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  1. He's a bench player now and is likely to sit on the free agent market until an unexpected injury opens up a spot on some team's roster. He's nobody's first or second choice.
  2. Unfortunately his performance didn't improve in the bullpen last season. Too many walks, not enough command of the strike zone.
  3. They're artificially restricting supply before the biggest shopping day of the year. They also need to clear out a lot of Kasota Gold inventory. I guarantee you will be able to purchase a new jersey by Spring Training.
  4. This is why you'll never be wealthy enough to own a major league baseball club. Rich people don't get rich by playing nice.
  5. He's already controlled for 3 more years through arbitration. The reason to do an extension is to buy out a free agent year or two. That would mean a 4 or 5 year contract and/or some sort of team options.
  6. I'm sure you'll be able to find counterfeit knock-offs in time for the holidays.
  7. 1) That's capitalism 2) People who will pay anything to have the new shiny thing deserve to be taken advantage of.
  8. I was trying to figure out a comp for Arraez. There are so few players like Arraez but John Kruk feels like a good comparable. Kruk had high batting averages, modest power, bad knees and was a short first baseman. He managed to play to age 34. I don't see a lot of risk locking up Arraez until age 30.
  9. This is the price the first day they came out. If you want one next summer they will probably cost less.
  10. The Twins will lose leverage every season after this one. It's a lot easier to say "no" to an extension when you have $7M in your pocket than when you only have $2M. 5 years, $50M could be enough to get him to sign. His arbitration awards could go $5M/$10M/$15M - that's 3/$20M so you would be tacking on 2 years $30M. [Edit, That's actually 3 years $30M, 2 more years at $20M seems light] His lack of power and bad knees are going to keep him from getting paid silly money as a free agent. The Twins were able to get Polanco and Kepler to sign for a lot less than I expected.
  11. Coming off injury I'd plan on getting no more than 140 innings out of Maeda and 125 seems like a better target.
  12. Athletic has a writeup on Julien. I'm not a subscriber so I can't see it. Ten Arizona Fall League prospects scouts liked most, plus 5 who left mixed impressions - The Athletic
  13. Maeda is dirt cheap. If he bounces back to 2020 form he will be in demand. Mahle was in demand at the previous trade deadline. Thielbar and Lopez will be easy to move.
  14. Gray, Mahle, Maeda and Pagan are all on expiring contracts. Kepler, Thielbar, Lopez, Farmer and Polanco would be veteran trade bait. If this team is below .500 at the deadline I expect them to move nearly all of those veterans.
  15. A team that starts Austin Martin as their opening day SS is not a contender, especially a team that finished 78-84 with Carlos Correa as the SS.
  16. They still need another player who can play SS on the roster. Right now if Farmer gets hurt in spring training the opening day SS is probably Austin Martin. At that point you start the process of selling veteran players. I disagree with pursuing Iglesias, I see him and Farmer as redundant. Most AAA backups are going to be worse than just playing Nick Gordon there. They need to find someone better than Farmer through free agency or by trade. If they miss out on the big 4 they need to be ready to trade for a SS replaced by the big 4.
  17. Arraez is the only player on this list they should pursue a long-term contract with. Even then I think I'd do a Brian Dozier type deal that only buys out a year or two after arbitration.
  18. He should get a Qualifying Offer of around $20M if he finishes the season healthy. That's not too much to pay for one season. There is little incentive for the Twins to give him an extension right now or for Gray to accept. That decision will happen in the next offseason.
  19. I agree that he will adjust but I'm not sure he ever gets back to the performance we saw in July. They know what he likes to hit and they aren't going to give it to him. If he can get back to an 800 OPS he should be a useful player.
  20. Why would anyone want to sign Pagan to a multi-year deal? Glad he turned them down.
  21. I hope this is why they added Legumina. Farmer isn't great but they needed a utility player who can actually play SS.
  22. He only has to play 3B until Royce Lewis is ready to come up. Not sure how 3B is more taxing than 1B for someone's knees.
  23. Some speculation at MLBTradeRumors that the Angels intend to have Urshela play SS since they have Rendon at 3B.
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