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  1. How attractive are the Twins to top FA pitchers? Twins did finish last in division last year. Takes at least 2 things to sign top FAs- the money and they have to want to come to Twins. I think Twins sign mid tier FA pitchers and make a trade.
  2. I would love to see MLB do something like this along with NBA, not a NHL fan. I jumped from Hulu, YoutubeTV, AT&T which became DirectTv streaming, over the past few years to watch Twins games. To me this is a great way for MLB to help level the playing field for small market teams- equally distribute the TV money to each MLB team.
  3. I am in trade Donaldson camp. To me, it's a salary dump, don't expect high return, maybe a few lower rated prospects in positions Twins need some depth in minors. Don't understand apprehension about Miranda, doesn't have anything left to prove at AAA. Use money saved from Donaldson's contract to sign Buxton and help get pitching.
  4. Greinke is 37, no thanks. already showing signs of regression last year. Gray and Pineda with Ryan, Ober, Dobnak with Twins, Winder, Duran, SWR, Sands, Balazovic at AAA waiting for opportunity looks good to me. I agree, Twins will probably need to trade to bring in quality starter and agree little chance top tier FAs end up with Twins. Top choice would be Trade, Gray, Pineda, Ryan, Ober.
  5. Looking for good things from Varland in future. I watched a few of his games on MiLB TV, overpowering at times but seemed too reliant on fastball, difficulty throwing other pitches for strikes when he needed to.
  6. Another thing most of the playoff teams have in common, able to spend money, large payrolls. According to Spotrac, 2021 payrolls, 4/5 top payrolls made playoffs-Mets the exception. 2 more in next 5, and 2 more in 11-15 range. Brewers were 19 and Rays 26. There were 4 teams under 60M, Dodgers were #1 at 267M, next Yankees at 203M. The difference between the highest-Dodgers and second highest-Yankees was more than the total payroll for each of the bottom 4 teams. MLB has to address this inequity, just establishing a minimum payroll will not be enough. Somehow will need to establish more revenue sharing to bring up the lower teams.
  7. Pay Buxton, he is an elite player, a difference maker defensively and hitting. Give him the incentives, it is a win-win, if he is hurt Twins don't have to pay incentives, if he is healthy Twins get Buxton's production and is well worth the incentive money. I believe they came to an agreement on the guaranteed money but not on incentives.
  8. Nice article, I like Miranda's potential. Lewis may be a little optimistic for next year. Like pitching prospects as well, was disappointed a couple more did not get MLB opportunity this year. Ryan and Kirilloff are key players, hope they continue to develop.
  9. Will be interesting how Twins handle, I am in the cleaning house camp. Not so much for the starters at MLB but hope Twins move on from a few players that have already had an opportunity as bench players for a couple of years. There is some risk/reward involved, but would rather take risk on someone unproven than someone that has proven to be only a borderline MLB player. I also doubt that Twins will contend next year, making it easier to take chances on unproven players.
  10. Would think regarding pitchers, Twins worried about innings, so did not send top prospects. Not sure on position players.
  11. Thanks for discussion, valid points about economics of additions. #1 and 7 connected-using money saved trading Donaldson to help pay Buxton rest mostly on pitching. 2 and 5 starting pitching is difficult as has been shown in past with Wheeler even if Twins offer enough money FAs may not want to come to Twins. I am projecting Ray and Gray, neither is a #1 SP, but like potential rotation of Ray, Gray, Ryan, Ober, Dobnak to start year. #3 and 6, again probably not going to get top targets maybe Graveman and Lorenzen. This won't leave enough money to go after Story/Seager as SS, maybe Iglesias as 1 year option. Looking forward to handbook coming out so can put potential numbers on FAs.
  12. Here is my 7 step plan for Twins this offseason. 1) Extend Buxton. 2)Acquire top of rotation starting pitcher. 3) Acquire closer. 4)Acquire shortstop. 5) Acquire mid-rotation starting pitcher. 6) Acquire second bullpen arm. 7) Trade Donaldson. These 7 steps would be fill the biggest needs for Twins, some of these steps may need to be done by trade. Intentionally short on specifics, I feel these are the priorities for the Twins in offseason.
  13. Hopeful for Twins pitching prospects-Winder, Duran(BP candidate IMO), Balazovic, Ryan, Sands, SWR and a few others. But, none except Ryan will be ready for MLB opening day. I would think Twins sign at least one front of rotation starter and a mid rotation starter, also tend to sign veteran starter for depth. But hopefully, some of these prospects get opportunities as next year progresses-Winder, Duran, Balazovic being the leading candidates.
  14. Nice article Sherry. agree with you on Simmons. It has been a trend with this FO to think an aging player will return to prior performance level- get one more good year. Rotation also agree, need to sign a couple of FAs with one being top of rotation quality. Cruz, I agree with his positive influence on team, but question if he can continue to perform at a high level considering his age.
  15. Time to move on to next group of pitchers, Winder, Duran, Balazovic, Sands, etc. Not high on potential for Smeltzer, Thorpe, Stashek. I think Jax may have a chance to contribute, Barnes-see him as #8 starter type at AAA. I haven't given up on Dobnak, possible #5 starter to open season. Need to move on from pitchers whose ceiling is borderline MLB pitcher.
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