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  1. Hawk, love pie charts!! They provide a clear picture of the subject. Naturally, there will be differences of opinion. Here are mine: 1. FO : have to go 50% here(and that's probably too low). After the last two seasons, it was pretty obvious the window was wide open. It should also have been obvious that if the Twins were to keep pace with the agressive White Sox that they needed to add at least one top starter and top bullpen pitcher. To believe Maeda would continue his hot streak in 2021 was just unrealistic. Berrios was never an ace. Though a solid #2 or 3, he all too often had meltdowns in critical situations and matched up poorly with other teams' aces in playoffs. Instead, the Wonder Boys dumpster dived once again, with Happ and the Shoe the result. Yes, their dismal showing was far worse than most expected, but still, no one saw an improved rotation because of their addition. Likewise, bargain hunting for pen pieces went about as expected. There was a reason the Sox dumped Colome and added Hendricks: the Sox wanted to win in 2021. With Rogers falloff in 2020, our bullpen was a crying need, but all we got was Robles and the ill-fated Colome(more on him later). 2. Rocco/ Coaches(should be combined) - 25%. Rocco is the manager so coach's performance falls under his mantle. The lack of leadership and fundamentals was evident early on. This team lacked the resiliency to bounce back from falling behind. Their fundamentals were lousy, as you pointed out. Rocco babied his players like no one else I've seen in 60 years of following the franchise. Pre-game practices were voluntary until after the trade deadline. Viola rightfully pointed out this glaring omission. Yes, the hitting coaches were subpar but why didn't the mgr/FO do something earlier? A manager still learning on the job is not the right guy for a team that had won 2 consecutive division titles. 3. The Players - 10%. Many played below their norms, especially in the first 2 months when the race was enfolding. Was that a result of a general softness on this team, a softness we have seen in 19 straight playoff losses? We'll never know, but questions must be asked about this squad's mental toughness. Why weren't they ready at the get-go? We can talk about bullpen improvement since August 1st, but is that because the pressure was off and the pen had little to lose when it was obvious they were cooked? 4. Injuries - 10%. Sure we had some injuries and Buxton's particularly hurt, but every team had critical injuriies this year. The Sox lost their two star OFs and starting catcher for more than half of the year. The Dodgers lost more than half their rotation for 50% of the year. The list goes on and on. Good teams have the depth to respond, bad teams don't. Injuries are a pretty lame excuse for this team's nosedive. 5. Colome - 5%. Have to reserve special mention for his blown saves at the start. These blown saves early on set the negative tone for the entire season(or at least until the Twins were way out of contention). I never thought I'd see the nightmare of Ron Davis, but Colome certainly followed closely when it most counted. So yes, there's enough blame to go around, but the FO?Rocco deserve the lion share!
  2. While Baez would be tempting on a one year deal(if possible), Twins need pitching, period, as well as resigning Bux. With a probable $40-50MM available to spend this offseason(hopefully after Bux's incentives), they must add two top-of-the-rotation starters plus one closer-type and a second good pen arm. While they should be able to trade for one #2 pitcher, a top starter like Stroman, Ray, Rodon, Gausman is going to cost $20-25MM/yr. A closer-type, like Kimbrel, maybe $15 MM, so there simply isn't enough money for one of the good SS FAs. Resigning Simmons for a lesser amount makes the most sense. Baez might be the most available FA SS but adding him would only mean the lineup is even less contact-hitting oriented. We need more high OBP players, not more all or nothing ones. Of course, if Pohlad and Falvey are not serious about contending as soon as next year, then forget the above narrative. In either case, it still makes little sense to spend big on the SS position.
  3. Have to add my No to the chorus here. Why give up a starting, albeit average, corner OF for a guy who is not a quality SS? Our list of middle IF prospects who fall short as SSs goes on and on - Polanco, Gordon, Lewis(if scouting reports are accurate), nor do Miranda or Martin seem to fit well at arguably the most important defensive position. Might as well resign Simmons for another gap year while we hope one of younger SS prospects emerge as a long term answer. If I'm trading Kepler, I want to use him as a key piece in acquiring as young, controlled starter who has already shown potential to be a #1 or, at worse, a #2 next year. That is a far more pressing need if FO really intends to return to contention next year.
