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    A great problem

    Gio Urshella had an all-star day in the field and at the plate today. I had him as an odd man out. Wow. This team is deep.
  2. strumdatjag

    A great problem

    Depth is a wonderful thing!!!
  3. strumdatjag

    A great problem

    Carlos Correa is not the odd man out here. I think he is sincere in wanting to work out a longer term deal. Royce Lewis can move to 3rd Base. The odd men out are Miguel Sano (unless he proves his worth as a DH, after a stint on the 60 Day - but time is running out for the big guy) and Gio Urshela, who is a capable major league player, but the Twinshave too many better options (sorry Gio).
  4. I’m mostly anticipating a PAGAN having a prominent role on Faith Day at Target Field. Bring your own graven image.
  5. He’s making a better contribution to the Twins than he did with the Timberwolves.
  6. You’d think Bundy could boost his velocity a bit if he didn’t have to pitch five plus innings as a starter. Could we expect more effectiveness out of the pen? A crafty veteran could be a big boost to the bullpen.
  7. I’m not thinking that Correa just might be Wally Pipp. But you never know. If Lewis shines at SS, where does he play after Correa returns: 1. Left Field 2. Shortstop 3. St Paul. I’m picking number one.
  8. Hopefully, this gives us an opportunity to see Royce Lewis, while members of the current Twins roster wait out their time period of contagiousness.
  9. Bundy’s last outing in April was not as sharp. I actually would have gone with Joe Smith who has looked very good. Of course, that is for the Honorable Mention.
  10. How about Max becomes the 4th OF when Lewis comes up and takes on one of the Corner OF spots and fills in for Buck when needed in CF?
  11. Remember when Kirilloff was touted as a hitting machine and then looked like it when he was first called up. Then a sore wrist was blamed for his reduced production at the plate. Now that it’s healed, we were going to see the real Alex Kirilloff. I hope it’s just that he was overmatched by the Cy Young winning Robbie Ray. It was tough watching him yesterday.
  12. One or both between Archer and Bundy will prove to unworthy of starting by Mid-May. The Twins will figure is out a little later. Paddack gives them depth when that happens and in the event of injury.
  13. The Twins host Faith Day on April 16. I wonder how the addition of PAGAN will influence that. Maybe add a “Graven Image” to the day. With PADDACK, and just a slight spelling adjustment, the Twins could enhance their marketing with Canterbury Park and/or Running Aces. I think the Twins have an abundance of outfielders. This seems like a good trade overall
  14. The Twins mlb.com page says Nick passed the concussion protocol. I watched the play and replay. It looked like Kepler might have hit Nick in the head with his glove with the ball in it. At the very least Nick’s head hit Kepler’s chest. I was worried there may be a nasty concussion. But looks like he will be OK.
  15. Kenta Maeda has started light throwing. There is a chance that he will be available for September and the playoffs. And No - I’m not saying the Twins will make the playoffs - But Hope Springs Eternal.
  16. The criteria should adjust to the circumstances. Generally, it should be someone not on the roster, who had little or no chance of making the squad, who then excels in Spring Training creating a most positive impression. I’ll let those smarter than me figure out how to establish criteria to meet those goals. Twins Daily needs to anoint a Sire for 2022.
  17. It’s April. Opening Day is less than a week away. I know Spring Training was short BUT there must be a SIRE. I would choose Jake Foria (if he fits the criteria).
  18. The Twins gave Dobber a five year contract. They owe over $8 million (if they buy him out for the 2026 season. Not bad for the former Uber driver. Let me know if there is any way for the Twins to opt out for less. I didn’t see it.
  19. If Sanchez can improve his hitting, then the Twins may be one year early. If, next year, umpires stop calling balls and strikes, and that authority is given to a computer, then “pitch framing” will become an obsolete skill.
  20. Third Base is also an option for Dean and Jerry (Martin and Lewis). I wouldn’t give Miranda the rights to have that position just yet.
  21. I hope signing Joe Smith works out better for the Twins than it did for the Timberwolves.
  22. Actually, the potential of this being a one year deal is what I like about it. The Twins are likely to fill the position with Martin or Lewis (or at worse they are scouring the free agent and trade markets). Yet, consider that many players, once they are here, want to stay. The money is very good too. Correa could be here for 3 years or more.
  23. The Twins are not done. They have many attractive pieces to trade for a top starter. With that starter, Sonny Gray and the best and most deserving filling out the rest of the rotation with what we have - That is a team that can contend for the division title or a wild card. Can we say - World Series - too soon? Still - Wow.
  24. If Story is actually thinking that there will be a Game 7 at Target Field, I don’t think the weather would stop him. What is more likely to stop him from signing with the Twins is an incapability to envision a Game 7 at Target Field.
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