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  1. If I had to pick today with who is presently on roster, no FAs or trades. Ober, Ryan, Pineda, Gant, and Dobnak. Twins are not going to make the White Sox nervous with that rotation. Winder and Balazovic waiting in AAA, Jax in mix for emergency starts from AAA. SWR probably starts season in AA, not high on Strotman, given up on Smeltzer and Thorpe.
  2. Of the 17 or so players mentioned in article, hope only 3-4 are with the Twins next year.
  3. Fleece, probably not, Rays realize they need to give up something to get something. Cruz is a great fit for Rays, fills a big need for them. They gave up Ryan, who looks for be possible mid to back of rotation starter and Strotman, who has not done much at St. Paul and was taking a roster spot for Rays and now Twins. And probably the biggest factor, Rays have plenty of pitching in the minors-could afford to give up someone.
  4. I look for Twins to try to sign top of rotation type starting pitcher and either bring Pineda back or sign similar SP. Maybe a trade for SP, possible rotation- FA/trade, Ober, Pineda/FA, Ryan, Dobnak. With Jax and Barnes as potential #7 and 8 starters at AAA, Winder getting first call after season starts if doing well at AAA. AAA rotation to start season could be Winder, Balazovic, Sands, Jax, Strotman, or Barnes, I think Duran goes to relief for at least a year to get healthy.
  5. Nice work Lucas. Hope for continued success for them as they progress up Twins system.
  6. I am not very optimistic about Twins signing top quality FA starting pitching. One of the biggest reasons is there is a limited class of top quality FA starting pitchers available this offseason. Another big reason is Twins have poor history of attracting top quality FA starting pitchers. Can Twins persuade Gausman to leave SF or Stroman to leave east coast? Maybe a trade would be a better option,
  7. Part of reason TB model works for them is they are the only ones doing it, at least to the extent they are. TB model has not helped with attendance at TB.
  8. Going to be tough, before Maeda went down was thinking one FA starter, Maeda, Ober, Ryan Dobnak, with Jax and Barnes as 7,8 type starter. #6 Winder with first opportunity after opening day. I think Twins should be done with Smeltzer and Thorpe. I like Duran in relief for a year. Strotman has not had much success at St. Paul yet. Balazovic and other prospects need to start in minors. With Maeda potentially out next year, will likely need to sign another FA starter. Would like to see an 1-2# FA and a middle of rotation starter FA. Besides extending Buxton, spend all money on pitching in offseason, will need a couple of relievers as well.
  9. I want Twins to sign 2 FA relievers-one of them a high leverage reliever. If you pencil in Rogers, Duran, Alcala, Dobnak, that only leaves 2 spots for the rest. Duffy, Theilbar?
  10. It seems to be a pattern with Twins FO, picking up a aging pitcher hoping to squeeze one more good year out of him.
  11. Completely agree, win-win for Duran and Twins. Duran get to pitch at MLB level and Twins get relief help. If all goes as planned next year, stretch him out the next year.
  12. Why all the arm injuries? Too many innings, not pitching last year (Canterino was shut down early last year because they thought he had enough "innings" even though did not pitch in real game), poor management of pitchers??
  13. Celestino's situation is one of the many things I dislike about present CBA. Celestino gets promoted to MLB because he is on 40 man roster, while others non-40 man roster players were actually out performing Celestino but FO did not want to DFA anyone so promoted Celestino. In theory, the present system makes some sense- to prevent teams from stockpiling players. But seems there should be exemption for short-term callups besides having to DFA someone to make room or 60 day IL. I am sure Kerrigan, Contreras, or Whitefield would have been trilled to spend a couple weeks with Twins.
  14. What procedure did Rich Hill have? It seems to have worked and was not off as long as TJ surgery.
  15. This seems to be a popular opinion with many on TD including me. Looking for Buxton to bump Cave off roster, let Celestino continue his success at AAA and gain confidence. Lets seen some of the relievers-Hamilton, Moran. Ryan may need another start or 2 at AAA, but get him up after that. What does Miranda have left to prove at AAA.
  16. Is your glass always half full. Celestino is a good case to argue early advancement of prospects. Let them move up, find out what they are lacking, then go back down and work on it.
  17. I really like Ober, not that he is a future CY Young candidate or even top of the rotation pitcher, but a solid starting pitcher for Twins. Ober's case is a good argument against needing X amount of time or innings at each level before someone can advance.
  18. Immediate gratification is what many want. It is an ugly look. Miranda's OPS at AAA is not really any different than Rooker's, Celestino's or Cave's at AAA this year. I have not heard one bit of reasoning why one should expect anything out of Miranda when others with the same OPS this year have failed miserably on the MLB level this year How about higher BA for Miranda, low K rate. Basically same stats when went up level, AA to AAA. I am sure there is more. OPS is not the ultimate stat to predict success. Rooker is a completely different batter, very power centered-all or nothing, Celestino should not had been at MLB level was not ready, Cave had his time and has regresssed. What I like about Miranda is not found in stat sheet, he seems to raise the performance of others on the team. Saints bats took off when Miranda arrived.
  19. maybe not necessary, but would be good for Ryan to get the first MLB game jitters out of the way this year.
  20. Not very exciting but both have been pitching pretty well at AAA.
  21. I am not very high on Gordon, but time for him to play over Cave. Cave should not be in Twins plans for next year, see what Gordon can do.
  22. I am in agreement with chpetti19, except would only sign FA SS, FA SP, and 2 FA RP leaving a spot for Rooker and Severino. FA SP will need to be at least midrotation quality, have plenty of end of rotation options-no Happ/Shoemaker/Bailey types.
  23. There will be plenty of difficult 40 man roster decisions to make in offseason, I am sure Twins will sign some FAs in offseason. But each one signed will mean another spot less for someone else. Regarding starting pitching, Ober, Jax, Barnes, Dobnak have all shown some success, with Winder, Ryan, Balazovic, Duran, Sands, and others that will have to be on 40 man. Do Twins use a couple of roster spots on middling veteran starters like Happ, Shoemacher and risk losing someone to rule 5 draft or go with younger pitchers?
  24. Hopefully new CBA will reduce motivation for teams to hold done prospects, Not sure how that would look, but needs to be addressed.
  25. I somewhat agree, believe 'hubris' part of problem with offseason pickups. FO feeling like they can identify pitchers that were underperforming and just need to be tweaked. Didn't work out too well this year, Nobody hits a homerun every at bat, but picking up cast offs/low priced FAs from other teams can't be the teams primary way to acquire talent. This FO was suppose to be able to develop pitchers. There are plenty of pitchers at high minors that seem ready, lets start seeing some of them at MLB level.
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