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Can Someone Find Tyler Duffey?

The first few seasons of Tyler Duffey in a Minnesota Twins uniform were not good. The former Rice closer had an undefined role and owned a 5.46 ERA across his first 287 innings. Then it happened, he became one of the best relievers in baseball. But, where did he go? The Twins have long been working to develop their own internal pitching pipeline. Finding relievers is typically an easier venture given the ability to convert failed starters. Taylor Rogers has become one of the best closers an

2022 team is mostly set up at this point

Just a quick rundown of who is available on our roster with team control for next year.  It seems next year's team is already close to complete with what we have already.  On the offensive side the 2 real ?s are CF and SS can we get Buxton signed to an extension?  and do we sign a SS allstar in FA or resign Simmons for another season at a much lower rate and wait for Lewis to come up?  of course the other consideration is do we sign Cruz to another 1 year contract? On the Pitching side ther


Brandon in 2022 Team

Twinternationals is coming back and we want YOU on our team!

After more than one year of inactivity, we are bringing back the Twinternationals! At the begining of 2020, we (Mariana Guzmán and Thiéres Rabelo) decided to create this blog to post texts written by foreign Twins fans, like ourselves. You can read more about our original proposal here. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to keep the idea going due to a number of reasons, including the toll taken on us by the pandemic. Well, we’ll try to change that now! We’re bringing Twinternationals back to a


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The Man, The Beard, The Legend: Jake Cave.

Not every player that makes it to The Show is going to be flashy, hit dingers every game and go slamming into walls to make a save. There are players that are the perfect addition to the team and make the chemistry what it is. The line-up works and makes plays in the outfield that keep a team in the game. Jake Cave doesn’t break the Twins wallet, and he does his job. He is worth more than his contract shows and fans keep sleeping on him. Jake Cave came swinging onto the Twins scene in 2018

Sherry Cerny

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Why Am I a Twins Fan, And a Little About Myself

This post will be about why I am a Twins fan and some memories of the Twins, and a little about me. My name is Levi Hansen, I am 24 years old and I am from Rochester, Minnesota. I went to high school at Mayo High School and graduated in 2016. When I was in high school I knew that after I graduated I wanted to go to college and major in something that involved sports, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to go for. My senior year I decided I wanted to go to school and major in Athletic Trainin


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The Wall-Street Journal called him the ‘Ace’...That’s not a bad way to start your olympic debut, even if it is followed up with “and then got traded”. Happens to the best of us. Joe Ryan arrived in Tokyo just in time to find out that he was part of a trade where Nelson Cruz would be going to Tampa Bay and Ryan would be joining the Twins, a week later his team-mate would be joining him. Joe Ryan wasn’t expecting to wake up in Tokyo and get traded, as much as Twins fans probably didn’t realize tha

Sherry Cerny

Sherry Cerny in Hot Takes

Simmons is OLD!

If you get the movie reference, good for you! If you don't, rewind your life to 1995 and find the movie Liar, Liar. You are welcome. Onto Baseball! The Twins have made some really great moves in the trade season. While it brought some heart break for fans of players like Berrios and Cruz, it also brought in some pitching prospects that are going to be a great addition to the line up in terms of pitching, to include the pitcher from the Team USA Baseball Team that won silver in the 2021 Olym

Sherry Cerny

Sherry Cerny in Hot Takes

Making the Most of Miguel

Early on this season Miguel Sano might have been the biggest mess he’s even been during his big league career. There was an inability to time a fastball, and he was a detriment to the Twins lineup. That has changed, and he’s back to being who he’s always been. Rewind to the Twins slog through April and May to find a slumping Miguel Sano. The team was bad, and Sano owned a .675 OPS at that point. His playing time was reduced as he was splitting reps with Alex Kirilloff at first base. Eventua

Let's Realign the Divisions to Create Regional Rivalries

I really like the realignment idea assuming we're going to a universal DH. I made this a comment elsewhere but I also thought I'd also post this as a separate blog. Here's my proposal for realignment. I know it's fantasy but hey, it's the dog days of summer so why not?  5 divisions, not 6. 12 teams in the playoffs, The top 2 in each division plus two remaining teams teams with best records make the playoffs so there is a reward for being a little better than average. Four best records get b

NIck Gordon Sent to AAA - Is He a Long Term Player?

