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  1. You don't appreciate smart heads-up baseball enough until you have a team that doesn't play smart heads-up baseball.
  2. I was thinking the same thing on Miranda. He'll take Arraez's spot when you go Sunday IL. I think it's almost certain that Ryan will pitch Wednesday. Moran almost certainly should be the other September call up. If not him, then Hamilton.
  3. If they wanted to hit him, they should have sent Tortuga back out there the next day. How about a 43 mph lob to ribs?
  4. Unlucky? Yes. Playing extremely poorly? Yes. A ridiculous amount of injuries to key players? Yes. That's a bad combination. Offense? Bad. Pitching? Bad. Defense? Bad. AND at the worst possible time....the last innings of close games. Aside from all that, I think the season has gone quite well.
  5. With Buxton out - you know what that means. Large doses of Jake Cave!
  6. No more washed up vets? Shoemaker is on the hill tonight.
  7. Hated to see Maeda leave so early while pitching so well. Then the bullpen.... I'm just glad the offense kept tacking on runs
  8. Wouldn't a Snell, Darvish, Lynn or Sonny Gray have made a sizable difference in the team's outlook now? “I think I may have found a way for us to get Bonds and Griffey, and we wouldn’t have to give up that much.” - George Costanza
  9. Matt Capps is thinking of making a come-back as the Twins closer. "I was bad, but nowhere as bad as this guy."
  10. Did Rocco get dropped on his head? Early Alheimer's? "Game on line. Who should I bring in? The guy who loses the game EVERY TIME he pitches? Or any other pitcher? Hmm. I'll bring in Alexander the Great. I'm sure it will work out."
  11. Happ will give solid starts when healthy. Great signing for bottom of the rotation.
  12. I think it's a bit early to pass judgment on the Twins depth. Some guys have gotten off to ridiculously hot starts and some have gotten off to really bad starts. It will even out over the course of 162 games. Add to that, the prospects are just now beginning to be called up. Add to that the high number of injury/illness cases the Twins have already had to play through. Relax. It's a long seaon.
  13. So when the 1919 White Sox threw the World Series I wonder what THAT looked like?
  14. I was at that I-35 bridge game. Absolutely surreal. Fans and players all on their cell phones trying to find family and loved ones. And then they played the game because they didn't want 20000 people leaving the Dome and clogging the streets well First Responders we're busy trying to deal with the emergency. They postponed the game the next day. Series with the Indians
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