  4. There are no "underrated" Twins players this year. Underperforming most definitely. Ober is by no means underrated. He is a promising prospect, but came to the Twins with little expecations. Thielbar has turned things around, but so has most of the pen once the Twins fell out of contention. What is his %inherited runs scored? Well below average last time I looked. He is not a core bullpen arm that can be counted on in late inning situations. And lastly, Arraez's defensive liabilities and lack of power seem to limit him to a utility type player, unless Polanco or Donaldson are traded. No, best use of Arraez is as a trade piece in an attempt to acquire an above average starter. If anyone should be added to an underappreciated list, it might be Farrell, who is been pretty consistent, albeit in a SSS. But that's it. The number of disappointments far outweigh the pleasant surprises in this dreary season.
  5. Bean, thanks for the data that supports those of us who feel FA is only a fool's game for teams like the Twins emphasizing bargains rather than quality. The big question is whether this losing operating philosophy stems from Pohlad's tight-fistedness or incompetence of the FO. My guess is this past futility reflects more on ownership. Pohlad's banking background seems to inhibit him from foregoing short term profits instead of investing in long term success. Of course, I cannot possibly know what JP is thinking, but the results speak for themselves. He hires guys like Ryan and Falvey who share his bargain basement outlook on spending. Ryan(at least in his first go-round) proved adept at some shrewd trades and had some drafting success. Likewise, Falvey has acquired some good pitching vis the trade route(drafting success TBD). Basically, the problem is Pohlad's leadership in not enunciating an operating philosophy that would allow for the team to be legitimate contenders for a World Championship. No, Ryan and Falvey don't get free passes here, either. Their unwillingness to make some significant mid-season trades that might have elevated an already competitive club into a legitimate WS contender has been a glaring weakness for 20 years. Me thinks we have a two-headed monster : a passive owner who looks at the P&L statement as the end-all to his stewardship and risk-averse GM's who are selected because of basic agreement with this "don't-rock-the-boat" approach. The results speak for themselves, not just this year, but for the last 18 years of zero playoff success.
  6. Just two thoughts: 1. Maybe a good thing Buxton sluggish in his return. If he returned like he left - firing on all cylinders - he might be much harder for Twins to sign. This way, his expectations might be tempered somewhat. Signing Buxton is still the most important move going forward. 2. Regarding Simmons, wonder if Twins should sign Iglesias who was just released by Angels. Would like to see in last month if he is a possibility for the needed fill-in on 2022 team. Seems like Simmons has expended any goodwill and Iglesias seems to be better offensively, at least, as well as being a better fielder than any one now on the roster.
  7. Like your analyses! Agree with the likely ceiling for top Twin prospects. If Winder can stay healthy, he seems to have best potential among our top 10 prospects. All the rest look like back-end starters or potential relievers(Duran, Canterino). Sure, there could be a big surprise awaiting, but how likely are one of these guys going to add a superior third pitch relatively late in their development career? As bean states, this analysis makes it even more imperative that FO goes after two starters this offseason not currently in the Twin's system. As many of us said that's a high hill to climb, but doable nonetheless.
  8. Matt, afraid I have to strongly disagree here. First, there is plenty of payroll space to spend on one top FA. With about an $80MM starting forecast going into the offseason, there should be enough($20-25MM) for a top FA pitcher in his prime, resign Buxton($10MM in incentives), sign a proven closer, e.g., Kimbrel at $15MM). Plus, resigning Pineda or some comparable #3($10MM), a stop gap SS($5-10MM) and additional proven bullpen piece($5MM). Is a $150MM payroll excessive for a mid market team? Not if you want to return to competitiveness. Secondly, if the FO can think big for once, there is no reason they couldn't pull a Preller and risk giving up some prize prospect(s) plus one or two of our current roster to net an up and coming major league starter to slot in the #2 spot. We have an overload of corner OFs, middle IFs and maybe even catchers. If Falvey can't secure an emerging starter with a package of Arraez, Kepler/Larnach or Jeffers, plus one of our top 10 prospects, then we've got the wrong man in the position. Sure, we'd have to overpay for the right guy, but I'd rather do that than wait for our prospects to contribute enough to make this team a true contender. Relying on prospects alone is likely a sure way to become the Pirates of the AL Central. The other fallacy in your argument is that if we took the more moderate path, wouldn't our window on offense be closing by 2024? Donaldson is gone, so is Sano and Garver in all likelihood. Can these guys be adequately replaced by Kirillof, Larnach, Martin, Miranda by 2024? And can the pitching prospects you mentioned be likely to form the core of a contender's staff by then? How has dumpster diving/waiting for pitching prospects to develop worked for this organization in the last 10 years? Let's dream big for a change!
