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My take

1-Maybe getting rid of Donaldson wasn't a bad thing. I'm over 1000 miles away, but I could never shake the thought that he wasn't good for chemistry... 2- Buxton Buxton Buxton - please stay healthy 3- Correa has a Nelson Cruz vibe - that calm cool presence in the middle of the order that keeps teams from trying to pitch around everyone else 4-Duran Duran - see Buxton 6 - who is gonna be the closer? Please don't say Duffy.  I had a 5 but can't remember where I put it...    

The Mad King

The Mad King in Twins

FLASHBACK 1969: Twins Rookie Starts Opening Day

Joe Ryan just became the Twins' second rookie opening day starter, after Tom Hall in 1969. Who is Tom Hall, and how did he get that honor? After all, Tom Hall is hardly a household name among Twins fans, and that was a successful era for the franchise, behind a veteran starting staff. Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune recently published a nice biographical sketch of Hall, but omitted key circumstances about his unusual 1969 assignment. Holdouts Before the advent of free agency and m

Twin it to Win it?

There’s still patches of snow on the ground in the Twin Cities, and there was already a postponement before a pitch has been thrown. Welcome back, Minnesota Twins baseball. The Mariners are in town this weekend, followed by the Dodgers next week; but a six-game homestand isn’t the most captivating storyline this week. Rather, did the moves the front office made during the lockout-shortened offseason put this team in a position to rise from the ashes and shake the forgettable 2021 season? 

Will Goodwin

Will Goodwin in 2022

The Old Orb Match

Two blog posts in one day.  But I ran across this, and in honor of Opening Day I just have to share: Credit where due, this is apparently the work of Nathan W. Pyle: https://www.facebook.com/nathanwpyle2  


ashbury in Cartoons

Here We Go- Happy Opening Day!

Here we are finally- Opening Day! Who would have thought a couple months ago during that lockout purgatory that we would be playing early April baseball? But here we are, and I am grateful for it.  Opening Day is special to a lot of people- players, fans, and staff alike. Baseball runs deep within families and holds many cherished memories for fans dating back to childhood. A lot of people have sacred Opening Day traditions or people who they attend it with. Tomorrow I'm excited to car

Twins union rep

Does anyone here remember who have been the Twins' players union representatives in years prior to Taylor Rogers? Rogers was the team's rep, Garver was the assistant rep.  Both gone via trade.  After the CBA was finished up. I wish I had a history of the past several years, for this role on the team, before drawing conclusions from a Small Sample Size of 2.  OTOH the recent CBA renewal was contentious, and perhaps recent history of the quiet years before the present wouldn't tell us mu

Help me understand the Paddack move

This article is not meant for me to give MY opinion, I have done that in a previous post. This is to beg the fan base out there to help me understand how this move makes any sense except to cut costs (yet we are also sending cash considerations to SD as well). I liked Rooker, even though he is an "old" young guy and not much of a fit here. I don't have an issue moving him though. My question is why move an All-Star Closer who is a significant clubhouse presence and a fan favorite for a

Twins Pursuit of Paddock

The Twins go all offseason barely touching on the rotation, then they make a move for Sonny Gray. Ok a decent move, but again trading away Chase Petty is only a good move if they make other good moves. Then with abotu a week or so to go before real games they sign Chris Archer.  OK, doesnt really move the needle, but isnt a move that will hurt you. Now on the Eve of what would have been the Twins Opener there are strong indications the Twins are trying to get Chris Paddock from the Padres.

Simeon Woods-Richardson

The hardest thing to get about Simeon Wood-Richardson is his name. The easiest thing is to see a guy with stuff like Jordan Balazovic, but with a big, friendly smile for the world. Another easy thing is watching his slow curve bend about a foot, just catching the zone at the end of a pretty little trip through the air. You could just about see the catcher and the ump both smiling at how pretty it was. Then he comes back with that snapping fastball, low in the zone. This guy is a keeper. I want h

The (Almost) Complete Opening Day Roster

As of this moment there are 30 rostered players and 1 non-rostered player in camp for the Twins. Of the rostered players, Jovani Martin has been told he would be optioned to St. Paul and Cory Stashak will stay in Florida and go on the Injured List. That includes 16 pitchers and 13 position players. The non-roster player is Kyle Garlick, who got a year's service time last year as a backup outfielder who was later injured and never returned to the major league active roster. I assume that the Twin

Happy Opening Week- An Ode to Target Field

Happy Opening Week! As a Twins fan who was a kid during the Metrodome era of the aughts, I have fond, cherished memories of being swept away by the wind when the Metrodome doors were opened after games, the giant milk jug down the first baseline, the outfield curtain, Dome Dogs, and uncountable other quirks and joys. Though I have strong nostalgia for our beloved Dome, there is no question that Target Field is one of the most beautiful, scenic stadiums in the MLB. Nothing can compare to sitting

Manaea moved... Just Sayin...

