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  1. Twins have not been a top of the rotation FA destination whether Twins not willing to spend the money or FAs not wanting to go to Minnesota can be debated. So how do Twins acquire top pitching? They traded for Maeda, who was not considered a top of the rotation pitcher when Twins got him. Twins seem to have an excess of position players with prospects soon to be ready for MLB. The most important way to acquire top pitching is to develop it. Twins have maybe more top pitching prospects in minors than ever before. Only time will tell if prospects develop in the meantime trade for some breakout c
  2. Great to see bats heating up across Twins system. With no games last year, has taken some players time to regain their timing.
  3. Most disappointing for me, sure will rank near bottom of Twins teams. Twins FO seems worried about releasing underperforming pitchers due to the money still guaranteed them. To me that money is spent already, either you pay Colome to pitch an inning or 2 a week in low leverage situations the rest of the year or you pay him to stay home. There is probably more upside for Twins with him staying home. At least you give other pitchers an opportunity at MLB level and see what you have for next year. Shoemaker should be an easy decision, maybe when Pineda comes off IL.
  4. Let's says Twins start unloading players that will be FAs next year. In return they get great prospects but they are still at lower levels of MiLB. If a position player like Cruz or Simmons gets traded, who on AAA roster would you be excited about getting a spot on 40 man roster? I don't really see anyone. My point is Twins should move up some of the players that are having success at AA.
  5. Good to see bats improving as season progresses. For players that played no games last year, taking some time to get going. I think Miranda was able to play some winter ball so may have worked through some of that before season started. Looking forward to some movement of players the next couple of weeks. I think half way point for MiLB will be July 11.
  6. MiLB will pass the 1/3 of the season mark this week, in another 3 weeks will get to the half way mark. I expect some movement between now and then. There are a few prospects discussed on TD that will hopefully get promoted-Moran and Cano being in that group. Winder and Miranda seem to have accomplished all they need to at AA also.
  7. Agree, terrible and unexpected start to season. Probably too big of a hole to overcome. Injuries, players regressing, and just poor performance are all factors. Baldelli, I am a fan, he is finding out the perils of managing. Things fell into place his first year and seemed to make all the right moves. Still doing some of the same things. only results are different. I am not ready to give up on Baldelli, hopefully learning alot this year. FO got a little overconfident they could piece together pitching staff with low price FAs and have Wes do his magic. Hitting down across the league, but some
  8. Don't think he is cooked, but definitely last year as Twin. Hopefully recent performance due to wrist injury.
  9. Nice article Seth, no argument with your choices. Hopefully they can all continue to have success. There is not a huge need at MLB level for 2B-3B type player but at some point this month would think Twins would move up Miranda to AAA. Twins will have to protect him from rule 5 draft this year, move him to AAA and see how he does. Not much to prove at AA level yet. Did Celestino get moved up to Saints? Being on 40 man roster, may need Celestino in case of emergency with so many injuries to OFs.
  10. Maybe Shoemaker is not a "starting" pitcher anymore. He was pretty effective through 4 IP. His pitch count was only 66 when he went out.. Probably can't be counted on to go 6 IP. Maybe use him as an opener and pitch 3-4 innings. Or release Shoemaker and promote Duran, letting Duran pitch 3-4 innings gradually stretching him out.
  11. Would like to see AAA rotation of Duran, Winder, Ober, Jax, Barnes, and AA rotation of Balazovic, Canterino, Sands, Vallimont, Sammons. Plenty of top prospects-7 out of top 30, working to MLB.
  12. Jax was someone who really lost an opportunity without a full season last year. Probably would have gotten a MLB opportunity for a spot start or short term callup last year. Now seems other prospects may have caught up or surpassed him. Hope he keeps performing well and gets an opportunity at MLB level this year.
  13. Thanks Seth, great to read Julien's story, He will be one to watch. His stats definitely stand out.
  14. Duran sure looks the part, big, strong power pitcher. Excited to see his progress the next couple of months.
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