  9. Interesting take! Thanks! Noticed Iglesias DFA'd by Angels. While his defensive stats are down this year, seems he'd make a better stopgap than Simmons now and next year. Should Twins bite?
  10. Nick N: I'm amazed by how many people can already say with assurance how all these pitchers will perform next year. I bet you wouldn't have viewed Rodon as a 2021 impact guy one year ago. Or Gausman two years ago. Things change. People get healthy and turn corners. I'm not recommending anyone specifically, I'm just saying that quality arms are sourced from that middle tier of starters every year. Can the Twins make the right pick and take the right steps to get them there? That's the question. Are you saying we should ignore current success of these pitchers? Granted, there are no guarantees, but FO should be looking at probabilities here - who gives them the best chance to rebound into contention next year? Is it Cobb/Heaney or Rodon/Thor/Gausman? As many respondents on this post have already mentioned, there is no way a cautious approach to the offseason will get the Twins back to respectability - not with all the holes in the pitching staff alone. The real questions are: will ownership open up their wallet to allow for out-of-the-box thinking and is Falvey the guy to succeed at this process? Nibbling at the edges in FA/trading is one of the reasons this franchise has set the all-time record streak of playoff losses. Many of us are fed up with this embarrassment and want more!
  11. Nick, if Falvey's and Pohlad's pronouncements on rebounding to "contention" next year are to be believed, then your recommendations to rebuild the rotation for next year would fall far short, I'm afraid. Just going for FAs like Kluber, Heaney, Cobb, Morton is a drop in the bucket.. This team needs two top starters: Rodon, Thor, Gausman, or Stroman in FA and a rising star like Alcantara or Lopez from Miami in trade. Anything less and you're looking at mediocrity. It's possible that one of Ryan or Ober can succeed over a full season next year, but unlikely both do. Dobnak's weaknesses have been well exposed. He cannot be considered as a positive on a contending staff, nor can guys like Balozavic, Winder, Duran, Strotman, be counted on for much at the major league level, at least next year. We just can't afford to rely on hope in prospects for a solid rebound in 2022. Pohlad's actions must backup his pronouncements - expand the budget to at least $150-160MM and tell Falvey he expects them to be agressive in FA, as well as give up some talent to get more pitching - or else! This team's mediocrity has always stemmed from lack of resolve and leadership at the top, as reflected in their choices for FO help. This don't- rock- the- boat attitude has resulted in the longest losing streak in playoff history. If Pohlad is satisfied with that record, he should do right by the Twins fan base and sell to an owner who truly wants a winner.
  12. mike8791

    Just Dreamin'

    Lots of great responses! Thank you all!!. Let me add a few more comments: 1. One of the major points here is to show (if ownership is really committed to contending in 2022) that a minimum payroll of $150MM is needed. As Lonestar noted, even that figure would be a tight fit if a return to relevancy next year was realistic. Loss of Maeda is huge! We need to find a #1, #2, and #3. No one on the roster now looks close to filling those spots in the rotation. 2. As others have noted, it takes value to get value. Good pitching is at a premium, as always. We would have to overpay to get a guy like Alcantara or Lopez. Makes sense to trade from surplus - catching, 2B/3B, corner OF. Jeffers and Kepler or Larnach would be a nice haul for any rebuilding club who needs help at those positions. FO shouldn't hesitate to use a seeming surplus of good minor league pitching prospects to complete a deal, if necessary. Sure, it's a risk, but where have past GMs' passsive trade policies gotten us? 3. In terms of a top FA starter, this will be most difficult. Those of you who say $20MM/year is light are probably right. Not sure if the Sox will pony up for Rodon but they probably will to please the fan base(and keep owner happy). This is why I think they might pass on Kimbrel next year. Ray will cost a small fortune(Toronto has money to top other offers), Ditto Gausman with Giants. Thor is high risk, high reward. Possibility if Mets provide him a QO, Stroman might be another option here. No doubt finding an ace thru FA will be toughest task, especially for a tight-fisted owner and risk-averse FO. 4. SS is biggest position hole. Just not realistic, budget-wise, to expect Twins to be a player for top tier, but perhaps Baez's value has dropped with his troubles in NY, so he might be available for a short-term deal. Otherwise, I'd either try resigning Simmons or go with a slick-fielding/ mediocre offensive SS like Galvis or Iglesias. Compared to our pitching holes, this SS issue ranks well below. 5. As for the pen, little doubt that season-long struggles there sealed this team's fate early on, so solid additions must be made. I still think Kimbrel is best fit for a stopper but again, his signing greatly dependent on budget constraints. As for another late-inning reliever, your guess is as good as mine. I threw out some old names, but am sure there are some I haven't thought of. Just have lost faith in guys like Rogers, Duffey, Alcala - all of whom were thought to form the core of a solid pen. I want to see a closer who is primarily a K stud. Perhaps Duran Canterino will emerge but not next year. Bottom line - given past history of this ownership and FO, I don't think it realistic to expect the 2022 team to be a contender. Their is no will at the top(unlike Reinsdorf in Chicago) to win. Until that changes, I'm afraid we will have a long wait before becoming a threat to advance beyond first playoff round. Hope I'm dead wrong !!
