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  1. If healthy, that's a big if, Twins could have rotation of Mahle, Gray, Ryan, Maeda, and Ober with AAA rotation of Winder, Varland, SWR, Henriquez, Headrick, and Dobnak as 6th. Twins appear to have developed some depth at SP, hope a few of these develop into top to middle of rotation SP, have plenty of back of rotation SP. At least next years Twins should not have to go to the scrap heap to find a couple of SP to fill out rotation to start year.
  2. What about Lawyerson at AA? After Varland and SWR moved up to AAA, Headrick and Lawyerson were battling to be considered the best pitcher at Wichita.
  3. Don't see Urbina as a need to add to 40 man. He only hit .250 at low A, and a short season. Can't see someone taking a shot at him or if they did, Urbina having success next year at the MLB level.
  4. I don't think the article's point is that there were not any negatives this season. Just that there were a few positives.
  5. I think Martin has been mishandled, was not ready for AA when Blue Jays had him there. Should have at least put at high A and let him have some success before moving up. Too much pressure to produce power, he is not built for power. Need a RH OF, Garlick cannot stay healthy-time to move on from him. Celestino has had some moments but hitting wise looks like a 4th/5th OF and can only play OF. Can see Martin as RH version of Gordon, able to play multiple positions IF and OF. Let Martin be who he is hitting wise, high OBP, SB threat, occasional power.
  6. I want parity, but don't think MLB, the owners, or the players want it. How can a system where some teams spend up to 4 times more than some other teams have parity? Dodgers. Yankees have seemingly no limits to their spending. When a top FA becomes available only the top 5-6 teams even have a chance to sign them. I don't think it will happen, but would at least like to see some movement in the direction of parity. Hard max caps, hard minimum limits, earlier FA, limited length of contracts, max contracts, increased revenue sharing, etc.
  7. SP options have greatly improved over the past few years for the Twins. 2 years ago only had one SP on contract after the season, last year only Ryan and Ober were sure SPs after the season ended. As mentioned before, next year, Twins have Mahle, Gray, Ryan, Ober, Maeda, Winder, and Varland. SWR will hopefully be pushing for an opportunity, Festa on the way up-may be late season callup like Varland this year and Paddack may be available late in year. Maybe Dobnak gets back on track, is Smeltzer back with Twins organization next year, I see 3 solid options for SP for next year-Ryan, Gray, Ober. Then 3 with health questions-Mahle, Maeda, and WInder, then 3 on the way up- Varland, SWR, and Festa. I would say SP is in best shape it has been in, in the past few years going into the offseason.
  8. Watched Festa pitch last night, looked dominant. 2 hits were a swinging bunt and a bloop single. Tall and skinny, room to develop and get stronger. Hope he starts in AA next year, and progresses to AAA if does well, maybe a shot at Twins like Varland this year.
  9. I am all for improving pay and benefits for minor leaguers. However, I think it will lead to further contraction of minors. Owners will not want to spend the money.
  10. When does money become less of the issue compared to winning. Correa is making 35M this year, he could retire after this year and live comfortably the rest of his life. I could see Correa picking up option if he thinks he will not make 70M the next 2 years elsewhere and is willing to bet on himself still producing at high level in 2 years and being able to sign significant contract then. Maybe he likes playing for Twins and feels they will be competitive the next 2 years. I am not putting any worth on what he or anyone else is saying at this time. Correa is smart, not going to come out and say he is opting out at end of year during the season especially since Twins are in divisional race.
  11. The difference for the FO on Duffey and Pagan is Duffey will be FA at end of year and Pagan has another year of control. It just seems they hold on the guys so long thinking something will click and they will be a good pitcher. Then at the same time, the young pitchers- Moran for one gets a short leash. Not saying Moran is the next Chapman, but maybe it is time to see what he can do for an extended time at MLB level. Doubt if Moran would be worse than Pagan, Pagan is last of Twins pitchers at -1.2 WAR. Smith and Duffey only combined for -1.1 WAR and they are both gone.
  12. I agree with LA, the Twins are built with good depth of players, but lacking elite, high quality players. Twins do have Correa and Buxton but both are under performing this year. The Twins minor league teams have had a lot of success this year, but seem to have same issue, good depth but lacking potential elite, All-Star quality players. In regards to Rocco, his relatively quite demeanor and player friendly attitude seems to have led to some lack of urgency to win.
  13. I don't mind this move, low risk, can DFA if 40 spot needed. I just would rather see spot give to Sisk to and let Sisk get some time at MLB level so see what he can do. Could really use another LHP in BP.
  14. Twins are in better position with SP next year than the previous 2. 2 years ago needed to bring in 4 SP and last year 3 SP. No need next year to bring in Happ, Shoemaker, Archer, Bundy types, so definitely some improvement. FO has done well developing and acquiring depth in the Twins system, to point they were able to make some trades at deadline to address biggest team weakness. Now, as has been mentioned in posts, need to improve quality. I would like to see Twins use some of their depth to acquire front of rotation starter in off season. Can't have too many quality starting pitchers.
  15. This has been a huge problem for me, the CBA negotiations were a huge disappointment. They really had a chance to make some meaningful changes and ended up with more of the same. Why so little change, follow the money. The owners are making money- big market teams with good teams on the field are raking it in, even the small market teams with poor results on the field are making good money with revenue sharing. Brock's fix would be a huge step in the right direction. But when MLB allows such a spending gap, some teams around 60M payroll and others 200M+, how can there be parity.
  16. I agree with some discontent, Correa is a very good leader for Twins and defense has been very good, but hitting is subpar for him. It is my understanding is his contract has a player option for next year, why would he opt out, he is never going to get $35M on open market unless he has massive upswing in production the last 2 months of season. Looks like Correa will be a Twin next year to me, unless Twins can pull off an offseason trade.
  17. Twins ownership does not have much of a history of releasing players they still owe significant money. May be why Duffey still around, Smith just got released- batters where hitting over .300 against him, league average is below .250. How many times has Moran been sent down or Cotton DFA'ed and Smith stayed.
  18. After last night, I am in the sell camp. Picking up a couple pitchers will not make enough impact to help Twins win playoff series.
  19. Jeremy, Jim Kaat was playing when MLB started the draft, he would prefer free agency. In regards to under-slotting, would definitely rather see Twins draft best available early and under-slot in later rounds than under=slot early. Quality over quantity.
  20. Like top of Twins draft, the under-slotting is what I dislike most about the MLB draft. In the NFL does a team not take a player in the 4th round because they can't afford to-"pool savings", so they take a lesser player. Think MLB draftees should be in or out, maybe give opportunity to change mind after first and second days.
  21. I think before the season most expected an average Twins team, maybe over .500. They over achieved somewhat early in season and with the pitching they have hard to expect better than .500 ball. I am starting to lean more to standing pat, maybe adding a cheap reliever, but I don't see how Twins can make enough additions to take over Yankees/Astros teams in playoffs.
  22. Unlikely Rocker, or anyone drafted this year, plays in MLB this year.
  23. There is a lot to like in Povich, look for good things from him. Yes, draft very important for Twins, especially pitching. Twins have had difficult time signing top FA pitchers, need to develop them.
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