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  1. Cory Provus gave us the quote for the season after Pagan chunked the save to close the Cleveland series in July - “I’m going to puke”. Those were the games that left us nauseous throughout the summer and now leave us with dry heaves. Wes Johnson left shortly thereafter for the green fields of LSU. Whether he knew that the end was near or whether he just didn’t give a crap about his pitching staff and team anymore, I remain suspicious about the circumstances and would like to hear “the rest of the story”. I loved it when Rocco pulled the Dapper Dan card on Karinchak, but I just can’t deal with his low-key (or batshit crazy) demeanor for another season. I do think Correa has unfinished business here and should stay to “build a championship culture” with Buxton, Arraez and Maeda next year under a new manager, group of coaches and set of trainers. Sad to say, it won’t happen. Minnesota fans are stoic, loyal and frugal, happy to show up for the Target Field Experience regardless of the mediocre product on the diamond. We will continue to foot the bill for the plaything of the Pohlads. Excuse me while I empty the contents of my stomach.
  2. For those of us who appreciate the German language, good to have Knoblauch at the top of the batting order once again. I’ll take whatever good fortune is available 31 years later…
  3. “The Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Guardians just wrapped up a stretch of eight games against one another with no ground being gained on either side.” Very nice overview of the division, Ted. A few notes for clarity. Due to the Red Sox 3-game sweep of the Guardians, and our 2-1 series against the Rockies, the two teams atop the AL Central stayed even for the eleven game/ten day stretch as a whole. As to the eight games themselves, the Twins slipped 2 games behind Cleveland by turning in a pathetic 3-5 record. Ordinarily, that’s fine - but good teams do not find such miserable ways to lose. Cory Provus provided a memorable call on Thursday with “I’m going to puke”!!! Thanks to Joe Ryan, Luis Arraez and Byron Buxton, I can now relax a bit and set aside my plans for T-shirts emblazoned as “#PukeWithProvus Summer Swoon 2022”. Nate Silver’s group has the Twins at 44% to win the downtrodden AL Central, CHW and CLE at 28% each. I’m looking forward to seeing how the White Sox will beat themselves over the seven games we will have with them by July 17. Our lineup will put the ball in play and the hijinx will follow. One of these three teams will be awarded a division trophy and a #3 seed in the AL playoffs. Might as well be us!
  4. Steven Matz is now off the board. We better get to work with signing Pineda and trading for at least two starters. Stick with quality and not quantity, please.
  5. “Prohibitive favorites”? Looks to me like even-odds. White Sox may have a slight edge on paper, but they need to put it together on the field to dethrone the Two Time Defending Champions. They will also have some growing pains with LaRussa’s leadership, while our players know what to expect with Rocco.
  6. I’ll just be happy if he’s better than the last reliever we got from the Giants! I wondered if we’d actually hold a grudge for the next few years...
  7. If the Twins leadership would like to see the return of Cruz, they need to demonstrate that they intend to win the World Series this year. A player of his age and stature knows its all about championships. Make the trade for Castillo or Hader, stop talking about the AL Central title, and start focusing on the #1 seed for the playoffs. Show Nelson (and all of us) that the Twins are going to be ready for October.
  8. Who is listening to Simba on the field in the picture? Looks like Rocco in an Angels’ uniform!
  9. Very smart move by Cleveland. They just replaced Lindor’s offensive contribution. With Francona’s firm direction and a change of scenery, Eddie’s bat could really, really pop. 2-3 game-winning HR’s against us each year!
  10. We received the gift of Cruz for two years at a discount rate due to an AL-only DH. The table will turn in 2021 with greener pastures in the NL once the terms are settled. So it goes.
  11. It looks to me that the Dodgers or Braves will step in at 1 yr, $20 million once the universal DH is approved as part of the 2021 terms. The backroom negotiations are in full swing while we wait for the billionaires and millionaires- might as well smoke a fine Cuban or Dominican if you got ‘em!
  12. Great article. I admit I was on the Bumgarner trainwreck... as well as the Kimbrel car crash. How does KKKKKKKenta compare to Ryu? Might see a matchup in Game One of the playoffs.
  13. And now we have this gem about their relief ace: https://www.nj.com/yankees/2020/09/did-yankees-aroldis-chapman-crap-his-pants-on-mound-mother-nature-calls-sometimes.html Talk about a crappy season! Part of me wants to take them out in the first round, part of me doesn’t want the prospect of another round of wallowing in Wankee dung.
  14. As a veteran “Ed-head”, I’m looking forward to seeing what ED-DEE will do in the playoffs. This column may or may not age well!
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