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  1. Great blog, cmj. The Twins have plenty of prospects that look the part coming up in MiLB. Will be interesting to see their development. With so many pitching prospects nearing MLB, may limit Twins signing of FA pitchers especially to longer term contracts. I don't look for Twins to contend next year, so hope plenty of these prospects get opportunity to see what they can do at MLB level.
  2. If new CBA takes away incentive to hold Miranda in AAA long enough to gain another year of control, I will say Miranda. Otherwise Winder, will need help with pitching.
  3. Yea, a real head scratcher. Not sure what Twins are thinking. Will be disappointed if Cave on opening roster.
  4. At the time I approved of Berrios trade, now after signing extension still do. Believe Twins would have signed Berrios to 5 year contract same rate as Toronto, but Berrios would not have signed for that. The last 2 years of the contract sealed the deal for Berrios and Twins did not want to go that long. Will have to wait to see how players develop to give final grade to trade. Great discussion, good points on both sides.
  5. Seth lists 54 players in article, would hope they will make up vast majority of AAA and AA rosters this year. May loose a couple to rule 5 draft. Seems Twins are conservative when it comes to promoting players within the system. If Baddoo had not been drafted to Tigers last year, he probably would have started at high A and moved to AA at midseason in the Twins system. I don't see Twins as contenders next year, too many holes to fill and no confidence FO will do what it takes to fill those holes. If contender good to have some MLB experienced players at AAA for depth, don't want to rely on rookie in case of injury. But Twins need to develop their prospects, use the players they have for depth. Palacios good example, need emergency SS at AAA, he is a good fit why sign another JT Riddle type.
  6. Happy for Jose, thought he would wait to test free agency but would think he and his family can be financially secure with that contract. He must like Toronto.
  7. Hoping Twins get Buxton deal done and one starting pitcher before CBA.
  8. Hope this pushes Twins to get someone signed, Gray my choice. Could be similar numbers as Rodriguez.
  9. There will be plenty of prospects at AAA this year that will be ready for opportunity at MLB. Could have 6-man rotation out of Balazovic, Duran, Winder, Sands, Jax, Strotman, or Barnes at St. Paul. Should be able to give any of these a short term callup to give someone some extra rest. Tired of Twins signing so many proven to be borderline MLB pitchers, Twins need to see what their upper-level prospects can do at MLB level.
  10. Looks like the FO has set the bar pretty low, hope to get 2 SP better than anyone on OP list.
  11. Will start with pitching; Trade for Marquez, FA Gray, FA Cobb, Ober, Ryan, FA McHugh, FA Knebel, Alcala, Theilbar, Minaya, Dobnak, Moran, Duran. Releasing Rogers and Duffy, not resigning Pineda, trying to turnover pitching after poor results last year. I see Duran in BP given injury history. Position players; Garver, Rortvedt, Kirilloff, Polanco, FA Story, Arraez, Donaldson, Kepler, Buxton, Larnach, Miranda, Rooker, Gordon. Trading Sano and Jeffers. 128.70M spent, allows ability to throw in a few million in Sano trade. Lineup could be Polanco, Story, Donaldson, Buxton, Arraez, Garver, Kepler, Kirilloff, and Larnach.
  12. These veteran pitchers have may a lot of money over the years. Money will not be the issue where they end up. They will sign with who they want to sign with. Have a hard time seeing Twins on short list of options for these pitchers.
  13. Would love to see Twins sign Gray. He checks all the boxes for me, good upside, reasonable salary range, relatively young. Predictions say 4/56.
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