  13. mike8791

    Improving Pen?

    Brandon, glad you brought up this relatively unnoticed positive trend. Twins bullpen has definitely improved in August, and is probably the number one reason Twins finally had a month over .500. Looks like Thielbar, Coulombe and maybe Gant and Minaya have a good chance of making next year's bullpen. I suppose Rogers, Duffey and Alcala are locks although the latter two have to show some solid improvement over this year's performance. The bottom line is that this club has to add a genuine closer and if affordable one other late inning arm. No one in the rest of this list looks like likely candidates for clutch situations on a contending club. One more thing. My personal favorite metric for analyzing relievers is the % of inherited runners scored. That stat is a true measure of a reliever's effectiveness. I believe the Twins' 2021 pen ranked dead last in this category. Guys like Rogers and Duffey were particularly poor in this stat, which is why the need for two additional back-end studs.
  14. mike8791

    Just Dreamin'

    Top Gun: Can't quibble with your changes - we're both on same wavelength here. It really all boils down to Pohlad. Not only does he have to open the wallet a bit more, but he has to exert leadership in making it clear to the Wonder Boys that 2021 was completely unacceptable and a quick return to contention is a criteria for their job security past 2022. And while he's at it,, an announcement to Twins ticket holders and the entire fan base that he is embarrassed about 2021, he is committed to another championship and will do whatever it takes to get there. Or, better yet, he could sell the team to an owner who will get this done. Without JP cracking the whip, I have little faith in Falvey turning things around.
  15. The only reason Falvine should be given one more chance is because last year was a lost development year due to covid. Give them this offseason to retool and see how things work out in 2022. They have a huge hill to climb, but got off to a good start at the trade deadline by bringing in 4 top prospects. However, they seem to be more comfortable in dumping starters for prospects. While their pickups like Odorrizi and Maeda had positive results, in 5 years they have not shown any propensity for bringing in any real difference makers. If this timidity continues and budget constraints remain tight, chances of a significant rebound next year are slim. If so, their employment should be terminated. Rocco on the other hand has run out of rope now. As Viola points out, the lack of good fundamentals this year has been noticeable. Rocco should be directly blamed for this lack. Shortening the return to contention must involve insertion of a manager(and coaching staff) schooled in the importance of discipline and fundamentals. Throw in his poor lineup/bullpen management and there is no reason to extend his tenure here.
  16. Nice writeup Nash, but I am glad he is not the only top rated pitching prospect we have now. As you've demonstrated, his erratic performance this year raises more questions than answers, leaving one to wonder whether he fits more into the Romero/Gonzales category or a top 3 rotation guy. Too soon to guess, but I think guys like Ryan, Strotman and Woods-Richardson should be called up in September. Let Balazovic try gaining consistency at St. Paul this year. Longer term I think Winder and Canterino offer more promise as major league starters. There's a reason Balazovic dropped to #88 on MLB's midseason top 100 prospect list..
  17. Wow! Highly unusual, yet very refreshing, to see this critique from a well-respected ex-Twin. Wish that more ex - Twin icons would do the same. Someone has to light a fire under Pohlad to move him off first base. Why can't season ticket holders unite and apply some pressure where it would really hurt - in Jim's pocketbook? I have never seen such a smug, arrogant group as Falvey/Levine since I started rooting for the Senator/Twins in the early 50's. Pseudo know-it-alls who know nothing about the game. At least Ryan had excellent scouting abilities. These guys have spreadsheets!
