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Does the computer think Joe Mauer is a HOFer?

I have always been intrigued by simulations. Pretend worlds are a lot of fun. I will get into more of that in a moment. For now, I would like to tell the Twins fan base that I do believe Joe Mauer is a hall of famer. 6 all-star appearances 3 batting titles at catcher 1 MVP 55.2 WAR .388 Career OBP .306 Career BA Of course, if Joe Mauer played his whole career at catcher, he is first ballot with no debate. That did not happen though. He last caught in 2013 and


jlarson in Twins

Kyle Garlick Is Outslugging MVPs

Aaron Judge, Yordan Alvarez, Mike Trout. What do these names all have in common? They have worse expected statistics than Kyle Garlick. But...so does the entire league, so they shouldn't feel too bad.  To level-set, Kyle Garlick has amassed a standard slashline of .250/.359/.625 (.984 OPS). That's amazing, and 90% above average in a year like 2022. But his underlying Statcast data is even more impressive, due to the type of contact he's been making.  I do want to warn that this post wi

A Sunday Afternoon Comeback- A Twins Blog

Sunday afternoon. I’m making PB and J sandwiches for my daughter, my wife, and myself. I turn the game on the radio for a little bit and it’s the third inning. No runs in at this point. The Twins had already won the series, so I kind of wonder if we were due to lose one. The sandwiches made, I turn off the radio and go into the living room with lunch. My wife cleans up from mowing the lawn and I’m watching a JoJo Siwa special. I’m thinking about how much I’d rather be watching the Twins pla

Hi My Name Is

Hello Twins Territory. My name is Jason and I would like to introduce myself. I have been watching the Twins since…well maybe when I was a young boy in 1987. I’m currently living near North Dakota but will be relocating to downtown Minneapolis this week if the closing does not fall through last minute. I don’t need an Alex Colome type April 2021 on this one. I am hoping to do some writing about the Twins here on Twins Daily. Maybe daily, but maybe not. Let’s see how this goes for a bit first. I


jlarson in Twins

Troy's Twins Thoughts 5/20/22

Back for a winning team. Let's get into the first month and a half. - Buxton is all world and the Twins got a hell of a deal on his contract. Games played matters obviously, but the production outweighs the risk ten-fold in this situation.  - The Taylor Rogers trade sure looks like a big L right now. Paddack TJ surgery. Pagan has been decent. Rogers leads the league in saves and has a .52 era with 15k in 17.1 IP - Duffey has been bad. 93 and straight isn't fooling anyone. I'm not

Royce Lewis and the Abyss - A Twins Blog

Being a hero means spending time in the abyss, mired down and challenged in every way. Royce Lewis has the potential for being a hero, but for now he’s spending a season in the abyss - in this case, staying patient in AAA. He’ll have to grow and add skills during this time, which is how heroes make their way back into the light. To stay a hero, he’ll need to transform into an even greater version of himself. If his brief time in the majors was any indication, he should have no problem doing that

Introducing Dark Mode!

This has been one of the most-requested features for a long time and I'm happy to announce that Dark Mode is finally a thing you can use across the site! Dark Mode is a new way to use Twins Daily, especially at night or in darkened rooms. Instead of the background being black text over white background, it's the inverse: white text over black background. Some people find sites easier to use and read in this inverted scheme and now it's really easy to toggle back and forth as needed. At the

Both Sides of the Royce Lewis AAA Situation

Waking up yesterday morning on May 18, I was taken aback to see that Lewis was sent back to AAA. Here are both viewpoints regarding the Twins sending down Royce Lewis, and then my own take.  Those in favor: The Twins don't know how long Carlos Correa will be with the Twins, so they are sending Lewis down to continue developing at SS In case Correa does stay for a while, it's necessary to find somewhere else in the field for Lewis to play, and AAA is the best place for him to

MLB Ballpark Rankings

The boys of summer are back. And with them comes every baseball fan’s urge to soak in the sun in one of the many beautiful ballparks around the continent (couldn’t leave you out, Toronto). With temperatures rising, summer vacation approaching, and unused PTO sitting and waiting to be burned, it’s the perfect time to plan a stadium tour. Baseball stadiums are undoubtedly the crown jewel of American sports venues: the expansive green grass, quirky outfields, skylines, and geographical landmarks ar

Clear Skies at Target Field - A Twins Blog

The Twins won two out of three in their series against the Guardians. As luck would have it, we managed to go to the game they lost. It would’ve been much more fun if we attended the game where the Twins put up twelve and Royce hit his first home run, but we did not. We got the low scoring game, where the teams went into extra innings tied one-all. The cliché holds true, though. A bad night at the ballpark is still a good night. I went in good company and enjoyed the conversation. The weat