I see Nick Gordon has been sent down and Refsnyder brought up. I understand the logic; Gordon has been hitting around .200 with no walks or power for the last month and Refsnyder was hot earlier before he got hurt. We're evaluating both for 2022.  My question is what does everyone see for Gordon going forward? Given his play this year, do you think the Twins need to keep him on the 40 man roster or could He survive the Rule 5 draft? Do you see a long term future for him with the Twins? We c

Starting Over with a New Minimum Floor Rotation and How do the Twins Proceed from There.

With the rotation in shambles with the failure of Shoemaker and Happ and the ineffectiveness of Dobnak and his injury which put the Twins in a hole where they were best served trading their best pitcher Berrios.  The Twins are now working on a new floor for the rotation, so they have something to work with going into the offseason.  As of now the rotation for 2022 is setting up to be Maeda and ???? To start setting the floor the Twins kept Pineda and there is talk he could sign an extension


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Average OPS By Position vs. Twins Starters

We often comment on whether current Twins are good, average or bad hitters by using OPS. The problem I see is we're using a broad average for everyone not broken down by position. I looked around the Internet and found an article in ScoreSheetWiz where the author had taken the average of the top 30 players in each position over the last 3 years and averaged their OPS. That should give you what the average starter in MLB does at that position by taking out emergency fill ins, utility players,  et

Assessing the Twins Trade Deadline

It’s been a few days since the Minnesota Twins allowed the dust to settle on their 2021 Trade Deadline moves. With some big names leaving the organization, and some big prospects entering, it’s time to take a look at the talent that moved places. The headliner was obviously the Jose Berrios move. As a fan, this one was always going to be hard to stomach. Berrios was drafted by the organization, developed, and became one of the best pitchers in Twins history. As it became increasingly eviden

The Dust Has Settled - What's Next, Part 2

Before we look into our crystal balls post-deadline, a quick review of what's just transpired might be in order.  First, we lost our best hitter and best pitcher.  For this very reason, chances are this season is going to get even worse.  Three of our new starters will likely be Ober, Jax and Barnes, none of whom figures to be better than a #5 starter.  The bullpen has arguably gotten worse without Rogers and Robles.  And the offense will likely continue to be erratic -  some big run production


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As Buxton Hope Fades, Front Office Goes

Byron Buxton is quite arguably the most talented player in Minnesota Twins history. His athleticism is unmatched, and his production is unparalleled. Then there’s the caveat, when healthy. With the hometown nine looking at the doldrums of the division, and the 2021 Major League Baseball trade deadline looming, plenty of storms are brewing on the roster construction front. One of the most reported is that of Minnesota’s failed attempts at a contract extension with their star centerfielder.

Blueprint for the Future after Cruz

Now that the first shoe has dropped in the Twin's trade season, what should the Twins do next?  The Cruz trade impact clearly affects both the pitching and offense of this team, both now and next year.  The additions of Ryan and to a lesser extent, Strotman, can be expected to bolster the Twin's staff, even as soon as next year.  Their addition improves the odds that ("trumpets blaring"), this team might have doubled their chances to internally develop an ace(prior to this trade, Balozavic seeme


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Twins Go for Arms in Dealing Cruz

Nelson Cruz is the newest member of the Tampa Bay Rays. This offseason Tampa was among the final suitors in contention to land his services. Minnesota ended up bring back the 40-year-old and he’s picked up right where he left off. Unfortunately for the Twins, their season has gone as anything but expected, and they find themselves as a clear seller. The best designated hitter in the American League stays in that role and gives Tampa another thumper in the middle of their lineup. Given

Rocco’s Next Act May Define Him

The 2021 Minnesota Twins have been terrible, there’s no denying that. Where blame lies is debatable, but the manager is dealing with a deck missing plenty of cards. He’s no absolved from any wrongdoing, but a “Fire Rocco” campaign is also shortsighted. Instead, 2022 is shaping up to be a defining act. Through his first two seasons as the Twins skipper, Baldelli posted a 147-85 record. He led the club to back-to-back AL Central Division titles, and he took a team underperforming to new heigh

Twins Daily Tips & Tricks: Following!

Welcome to the latest entry into my Tips & Tricks series! In this brief post, I’ll quickly run through another new-to-us feature, “Following”. This will allow you to track and follow the content of people and content you like throughout the Twins Daily website. Essentially, there are three aspects to following on Twins Daily: following categories, following content, and following individuals. I’ll run through each aspect and how each can be useful to you and improve how you find your fa
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