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  1. Seth did nice interview with Festa last year. What I liked was he did not start pitching until senior year of HS, limited mileage on his arm. He was not a kid that been pitching since Little League and been overused at a young age. Nice Twins are being relatively aggressive with moving him up.
  2. I am a fan of the pitch clock. But, I think 14 and 18 seconds may be a little fast. Maybe start at league average, focus on the worse offenders first. MLB could start with 18 sec. without baserunners and 24 sec. with baserunners. Then maybe progress down if things are going well.
  3. Great article, I really hate the complete tear down of teams. Seems the Pirates have been in complete rebuild the past 10 years.
  4. Looks like a win-win for both Twins and Yankees, both teams leading their divisions. Donaldson seems to be a better fit in NY.
  5. I like Celestino, but concede his present .350 BA is not likely sustainable. I was considering starting a thread on if Celestino should be starting LF. He is a plus defender and has been getting on base at a high rate. Celestino is never going to be a power bat but should hit occasional HR. There should be plenty of playing time for Celestino this year, whether he is considered a starter or 4th OF. He definitely is a valuable asset for the Twins.
  6. I have watched some MiLB games with the pitch clock. I really like the increased pace of the game.
  7. I am a Smeltzer fan, great story. In past, seems he had hard time getting past 4 innings. Why not piggy back him with Winder, each pitch 4 innings, let someone come in to close. Winder on innings limit anyway this year (4 IP every fifth game would be 120 IP), bullpen would get day off except for closer.
  8. Regarding the DH numbers, being a DH is harder than you would think. Harder to stay mentally in games, get out of regular routine of moving in/out of dugout, keeping loose in preparation to hit. Cruz had it down pat, but DH was his fulltime role. I would not be surprised to see significantly lower batting stats when regular position players DH.
  9. I like Lewis as much as anybody, but given his limited playing time the last 2 years, he needs to play everyday. When Correa comes back, Lewis likely back to AAA. Arraez's fielding seems to have regressessed this year, can hide that somewhat at 1B, but he should not whiff at groudballs within his limited range. There was a play this weekend where Miranda had the wrong foot on 1B and could not stretch very far for a throw from Sanchez, was reviewed and still got the out. But if Miranda had played correctly, there would have been no question. Hate to see playing inexperienced 1B come back to bite the Twins at a key moment. Hopefully somehow Kirilloff's wrist cooperates and he comes back up to play 1B and Arraez back to primary DH. Kirilloff seems to be best defensive 1B Twins have.
  10. Really like Headrick, been able to watch a few of his games, he has been overpowering at CR. Will be interesting how Twins handle midseason promotions, would think Headrick would be on that list. Twins midseason prospect list will definitely have some changes with so many no longer qualifying and some definite risers and fallers.
  11. Why is being called a 4th OF a bad thing. Maybe he could be called a platoon player, starting against LH pitchers. Will probably get at least 2 starts a week in CF, rest day and DH day for Buxton. Then there is always injuries, may be a short term starter. Late inning defensive replacement or pinch runner, should be plenty of playing time for Celestino.
  12. Celestino looks like a starter against LH pitchers, resting Larnach (when back) or Kepler. When Buxton is back, Buxton will probably have a day off a week and DH once a week. Celestino late inning defensive replacement for Larnach, so should get plenty of playing time, maybe more than a traditional 4th OF. I did not agree with the posters in the offseason calling for acquiring an experienced 4th OF, to me that just translates to acquiring a player on the decline hoping to get one or two more years in the league. I would rather see that playing time given to developing young talent.
  13. I agree with Rosterman, Badoo would have played AA last year for Twins, and Twins would have been faced with same decision whether to put on 40 man roster this year. He would be playing at AAA this year. The question is did moving up to MLB so soon affect his development.
  14. Thanks Seth, great write up. There are plenty of prospects to be excited about in Twins system. Steer has really progressed this year. Will be interesting how Twins handle mid-season promotions.
  15. Like Gordon's versatility, can play any position but 1B and C, maybe he can work at that. He can hold his own at the plate, good speed, late inning pinch runner. According to Baseball Reference does not get arbitration until 2025 so Twins have him under their control for another 5 years after this year. Don't know if Gordon ever progresses to point he is a fulltime starter, but definitely has good value for Twins as utility player.
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