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  1. It looks like Brandon Birdsell may have done well for himself not signing with the Twins as an 11th rounder last year. He's currently #93 in MLB top 100. I wonder if he will be on the radar for the Twins in the supplemental round 2 or round 3. He's had a really good 2022 college season.
  2. The Twins need to inject more catching depth. Susac at 8 wouldn't be a reach.
  3. Here comes the position-pitcher ... Fatten up the lines, boys!
  4. 19 pitches and 14 strikes. That's what you're supposed to do up 11-2. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take that from Cano.
  5. Yep, that's what she is (for the most part ... some supermutt in there too)
  6. Lots of guys getting off the snead this inning. Hope it's the start of a run of offensive explosion.
  7. It's all about cost and convenience for me. The handling of Buxton and Lewis isn't helping either. Why go when you don't even know if the best players will be playing?
  8. This. The FO sometimes just seems paralyzed by risk adversity. Things like signing Correa and letting Ryan have Opening Day made me think that was going away. They drafted this guy #1 overall with their first pick as an FO. Character and Athleticism were the key attributes used to sell him as "the guy". They were obviously right on the character so far, as Lewis showed by handling the dead season and devastating injury in back to back years. He basically picked up right where he left off in the 2019 AFL. So now on to athleticism, Lewis isn't at shortstop because that's the only position he can play. He's there because he's better at it than everyone else. He's probably better at all the other positions (save pitcher and catcher) than everyone else too. He doesn't need to dumb it down.
  9. Minnesota Twins! Get to know 'em! ... even though we aren't going to let you see them play most nights
  10. Lewis needs to stay up and just learn whatever position on the fly.
  11. Wow, lots of good pitching performances. I feel like Chi Chi is going to get his day again, but I have zero expectations. CES has been impressive, but 74 hits is his career MiLB total. He has 40 in 2022 (still impressive in early/mid-May).
  12. Clean inning for Gordon, and a fastball that's about the same as Bundy's.
  13. I saw four guys in the picture and only three pitchers in the box score .... Oh, the guy who caught all those pitches, dumbass
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