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Can Alex Kirilloff be what the Twins are Hoping For?

After missing out on a number of big time free agents the Minnesota Twins may now have to rely on some talented, yet very unproven young players in their organization. While there is no doubt more moves are to come from the front office, they have entrusted the future of the franchise into some players they hope can be the core of the team moving forward. I’ve done some research on one specific player that will likely have a big impact on not only 2023 but in the next few years as well, Alex Kir

Ted Wiedmann

Ted Wiedmann in Core Players

Away from Home - the 2023 Twins' Journeys to Target Field

You can tell that I’ve been spending too much time planning travel itineraries for this “all 81” away game trip.  I drove by a nativity scene downtown and realized how thankful I was that I don’t have to worry about a “donkey” column on my navigational spreadsheet. I had never once thought about what Twins players encountered on their annual pilgrimage across the North American landscape in their efforts to entertain and infuriate me throughout a baseball season until I started try

Twins Pitching from 2006-Present

I started following the Twins in 2006. I tracked newspaper box scores, watched every game I could and deeply begged my parents to take me to see my new favorite player Francisco Liriano and his magnificent slider. Unfortunately, I have not been as excited about a pitching prospect or rookie since then. Sure, I have had an odd infatuation with Sam Deduno for three months, I got overly excited from a few Scott Diamond starts. I may have even had an eye brow raised when I saw Berrios throw his

Seamus Kelly

Seamus Kelly in Twins Musings

What’s the difference between the Astros and the Twins?

Seems like the dumbest question ever but it’s a great place to start. What does the World Series champion do that we don’t?    Something I love to reference when it comes to the Twins is the “dark years”. It was those years that ruined the pinstripe cream uniforms. I can’t look at those uniforms without thinking about how much of a disaster this organization was from 2011-2016. We are feeling the effects of those decisions right now, bad scouting, and a lukewarm feeling toward competin

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Twins

Who's to Blame for The Twins Missing Out on Correa..... Again?

At the beginning of the offseason, Carlos Correa and Scott Boras publicly expressed Correa's interest in staying in Minnesota on a long-term deal. Correa went as far as to say that he was there and all the Twins had to do was pay up. There were soundbites of Byron Buxton and Rocco Baldelli pleading with the front office to keep Correa around. Of course, this was all before Correa signed a 13-year $350M contract with the San Francisco Giants. Upon Correa's signing with the Giants, many people in

Hunter McCall

Hunter McCall in Free Agency

The Joey Gallo signing makes sense, actually

Go ahead, give me your hokey analytics about "Joey Gallo only hits .200," "There are now 5 lefty corner outfielders on this team," and "Joey Gallo has the highest K rate of all time." Well guess what nerds, I care about the stallion in the Italian, not what his "box score" may look like. Jokes aside, although not a world-moving acquisition, I think that it makes some sense, though it broke at an unfortunate time--two days after Correa signed with San Francisco and one day after Carlos Rodón

2023 Trip #2 – April 13-20 – New York and Boston

The second road trip of the 2023 Twins season contains perhaps the biggest potential for “issues,” both natural and Twins-made.  It also represents the most exciting and most difficult stretch of games in the first few months.   Yankee Stadium.  Fenway Park.  Let’s begin…   April 13-16 - @ New York Yankees (4 games) Yankee Stadium – capacity  47,309 -  2022 attendance was 3,136,207 (ranked 1st out of 15 AL teams) Yankee Stadium screams “we own you” to Twins fans.  Last year w

Draft thoughts from the past (2011)

Sometimes I like to get lost on baseball-reference.com just to see what I can find. Today I found myself looking at the Minnesota Twins draft classes since 2000. Here are a few thoughts that I had: The 2014 and 2015 draft by the Minnesota Twins looks like it will be not good. Like really not good. There is still a small bit a hope though trade trees and maybe one or two guys breaking through it might be just "ok". The 2011 draft class looks like one of the worst draft classes the Twins


jlarson in Twins

Gallo.. 2 day lookback

I think it is only fair, after taking a step back, and letting things sink in a bit and let calmer heads prevail to review the Gallo singing after a 2 day "calming down" period. Thoughts on the signing after more deliberate thought process...  Same as the original. Bad signing!!  But may be not AS bad, and maybe not for all of the same reasons. First we have to ask ourselves... If Gallo singed for a 1 year $3M deal, would this signing look any different? I think a lot of people may eve

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

How many free agent misses is too many free agent misses?

The great American poet Chester Bennington once said "I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter." Every time that a notable (read: league-average) player signs with a team other than Minnesota, we hear the same complaints: "Typical Twins, always in the mix but never get it done." Why is it that almost every time a guy signs, it's not with the Twins? Well, we can start with there being 29 other teams, so surely the club can't sign every player they're intere

Is "Fishing in the Ocean" the Best Option for the Twins?

Carlos Correa's "super agent" Scott Boras described the Minnesota Twins as "fishing in the ocean" just a week before Correa signed a 13-year $350M deal with the San Francisco Giants. At the time, the Twins were in the middle of a heated bidding war for the superstar short stop. that saw them offer a franchise record 10-year $280M contract. As we know, the Twins were unwilling to get to the 13 year threshold that the Giants offered, and he will now assumingly play out the remainder of his career

Hunter McCall

Hunter McCall in Free Agency

Joey Gallo- your dads least favorite player

To say Joey Gallo was bad last year would be like saying a turd isn't particularly tasty... it hardly describes the full truth. He hit .160 with 19 homers and a .638 OPS. Not to mention the 163 punch-outs in 410 plate appearances, that's just shy of a 40% strike-out rate. Absurd. His defense took a step back as well last year but inconsistent playing time can do that to an outfielder in terms of in-game jumps. On the surface, this sign makes little to no sense with the roster in its current stat

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Twins

Joey Gallo?

