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  1. Stanton will not be a candidate to win a gold glove this year
  2. Only 3 pitchers used. Great job by Coulombe and Moran. Bad start didn't burn up the bullpen
  3. Christmas came early this year. And Santa Claus was wearing catcher's equipment. Happy Holidays everyone!
  4. Whether you're a big fan of Dick Bremer or not, you need to read his book! It is phenomenal!
  5. I must be hallucinating. I think I just saw Kepler let the ball travel a little deeper in the zone and shoot it the other way.
  6. The only solid contact Sano has made this season is with the ground when he broke his bat.
  7. I was watching Friday's game on my phone in a pool hall - so not the best view. However, did Arraez have a couple of really ugly plays in that meltdown inning? I thought maybe the batboy was playing third base.
  8. Who was the batting practice pitcher in the Twins uniform in the 8th inning?
  9. It's official. Four games into the season brings the first "cut bait with Sano" post (unless I missed an earlier one)
  10. The pitching has been pretty good with the obvious exception of the "Duffey the closer" experience. Of course, we haven't seen Bundy and Archer yet (I am skeptical - please prove me wrong). I really think that when this team hits, they win.
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