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  1. Buxton has such a huge impact on the when he is even somewhat healthy. Not so much for Celestino and guy who looks like Inspector Clouseau.
  2. At least Pagan has pitched well lately. Now the Twins can pick up his option for next year
  3. Isn't Palacios supposed to have a reputation as a good glove man?
  4. No worries- Twins calling up a pitcher and a hitter for the stretch run
  5. Limited step-offs/pick-offs. If the pitcher just holds the ball, can the hitter still call time out? Or should the hitter wait out the pitcher to run out the pitch clock? How about the quick-pitch? Pitcher still has to come set (discernable stop) right?
  6. "No matter how silly the idea of having a queen might be to us, as Americans we must be gracious and considerate..." - Frank Drebin, Police Squad
  7. There's a construction analogy for this game. It involves two monkeys and a football
  8. Nope. Celestino and Leone just go off and carry the Twins to a SWEEP!
  9. In 111 games as a Twin Carlos Correa has mustered just 4 RBI total with 2 outs and RISP 8:27 PM · Sep 7, 2022 Perhaps he is the new Mr. October?
  10. If it's even going to be close they're supposed to call it
  11. All the comments about Ryan's fastball being a weapon without a secondary pitch. I have always looked at him as a probable relief pitcher for that reason.
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