  18. mike8791

    Just Dreamin'

    Brock, can understand your comments on "holy overpay" to Miami but as Ashbury said, you are going to have to overpay for a "top" ML pitcher. Lacking in offense, but loaded with pitching, Miami is an obvious partner. Reportedly, their biggest need is catching, followed closely by offense. I listed Arraez because his offense is apparent, yet on Twins he really has no obvious position. Next, I think Miami would prefer a young catcher like Jeffers and that's fine with me if Twins can accept Garver's defense and think Rortvedt is a decent backup. In any case, I'm trying to trade from Twins "strength", i.e., corner OF/2B/C . Getting Alcantara might be a pipe dream but he's the type of young, cost-controlled pitcher this team should be looking at.. The only chance to land him, IMO, is to give up a couple of major leaguers. Throw in one of our top prospects and perhaps we could add another Miami pitcher like Edward Cabrera, Sixto Sanchez or Max Meyer - all of whom are currently rated in the top 50 MLB prospect list. I view SS as primarily a defense-first position, which is why Simmons would be a decent, albeit less than ideal, solution for the 2022 position. I do not want Polanco as our full-time SS. He fits much better at 2B. My hope is that out of the multiple prospects( Lewis, Miranda, Palacios, or Martin) , Twins can find a starting SS in 2023. Sure I'd like to see one of the FAs on board, but even with a stretched $150MM budget, with all our pitching needs, there is no money left for a premium SS. This "plan" could only happen if the Twins really intended to at least attempt to contend in 2022. Pohlad needs to open up the checkbook and Falvine would have to shed their severe risk-aversion and swing for the fences. It's unlikely, I know, but not impossible.
  19. mike8791

    Just Dreamin'

    Good point!! Forgot to add that I was offered joint titles! It was a truly wonderful dream!
  20. Woke up in a sweat last nite. Dreamt that Jim Pohlad called and offered me the Twins GM job the day after the 2021 season ended. While I was overcome with excitement, before accepting the position, I had 3 demands: 1. I would be able to fire Rocco and his staff. Would look for a veteran, old school manager like Buck Showalter or Bruce Boche. Maybe even James Rowson or (gasp!!) Ozzie Guillen?? 2. JP had to agree to resign BB to the 7 year/$80MM contract agreed on plus whatever game-played incentives Bux's agent wanted(within reason of course) 3. JP reiterated to return team to relevancy in 2022 and thus, would expand next year's payroll budget to $150MM. We agreed on all of the above with one caveat : I had to provide him with a specific action plan for the offseason. Here's my outline: 1. Sign a potential #1 starter. First choice - Noah Syndergaard. Backup : Carlos Rodon(this add would not only likely fill our #1 spot, but also weaken our chief competitor) 2. Trade with Miami for a potential #2 starter, e.g., Sandy Alcantara or Pablo Lopez. The Marlins in desperate need for offensive help could pick 2 out of Arraez, Jeffers/Garver, Kepler, Larnach. 3. If Maeda was healthy, he would slot in as #3. If not, resign Pineda or a comparable veteran pitcher with a successful track record. 4. The #4/5 spots in the rotation would be open competition among Ober/Ryan/ Strotman/ Balozavic/ Winder/Dobnak . Two of these should be no worse than Happ/Shoe with the likelihood that one or two would at least be league average. 5. I would sign a real closer. First choice - Craig Kimbrel. He has arguably been one of the three best relievers this year with a nice bonus that his absence would weaken the Sox. 6. A second proven late-inning pen arm would be signed, mainly one of the following: Rosenthal/Hand/ Yates, If not feasible then Taylor Rogers, followed by one of Duffy/Thielbar/ Alcala, would round out the top 3. I think guys like Gant, Albers, Minaya, and Garza might do well in lower pressure situations. 7. Recognizing we have a big hole at SS, I would try to resign Simmons for less money. If he signs elsewhere, then Polanco would be shifted, with one of Arraez/Miranda/ Martin taking his place at 2B. Sorry, no money for one of the top FA SSs. Let's cross our fingers Lewis is ready in 2023. 8. Not sure yet of all my deletions from the 40 man, but I would begin with Rooker, Thorpe, Smeltzer, Cave, Colome, Gordon. My bench would include Turtle(assuming Garver or Jeffers moved) Rorvedt,, Refsnyder, Celestino and Miranda. Assuming we've started with an $85-90MM payroll, we have added #20MM for Thor or Rodon, $10MM for Pineda of #3 veteran, approx. $10MM in extra incentives for Buxton, $15MM for Kimbrel, and $10MM for a second bullpen arm, Tight but doable thanks to the open wallet of Mr. P. So is this plan realistic? Would this revised team be expected to compete as soon as next year? Help me out here, guys!! I'm new to all this.
