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Jose Berrios Stings Again for Twins

The Minnesota Twins dealt Jose Berrios to the Toronto Blue Jays during the 2021 Major League Baseball season. Today he signed a seven year deal worth $140 million to stay in Canada for the bulk of his career. The wound is opened again.  When the Twins flipped Berrios to the Blue Jays, they did a great job acquiring prospect capital. Austin Martin and Simeon Woods-Richardson are both top-100 prospects. Despite Martin looking more like a centerfielder than a shortstop, his talent still plays

Ted Schwerzler

Ted Schwerzler in Minnesota Twins

A Possible Pitcher Trade Target: Zac Gallen

I was recently thinking about how everybody wants the Twins to trade with Miami for pitching, and rightfully so, but I tried to think outside the box and I came up with Zac Gallen as a possible trade target.   Zac Gallen played his college ball at the University of North Carolina. He was then drafted in the 3rd Round of the 2016 Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. Then, in late 2019, he was sent along with another possible Twins trade target, Sandy Alcantara, to Miami for Marcell O


cjm0926 in Trade Targets

A Letter to the Twins Front Office and to Buxton's Agent

Here is my theoretical letter to the Twins ownership and to the agent for Byron Buxton concerning to current negotiations to extend Buxton’s contract. A Letter to Falvey/Levine/Pohlad and B.B. Abbott Dear Sirs: It is my understanding that all of you are in basic agreement concerning the base salary for an extension for Byron Buxton and that the holdup is the incentives.  Because your negotiations are done in private (as they should be), I have no idea what the concerns of each sid


terrydactyls in Twins Baseball

Mill's Off-Season Blueprint: Part 3 - Betting on Bats, Finishing the Rotation

The first two parts of this series have seen the Twins clear room on the 40 man for an active off-season in hopes of bouncing back to challenge the Chicago White Sox for a division title, and even farther if the Twins were to make it there. In part 2, we signed Eduardo Rodriguez from the Boston Red Sox, former Angel Alex Cobb, and journeymen Michael Wacha to varying sorts of deals. However, I promised that I was not happy with this rotation and that more would be done to finish it out. As promis

My 2022 Offseason Blueprint: sign Story, Stroman

Like many others on Twins Daily, I will be describing an offseason I hope to see the Twins have. Who to sign, who to trade, and everything else I wish to see happen this offseason. I'd love to see comments about what you like/dislike and anything you might change. Below I have included my version on the payroll spreadsheet. First off, I sign Buxton to a 5 year, $75 million extension with the incentives wanted by Buxton's party.  I also make a few big splashes in


cjm0926 in Offseason Blueprint

Mill's Off-Season Blueprint: Part 2 - Adding Arms

In part one of my off-season blueprint, I took a look at the 40 man roster and made some changes. The headliners were waiving players such as Lewis Thorpe and Brent Rooker, while adding on prospects like Royce Lewis and Jose Miranda. These things aren't exciting, but they are necessary steps to go through to create a true off-season blueprint. Now we're on to the fun stuff. Adding on to our hypothetical Twins roster. The current payroll sits at 76.85M dollars after arbitration, which were pulled

A Different Idea For Twins Catching

I will start it off by saying, this is just an idea, I am not saying it should or will happen. I am also not saying it is a terrible idea and it could possibly work. With that being said, here we go. The Twins currently have 2 very good catchers, one being Mitch Garver, a well above average batting catcher who is nearly 31 years old. The other, Ryan Jeffers, a 24 year old catcher who underperformed with his bat this past season. While neither player is an AL MVP candidate Twins are likely s


cjm0926 in Twins

Mill's Off-Season Blueprint: Part 1 - Cleaning House

The 2021 baseball season has come and gone, and thankfully the Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, or White Sox did not win the world series. Eddie Rosario lit the baseball world on fire, the Cardinals had 5 players win a gold glove, and the Twins yet again did not win a playoff series. However, myself, Mill1634, is going to change that with this off-season blueprint. Last season, my off-season blueprint was much better than the actual Twins off-season simply by one player -- Robbie Ray, who I brought in

My Realistic Offseason: Sign Cruz, Matz, Pineda

I did this when it first came out.  but with more information heading into the offseason I changed things around. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yAVU-C2u6hY40oiAI3cGh1eEU82GHYJXfDORGJxnERY/edit?usp=sharing I originally had us signing Taylor to be our SS.  But with his name becoming more front and center.  I also have read the Twins are willing to consider bringing back Simmons and he was a gold glove caliber SS.  So I brought him back at a base of 8.00 million.  Galvis or Vill


Brandon in blog

We Got 99 Problems, But A DH Ain't One.

The Twins have some holes coming into the 2022 season, some question marks, and some big decisions to make. Whilst most offseasons of late seem to have been kind of quiet and at times last-minute in terms of moves, this offseason has the potential to be very busy for us. There is a clear need to upgrade the pitching - having penciled in Ober and Ryan as our only lock starters makes me more than a little anxious - and there is a big gaping hole opening up at shortstop. Where we don’t seem to need


the_neds in 2022 Musings

Royce Lewis: the Man, the Leg Kick, the Shortstop?

