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Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 2

Following the disappointing series loss to the Texas Rangers, I released part one of my trade value rankings of current Major Leaguers on the Twins roster. The first part of this series was littered with names that are either unlikely to be moved, like Josh Donaldson, or by players who wouldn't fetch much in return like Alex Colome. However, the Twins have plenty of talent on this team that have the potential to get a good haul of prospects or young MLB talent in return, and you will start t

Good reasons why Red-Cross Rocco should be let go

By David Weinshilboum   In 2013, the Golden State Warriors basketball team seemed on the verge. A franchise that had been a laughingstock for decades had been to the playoffs two years in a row. Led by coach Mark Jackson and a young injury-prone sharpshooter by the name of Stephen Curry, the steam had suddenly thrust itself into relevancy.   Yet, just three days after a playoff loss in 2013, the Warriors fired Jackson (who had a year left on his contract). He was a good coach who had many positi


The Twins play their 30th game this afternoon and are currently 11-18. They've been beset by bad luck, bad play and have taken a beating with two rule changes (extra-inning runner on second, 7-inning games for doubleheaders). How do they get out of this funk? I'm sure many in the organization will preach patience and they may be right, but that isn't any fun. Here are some possibilities for change that might help the team:   Role change. We've already seen one role change. At least temporarily A

Ranking Twins Top Trade Pieces - Part 1

The Twins have just fallen to 11-19 on the season, including going 2-5 against arguably the two worst teams in baseball, the Texas Rangers and Pittsburgh Pirates. It's no secret that this season has not gone according to plan for anyone following the Twins, and unless a drastic turnaround is coming, which I'm not expecting, but certainly could happen, this team is going to find themselves as sellers come late July. it was debated last year whether the Twins should keep the core group of hitters

Kirilloff Injury Affords Opportunity to Twins

Yesterday the Minnesota Twins had to scratch Alex Kirilloff from the starting lineup when it was discovered he was dealing with wrist discomfort. It sounds as if a looming IL stint is around the corner, and that’s disappointing news for Rocco Baldelli’s hottest hitter. What happens from here could set the tone for the rest of the way.   Miguel Sano has been on the Injured List for Minnesota as he dealt with a leg injury and was working on timing prior to an activation. Kirilloff had been playing

These are the Droids We are Looking For.

The month of April for the Twins felt like the entire 2020 year as we watched the Twins battle injury, Covid-19 protocols, and sluggish bats. It felt like the remaining six months of baseball were going to be long and painful, but nevertheless, we showed up. Whether it’s to cling to that last bit of hope, or to complain and feel validated in our complaint, we show up. Eventually the Twins also showed up, giving us the feeling that things are starting to finally come together. April 28th, the Twi

The Nightmare Ends this Week

Tomorrow, for the first time since 2019, we will have affiliated Minor League Baseball. The Minnesota Twins farm system is still stocked with strong prospects, and there’s been a good deal of change. We’ll finally get to see it unfold again.   Having the 2020 Minor League Baseball season be cancelled was arguably the most disappointing baseball decision from last year. While it’s understandable given the logistical hurdles during a global pandemic, not seeing development on a nightly basis was a

What's Gone Wrong with Mitch Garver

It's no secret that the Twins lineup has been struggling as of late. Outside of the game where the Twins put up 12 runs on Oakland, and lost, the lineup that most thought would be a top unit in the American League has been dead silent. When the Twins were rolling in 2019, they did so with a lot of Bombas, breaking the MLB record. One player that helped the Twins achieve this milestone was Mitch Garver, who had a coming out party. Mitch hit 31 home runs, and OPS'd nearly 1.000, which is great for

The Twins Are Good, Right?

I have been a big proponent of retiring anything to do with the Bomba Squad moniker from 2019. Let seasons evolve on their own. The 2021 team was supposed to be good, they are on paper, but will it take shape?   We are not yet through the month of April and I keep harping on the runway left for the 2021 season. Minnesota has played just over 12% of their games, and they are chasing a White Sox team that is just 4.5 games clear of them right now. That’s all to outline the current positioning isn’

Hit Hard, Run Fast, and Start Bunting! (Tonight's Game and Why it's a Must Win)

The Twins have had a tough go since leaving Detroit. With only two wins in the past eleven games, going into tonight this is a MUST WIN GAME. Yes, it’s the National league, YES, they are not playing in our division, but we are needing a win right now. The central league play and teams are messy at best and we can put ourselves in a spot where we can begin to come back and fight for the number one spot. Tonight we need to pull things together to get that W and be prepared for the Indians early ne

Sherry Cerny

Sherry Cerny

Situational Hitting: why the Twins keep losing in extras

By David Weinshilboum   On opening day, Willians Astudillo was coming off a white-hot spring training and remained beloved as “La Tortuga” in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. When he stepped in the box against Milwaukee flamethrower Josh Hader in the 10th, there was hope the Twins could pull out a win. A runner had been placed on second, per new rules, and Astudillo was a contact guy, maybe capable of moving Andrelton Simmons to third—what a professional hitter *should* do. What happened? The Turtle fo



