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Twins prospects that I was wrong on

Since roughly 2009 the Twins have had some well... rough seasons. When a team is bad, they become sellers at the deadline, and at least me personally, stop caring as much about the active games, and switch to focusing on prospects and the future. During those bad years I become pretty fixated on prospects, so lets go over some that I really thought were gonna be good. 1. RHP Dakota Chalmers Woof. I was so high on this guy when we acquired him from Oakland for Fernando Rodney in 20

Marty Pattin Rocks

This date in baseball history. On July 13, 1974, Aurelio Rodriguez’s fourth-inning single broke a 2-2 tie, propelling the visiting Detroit Tigers to an 8-2 win over the homestanding Kansas City Royals. Woody Fryman (4-5) went the distance to pick up the win for the Tigers, scattering 12 hits and two walks while striking out five. Starter Paul Splittorff gave up four runs, all earned, over 3.1 innings, falling to 9-9. Splittorff gave up eight hits and a pair of walks before being repla

All Star Changes Open Letter to Rob Manfred

OK Twins fans, lets see if we can get some unique ideas on how to improve the MLB All Star experience. You are the Commissioner for a Day, You can make unilateral decisions on the All Star Game (OK I know he can't, but let's pretend). Here are a couple of mine. 1) a hitting "skills" competition.  MLB has the HR Derby which is the equivalent to the Slam Dunk contest. But what is MLB's Skilsl Competition? How about a point based challenge with team and individual winners. Batte

Sano Situation

OK, with Sano on rehad assignment that means we are getting closer to decision time. After going 0-3 in his first game he now has an exciting slash line of .313/..421/.750 for a 1.171  OPS.  with just TWO strikeouts in 18 ABs!!!!! PRETTY EXCITING!!!  Except for the fact that it against Rookie League talent, so this should be the expected baseline. Still it is better than  the alternative.   SO... What are the plans for when he returns?  Kirilloff is starting to hit. Mira

Mill1634's Trade Deadline Blueprint: Going for It

Welcome back to another Mill1634 blog entry. I've been away for a while as I just finished up my degree and started out my first job, but I've still been hanging around in the game threads. Like many Twins'' fans, I am thrilled with the way things have gone so far but am also realistic that this team is not in a position to threaten the true top teams in the league. However, I do not believe that they are all that far away. It's no secret that the bullpen has been horrendous outside of Griffin J

Walk it off and put your Sox away!

Happy off day to you all!  Are off days ever happy for us? I guess if they are struggling they are. Our guys are still in first place at 47-38 despite, as Aaron Gleeman of The Athletic and Gleeman and the Geek puts it, "their best efforts to try give it away." Obviously the part of this team that appears to need the most attention is the bullpen. It was no more obvious than this past week with them losing three games in walk-off fashion including yesterday's heartbreaker vs. the White Sox.

The Twins are Bad At Baserunning - But Does It Matter?

I know I'm not alone in thinking that the Twins are bad at baserunning this year. It's easy to find that they are terrible at stealing bases, as they rank 30th in both total stolen bases (14) and stolen base percentage (58%). After watching Nick Gordon turn errantly around first base only to get thrown out on this play, I decided to look up the numbers to see if there was a quantifiable baserunning metric beyond stolen base percentage that would prove my eyes correct. And boy, did the

Matt's Top Prospect List (June) + Explanations

Royce Lewis Royce Lewis is still the best prospect in the Twins’ system, but the soul refuses to accept that truth. Lewis will now miss extended time with another ACL surgery, and it’s impossible to feel anything but grief and sympathy for the man; he’s an elite talent that life continues to deal poor hands to maniacally. His major league performance proved that he’s capable of great things, and all we can do is hope that he’ll come back without missing a beat as he did before.           

The Road To Baseball's Pearly Gates

The Years of the Rookies: 1982 and 2022 I’ve mentioned in several (okay, numerous) posts that as far as I was concerned the 2022 season is primarily a “look-and-see” season for the Minnesota Twins; a fish-or-cut-bait season for testing out those promising young players that have been shining at the minor league level. Are they ready to play at the major league level or aren’t they? If they are, we’re a contender in 2023. If not… back to the Baseball Trade Casino looking for “deals” follo

Our left fielder is hurt! Our pitching coach is leaving! Our pet’s heads are falling off!

Okay maybe things aren’t as bad as pets spontaneously losing heads. In fact they’re nowhere near that.  However, it has been another weird week in Twins Nation and this one unlike any other with pitching coach Wes Johnson deciding to leave the organization effective after Thursday’s game. In this week’s episode of The Twins Nation Podcast my brother and I speculate on if there is any reason other than what has been stated as to why he would leave. We also discuss the team’s play and upcoming s

Goodbye, Wes Johnson - A Twins Blog

Wes Johnson, huh? This doesn’t feel good. I’ve read the articles and the blog posts and the comments. I’ve had a chance to digest this thing. So far, it doesn’t sit well in my tummy. Like a member of the clean plate club choking down a particularly bad supper, I gagged on Wes Johnson writing until I could feel despair grow in my chest. First of all, the Twins were paying him $250,000 a year? Doesn't Griffin Jax makes twice that? Hell, doesn't every player on the team makes at least twi

How do you solve a problem like Correa?

