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  1. I'm guessing you wanted to trade Jack Morris in 1991, too.
  2. Now the Saints even have Royce Lewis! Best time ever to head to St. Paul.
  3. Closer to the action so you can see and hear what is happening on the field instead of being stuck in the upper deck. Better between innings entertainment. Cheaper beer and other concessions. Friday night fireworks. The only thing the Saints were missing before was high quality baseball. Now with AAA players you're guaranteed some future MLB stars as well as other players with MLB experience. It is a lot more fun for a family to attend a Saints game and it costs a fraction of what it costs to see the Twins.
  4. $35 for the year or $7 for the day. Minnesota state parks vehicle permit | Minnesota DNR
  5. That's interesting. I don't have season tickets and those same tickets show as $12-$15 before fees for me. Were you logged into your season ticket holder account?
  6. With playoff expansion I would not be surprised to see MLB drop to a 150 or even 144 game schedule in the future. Once they sell the expensive seats they don't care anymore. They know they have to keep the price of the "cheap seats" high in order to justify the prices of the expensive seats. They don't care about selling out the stadium as long as they're selling out the luxury boxes.
  7. If I want to buy discounted tickets I believe the only way to do that is online. I don't think I can enter a coupon code at walk-up. Of course the walk-up is probably still cheaper than buying online after the fees that are higher than the original discount. I agree that walk-up ticket sales for single game seats is the way to go. I might even find someone outside who offers me a discount on the tickets they're "unable to use".
  8. I think cord cutting is going to continue to hurt attendance going forward. If you're used to watching the Twins every night then you are more likely to attend in person. Once I dumped cable and switched to the radio I noticed that I'm less interested in attending in person.
  9. If the Twins have empty seats it is because the cost is too high. I checked on tickets for a mid-week game in the next series. The tickets for upper deck seats were advertised at $15 each but added over $12 in fees making the cost per ticket over $21 each. Ticket prices above $20 are no longer "cheap seats". If you want to go on a weekend the price is usually $5 per ticket higher. There are discounts and coupons but you have to put in some effort to find them and they're always dwarfed by the added fees. MLB teams don't care about in-person attendance. Each new stadium that gets built has fewer seats than the one it replaced. Once they sell out the luxury boxes they've made their money. It doesn't help the Twins that casual fans can go to a Saints game and get a better ballpark experience for less money.
  10. They had an affordable contender but the economics of baseball revenue sharing makes it more profitable to field young, cheap players.
  11. If only hitting was as easy as "See that guy? Hit like him" Apparently you weren't a Twins fan when Matty LeCroy or Ryan Doumit were behind the plate for the Twins
  12. Urshela is also hitting .308/.357/.436 against LHP. You don't throw that away, you try to platoon him with Arraez (hitting .191/.227/.191 v LHP) more often. An Arraez/Urshela platoon at 3B is all-star caliber production.
  13. I agree with this. His bat is decent for a catcher but they need to find better hitters to use the DH at-bats. 13 of 32 games the second catcher has been the DH. That's a problem if they can't find a 4th outfielder who can out-hit their catchers.
  14. That's going to be a fun father-son pitching combo trivia question for Nick Gordon. Dee Strange-Gordon also pitched an inning in MLB for the first time this season. I doubt there are very many players who pitched in MLB who also have two sons who pitched in MLB. I think the only other I saw was Mel Stottlemyre.
  15. Is TwinsDaily trying to jinx the whole bullpen one pitcher at a time?
  16. Better to bring up Godoy to ride the bench. Celestino has been playing very well. Kirilloff can't even get in the lineup consistently right now.
  17. The ball is dead but generates just as much spin. This will be a poor year for offense league-wide.
  18. Gray came back but now Paddack is out. Bundy gets a little more leeway.
  19. Depends on how long Gray and Ober (or others, god forbid) are injured. There is some rotation depth at the big league level but after that you're asking whether Bundy is better than Devin Smeltzer, Ronny Henriquez or Cole Sands. As a 7th starter Bundy isn't that bad. BTW - I don't have a lot of confidence that Archer will end the season in the rotation either.
  20. Agreed. Besides the Yankees and Dodgers the Red Sox, Cubs, Braves and Phillies should be interested. Too many bidders with deep pockets. The only consolation is there will be multiple SS options for those teams - Dansby Swanson, Trea Turner and Xander Boegaerts along with Correa.
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