I am sure at this point WHOEVER the Twins woudl go and sign a good chunk of us will complain.  At least it is a move, but does it really make sense? Gallo does not change the trajectory of the Twins, he could be decent, he could be good, but if he doesnt change the trajectory, is there really a reason to sing him? Don't we already have logjam... or at least a good number of options for OF/DH spots? Larnach, Kirilloff, Kepler, Wallner,   We have Garlick (expendable) on the roster, we ha

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Unpopular Idea to Fix the Twins

Us under 30-year-olds want one thing from Minnesota sports. A championship. We want the stories handed down by our parents of how crazy the State was in 87 and 91. We want I94 closed. We want to be nationally relevant. Much has been made of the 0-18 playoff record and many hot takes and debates have raged over social media. It seems like anything the Twins do at this point will be met with unnecessary cruel criticism and unwarranted unwavering support. So here is my useless take to add to the mi

Seamus Kelly

Seamus Kelly in 22-23 Offseason

"Away" for the 1st time: Twins vs. White Sox - Comiskey Park, 8/21/2002

The summer of 2002 found me on the verge of a major move.  I had accepted the invitation to seminary training at Garrett-Evangelical in Evanston, Illinois. And as nice as “Evanston” sounds, any look at a map worth its weight would tell you that I was moving to Chicago.  In mid-August I packed the Buick LeSabre with a Laz-y-Boy, a Trinitron TV, all of my clothes, and embarked on my first solo road trip.  I hadn’t driven in Chicago before, so I thought that packing the car to the point where I cou

My 2023 Roster Blueprint Version 1

The morale throughout Twins territory right now is very low, and rightfully so. We all had been waiting and hoping to sign Correa to that long-term deal to keep him in Minneapolis for the rest of his career. That is until the news broke that he signed a 13 year deal with the San Francisco Giants. There were mixed reactions, some taking shots at the front office, others feeling we dodged a bullet with the contract length. However, life still goes on and the Twins will have to find a different way


cjm0926 in Offseason Blueprint

my concern with the correa deal

It makes sense that the Twins didn't want to match the deal for Correa from a years standpoint but the AAV was just a shade under $28 million per year. That's more than $7 million less than the Twins paid him last year, which should have been attainable right? We've seen a wave of deals with longer terms, and it's because teams are using them to kind of skirt the luxury tax. Correa's going to get that money whether he plays 8, 10 or 13 years but the implications are that the Giants can work


bloggymcbloggerson in transactions

Twins next move... Punt

No, the sky is definitely not falling, but a an organization it might as well be. the Twins are in the worst place possible an organization could be. in between reload and rebuild. I will try and stay on point and not go down the hole of Correa, but in all honesty it was a huge reality check. As much as the Twins wanted to make it seem like they actually COULD compete with other teams in the FA market, they simply can't... or maybe won't. The Twins 10 year $285M is typical "Twinspeak" for "we we

Doc Munson

Doc Munson in Twins

Could the Twins target Chris Sale?

Losing out on Carlos Correa was interesting. It was both a gut punch and completely expected. I’ve seen Carlos Baerga be right too many times to not get a little into the idea that Correa might actually eschew the great weather, prestige and generally winning culture of the San Francisco Giants for less money with the Twins. It unfolded how it should have. Once the Giants got to a certain number, maybe 310M, they were betting against themselves. The Twins only got to 285M- I doubt the Cubs

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland in Trade Prospects

So, Rodon now? Dansby?

I would've love having Correa back, as much as every Twins fan probably did. But he got a massive contract we would've never matched in the first place. I don't know the direction this front office goes this offseason. Rodon is very much at play, so is Dansby. A Luis Arraez for Pablo Lopez deal also isn't out of the question. Here's 3 things I want to see the Twins do with Correa gone.    1. Sign Rodon, Dansby, one of them. Getting one would be ideal and increase the celling of this te


troyjuhn in Blog

Swim, Swammi, Slippy, Slappy, Swenson? Swanson.

As the offseason has unfolded I’ve been softening my stance on the Twins making a push for Dansby Swanson. As a shortstop and leader in the clubhouse, sometimes the best ability is availability. He has missed two games in the last three years which is WILD with how players are managed in Major League Baseball.    Statistically, with Correa landing in potentially the worst hitter’s yard in baseball I would put money on Dansby having a better offensive season than Carlos Correa. Correa i

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Swanson

Signing Carlos Correa- Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

Some of the best advice you will ever get- just because you can doesn't mean you should. Is it disappointing to see a great talent go elsewhere ABSOLUTELY. For the the long term health of the franchise is it for the best? Probably. A Shortstop whose value primarily comes from his defense will not age well. Paying Carlos Correa 27+ Million in 2032 is going to leave an ache similar to me taking down 7 cups of eggnog at the company holiday party. A huge piece no one seems to want to ever menti

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Correa

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