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  1. Pretty simple. We are NOT getting a top ACE in free agency to come to MN....period. So, the route they have taken, some 2nd-3rd tier options like a Gray, or trading from surplus for prospective 2s (but mostly 3s or 4s) is the only small market path that is realistic. Beyond that, they absolutely MUST develop their next Johan Santana and learn how to manage this type pitcher, and all other types to maximize results. To that end, I agree with another thread that an ACE would never be enticed to be managed by Baldelli, nor compelled to sign with the Twins. So, we are left with trading for a gem (Santana) and/or developing them.....Why was that really that so confusing? Moreover, the more we keep throwing older, previously accomplished pitchers in the way, the less opportunity we will have to see what we have from the minors. (As an example from the RPs: Where would Duran be with Taylor Rogers still gobbling up innings? I said in April on this site that Duran would have better numbers than Rogers by the end of the year, and I do believe Rogers leaving, the injury to Alcala, and the removal of last years riff-raff is the only reason Duran was provided an early opportunity that he maximized). I would like to see several of the young SPs get some time up in the next 3 years to see what they have (more so than I would support rolling the dice on a Cueto - even for 1-2 seasons - this team is not championship quality). BTW: In another league (AL vs NL), and on the Twins (with their archaic handling of pitching), I am not sure Rodon or Cueto has the same year. There are simply different variables (and climate) at play during the year, which may cause a very different result. You cannot equate performance in one place at a point in time, with another, as if it is a SURE THING. It is just speculative....Lastly, if you keep stabbing for an ACE every year (or every other), you end up with many albatross contracts that prevent you from signing another prospective ACE, or your own core in a small market. That does not ever enter the thought process of the rubes beating the drum for signing a Top SP after every season; but is a very real consideration.
  2. For those thinking that I am going to jump on the free agent or trade train for SP.....I am NOT. Everyone on the board was clamoring for new 'proven' pitchers (by trade or free agency). In fact, Frankie Montas was on the top of many's list for a trade. Take a look at his performance since the trade, and the MRI now being run on his shoulder; sounds like Mahle, or a lesser outcome than Paddack is possible. While Luis Castillo has panned out, clearly Motas has not (nor has Mahle BTW). Moreover, when many on the board were screaming for Stroman (and others) in FA over the past two offseasons, the outcomes on each of these 'high value' targets has been mixed (to poor) at best. Rodan for next year - nothing but a crap shoot in terms of repeat performance for high $$$ - and a history of injuries. Verlander and other 'sure things' are just never going to happen, as we aren't a 'destination' for these rare SPs. Also, with all the 'attempts' as I will refer to them this year; Gray, Paddack, and Mahle (by FA or Trade), I don't think outcomes are near as predictable as many believe (we are 1/3 here so far). In fact, I would guess 50/50% for SP in the 2nd tier (non-'Ace', Cole Verlander, Kershaw) on performing to contract and expectations. In short, this necessitates the need for Twins management to develop a steady stream of their own annually, and find a solid #2-4 every 1-2 years (and hope for some 'luck'). Additionally, it requires the team to better manage injuries and learn how to manage SP......which we are horrendously poor at doing. Outside of Santana, and Liriano for 6 months, I don't recall an ACE ever pitching for the Twins (and none have every signed here in almost 60 years). So, can we stop with the fantasy every year that consists of us signing a top 10 ACE? It is just ridiculous, and NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Feel free to FIRE AWAY.....
  3. Embarrassing pitching performance by Leone. At least throw a fricken ball over the plate, but I am sure the Twins will take it
  4. Too bad the Giants burned their best reliever in the 9th....now finish this
  5. He is D F A fodder on any decent playoff contender. He has had more chances with the Twins than a 'woman of the night' in Vegas with a hammered group at a bachelors party
  6. Any sign that MLB will ditch the runner at second in extra innings nonsense? It is the STUPIDEST change to the game that they could have possibly made. Bastardized Baseball
  7. Shocked that Cave delivered....He and his sub .200 and sub .600 OPS. Glad it worked, but the decision to have him bat in the playoff stretch run is asinine.
  8. I hope we have heard the last of the whining about Rogers. He is NOT the pitcher anyone thinks he is anymore. He looks great in stretches, but begins to put together really bad streaks. I said at the start of the year that Duran would outperform Rogers, and half-way through, I was correct. Move on from Rogers. We weren't going to sign him and got what we could for him (with a few years to see if that was a good/bad/abysmal return).
  9. That's why you don't wait until they have burned many bullets in the minors and growing gray whiskers before bringing them up (as was the case in the past)
  10. Duran looks like he is playing 'catch' because he is. He barely grunts when dealing; straight at 102, or filthy at 96. He is a STAR in the making.
  11. DURAN looks like he is THE Closer we have looked for over the last several years. Home Grown, and virtually unhittable (when he is ON). Just filthy stuff. His health is my only concern., He is an ALPHA on the mound, with the stuff to match
  12. I know Jr Babe Ruth players that wouldn't butcher two plays like Araez and Garlick (just DFA him already) did. Trashed what would have been a solid inning for Duran, whose stuff is just FILTHY in every inning, and is worth a ticket just to watch.
  13. Liriano rookie year type STUFF (and throws harder). Can he put together a year like Liriano and avoid injury......This will be the KEY
  14. How is that humble going to taste by years end? Did you see Duran's debut? He has UNHITTABLE stuff, and seems pretty unflappable as a rookie with 2 men on and 0 outs.
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