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  1. That's why you don't wait until they have burned many bullets in the minors and growing gray whiskers before bringing them up (as was the case in the past)
  2. Duran looks like he is playing 'catch' because he is. He barely grunts when dealing; straight at 102, or filthy at 96. He is a STAR in the making.
  3. DURAN looks like he is THE Closer we have looked for over the last several years. Home Grown, and virtually unhittable (when he is ON). Just filthy stuff. His health is my only concern., He is an ALPHA on the mound, with the stuff to match
  4. I know Jr Babe Ruth players that wouldn't butcher two plays like Araez and Garlick (just DFA him already) did. Trashed what would have been a solid inning for Duran, whose stuff is just FILTHY in every inning, and is worth a ticket just to watch.
  5. Liriano rookie year type STUFF (and throws harder). Can he put together a year like Liriano and avoid injury......This will be the KEY
  6. How is that humble going to taste by years end? Did you see Duran's debut? He has UNHITTABLE stuff, and seems pretty unflappable as a rookie with 2 men on and 0 outs.
  7. Duran will out pitch Rogers this year. Alcala needs more high leverage innings. Since they really didn't miss Rogers in the back half of the year (and with only this year left before we have to pay him), and we get a young potentially repairable starting pitcher for 3 years to boot - SOLID B. Rooker was redundant.
  8. He has some of the best stuff you will see from a past or current Twins player. The 100 mph combined with the Splinker at 95 and a normal sinker keep hitters from ever getting comfortable. It is ALL about health with him. He could be a phenomenal starter or reliever IF he stays healthy. I wouldn't waste any more 'bullets' in the minors if it was my call.....
  9. IMHO; it is NOT time to add a bunch of additional pitchers. Too many P are pushing the 40 man. Either sign/trade for someone who can be a marginal #1, or go young with what you have. I would also trade Donaldson, Garver, and Kepler (you won't get much for Arraez). These 3 are not going to be a meaningful part of the next wave (Donaldson), are blocking someone (Donaldson, and Kepler), and you don't have enough room for 3 catchers (Garver, Jeffers, Rortvedt - who won't hit in the majors) that need to play more than the current split allows (and it crowds the DH and 1B opportunities for other players). Baldelli also needs to quit running a 'rest home' every week, as well - we have had just as many injuries as everyone else - it ain't working, and those Sunday lineups with players playing out of position and Tortuga across the diamond are just embarrassing and a give-up of too many games.
  10. The Experience lives on. About as hot as you can get. 11th straight game with a hit. 2-3 now with 3 run HR. Twins made a mistake here.
  11. Let's see.....who brought up Mauer? Oh, the guy whose comparative is getting destroyed with every Rosario at-bat. Not me. Mauer was NO playoff hero, he was not even average. He was poor across the board. ONE RUN and ONE RBI in his career, and his BA was nothing to crow about either. Mauer is NOT Top Ten at his position. How long have you watched baseball? The Top 12 are: Johnny Bench, Yogi Berra, Josh Gibson, Ray Campanella, Bill Dickey, Mickey Cochrane, Carlton Fisk, Pudge Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, Carlton Fisk, Buster Posey, Yadier Molina. It is a Twins delusion to think otherwise, as he had some exceptional years (particularly 2009), but was NOT in the class of the 12 above, and is a HOF squeaker at best. PERIOD.
  12. With Cave, Refs and Garlick as your 'fall back plan', and redeployment of these assets to the tune of over a -6.0 WAR means NOT CORRECT by any measure but yours.....You must have loved Terry Ryan.
  13. It isn't the columns. It is the MATH the system calculated. The numbers you cited are correct, and distances Mauer from Rosario even further. Didn't think I has to math check the data totals, but I guess I did.
  14. This argument about playoff performances between Rosario and Mauer in the playoffs (the initial argument) should now be over FOR GOOD. That is eight straight games with a hit, 11 out of 15 games with hits in playoffs, 4HRs, 11 RBI, 8 Runs (when Maurer had only 1 RBI and 1 Run TOTAL in Playoffs), Rosario BA is now up to .358, and his SLG is .679 and OPS 1.080. He will also likely win NLCS MVP, which Mauer never did (and possibly go to the World Series). No matter what happens for the balance of his career, he wins. Case Closed.....
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