If you get the headline 3 points for you!!   Obviously Correa is ZERO problem.  BUT he is a bit of a conundrum.  There were some level or reporting earlier that Correa may have been interested in signing long term.  This had to have been pure hope.  He never considered it.   The "Problem"  though is...   Do the Twins treat him like a 1 year flier, and "make a run" this year and let him walk?  or do they see if they can get top dollar in a trade? Problem #1: Keep and cont

Wiffle Ball

This will be short. Hopefully it will be read by at least one person. When I was a kid, my buddy and I had an uncountable number of wiffle ball games in his family yard. This greatly upset his mother as there were left and right-handed batters spots where we place home plate that would no longer grow grass. Lawn chairs would be set up for the infielders. Hitting a ball to them would be an out except if really laced and it bounced away as in real ball and would be designated an error or hit.

Be Aggressive - A Twins Blog

The Guardians took two out of three from the Twins, sending us down to second place. On Wednesday the 22nd, the Twins put up ten runs and still lost. Now it’s time for a three-game series against the Rockies and then a five-game series against the Guardians. Part of me wants these games to be as feisty and spirited as a parking-lot fist fight. We need a lot of runs to win games. Everyone needs to contribute, and the elite need to be at their best. Every at bat is personal now. Defensiv

The Most Important Blog - What to Eat at Target Field?

Since I've already stirred enough pots in regard to heated on the field debates, it's time to take it off the field to the stands! There have been a number of posts regarding the cost of food and drink at Target Field scaring away the fans, but I'm going to give a run down on many of the items and locations and whether you should eat or avoid! First off, beer. If you fancy a pint at the game, there is an enormous selection of craft beers to pair with foods along with old-timey American styl

500 HRs

Looking back on the 2009 International Signing Period, We signed 3 really good productive players who are all still with the Twins today.  While that may change soon.  Here is some fun with numbers to show what they have done with us. In 2009 we signed Polanco, Kepler and Sano.  Sano was the star of the entire signing period and there was much debate over his actual age that teams were scared off from signing him and we were able to get him for 3.15 million.  I think Kepler got 800,000 and


Brandon in 500 HRs

I’m Incredibly Bored of Position Players Pitching

There was a time in baseball history where throwing in the towel and using a position player to pitch was a rare sight to see. Heck, I’m sure people tuned in to witness the comedy and see a position player actually try on the mound.  For example, Jeff Francour pitching 2 innings in 2015, topping out at 88 MPH and mixing in 4 different pitches to boot.  Or Ichiro Suzuki taking the craft seriously, throwing 87 MPH and mixing in 3 different pitches during his outing in 2015. 

What is a bunt?

Well it isn't this! As much as I love the Twins (and bundt cake too), it drives me to frustration when small ball could be used but isn't. With a number of terrible at bats in the losing effort against the dreaded Cleveland team, we proved we can swing and miss, but alas, cannot bunt. I would agree that when you have your meat of the lineup coming to bat with men on first and second perhaps a bunt may be the last approach to be used. My issue with that would be when we have attempted the Tw

Bullpen Blues - A Twins Blog

The Twins dropped the series to the Diamondbacks and, as of this writing, are only one game ahead of the Guardians in the division. Next up, a whole slew of games against those Guardians. Beware. I’m trying to maintain my optimism after the series loss in Arizona. It’s not going well. I tried to listen to the game on Sunday, but all that happened was that I got to hear the Diamondbacks hit a grand slam. A door to victory shuts. I switch my Echo Dot (a wonderful Father’s Day gift from my bel

Grading Falvey's Drafts Mid 2022

Towards the end of last year, I decided to evaluate Falvey's draft record at the time. As I noted, it was a work in progress and there has been quite a bit of shifting around this year. I postulated this year would be a critical year for Falvey's future with the Twins as fans, and I'm sure owners, were waiting with bated breath for the pitchers of the future to arrive and the high round draft choices to prove their mettle, advance through the system, and prove the front office's methodology.


Twins Geezer here! Another one of those perplexing games that begins with the Twins tearing the cover off the ball, scoring very little, leaving men stranded, bats going silent and ending with a big L. Not sure about much, but the Twins continue to have a couple of very bad habits. The first, I have brought up before. About every 7 games, we score no runs and look like we have been hit by a Voodoo curse. The second is mentioned in my opening sentence. This one is very concerning. This

Kirilloff is back up; Polanco to IL as Twins go to Phoenix

It has been announced just a little bit ago that 1B/OF Alex Kirilloff has been recalled from the Triple-A St. Paul Saints and second baseman Jorge Polanco has been put on the injured list retroactive to June 13th, due to lower back tightness. This comes as the Twins head to Phoenix to face the 30-35, 4th place Arizona Diamondbacks this weekend. It will be interesting whether Kirilloff is put in the lineup right away tonight or not as the Twins will face lefty Madison Baumgarner.  Here are t

I Know the Pieces Fit - A Twins Blog

Writing one column for every Twins series has made me realize how fickle a fan I am. If the Twins lose a few more than they win, I’m the first guy to say we’re all doomed. Twins win a few and I’m starting to plan for the playoffs. Win and strut about. Lose and pout in the corner. I’m the exact kind of fan that drives other fans nuts. Today, though, I feel as if I’ve arrived in a moment of clarity. The Twins are far enough into the season for me to say they are a play-off worthy team. There’
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