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  1. I would like to see an update on all of the other injured players. Larnach, Ober, Alcala, Maeta and Kepler. Probably missed a few too.
  2. This is who I wanted. Don't like losing CES but the twins didn't have room for Steer. Hajar might also hurt a little, but He is still a few years away. Rotation might be interesting next year with Paddock, Maeta, Ober and Winder all back.
  3. I would like to see an update on where we are with signing our draft class if possible.
  4. The article say's he has agreed to an over slot deal. I would like to see the details though. The draft tracker still shows him as pending, but I'm not sure that is being updated.
  5. Not sure you are in minority. I totally agree. Maybe not Correa, but I would add Archer and Bundy if the can get anything. I just don't believe they would have any chance in a playoff series. Better to set-up for next year.
  6. Hate this move if Rogers is involved. Losing so many late game leads and tie's by running Colome out there last year is what started the downward trend.
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