Lewis is undeniably the highest ceiling prospect in the Twins’ system. Drafted #1 overall with a collection of physical tools often boiled down to just “athleticism” but what that actually means is Lewis possesses elite speed, a strong arm, quick feet and raw power. Lewis also has the work ethic and attitude to succeed. Anybody having questions about Lewis’ professionalism or makeup can watch this clip from an interview posted on YouTube by MLB on March 5th, just shortly after Lewis’ ACL su


bean5302 in Twins Prospects

Part of the Future (Pitcher's Edition)

This post will be about which pitchers some of whom were on the big league team in September and some others who have been on the big league team previous years.  The first pitcher I’ll talk about is Jorge Alcala. This one is easy Alcala will be a part of the Twins bullpen in 2022. He can even have a high leverage role going into the season with how good he pitched at the end of the year. Alcala didn’t have the best 1st half of the season. Alcala was put on the Injured List on August 9th wi

Scorpions Stomp Solar Sox

Thursday afternoon's game in Mesa was marred by an injury to Matt Wallner due to an errant pitch high and inside.  I wrote up what I know here.  I find it disquieting that we have not quickly heard a simple "X-rays proved negative" by mid-evening.  The 11-4 drubbing administered to the home Solar Sox by our Twins' Scottsdale Scorpions pales in comparison to the concern I have for Matt, but here is my game summary from a Twins fan perspective. In attendance along with me at Sloan Park was Tw


ashbury in 2021

Matt Wallner hit by pitch

Matt Wallner was hit in the face by a pitch in this afternoon's game versus Mesa.  Looked like his lower jaw.  I happened to be taking photos during that plate appearance - it's a bit out of focus and blurry but I can't help uploading and posting it anyway.  Matt was able to make his way to the training room at the far end of the ballpark under his own power, so I'm hopeful that he escaped serious injury.


ashbury in 2021

2022 Offseason Blueprint: Trades for Flaherty, Manaea

I wanted to create a blueprint that would be interesting. I hope you enjoy it! My goal was to have a flexible team (in terms of roster/lineup) and add a good amount of high end pitching via trade and free agency. Let me know what you think. 1) Extend Byron Buxton. He is your cornerstone, and I don't see a way we trade him and are better for it, short or long term. 7/110 with incentives. I'll put him at 15 million for 2022 2) Sign Chris Taylor, 4/60. Opening day ss, but can play anywher

2022 Off-Season Moves by terrydactyls

Welcome to the terrydactyls 2022 off-season moves.  My decisions had a couple of assumptions. 1. Buxton is extended at a base of $15M a year plus incentives. 2. A trade is made with the Miami Marlins.  The Twins trade Kepler, Arraez, Garver, and Wood Richardson in exchange for Sandy Alcantera and Richard Bleier (LHRP).  This seemingly lopsided trade was necessary to balance the trade on baseballtradesimulator.com.  If the trade can be completed with less assets moving to Miami, that's


terrydactyls in Twins Baseball

Introducing the Head 2 Head Debate Forum!

Several months ago, user @mikelink45 contacted me via private message and asked "why don't we have a debate forum on Twins Daily?" I didn't have a good answer to that question, as the idea of such a thing had never crossed my mind. Roll forward to today and we're excited to announce the Head 2 Head Debate Forum! The premise is simple: two Twins Daily users - names obscured to prevent bias in voting - square off on a single topic over the course of a week and the Twins Daily community v

Brock Beauchamp

Brock Beauchamp in Twins Daily

Your 2021 Scottsdale Scorpions!

I'm in Scottsdale for 3 days in the late-autumn sun.  Well, no sun tonight, but it was a nice evening for a ballgame despite a sparse crowd of under a thousand, with the always convivial baseball fan Mrs Ash attending with me at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick tonight, where we witnessed the Rafters at home defeat "our" Scottsdale Scorpions 3-2.  Two Twins prospects were in the starting lineup, Andrew Bechtold playing third base and Michael Helman in left field.  Bechtold showed a willin


ashbury in 2021

Checking in on the Twins 2021 Draft Class: Part 2

As you know, the MLB draft is vital to team success. Although the impact might not be seen immediately like in the NFL or NBA, the draft is still how great teams are built. If you haven't checked out Part 1 yet, I encourage you do so if you want to read about our first 11 picks of the 2021 draft. Without a further ado, let's hear about our new draftees!     Round 11, Pick 339: Brandon Birdsell, RHP, Texas Tech   Did not sign   Round 12, Pick 369: Kyler Fedko, O

Andrew Mahlke

Andrew Mahlke in Draft

My 2022 Blueprint using TD Spreadsheet

Here’s my Twins 2022 roster. Like Nick’s plan, there are moving parts where Donaldson DHs a decent amount and Miranda plays 3B, 1B, DH. Kirilloff takes over for Max Kepler in RF. Kepler just hasn’t been able to change from an ineffective pull first approach. I see Kirilloff as a hitter who can use more of the field and still blossom into a very fine hitter. Hopefully the second-half Sano shows up next year. I’m optimistic about that. I chose Iglesias as the SS for good D and his .271 a


Greglw3 in Greg Allen’s Blog

Checking in on the Twins 2021 Draft Class: Part 1

The MLB draft is not nearly as popular as the NFL or NBA drafts. In 2021, 12.6 million people tuned in to watch Roger Goodell announce the first round of draft picks. Over the last 10 years, the NBA draft has had between 2 and 4 million viewers. The MLB however, had barely over 1 million viewers in 2021. However, the MLB draft remains very important.   Since 1965 (when the first MLB draft was held), 9 of the Twins top 13 players in terms of WAR were drafted by the Twins. These players

Andrew Mahlke

Andrew Mahlke in Draft

Sconnie’s 2022 Twins Off-Season Plan

In this scenario the new CBA adopts universal DH. Because of the higher demand for DH, Cruz out price’s the Twins budget. This also makes Sano’s 9 mil and some change contract valuable in trade. Twins trade Sano and his full salary to an NL team for prospects. 130 is a hard budget, no wiggle, including prospects called up and mid-season trades. 2020 and 2021 were challenging for cash flow with much fewer in-person attendees at Target Field. There’s only 1.7 available, it’ll be snug. If some


Sconnie in Twins 2022 off-season

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