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  1. Wow ... the Twins were one of six teams to have no pitchers qualify for ERA. the times they are a-changin'
  2. Watching on Game Day ... Did Martin's arm fall off? I saw injury delay and then a new pitcher.
  3. This season started with Kershaw tapping out on a perfect game chance, and it ends with Judge tapping out on a triple crown chance. Lame. Roberts and Boone are probably Simone Biles fans.
  4. That will work, ... and on 11 pitches, it will keep your mates happy too.
  5. Well, Louie, they spotted you six. Here's where you put up a zero, if you want one of those rotation spots next season.
  6. Palacios is trying to win the 2023 Opening Day SS job.
  7. Same here, especially after Miranda was out, Arraez got his hit and it was reported that Judge was pulled after his homer. Winder has some nasty breaking stuff, but it isn't going to play if his fastball command doesn't improve. Way too many long PAs against him that seemed to start with non-competitive fastballs. I still think Winder has a lot of upside, but he should probably be #8/9 in the 2023 pecking order plans until he tightens things up.
  8. Reaction on a Yankees' fan site when one of their writers lists the Twins as competition for Correa's services:
  9. Dumping Kepler in favor of outfield slugs Larnach, Kirilloff and Wallner and $8.5 mill is likely to be a reoccurring theme in off-season posts. I would also expect assumptions that Miami would love to have Kepler and will trade Lopez or Alcantara for him and some 10 to 20s level prospects. Larnach and Kirilloff will then get hurt, and Wallner will pull a Parmelee. Rinse and repeat.
  10. Minimum 4-1, or I think it's over. I actually think it's over, because 4-1 seems very unlikely.
  11. "They’re hoping to have the likes of Simeon Woods Richardson, Jordan Balazovic, Ronny Henriquez, Blayne Enlow, and Cole Sands give them real starter innings. Everyone mentioned there is close ..." You're kidding, right? SWR? Maybe. The rest of that group is nowhere near ready to be starting games in MLB, unless losing is the goal. The old group is intact? They're all on or should be on the IL. How is fast emergence to take place with the new group, when half of them are chronically on the IL? How does this tripe (this and the nonsense about being built for October) get on the front page? Booooo.
  12. Love the pitch clock (see Louie Varland) but I think the rule should be eased in over the course of next season. Maybe a couple warnings through May. One warning through July. Full rule enforcement in August and September. Playoffs? I don't know. Manfred Man needs to go, or, at the very least, it shouldn't be used until the 12th or 13th inning. I wish the hitters would just learn to adjust to the shifts, but I'm OK with adjusting shift rules for game balance. I don't care much for the larger bases. The Twins' disregard for defending or getting advantage in the running game will mean this rule hurts them more compared to other teams.
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