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Minnesota Twins Recap vs the Toronto Blue Jays - August 5th, 2022

The Minnesota Twins have an exciting matchup in Game 2 as they'll face their former teammate in RHP José Berríos while also seeing their brand new pitcher they acquired on Tuesday in RHP Tyler Mahle. They both have similar numbers so it should be fun to see how this game plays out. José Berríos has been struggling this season but the last time he faced his former team, he looked like his old stellar self - 7IP 3H 2R/ER 2BB 13K 1HR & his 4th win of the season in a 12-3 shallacking in Tor

FLASHBACK 2015: Duffey Debuts Against Toronto

Tyler Duffey was waived seven years to the day after his major league debut. His Twins career was bookended by losses to the Blue Jays. The 2015 Twins were surprise contenders, heading to Toronto in early August in possession of a wild-card spot. But the familiar refrain of "needs more pitching" was prevalent, especially as lefty starter Tommy Milone was placed on the disabled list. Most Twins fans expected the highly regarded José Berríos to get the call. After all, Berríos had

Matt's Top Prospect List (July) + Writeups

Studs: Royce Lewis Nothing has changed here; Royce Lewis is a phenomenally talented shortstop on the mend with his second ACL tear. All we can do is hope he’ll return quickly enough next season to impact the team meaningfully.              Brooks Lee It’s a miracle that Brooks Lee fell to the Twins at 8. We should thank the Cubs and Mets every day—the former for reaching on a pop-up college arm; the latter for turning their noses at Kumar Rocker in 2021, allowing th

Matt Braun

Matt Braun in Minors

State of the Twins Farm System - 6 Years Into Falvey's Reign.

Jim Pohlad made the decision to hire Derek Falvey 6 years ago after a disappointing 2016 season where expectations were raised based on improvements seen in 2015. The primary decision to choose Falvey was modernizing the player development system with analytics so the Twins' farm system could sustain competitive play long term operating like a smaller market team. The biggest issue the Twins had was their utter failure to develop front line starters. Jose Berrios, despite his stellar numbers in

Jhoan Duran's Incredible Velocity

In another sparkling outing last night, Jhoan Duran showcased everything that makes him special. Most notably, his triple-digits fastball. Duran threw only ten pitches last night, including five fastballs. All five exceeded 100 MPH. It’s becoming easy to take Duran’s electric fastball for granted. His delivery looks effortless, yet his average fastball velocity leads the majors at 100.6 MPH. Here are a few charts to remind us exactly how extraordinary Duran’s velocity is. First, Duran

Soto trade fallout

Is there an opportunity for some future considerations as a result of the Soto trade to the Padres? Eric Hosmer had declined a trade, and now with Soto and his $ coming on, just how desperate are the Padres to move his contract?  He is still a decent player. The Padres have given up a ton to get both Soto and Bell, this creates a huge logjam for their roster. Just how badly do the Padres want to resolve this?   What if a team would take on Hosmer's deal if they throw in  a Ja

Twins need a new pair of Sox

You like that one? you see what I did there?   Yeah I know  to be honest not really a fan of that pun either, but it fits so it stays. Twins are proving (and rightly so) that we are not in the running for any REAL  big name FA.  We just do not have the prospects or young players to move...Unless you want to try and flip Correa since he aint coming back and hope to sell AND contend.    With just a 1 game lead in the division, and little chance of a WC if we lose the division, Twins

Could Buxton go to the IL? (Friday July 29)

Not sure what will happen, top of the 6th.  Will Buxton coem out of the game? they are down a ton so I am guessing he will be taken out for "rest" since the game is out of hand,    BUT beware!!!! If you DVR the game watch his AB in the 6th.  he reinjures the knee on the second pitch of the AB. He CLEARLY injures the knee on the swing. Then in every subsequent pitch he is flexing it, bending it, doing little jumps and he cant seem to handle any pressure/torque on the knee especiall

FLASHBACK 1992: The Eric Fox Game: "God wants a pennant race"

The Twins franchise has lost key games to many legends over time: Koufax, Yastrzemski, most of the 21st century Yankees, and... Eric Fox? That name may not be familiar, but if you followed the 1992 season with hopes of a repeat championship, Eric Fox played a large role in crushing those hopes. As they did in 1991, the 1992 Twins started slow in April, but warmed up in May and June, and finally took sole possession of first place after a marathon 15-inning win vs. Baltimore on In

Am I LOOKING for a complaint???

Maybe I am just looking for something to gripe about after another walkoff loss.  I got off work only to walk into the bottom of the 9th.  in a 6-6 game there are probably NUMEROUS things you could point to that could have lost the game. And what I am pointing to is probably LEAST valid among the reasons for the loss, it is more of a philosophical complaint. Why do you use biggest bullpen arm in the 8th of a 6-6 game on the road as opposed to the 9th??? Now sure if Duran had a quick 8t

Correa for Soto???