A great problem

While it is still quite early and anything can happen for good or for bad, it looks like the Twins will be contending all year long. We have a potntial great problem to have. Is Lewis Legit? and if so what do we do there? The Twins will need pitching help along the way, as mentioned before our rotation consists of either unproven pitchers or reclamation projects with nearly all of them coming off of year(s) with very low innings. With Paddack already out for the season, Bundy strugglin

Gut Punched - A Baseball Blog

I remember the first time I got the wind knocked out of me. I was climbing a tree at my grandma and grandpa's farm. I missed a step, saw foliage tumble before my eyes, and landed on my back. I couldn't breathe. Then, when the oxygen came back, I sprinted into the house. I was more afraid of the sensation than I was hurt. I didn't know know my body would do that to me. By the time the Astros swept the Twins, I knew the feeling all too well. Life likes to suckerpunch you. My last blog post de

From a Fan's Heart: Why We Cheer

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a little sad. And no, my sadness did not come from the fact that my wife and I were embarking on the three-day sojourn of potty-training our 2-year-old. It was because my Timberwolves lost another heartbreaker the night before, eliminating them from the playoffs.   Isn’t that a little pathetic that a grown man is emotionally affected by a basketball team losing? Sort of. But there’s more to fandom than being overly invested in a

The Future is Now

Another series, another sweep!  The Twins just keep rolling! My main takeaway from this past weekend's series vs the Oakland Athletics is what a joy it was to get a glimpse of what the Twins' future lineup might look like. On its face, let's say someone showed you a Twins lineup featuring Royce Lewis, Trevor Larnach, Jose Miranda, Gilberto Celestino and Josh Winder on the mound. What year would you think it is? Although we are seeing some of these faces due to illness and injury, it's app

Joyous Victory! - A Twins Blog

Three baseball games. Three consecutive one-run victories. All around Twins territory, fans’ brains are secreting happy hormones.  Last year was such a different story. I had a dry-erase board at work. I drew the Twins logo on it and then two numbers underneath that logo. One for wins, one for losses. We all remember which number grew the fastest. Every day, it seemed like I’d be adding one to the loss column. “They lost again?” the people I worked with asked. “Your team sucks,” came next.

Gilberto Celestino - The Contact King

Gilberto Celestino has had an interesting path to the majors, and one that reduced his initial shine for most of the fanbase. Celestino was acquired for Ryan Pressly at the 2018 trade deadline, alongside Jorge Alcala, in a very unpopular deal at the time. MLB Pipeline ranked Celestino the 15th best prospect in 2019, and 14th best in 2020. The consensus was that Celestino was a standout defensive center fielder, but questions about his bat and power limited his overall projection. When Celes

I'm calling Bull....

MLB 2020 - pitchers who throw at Astro's players will be punished  MLB 2022 - it's ok to throw at a former Astro if the player before him hits a HR. We don't think that looks fishy. In fact, if you hit him a second time, we're not even going to acknowledge that he was hit... Especially if it's by a last place team.     

MLB Power Rankings: May 2022 American League Edition

We are about a month of the way through the 2022 MLB Season. Some teams have overperformed expectations thus far, some have underperformed expectations thus far, and other teams have performed as expected. I want to rank the 15 American League teams based on their performance in the first month of the season. I will be considering not only the teams' Win-Loss records but also the way the individual parts of the teams have performed. Let's dive into it, shall we? (Yes, I will be doing a National

Betrayed By Your Own Body - A Twins Blog

Our bodies betray us. Let’s say you’re a professional baseball player. You’ve been given tremendous physical gifts that allow you to play the game. Your muscles, tendons, nerves, eye sight . . . All of it coming together to create a ballplayer. A team puts a uniform on you, and suddenly you’re a sight to see. Like an ancient Greek, you represent the highest achievement in human athleticism. (Note: I realize not every baseball player represents a Platonic ideal of human anatomy. Babe Ru

Power Rankings Roundup

To me, power rankings are only legitimate if I agree with them. Alright, that's a little flippant, but the Twins are getting mixed amount of love in the power rankings so far. MLB's latest power rankings have them at 14th. The Tampa Bay Rays, who the Twins handled with ease this past weekend, are at #8 on their list. Yahoo Sports has the Twins in 11th, CBS sports has the Twins in 9th, and the Athletic has the Twins in the 10th spot. Fox Sports MLB Analyst and brother of a certain MLB p
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