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Settling in at Shortstop

The Minnesota Twins are completing one of their most disappointing seasons in their history in one week. While they will only win around 70 games, they have major league talent under team control at every position except one--shortstop. Andrelton Simmons was acquired on a one-year deal and has shown himself to be a competent (not all-world) defender and has had a putrid offensive season. The consensus at this site is that he should not and will not return in 2022. By all measures, the 2021 Simmo

stringer bell

stringer bell in Shortstop

Grading Falvey's Drafts

Grading Derek Falvey's Drafts With the minor leagues essentially done for the year, it’s a fair time to review the Derek Falvey’s performance through the drafts. Falvey has been in charge of the Twins’ front office for 5 drafts now, though there’s not close to enough data to judge the 2021 draft group’s actual playing performance. I believe Derek Falvey’s job has 6 major components, in no particular order. 1. MLB on field performance. 2. Free agency signings. 3. Trades. 4. Player condu


bean5302 in Twins Prospects

Did the Real Mitch Garver Stand Up?

Suggesting that 2020 was an awful year for Mitch Garver would be putting it lightly. Even with the small sample size, he left plenty to be desired going into the season. But now, where has the dust settled? In trying to play a season through a global pandemic plenty was made regarding the small sample size even a full slate of games would provide. Offering players just 60 games of runway largely invalidated the length necessary for baseball statistics to normalize. For Minnesota Twins catch

Ted Schwerzler

Ted Schwerzler in Minnesota Twins

Importance of defense

This years team has been terrible defensively; a lot of errors (physical and mental), misplayed balls that could have been called errors, throws to the wrong base, missed cut-off men, etc... This then makes me wonder if the pitchers are unable to relax on the mound, trying to be too perfect, not pitching "loose." Constantly throwing from the stretch, having to throw extra pitches, trying to make the perfect pitch to get the strike out, etc... could be hindering their development. We are seeing a


mnfireman in Importance of defense

Saddest sports city

Some posters have suggested that Minnesota is the worst sports "city" in North America. I did some googling and this was my first hit -- https://mikedropsports.com/ranking-12-saddest-sports-cities-in-north-america/  As you can see, there are many sad stories, but Minnesota is ranked as the saddest city. Then I came across a site that rated Detroit #1 and Minnesota # 5 -- https://www.trainwrecksports.com/the-top-10-worst-sports-cities-in-america-1-5/ I think that the difference boi


glunn in Sept 14

2021 IBWAA Yearly Awards

Although the Minnesota Twins had a lackluster showing in 2021 it doesn’t stop the from nearing a completion. As competing teams look towards the postseason, it’s first time to take a look at the individual standouts. Each year I have the privilege of voting through the IBWAA and sharing the selections creates transparency. This season we saw a return to normalcy following an abbreviated run during a global pandemic a year ago. The treat was a two-way player doing unprecedented things within

Ted Schwerzler

Ted Schwerzler in Minnesota Twins

No, Top FA Starters Are Not Risky

With the 2021 season just about wrapped up for the Minnesota Twins, here’s yet another article to talk about starting pitching and why dumpster diving or even mid-tier free agent starters are actually much riskier than the top free agent starters with those big contracts. Conventional Twins wisdom is that big name, free agent starters are simply too expensive and too risky. Jim Pohlad is very skittish when it comes to long contracts and big dollars. The idea of “crippling” a roster also sen


bean5302 in Free Agency

Did the Twins Fleece Tampa Twice?

Teams are often considered to be on the losing end of trades when dealing with the Tampa Bay Rays. The brass in St. Pete does more with less, and players seem to get better when going to Florida. Did the Twins just get them for a second time though? Derek Falvey and Thad Levine made a deal with Tampa prior to the 2018 season. They sent infield prospect Jermaine Palacios out in exchange for starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi. After a solid but mediocre debut season, Odorizzi was an All-Star in 2

Ted Schwerzler

Ted Schwerzler in Minnesota Twins

Nick "Clutch" Gordon - Solidifying His Place on the Team

When the Twins brought on Andrelton Simmons, I was not impressed by the Gold Glove awards or the 10 Million dollar contract. Since coming to the team, Gordon has been a utility player that is able to cover portions of the infield, as well as, the outfield. With the season basically over, the Twins have been playing with a lot of the guys from the minors and with the rotation of talent that we keep seeing, Gordon could easily be a permanent fixture in 2022. Gordon certainly is not the savior, but

Sherry Cerny

Sherry Cerny in Hot Takes

Baldelli/Johnson Micced Up

Fly On The Dugout Wall Rocco Baldelli/ Wes Johnson “Was that a strike?” “It almost hit him in the ankle, boss.” “So it wasn’t a strike.” “Nope. Not even close. “Should I take him out?” “It’s only the first inning, boss.” “Yeah, but if he isn’t throwing strikes… that’s bad, ain’t it?” “You don’t want to bring in the bullpen just yet, boss.” “Why? Are they bad?” “Most of the time. But the point is if you go to the pen too early we’ll run out of pitchers before the game is

Dave The Dastardly

Dave The Dastardly in Micced Up

Do you have the right stuff to be the top contributor in our community?

Well... do you, punk? Last July, we started a new community initiative where we offer prizes for the most liked posts and blog entries on the site. We'll post these awards four times a year: first half of the season, second half of the season, offseason, and spring training. Probably. Unless it becomes a miserable experience, at which point we reserve the right to stop at any time. These prizes... aren't great, to put it bluntly. They kinda stemmed me from reading comic books in the 19

Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp in Twins Daily

Which Prospect Anchors 2022's Rotation?

