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  1. A great story and one of only a few pitching additions by the twins front office that was not a swing and miss.
  2. I will be cheering for Smeltzer wherever he continues his career, such a good story, agree that it may be time to move on. I thought Garlick might stick early in the season until Refsnyder came on the scene. We have so many corner outfielders.
  3. Kepler is another former hot young prospect who now can't hit their weight.
  4. Don't worry about the lack of pitcher promotions, Austudillo will be back with the Twins soon LOL (hopefully won't be needed in that capacity.) Awesome job covering life down on the farm, a must read each day on Twins Daily.
  5. My favorite read every morning with my cup of coffee, finding out how "The Kids" did in the minors for the Minnesota Twins. So good to have this feature back, thank you Twins Daily.
  6. Wow, in 2021 I'm amazed that that some "fans" are surprised Berrios was done after 84 pitches and 6 innings. Have you not been watching MLB the past decade? To quote Sergeant Hulka from the movie Stripes, "Lighten up Francis." Nice game Jose.
  7. Fielding 101 for Colome', know the score and get the out at first base! Kepler should have been given an error for the drop, the ball hit him right in the glove. Simmons with the error at SS on what should have been a sure out. Very spring training-like defense.
  8. Jake Cave is a nice guy who's had a pretty good run with the Twins as a 4th outfielder. With the OF talent waiting behind him, I think this is his swan song with the team.
  9. Really??? Let's not blow it folks and do something stupid. 25% is a good start, and I know that while I won't get to nearly as many games, to be back at Target Field for even a few is something I'm looking forward to.
  10. This makes me even more of a Brian Dozier fan, and I'm already a big one. Nothing but class from #2.
  11. Gordon has been plagued with bad luck throughout much of his career and I feel he will be left on the outside looking in for the Twins, and not receive a MLB call from them. He will either be traded or waivered.
  12. AT&T I hear is one option. We're looking into cutting the cable cord, and they're about the only streaming option we've found.
  13. I will continue to cheer for Eddie Rosario when he plays against the Minnesota Twins, although not for his team. One of my all-time favorite Twins.
  14. Love Neal III's coverage, especially of the Twins. He does a great job on KFAN with Dan Barreiro.
  15. I feel more confident in the acquisitions that Falvey/Levine make, along with letting players go, than I do with the previous regime. I feel their success rate has been much higher.
  16. An awesome individual, broadcaster, and author. If you haven't had the chance to check out Bremer's new book, I highly recommend it. Some stories you'll never hear Dick tell on the air. A great Christmas gift.
  17. No more calls ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner, Google the Glen Campell song if you'r e not familiar with Wichita Lineman (I'm sure they could change it to the plural version Linemen.) If we are able to baseball road trip this summer, we are so going to hit Cedar Rapids on our way down to Wichita. Maybe catch Omaha and Des Moines on the way back.
  18. So wondferfully written Matt. I'm old enough that while enjoying your words, Bob Hope's song "Thanks for the Memories" was playing in the background in my mind. You can Google it if you've never heard if before. I've been a huge fan of Eddie Rosario since I first read about him in Elizabethton, when he out-homered the highly-touted Miguel Sano for the team lead in HR's that year. First saw him play and met Eddie during his time in low A ball with Beloit, and love to bring my "Eddie Rosario Fan Club" sign to Target Field, where he acknowledged the sign on several occasions. I'm hanging onto the sign for when he visits in the future.
  19. Great writing Seth and I echo your sentiments on keeping Cedar Rapids as an affiliate and encourage Twins fans to take the short road trip to Cedar Rapids to see the Kernels (you'll thank us later.) I'm still holding out hope that Eddie Rosario will come back on a one year deal, but I have a feeling that some team will pony up the money and sign him.
  20. Indeed we all do have a lot to be thankful for including the aforentioned Twins Daily.
  21. I really like Jake Reed, felt he should have been given a shot a couple of years ago when the Twins were struggling and he put up good numbers. Wish Reed luck, just not against our Boys.
  22. What a fun list. I enjoy seeing some names I haven't thought about in quite a while like Disco Dan Ford.
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