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  1. When I built my Twins roster had Twins picking up 2 mid tier starters and 2 mid tier relievers-McHugh and Tepera. At this point, Twins definitely have the payroll space to pick these up but expecting Pineda with Bundy for starters and maybe one of those 2 relievers.
  2. Raising the luxury tax only helps a few elite players get more money, does not do much for vast majority of players. .
  3. I would put Arraez high on the list of potential trade candidates. I would be in favor of a trade for a pitcher that can be in rotation next year and a couple of good prospects.
  4. Great job Seth, really enjoyed series. I watched MiLB TV quite a bit last year, to me was well worth the $40 annual fee, got to see most of these prospects. St. Paul, Wichita, and Cedar Rapids had all there games on MiLB TV. I would recommend for prospect watchers.
  5. Really enjoyed interview. Drew is my pick as bounce back player in Twins system, got off to slow start after trade but look for him to get comfortable with Twins and have a great year. Hope he get opportunity at MLB level this year for Twins.
  6. My sleepers- Kirilloff, Winder, and Moran. Coming off wrist surgery Kirilloff may start slow but look for him to put it together next year. Winder could be 2022s Ober. Moran ready to take the next step.
  7. Agree, pitching development key to Twins success and needed to show FO methods successful. I was looking for more prospects to get an opportunity at MLB level last year, unfortunately injuries slowed most of them.
  8. To me the hard salary cap and min, cap would result in increased money to the players, If max. cap set at 200M and min. cap at 120M there are more teams and money spent that would have to increase spending to get to 120M, than decrease spending to 200M.
  9. As a fan, I want to see more parity. Minimum spending levels would help, increased revenue sharing also, but maybe a hard salary cap also. Tie minimum spending levels to hard cap, maybe 60% of max. cap. On player side, to me it seems crazy a player can be in his 30s and has never make it to free agency, set an age where they able to be FAs, 30 seems to make sense.
  10. I agree with Trov, trade value probably not that high now for trade before season. Let the season play out, if does well pick up option, if not don't. I think DHing is harder that most people give it credit for, hopefully Cruz has passed some information on to Sano on how to stay in game and be ready for ABs.
  11. Look for Twins to use non-traditional approach to young starters, using them as openers or piggy-backing starters. It is a way to keep innings down and control pitch counts. My top ten for potential MLB debuts for Twins pitchers are: 1) Winder- On 40 man and appears to be most ready, will likely start in AAA but look for early callup. 2)Duran- On 40 man, needs work on control and will start in AAA, has MLB stuff. 3)Strotman- On 40 man, look for him to regain control and surprise some people. 4)Balazovic- On 40 man, injuries slowed progress last year, hoping he starts in AAA and mid season callup. 5)Sands- On 40 man, looked almost as good as Winder at AA last year, starts at AAA and mid season callup. 6)Vallimont- Last one on 40 man, maybe longshot, will likely start in AA. 7)Cano- Dominant at times last year, needs to have more control, may get shot in bullpen midseason. 8)Mason-Another reliever that could get an opportunity, will be at AAA to start season. 9)Gore- Still learning to pitch, probably start season in AA. 10)Varland- Longshot, probably starting season in AA, may be late season callup.
  12. I don't have a lot of confidence in Stashek or Thorpe. When I did roster projection had Twins adding 2 mid level relief pitchers, still hoping for one. There are a few in minors that may break through to MLB this year. Would like to see Twins break starters in MLB bullpen from minors. May see a more non-traditional approach to one or two starting spots-like 3 inning opener followed by 2-3 inning long reliever this year from Twins.
  13. At this point, looking like Pineda, Ober, Bundy, Ryan, Dobnak to start year. I would rather start with that than sign some Shoemaker, Happ, Bailey types, already have Bundy. Let the young pitchers work their way into the rotation/BP.
  14. I am all for a nontraditional approach. Would like to see plenty of young pitchers get an opportunity at MLB level next year.
  15. Very frustrating and disheartening as fan that negotiations will just sit another month with no serious discussions. Too bad back has to be against the wall to get anything done.
  16. I know they have a long way to go, just getting drafted out of high school, but looking forward to watching Noah Miller and Chase Petty's progress.
  17. Nice blog cjm, prospects are difficult to project future success. Part of present Twins problems with pitching now is that none of these tp 15 prospects are contributing at the MLB level. Hoping present crop of prospects especially the pitchers have more success.
  18. Another illustration of how hard it is to be successful at the MLB level. I think the MLB exposure will help Larnach in the long run. Should start season in AAA and gain some confidence. I look for Larnach to make the adjustments and develop into a solid MLB player.
  19. I expect Celestino to develop into back up CF/4th OF/late inning defensive replacement type of player. With Buxton, always need a solid plan B for CF.
  20. I would say no to Rodon, too much injury risk and too expensive. I prefer Pineda and a trade for SP.
  21. Miranda has played significant time at 2B, Helman more of an OF but some time at 2B, Bechtold probably more of a 3B and trying C also. Will be interesting to see how Twins place players in minors to start year.
  22. Do you have a list of players on 38-man Triple-A roster for Twins?
  23. Trade for a SP, sign Pineda-none of the other FA SP left excite me, FA reliever, FA SS. Rotation to start year would be-Traded for SP, Pineda, Bundy, Ober, Ryan. Still have Dobnak, Winder is close to being ready, Duran may be better suited for BP, along with 4-6 other legitimate SP prospects close to being ready. Really need a SS, in this scenario Twins could afford Story. I am not confident Lewis or any of the other Twins prospects will end up at SS.
  24. In 2019 MLB payrolls totaled just over 4,000,000,000 averaging somewhere around 134.000,000 per team. If they set the min. payroll at 125,000,000, and max at 225,000,000, the average would surely be higher than 134,000,000 and more money going to the players. Players want to reduce revenue sharing because they think owners are cutting payroll and pocketing the profits, if have min. payroll would help solve that. Revenue sharing is only way to help level playing field for teams, Pittsburg will never be able to generate the revenue Yankees do. Is this realistic at this point, probably not, but hope things at least move in this direction this CBA.
  25. The difference between where things should be to have a fair competitive system is too large to get there in one step. The owners don't want to give up what they have, they are making too much money. But to me they are being a little short sighted, granted the pie is of finite size and they don't want to reduce the size of their portion. But if they make the game fairer and level the playing field for all teams, the size of the pie would grow and even if they had less of a portion, they would make more money. Start making moves to get to a more level playing field for all teams-increased revenue sharing, hard max. salary cap,, min. salary level for teams, I would like to see a salary max. contract like in NBA, doubt if present player reps would be in favor of that.
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