Is there a rationale for the Twins to get into the Juan Soto sweepstakes??   While I am not officially predicting this ( I have retired from teh predicting game immediately after predicting the Correa signing... going out undefeated!!  hehe). There COULD be a path to Soto.   First, The Twins inked Correa to a 3 year deal at $35.1M AAV. Assuming the Twins would be comfortable if Correa would opt in to those last 2 years, and were being used SOLELY as a leverage play, that

Sanovial Fluid

The word down at Ichabod Crane’s Pub and Pablum: Head Cases Welcome is that Sano is to be traded to the San Diego Padres for four DisneyLand tickets, a 12-pack of 2019 Homerun Baseballs to be used only in the bottom of the 9th when the Twins are trailing and a Player To Be Named Much Later. In exchange the Twins will pick up Sano’s remaining 2022 salary in full, throw in a week’s stay at Madden’s Resort, a signed copy of “The Prospect” (in case it rains while staying at Madden’s) and a 12-pack o

75 RBI or 75 RBIs?

Was the long-standing way of referring to 75 RBIs correct or is the new style 75 RBI correct? I think the first question that needs to be answered is what does RBI stand for? Runs Batted In or Run Batted in? I maintain that RBI stands for Run Batted in, the singular. You would never say that a player has 1 RBIs or 1 Runs Batted In. But you would say the player had 1 RBI (Run Batted In). That answers the question of what RBI stands for. Run Batted In. If that were not the case, and

Sano related moves.

We have talked about the scenario the Twins will be in once Sano and his rehab stint come to an end. Well that time has come. There is clearly only one move. But before we go there, lets take a quick look at why it is the only clear choice. MOVE SANO?: We could just DFA Sano. There is no way this happens his "potential" is still just too teasing.  We will also not trade Sano, as his trade value is absolutely rock bottom. No contending team will roll the dice on him if it means giving u

An Unconventional Trade Target

Clearly the Twins focus with the deadline in less than 2 weeks is pitching. Starters, Bullpen, literally any form of pitching would help. We’ve all mocked up lists that feature candidates we think would be the best fits. Trade packages that include X player for Y. I wanted to dig a little deeper and see if there were any players that haven’t been mentioned on any of these lists. Andrew Nardi, a 6'3 left-handed, 23-year-old pitching prospect currently in the Miami Marlins organization w

The Bench (Its a huge team strength gone unnoticed)

When you think of players on the bench, usually there is a reason they are on the bench.  Usually the bench players can field really well but not hit, or they hit and can't field, or they have severe platoon splits.  Whatever the reason its there, they are not able to be successful enough as everyday players.  Looking at our bench we have players that fit that mold in one shape or another.  but when you look at the production we are getting from our bench players you have to take notice and appr


Brandon in Bench

Limping into the the All-Star Break

Hey everyone,  I hope everyone’s week has been good and especially better than the Twins were tonight in getting crushed by the White Sox 12-2. Yuck! This week on the podcast, Chris joins me again. We talk about the Twins uninspiring play recently, Wednesday’s bottom of the 9th not withstanding. We also discuss the All-Star break, a prospect being promoted to AAA, the trade deadline, the Sano problem and other things. You can follow the show on Facebook and Twitter and our new website! http

Twins Draft for immediate bullpen help

The more and more sources I speak with, the more I am convinced the Twins will be taking pitcher Kumar Rocker at #8 in the draft Saturday. Is this picking based on NEED vs best player? maybe, But I still like the pick.  Assuming his shoulder is good to go then he would be a nice pick. He was at one point he was in the running for 1.1 last year. Ultimately going #10 to the Mets. SO assuming health, he is a legit top 10 pick. Combine that with the fact that the Twins need significant upgrades

It Don't Sano in July

You're the manager, you've run about 20 reports off your computer, had three statisticians, a data geek and a borrowed nun from St. Francis explain esoteric stuff that went right over your head and had you daydreaming like Goldie Hawn and you've now retreated to your manager's office and are debating about throwing darts at the player's roster, wondering who you're going to start at 1st Base. But Fast Frankie, the team's towel guy, has stuck a purple post-it note on your desk that you can't avoi

Twins prospects that I was wrong on

Since roughly 2009 the Twins have had some well... rough seasons. When a team is bad, they become sellers at the deadline, and at least me personally, stop caring as much about the active games, and switch to focusing on prospects and the future. During those bad years I become pretty fixated on prospects, so lets go over some that I really thought were gonna be good. 1. RHP Dakota Chalmers Woof. I was so high on this guy when we acquired him from Oakland for Fernando Rodney in 20

Marty Pattin Rocks

This date in baseball history. On July 13, 1974, Aurelio Rodriguez’s fourth-inning single broke a 2-2 tie, propelling the visiting Detroit Tigers to an 8-2 win over the homestanding Kansas City Royals. Woody Fryman (4-5) went the distance to pick up the win for the Tigers, scattering 12 hits and two walks while striking out five. Starter Paul Splittorff gave up four runs, all earned, over 3.1 innings, falling to 9-9. Splittorff gave up eight hits and a pair of walks before being repla

All Star Changes Open Letter to Rob Manfred

OK Twins fans, lets see if we can get some unique ideas on how to improve the MLB All Star experience. You are the Commissioner for a Day, You can make unilateral decisions on the All Star Game (OK I know he can't, but let's pretend). Here are a couple of mine. 1) a hitting "skills" competition.  MLB has the HR Derby which is the equivalent to the Slam Dunk contest. But what is MLB's Skilsl Competition? How about a point based challenge with team and individual winners. Batte

Sano Situation

OK, with Sano on rehad assignment that means we are getting closer to decision time. After going 0-3 in his first game he now has an exciting slash line of .313/..421/.750 for a 1.171  OPS.  with just TWO strikeouts in 18 ABs!!!!! PRETTY EXCITING!!!  Except for the fact that it against Rookie League talent, so this should be the expected baseline. Still it is better than  the alternative.   SO... What are the plans for when he returns?  Kirilloff is starting to hit. Mira
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