takes called strike 3. He just can't pick up pitches.... this will be his last year as a Twin. So many twins with 30% K rate..sickening and Boooooring. Hopefully the next wave of players....Miranda....Martin...Lewis..Kiriloff.. etc will come up and lessen the K's...and push the next K machine.. Larnach ...to the bench
  3. has to be in the lineup every day..i personally would rather see him DH and sit Sano down..so sick of the automatic K from Sano.. he's a rally killer. Hopefully Kiriloff starts hitting so he can take over 1B...or Miranda if he takes off at AAA
  4. Arraez not in the opening day lineup??? stupid stupid i dont care if a lefty is on the mound...he has to be in lineup every day
  5. they keep bragging up Alcala...he gives up way too many gopher balls
  6. giving away Rooker doesnt matter..BUT, we now have no closer whatsoever.. At least Rogers was somewhat trustworthy. Now who closes??? there is no one to trust.. i havent seen Duran enough to judge..but IMO we have a very low rated bullpen..not enough guys that miss bats. Looks like if the Twins want a winning season they will have to be scoring 8 plus a game and hope we can hold opponent to 7 !!!
  7. Lets hope Martin rakes the next couple weeks and he moves up the ladder ahead of Rooker / Larnach
  8. Kirilloff in LF...My Vote for 4th outfielder would be Austin Martin. ..the kid can play!!Just NO to Cave, Rooker and Larnach..nothing but K Kings. They will probably go with Gordon as super Utility. Game 1 - Arraez DH, Buxton CF, Polanco 2B, Correa SS, Kirilloff LF, Sano 1B, Kepler RF, Jeffers C, Ursela 3B
  9. just make sure he's in the lineup every day (occasional day off)...3B, 2B, DH, pure hitter..fun to watch play....just a pleasure to watch a player these days that doesnt K 30% of the time
  10. sorry, but, Rortvedt will never be a #1 catcher in the bigs.. i say good riddance. Adding Story , Peneida + lefty starter would help..Gray, Ryan, Ober, Bundy?? + ? ... we have the hitting..but obviously pitching is still not up to beating the big boys
  11. Rortvedt gone..good riddance..having him in the lineup is like having the pitchers hitting in the NL. Yes, he's good defensively..but cant hit .200.. Hopefully all this leads to getting a top SS...and i see it as a money move + a way to get Miranda up sooner. Arraez has to play every day too...this frees up some time at 3B, LF, DH, 2B for him in a rotation
  12. i hope they re-sign Pineda.......Ober- Ryan - Pineda would be a good 3-4-5 (in any order) but this team still needs a #1 - #2 and its not Bundy. we need a Lefty or 2. Pohland needs to throw a lotta cash out and get Rodon !!!
  13. Martin could very well be our starting LF soon. Larnach just didnt get it last year..nothing but a K King. I would have no problem with Arraez as the DH ( he's a hitting, OBP machine and needs to play every day n this lineup)...Put Martin in LF..then Alternation of the 4-Arraez, Kiriloff, Sano and Donaldson at 1B, 3B, DH. we still need an everyday SS. imagine lineup - Arraez, Polanco, Buxton, Donaldson, Kiriloff, Garver, Kepler, Martin, SS? this could all change if Miranda really takes off or Larnach actually learns how to pick up pitches..nice luxury to have
  14. Good solid ballplayers ... More so with Polanco. Kepler needs to cut down on the K's. If Kiriloff can make a major jump and Buxton stays healthy this makes a great middle lineup. All of this wont matter though if we dont get pitching..starters and bullpen. current roster of arms wont get this team to the playoffs
  15. guy hits .214 and you label him potential future top prospect????? Twins have enough K Kings in the entire organization.. how about start focusing on Plate discipline? its sickening watching baseball anymore with all the flailing away at the plate...or just plain watching strike 3 go by.
  16. sorry...but i can never get too excited about any players that K as much as all these guys and cant even hit .250 in the minors. We needs Stars..not average Joe players that hit .230 and K at a 30% + rate. Really excited to see what Miranda can do when he jumps up...and then Austin Martin and Wallner. Lewis still has a lot of improving to do before he can can up and help.
  17. immediately tell Rodriguez to leave that punk a$$ bat flippin in the Caribbean and also cut down on the K's
  18. No....absolutely no. this team just needs an ACE to go with these starters.... Ober, Pineda, Ryan, Maeda....and 2 solid relievers ( as long as Taylor Rogers comes back fine ). Maybe Miranda comes up and plays 3B and Donaldson at DH??
  19. i dont watch every game...but i'm usually very impressed by the D.. ..Simmons and Polanco are wizards out there and Donaldson plays well at third. I have seen games blown by some errant throws by Arraez and a backup 2B earlier in the year..and Austudillo has bumbled a few at third.(but i luv the guy). the D is not the problem..its the below average pitching staff..and possibly pitch calling / location. i swear i've never seen so many opposition hits with an 0-2 count !! drives me nuts!! pitch shouldn't be catching any part of the plate!!!
  20. biggest disappointment's for me is always the K rate of our draft picks...if you are K'ing over 30% of the time in the minors A, AA, AAA .....you will not be even be a .220 hitter in the bigs .. and the obvious lack of developing a true #1..or even a # 2 pitcher..or a shut down closer..must give props to developing Arraez, Polanco, Buxton, Garver, Jeffers and hopefully Kiriloff next year...and Miranda???
  21. OF Buxton ..(must get him signed long term !!) Kiriloff and Kepler...i just dont see Larnach getting over his K-ing soon...Rooker same thing. Have to find a place for Miranda next year too...which IMO puts Sano as the DH most of the time..rotating with Donaldson? Arraez has to play about every day..not enough positions to go around. But this wont mean a thing if Twins cant find quality #1 and # 2 starters. + 2 missing bats relievers....and they are not in the system now.
  22. so hard to watch this team all year..what in the H happened to Kepler??? i believe the top 4 in the order is very good now..using Arreaz, Polanco, Buxton and Donaldson - next year maybe follow up with Kirilloff , Garver.... then Sano...then it gets depressing with Cave, Refsnyder(who is regressing as fast as he rose), Simmons, Larnach is nothing but a K King..Celestino, wont be ready,,,, May have to find a place for Miranda next year . But most of all we will need a #1 , # 2 , # 3 Starting Pitchers..next year ill take Pineda, Ober as 4,5..but we cant count on Jax or Gant as # 3.. Then we need massive help at the back end of BullPen
  23. Arraez??? underrated....one of the best true hitters in the game right now.. i could give a rats $$$ what his power is..the kid can flat out rake !!
  24. just pathetic how the Twins just roll over when its the arrogant Yankees.. you just new it would turn into a loss somehow...and c'Mon ...you do not give JugHead a pitch to hit out of the park Colome' !!! And Duffy....borderline pitch there..should have thrown the fast ball and just maybe he hits it right at someone..or whiffs....but never ever ever do you walk Gardner there. But, where were the Twins bats for the last 8 innings ???? PATHETIC to keep losing to those fools
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