Early Trade Candidates - Infielders

The Twins 2021 season has gotten off to a slow start to say the least. Between early injuries to Josh Donaldson and Byron Buxton, COVID-19 IL stinks from Andrelton Simmons and Max Kepler, among others, and slow starts from Miguel Sano, Jake Cave, and Jorge Polanco. However, the hot stove is always on, even if we are only in April. I fully expect the Twins to turn it around at some point and to be buyers at the deadline like we thought they would be. We will see names emerge, and I'm going to ide

What I think

The Twins’ bullpen has been one of thee worst in baseball, no question, the last 10 games. Like, apocalyptically awful. Why?   I want to hear what y’all think. Who’s to blame for this? How do we fix it? CAN we fix it (prior to the trade deadline)? Will the bullpen be a thorn in our side until then? Or has this awful stretch been a fluke?   I’ll give my answer. I think it’s a combination of:   1) Lackluster Construction; Bullpen help was a need this offseason. We were losing Trevor May, Tyler Cli



The two worst losses in recent Twins history

By David Weinshilboum The Twins had lost the first two games of the series and just wanted to salvage something –anything – against the Oakland Athletics. They were the favorites to win the division and maybe make a run in the playoffs. In the ninth inning, it looked like a win was almost a certainty. Then the wheels fell off. A closer blew a save. It was brutal. While this is a seemingly accurate description of what happened in Oakland yesterday, I was referencing a different game, one that too



my plan to fix the Twins

For those that have not noticed the season is quickly slipping away and a few things need to be done now to try and right the ship. If this season goes off the rails the Twins could be forced to sell Berrios and Buxton (whose contracts both end after 2022) for pennies on the dollar. Both could decide to go to winning teams on the coast for mega contracts, with the Twins maybe only able to retain Buxton by paying him Trout money. 1. Fire Rocco and bring Rowson in as manager/hitting coach, This



Twins 2021 season has ended before it could ever really get going...

I'm normally a pretty optimistic kind of guy. I'm not a statistician. I don't profess to know everything about baseball or specifically the Twins. But I'm seeing some very troubling signs with this team after its fast start out of the gate. Leads being blown. Too many errors being made (physical and mental ones). The bullpen continuing its inconsistency from last season. Key players not contributing at the level of their pay scale (you know who they are).   I'm sure folks will scream at m

The 60 Game Season Ruined Us

It’s April 21 and the Minnesota Twins are 6-10. They have looked every bit as poor as the record indicates and their Postseason odds have dropped below 50% at FanGraphs. Let’s take a step back and breathe though.   Being that it’s April 21, the Twins have yet to play more than 10% of their total schedule in 2021. They have been at Target Field for just two total series on the year, and they’ve also had a three-day hiatus due to Covid. Byron Buxton, Nelson Cruz, and Josh Donaldson have all been i

Does the "Shoe" Fit?

After suffering a 4 day break in baseball for COVID 19 precautions, I had been looking forward to Tuesday night. It seems that the Twins while having a great cohesion had issues since day one. The Twins have played through Donaldson’s day 1 injury, missing Buck due to a stomach virus (jury is still out on that one) and Simmons stepping out for COVID protocol on April 14th, but the one thing the Twins still cannot seem to play through is their pitching. The double headers, late nights and early g

Sherry Cerny

Sherry Cerny

Back at the ballpark -- finally

The last time I witnessed the Minnesota Twins play in person was almost two years ago. Back then Corona was an alcoholic beverage; police brutality was a back-burner issue; the likes of Kobe Bryant, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Alex Trebek all had tomorrows to experience. On the diamond, the Twins were the talk of the nation. They destroyed baseballs and home run records en route to a 100-win season.   I attended a game in Oakland (as I am a displaced Minnesotan). It was July 2019. The Twins' offense



Baseball Books During our Downtime

Baseball Books!?   During these down days away from Twins baseball -- when I'm not so sure I even want to see the Twins play baseball again -- I accidentally read a book about baseball. How do you accidentally read a book about baseball?   Well, I know of this author, John Fante, but I hadn't read 1933 Was a Bad Year, which happens to be about a high school senior (it's not a children's book at all), presumably written in the 1930s. A fun short novel about a left-armed high school boy in Colorad

Outta LF......

This may be different by the end of the season, but I think the current offense could use Eddie. His defense is even above average by sabermetrics.   Twins LF - .185/.224/.241 0 HR 5 RBI Rosario - .245/.304/.434 2 HR 8 RBI



Why the Red Sox will sweep the Twins

A few minutes ago, I made a bet with a Minnesota sports aficionado (Darren Wolfson) that the Red Sox would sweep the twins in Wednesday's double header. For the record, I did not make the bet ($10 and a mea culpa tweet) because I am an attention whore or because I hate the Twins. (Though I AM an attention whore and I am not a fan of how the Twinks have played of late). I just have a baseball vibe and, from what I've observed the past couple weeks, it just seems like the Twins have yet to hit bas



Twins Tinkering With Lineups

The Minnesota Twins have now played nine games in the 2021 Major League Baseball season thus far and are scheduled for their tenth today. They haven’t had a fully healthy roster for a full game yet, but batting order positions are starting to take shape. Where and when should we consider questioning them?   For most of his tenure as the skipper for Minnesota, Rocco Baldelli has opted to bat lefty Max Kepler in the leadoff hole. He’s a non-traditional fit there as speed isn’t his game, and he is
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