The Twins' 2022 rotation has been a hot topic all year and has managed to reach molten lava temps lately with Kenta Maeda confirmed out with a hybrid UCL reconstruction surgery having just been performed. An absolute best case scenario is Maeda returning in June of 2022, but even with no setbacks, normal healing times could extend his absence to September. Just one little setback along the way is likely to end Maeda's 2022 before it even gets started.  Maeda was absolutely key to the 2022 r

Can The Twins Fill a Rotation for 2022?

Right now, the Minnesota Twins starting rotation is completely turned over. The group that started the 2021 season is gone, and the anchors intended for 2022 are no longer realistic options. So where does the team go from here? Derek Falvey and Thad Levine already had their work cut out for them going into the winter. The bullpen was nothing short of a disaster this season, and the starting rotation has been lackluster in plenty of different instances. Now faced with the reality that Jose B

Improving Pen?

Well, Lookey there.  It looks like we have the makings of a solid bullpen again.  WHAT!.  Here is what we have, granted we can still use some upgrades.  Duffey has been solid with a few hiccups earlier in the year and has a 3.61 ERA.  Thielbar has a 3.71 era and is striking out 11.3 per 9 innings.  Alcala is back off the DL and pitched 2 scoreless innings and while his era is high this year due to giving up lots of homers, He didn’t give them up last year and I would expect him to normalize.  Mi


Brandon in Pen

[ES] In Twins Territory, education and baseball go hand-to-hand

Welcome to Twinternationals! This is a space for Twins fans from different countries to read about their team in their native language. This section is run by Venezuelan Mariana Guzmán (@TwinsLatinos) and Brazilian Thiéres Rabelo (@TwinsBrasil). Por Mariana Guzmán Mi inquietud por el tema de la educación y el béisbol surgió hace unas semanas, después de ver en las redes sociales una publicación en donde un grupo de Twins Latinos celebraban su graduación de la escuela secundaria.


Twinternationals in Twins

A heavyweight name weighs in on Twins FO and organization

Frank Viola had a very interesting tweet this morning. In a recent thread, I intimated that I felt the manager and Falvey and Levine should be dismissed. I’ve vacillated on it but since then, the team and outlook seems even worse. I just found this tweet by Frank Viola, one of the Twins greatest pitchers ever to be a confirmation of what I’ve felt this year.  Does what Viola says surprise you? Does it carry weight with you? Do you agree? It rings far too true to me. The last sentence o


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

Just Dreamin'

Woke up in a sweat last nite.  Dreamt that Jim Pohlad called and offered me the Twins GM job the day after the 2021 season ended.  While I was overcome with excitement, before accepting the position, I had 3 demands: 1.  I would be able to fire Rocco and his staff.  Would look for a veteran, old school manager like Buck Showalter or Bruce Boche. Maybe even James Rowson or (gasp!!) Ozzie Guillen?? 2. JP had to agree to resign BB to the 7 year/$80MM contract agreed on plus whatever game-


mike8791 in Twins

Fun Stat for the day

I was going through baseball reference and landed on former Twin Ryan Pressley.  The pitcher most similar too him in terms of results was Nick Vincent who we just let go.  Also there were 4 former Twins as his best comp. (Burton, Dyson, Guerrier, and Vincent)  The Twins definitely like a certain type of relief pitcher.  Or at least a certain type of result....  No meaning to this just thought it was a fun with numbers thing and fun to stroll down memory lane.  


Brandon in Stats

Twins Fantasy Draft

On Wednesday afternoon, I did my regular weekly Twins Talk segment with Dave Overlund on WJON radio in St. Cloud. Instead of talking more about a struggling Twins team, we had a really fun time doing a Twins Fantasy Draft. I'd love to hear your thoughts on our teams. Who would win? Click the link in the tweet below and you can listen to the segment.   For this draft, we selected the following:  SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, DH  It's always so much fun lookin

Believing in Ober

The Minnesota Twins have slogged through a dismal 2021 in large part due to an inability to find consistent pitching. With a starting rotation now entirely flipped on its head, finding a silver lining may seem difficult, but I encourage you to dream on Bailey Ober. During his first Major League Baseball draft as the Twins President of Baseball Operations, Derek Falvey’s club selected Ober in the 12th round. Ober was a 21-year-old pitching for the College of Charleston and threw 28 innings f

Introducing video!

Twins Daily has been talking about video internally for the past... 5+ years... or more... But as you may have noticed, we finally started dabbling in video around the trade deadline, only dipping our toe in for starters. We had a few stops and starts and bumps along the way as we learned a lot about how to display video and integrate them into the site. We're definitely still learning and expect to see significant changes along the way but we've moved to the next step of video: a permanent

Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp in Twins Daily

Preview: 2021 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration (from 2051)

Following the success of the recent 1991 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration at Target Field, here's a preview of a future milestone, the 2021 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration from the year 2051.   (EDITOR'S NOTE: As time travel can introduce many unintended consequences, especially for the gambling conglomerate which owns Twins Daily in 2051, we have attempted to remove any references to specific baseball events that haven't yet occurred.) Once again, Dick Bremer hosted the 2051

Otto von Ballpark

Otto von Ballpark in satire

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