Twins FO obviously is content with Bundy and Archer filling out the rotation.  I am not nearly as rosy on the perspective of counting on them to anchor our rotation. I would love to be wrong however. As I have said in previous posts, the Sonny Gray move only makes sense if we end up making other significant moves, whether no or midseason. After all you do nto give away a potential arm (and personality to be a face of your franchise) like Petty in a "first move" without making final moves to ensu

If the bird isn't the word, what is?

Too many Larry and Sue Capital One commercials, I guess. But I've been thinking: now that Opening Day is just eight days away, what's the one word that best describes your perspective going into the season?  I'm writing as an eternal optimist, but I'm going to go with "intrigued."  I'm intrigued to see what lineup combinations Rocco will try, especially at the top of the order. And I say "combinations," because there will be many. Last year, there were 149 different lineups in

2022 Award Winners and World Series Victors

Now just a week from Opening Day most Major League Baseball clubs have their 40 man rosters set and are working through their final cuts before kicking off the regular season. Although we don’t have Opening Day on its original scheduled time, a full 162-game season following the lockout is as good as it gets. The Atlanta Braves are looking to repeat as World Series Champions, but they will be doing so with some new faces after letting franchise favorite Freddie Freeman walk. The American Le

Re-questioning the Front Office

Signing Correa was a great move regardless of how long he is here. it is a move I screamed for for months.  This bought the Twins FO a bit of time and good will. Yet the Twins are still an enigma, and you cannot clearly call them contenders or rebuilders yet. This is not a new take. We have some pieces that just don't quite fit, and a few that are missing. Just because they might not fit traditionally doesn't mean it can't work. It just shows inconsistent messaging and makes a fan think there is

2022 AL Central Division Projection

We are less than two weeks away from the 2022 Major League Baseball regular season. The free agent frenzy was every bit the excitement we had hoped for following the lockout and teams are largely complete at this point. The American League Central Division had just one Postseason participant, but the hope would be for two with the field expanding to 12 teams. The Chicago White Sox return as the division winners and will look to carry that crown for a second season. While there’s no juggerna

Predicted 2022 28-Man Roster

After the lockout, big trades and a huge free agent signing (who knew Joe Smith would be available😃), the Twins are zeroing in on Opening Day 2022. They will carry 28 players for the month of April, allowing additional ramping up for pitchers. I don't claim to all-knowing, but I have listened to and watched Twins baseball since Calvin moved the team to Met Stadium. The roster I'm predicting will include 15 pitchers, about as many as the Twins used in some full seasons in the 60s. Okay, here goes

Twins Opening Day Lineup

I wouldn’t have done things this way. I would have tried for Canha or J.D. Davis or even Binentendi. but the FO didn’t do that. My opening day lineup breaks with the current conventional thinking but I honestly think the Twins will be better this way. That means Kepler moving to 4th OF and Sano a man without a position. Here’s how I’d start: LF Martin - I think Martin is ready and could hit .300 with a lot of doubles. 2nd would be Gordon as I think he will hit better than in 2021

Risk vs Reward

Disclaimer: Despite the photo, no Byron Buxtons were used in the preparation of this blog entry. Do I have to say it? Okay, I will, just to get it out of the way: I love the Correa signing.  Teams should be trying to get good players, and we just got one of the best baseball players on the planet, in the middle of what should be his prime years - a center-cut slice, as they say.  But ever since I heard about it, TWO LONG DAYS AGO, there's been something on my mind.  Risk versus reward.


ashbury in 2022

Melissa's Musings on the Correa Signing

Well, THAT was a fun weekend in Twins Territory! Here are my jottings and scattered thoughts about the Correa signing and how it went down: It was really fun to watch everyone learn about the signing in waves. You had the late-night crew who were up at about 2am Saturday morning when the news broke (*I* was not among this group), followed by the early morning crew who probably consists of people who wake up early for work Monday-Friday and can't sleep in on the weekends, followed by the

That's Baseball...

This morning I was woken up to, “I know your alarm is set for 8:30, but you need to wake up and see who you just signed for three years, $105mm.” I sleepily sat up as the name Carlos Correa was uttered, and I rolled over to check my phone, which had 105 notifications from Twitter, texts, and various news outlets. I am not a morning person, so waking up and being slammed with big news was not the way to start my day.  Since coming back from the lockout, the Minnesota Twins have made some wil
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