  21. Brandon, hate to say it, but yes, title of article is quite misleading. I'm fairly confident you are not saying that if we mainly relied on current roster plus some top prospects that this team could be anywhere near competitive next year. Management has indicated they do not intend to rebuild, but instead, retool so that next year we can at least pretend to contend. No way in hell is this happening unless major additions are made this offseason. Otherwise, expect a 100 loss season in 2022 and a long wait for real contention in the ensuing years. You can drive a few 24 wheelers thru all the holes in this current roster. That's just reality!
  22. Agree with you Nick. Kepler can no longer be viewed as a key piece on a rebuilding team. We've seen enough. If the FO had any vision(a big if!), he would be packaged in a trade for a young starter on a rebuilding team. Miami is an obvious choice - deep in pitching, woeful in offense. Kepler, maybe Arraez, and top 20 minor league prospect for one of their starters. Nice thing about such a trade is that it would open up an OF or 2B position for Martin and Miranda next year. Let's face facts. Twins are not going to contend next year(unless ownership opens up the checkbook). Time to give our best prospects time to be contributors in 2023.
  23. "not being in "rebuild" suggests not trading away established players with multiple (3+) years of control does like Chicago did a few years ago. It does not dictate a strategy solely focused on 2022. Some fans are going to take that crumb of information and turn it into they were lied to when the FO does not follow an all-in strategy." What does "not trading away established players" have to do with adding needing pitching in 2022? Are you suggesting that FO doesn't need to acquire top end pitching this offseason to be in contention in 2022? No one is suggesting blowing up this roster this offseason, nor should 2022 be the only focus. Your argument misses the point here!
  24. It all depends on real intent of ownership/FO. Pohlad and Falvey have both stated they're not in rebuild mode, indicating their committed to being "competitive" again in 2022. To do this, top priority must be acquisition of a pitcher who can slot in above Maeda. A guy like Thor(there really isn't any other FA who has his combination of youth and potential) fits the bill. Yes, he's a risk, but that's a risk this FO should be willing to take if they truly aim for contention in the next couple years. This need for a top-of-the-rotation starter is much greater than for one of the premier FA SSs. While not ideal, either Simmons or Polanco would fill the bill until one of the prospects emerges. The same cannot be said about any of our pitching prospects emerging as a #1 starter in at least the next couple of years. Yes, it is possible, but a longshot(the Twins highest ranked pitcher post-deadline is Balozavic at #89 on MLB's top 100 list, and he is the only Twins pitcher on this list.). Addition of a FA like Thor, together with resigning Pineda or (much better) a trade for an emerging starter whose floor would be a #2 or 3 would be a good starting point for the 2022 Twins. With a bounty of MIs and pitching talent in the upper minors, the FO should be able to pry such a promising talent away from a non-contending club(Miami would be a good starting point). Two strong late-inning relievers should be added from the FA class, as well. With at least $50MM available to spend in 2022, these acquisitions are eminently doable. It would be a nice bonus to add one of the top FA SSs, too, but with this club's history of conservative spending, that is highly unlikely to occur, especially if they commit to resigning Buxton - a move that is an absolute necessity for this team to be realistic contenders over the next 2 years. Can the FO get smarter and more open to bold moves this offseason? The answer to those questions will likely be the best indicators of managwement's real commitment to a quick turnaround.
  25. I may be mistaken, but Lewis is still ranked inside the Top 15 (#11) on MLB's Top 100 Prospect list. Tell me again how he is plummeting? Midseason 2021 ratings: Keith Law's Top 50 : NR Bleacher Reports : #49 Take your pick, but preponderance of opinion is that this first overall pick in 2017 has fallen dramatically in consensus ratings.
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