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  1. We're also trying to get the fans ready for 2022 and have to stay ahead of the marketing department. Trading Polanco, Rogers, Kepler and anything with a pulse gets us a whole new set of 8-bit pixelated Twins commercials and $99 season tickets. Trading Buxton and Arraez gets us to a level not seen in decades, and that's affordable beer.
  2. This is an aggressive plan, but I could get behind it. It will surely get the fanbase upset, so maybe we will be offered $99 season tickets. The only two parts I'd change are sink or swim Celestino and the short-stop signing. Celestino needs to get at least a couple more months at AAA. I'd go stop-gap (Hamilton?) in CF to start the season, and let Celestino and Martin battle it out for a call-up to eventually take over in June or July. It's not that I wouldn't want the Twins to sign one of those top shortstops, but unless the overpay is HUGE, I don't see one of them signing here while watching the team be sold off otherwise.
  3. $200 million? Sorry, some guys just break more easily. See Tulowitzki, Troy.
  4. Just wait ... If the Braves make it to the World Series, they'll probably have to play their home games in Colorado.
  5. MMMordabito

    Jorge Polanco and The Twins

    Good post. I'd hate to see Polanco go, but this is a good presentation on why it should be considered. I will say that I don't think Polanco is going to be an option B for teams looking for a shortstop, but the trade scenarios that you highlight are plausible.
  6. Well, Colina going to Texas just opened up a spot. Could it be for one of the Rule 5 eligible arms that went to the AFL? Funderburk? This is going to be an interesting off-season.
  7. Wow, other than Wallner and Laweryson, that looks like a showcase for the Rule 5 draft. Especially, those three bullpen arms that could be stashed on the bench/super-low leverage all season.
  8. Numbers aside, Alcala certainly passes the eye test of turning the corner. He's using three pitches effectively now. He's dialed the fastball "down" to 96/97 and has more command of it. He also seems to have more confidence and mound presence than he did before his IL stint. He only gave up one run after he came back. Of course, Houston is going to have more to show for this trade at this juncture. That's what deadline deals typically are - a sale of the now for a hopeful reward in the future. I agree with the post above that Celestino may be a bonus. I'm looking forward to watching Alcala pitch in 2022, and I won't at all be surprised if he ends up finishing the most games for the Twins.
  9. Yeah, I think I'm guilty of hasty observation. His status isn't going to help the numbers, if he's kept. And, I really hope they keep him. He seemed ready to turn the corner.
  10. What has Strotman done other than stand in the shadow of Joe Ryan that makes him an autolock? I'm not saying he needs to be cut, but I also don't hold him in any higher regard than Stashak, Jax or Dobnak. I hope Jax gets a shot in the pen, but I'll admit that's partly a fanboy sentiment. Stashak and Dobnak need to be evaluated when they're healthy. I just hope the FO has conviction with their direction. If they're going to compete and go for it, then they probably shouldn't spend much time on fringe evaluations and should probably keep role players and maybe trade someone like Miranda for someone like Means (obviously it would have to be a package). If they're going to build toward a '23-24 window, then there better not be Cave, Refsnyder, Garlick and Minaya types taking up spots. That's where you give a guy like Jax or Stashak a chance to be part of a four or five year solution.
  11. Enlow could also be added to the 60-day IL once ST starts. I'm in the camp that Rooker should be kept for more shots at opportunity, but I think you have a pretty good pecking order.
  12. Farrell's 40 spot should be an easy one to open. Guys like him are a dime a dozen.
  13. This is not the lineup that I thought would figure out Ryan.
  14. Tonight, it's gotta be "Go Birds!" I'll be watching Joe Ryan tonight, but the AL East games will be the viewing for the weekend. Robbie Ray should be able to secure the Cy with a solid winning effort tonight. I will be rooting for that as well.
  15. I agree. I think part of it is due to the fact that many high end minor league starters that can't crack their org's MLB rotation end up getting the bullpen roles and succeeding (Trevor May, Tyler Duffey, Taylor Rogers, hopefully Jorge Alcala). Hopefully, Jovani Moran can bust the trend. John Curtiss has been successful after leaving Minnesota and bouncing around a bit, but now he's hurt.
  16. Most of these guys really need to cut down on their walks. I'd take Rozek over Featherstone going by these numbers and my impression watching Featherstone pitch live.
  17. On the hitting side, it will interesting to see if Miranda gets the nod for the BA MiLB Player of the Year award. MJ Melendez and Bobby Witt, Jr from Omaha are probably right up there with him. I'm guessing it will be Witt due to name recognition and prospect shine (he's also had an incredible season), but Miranda has a chance.
  18. Or, they could just get rid of Rocco and hire that guy to be the manager
  19. It is a small sample, but for 2021, the inning split is around 60/40 Twins/Rays. I also would be interested to know why the "click" when moving to the Rays. As Otto said, the numbers aren't eye-popping for his age and experience, but, for me, the turnaround is eye-popping. I guess the Rays could have been very insistent on Faucher, and he was more than just a throw in to even up the value. If Ryan can give the Twins 30 starts of competitive baseball in 2022, I'll happily push my eyes back in and look the other way.
  20. 1.71 ERA / 0.85 WHIP / 20 K/BB% - These numbers aren't even in the same ballpark (sorry) as his Wichita numbers. Joe Ryan has been awesome, and the Twins are getting the production at the big league level. However, it definitely looks like any talk of "fleecing" may be premature.
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