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  1. Had to check the IDK button. My knee jerk rx is both should be gone but I have a few reasons to give them more rope: 1. 2020 and part of 2021 was a lost time for the minor leagues, so they've realistically had only about 3 full seasons to develop draft picks. 2. They have delivered 3 playoff teams in their almost 5 years. How much of this success is due to their savvy pickups like Odo, Maeda,, Cruz and Pineda is subject to question but still, those were big contributions to these 3 playoff berths. 3. They have modernized this moribund organization with new coaches, measureme
  2. Had to respond to this post before it leaves the site. First, kudos to cHawk for some very provocative columns lately! Now that the death sentence to the 2021 Twins' playoff chances has been proclaimed, I think it makes all of us feel better to unload our frustrations and deep disappointments over this team's shocking collapse. It is certainly time to begin to assign blame and Rocco should be right in the bullseye. Molitor won MOY award; the next year he was axed. Baldelli is fair game for criticism. Someone must take the fall - and that someone is generally the manager. This is baseb
  3. Kudos, Nick, for telling it like it is! At this stage of this bitter season, it is a lot more refreshing to see the cold, hard facts rather than the apologist's versions. As a devoted Twins' fan for almost 70 years, I am sickened by their ineptness, both on the field, in the clubhouse, and in mgt. ranks. With that said, I recognize that the common knee jerk rx to fire the ones responsible for the carnage might give us temporary emotional relief, but will not happen, at least this year. So the real qurstion is : how much rope should Falvine, Baldy, and staff be given? As you've indic
  4. Nice writeup, but can't understand this urge to trade Pineda. He is easily the Twins 2nd or 3rd best starter, depending on how Maeda reemerges. If a retool rather than rebuild is the way to go in '22, the rotation is a key component. Right now, this team has no one to depend on in the #4 & 5 slots. Yes, maybe one or two of the prospects might step up(sorry, not ready to annoint Ober just yet), but this FO has given no reason to believe that any of their pitching prospects are more than just that - prospects. I'd rather wait and bring them up sooner rather than later and see how they f
  5. Interesting topic Cody. As you say, really a bit early to evaluate Lewis, but I for one was appalled that the supposed pitching gurus newly installed at Twins HQ passed on all 3 of these pitchers to take Lewis. This org. has flailed for many years in developing pitching, surely the most important position in MLB. But Falvine has shown excessive hubris in all their drafts, and this seems like no exception. Gore and Greene were considered sure-fire top-of-the-rotation hurlers, McKay rated a bit lower maybe because he wanted to be considered a hitter/pitcher. Yes, the verdict is still TBD, b
  6. Nick, glad to see this post. You nailed it. The F/O gets a failing grade. There is no sugar coating it. There can be no more excuses - not bad luck, injuries, the pandemic, nothing. Do Falvey's pronouncements on being hired that rebuilding this team's batting and pitching philosophies, attention to new metrics, and personnel additions would be his top priorities merely cover up a simple failure of poor judgment on such critical matters as drafts, FA signing, trades, etc.? Does the emperor have no clothes? I don't know the answer except to say that we are very close to System Failu
  7. Nope, have to disagree with premise of trading anyone now. Cruz is an obvious candidate but need to wait at least a month in hope he heats up a bit and the contenders' needs become more apparent. But yes, Cruz should not be in the clubs' plans for 2022. Sano or Donaldson should not be traded at all unless FO gets a particularly appealing offer. We'll need Sano for DH next year and there is no one in the org. ready to replace Donaldson at 3B. They both are disappointments but Twins should not be in a rebuild mode unless guys like Jeffers, Kirillof, Larnach prove wanting for remainder of t
  8. This team is ready for retooling, not a complete overhaul, so I have to vote with a loud NO to trading Donaldson for bag of balls. Ditto for any dump of Sano. Why trade either one at their low point when they can be parts of a contender? We have no one in the foreseeable future to replace Josh, nor do we have a better replacement for Cruz(who should be traded) than Sano, at least for next year. And selling off guys like Buxton, Simmons, Berrios and Pineda makes no sense in a retooling effort, at least this year. I had high hopes for Celestino, but he's way too raw. Berrios and Pineda wil
  9. No doubt underperformance and injuries have played a role in this trash heap, but let's not overlook failure of leadership, starting at the top. The Pohlads have never set a public goal that winning a championship is their number one mission. Their bankers mentality of not encouraging more risk-taking, especially when faced with a wide-open window, has contributed to this state of lethargy that has extended to the FO, manager, coaches and even the players. As a result we have lost 19 straight playoff losses without much of a whimper. In the earlier days of this franchise, when Carl wa
  10. Nick, your weekly reviews are one of the best things about TD and this one was no exception! This season is probably(99%) a loss, but as you said, there are glimmers of optimism. My greatest criticism for some time(accentuated by 19 straight playoff losses) has been the lack of resiliency/heart of this team. No team leaders. No leadership from the manager! But this past week has shown signs of a turnaround in that they came back twice against tough pitching(Bieber and Plesac), hung tough against Giolito, and actually pulled out a couple of games they trailed in late innings. Yes, the
  11. Let's see, Thorpe has lost his fastball, has marginal other pitches, and has never looked like a positive rotation addition, so we should try him in this disaster of a bullpen??? What is lacking in the pen are power arms that can come in with some men on base(especially on 2nd base in extra innings) and get some strikeouts. Even in middle relief, Thorpe provides little. He has richly earned a DFA, along with others like Thielbar, Colome, Smeltzer and the other retreads the Wonder Boys have accumulated. Let's take off the rose-colored glasses, see reality for what it is, and move on from th
  12. https://theathletic.com/2600270/2021/05/20/the-cubs-deep-impressive-bullpen-is-a-positive-sign-for-an-organization-in-transition/ The above article illustrates one of the differences between the two organizations. While we do have some exciting potential starters in the minors now, the real story currently is the abject failure of this FO to develop one decent reliever down on the farm. Both the Sox and Cubs have been quite successful in bringing up recent draftees and turning them into useful bullpen pieces. As Chief says this is as important as developing a strong rotation, even more
  13. If this is the best we have to look forward to, it's going to be a long season! Sitting here in Chicago, I guess I'm spoiled by how well Sox and Cub minor leaguers have stepped up to provide solid innings in relief this season. The Cubs bullpen has been amazing and the Sox prospects have stepped right in to preserve game after game(in fact, addition of Hendriks has been helpful but certainly not essential to Sox success in late game victories). Contrast to the Twins org. where retreads like Law, Waddell, Anderson, Thielbar have failed miserably and the one minor leaguer from the Twins s
  14. This will probably be tossed out by TD because content is a wee bit negative. However, this poster finds little humor in the 2021 season so in an attempt to maybe initiate a real discussion of the origins of Systems Failure 2.0, here are my 3 curses: 1. Jim Pohlad/ownership for looking at the Twins as nothing more than a P & L item rather than a community investment with the sole goal of bringing a world championship to the Twin Cities. As a result, they focus on hiring executives who subscribe to a conservative approach to building a winner instead of rolling the dice to go all
  15. Like Kirby Yates or Trevor Rosenthal? I don't disagree with your premise about Colome but signing "high upside FAs" in the bullpen is not quite as simple as you make it sound, even if you're willing to spend. The bet on Robles has looked decent so far, fwiw. OK touche Nick! Yates or Rosenthal were two of my preseason choices and both are on the IR list. Colome looked like a reasonably priced FA addition but living here in Chicago, it did not take a tech genius to see he was running thru raindrops on almost every occasion. The Sox were going for the brass ring so they went for the BPA in H
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