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  1. Maybe they can change the rules of baseball from tagging a person out to tackling them to get them out! People would love that! The NBA and NHL regular seasons are mostly pointless and so are the first playoff rounds. Baseball teams that barely make it to .500 should not be in the playoffs, especially if they keep this stupid idea that the first round of playoffs is only a 3 game series. ANY team in baseball can win in a 3 game series. Did you ever think that baseball loves adding playoff games because the players are not fairly compensated for playoff games? The players get half of the gate receipts for playoff games and NONE of the TV, radio or internet streaming money. The owners would love if players' only revenue during the regular season was half of the gate.
  2. Baines was selected by an Era committee, not the writers. The writers routinely pass over the best candidates (especially if they didn't suck up to sportswriters) and are expected to deliver a shutout again this year despite having at least 15 players worth inducting to choose from. The Era committees induct their friends and personal favorites instead of the best players. Bill James covered this all very well in his book Politics of Glory. Not much has changed since that book was published.
  3. The problem is there are at least 20 guys on the Writer's ballot at least as good as Gil Hodges (including Mark Teixeira). If they elect everyone as good as Gil Hodges there are 150+ guys who should be in and aren't. They keep overlooking 150 guys to elect people like Harold Baines.
  4. Minnie Minoso was a clear omission. The others I'm less enthusiastic about. Every team has a player like Tony Oliva who fell just short of the Hall of Fame due to injury. Are we going to put all of those guys in? Nomar and Pedroia for the Red Sox, Al Rosen and Albert Belle for the Indians. David Wright for the Mets. Eric Davis for the Reds. Dave Stieb for the Blue Jays. Don Mattingly, Charlie Keller and Thurman Munson for the Yankees. Bret Saberhagen for the Royals. Orel Hershiser for the Dodgers. Felix Hernandez for the Mariners. Dale Murphy for the Braves. The list goes on and on. The old-timers passed over the the three best candidates (Bill Dahlen, Grant Johnson, Dick Redding) in an upside-down election that seemed to have little to do with playing ability. Bud Fowler and Buck O'Neil were unremarkable baseball talents. Allie Reynolds would be the worst pitcher in the Hall of Fame and he got 50% support.
  5. I've got a better scenario. Imagine if the Cubs had scrapped their college of coaches and made O'Neil the first black MLB manager in the 1960s. Buck O'Neil is much more important to the game than the Hall of Fame. In this case it feels like the HoF is trying to shine in his reflected glory.
  6. That isn't the positive example you think it is. "Let's be more like the NFL" is a great way to get me to stop watching baseball like I have stopped watching football.
  7. You don't have to imagine this. He gave a speech at Cooperstown when he received the Buck O'Neil Lifetime Achievement award. You can watch it on YouTube. Buck O'Neil Hall of Fame speech (baseballhall.org)
  8. Buck O'Neil might have been the best baseball manager of his era but integration ruined his chances at getting that job. The Cubs wouldn't even let him manage when they decided to do their "college of coaches" experiment. Everyone got to manage except the black coach. Buck O'Neil is in the Hall of Fame for everything he did after his fairly unremarkable playing career. He was a first baseman with a .374 slugging in the Negro Leagues.
  9. That is crazy. 5 Hall of Famers and they couldn't win anything. They weren't even .500 in 1971 and exactly .500 in 1972-73. You would think a team with 5 Hall of Famers in their prime would be better than .500.
  10. If having more teams in the playoffs is great then they should put 24 teams in the playoffs or maybe all 30. They've already destroyed pennant races. Making the regular season pointless would be the next step. A salary floor wouldn't discourage tanking at all. You would have bad teams purposely trading for past their prime players with bloated contracts (paid for by the large market teams either with cash or with prospects) so they can meet the salary minimum while losing just as much as they ever did. This happens in the NBA all the time. The number of wins in a season is a net zero sum. If there are winners there must be losers. "Tanking" is not a real problem, it is an inevitability of math. The union is against more revenue sharing because it takes money out of their pocket and puts it in the owners' pockets. It doesn't make teams more competitive. If anything it creates a permanent underclass of teams that primarily exist so the large market teams can have someone to play. It discourages teams from trying to generate more revenue locally because they can just run a low payroll and all of their expenses are covered before they even start the season. Every dollar a small market team generates locally is a dollar that gets taken out of their revenue sharing at the end of the year. It's socialism for billionaires, turning ownership of a small market franchise into a no-risk investment vehicle. None of these proposals by the ownership or the union address the real problems with the game. There is less action happening in more time. The current version of Major League Baseball is the most boring baseball I have ever watched, especially in the postseason. It's the best athletes in the world standing around waiting to see if the batter hits the ball over the fence or strikes out. I wonder why I even start watching a postseason game, knowing I'll be going to bed in the middle of the 6th inning because the games start at 7:30 and end around midnight.
  11. Except lowering the luxury tax to $180M which is beneficial only to the owners and overrides pretty much everything else. Their latest proposal of $214M is also a money squeeze. The players' share of revenue has been dropping under the previous CBA because of the penalties of exceeding the luxury tax. It is clearly constraining spending for the only teams that want to spend money. The minimum team salary wouldn't come close to making up for lowering the luxury tax threshold to $180M. More playoff teams is a negative if you want people to actually pay attention to the regular season, not to mention the first round of playoffs. A draft lottery doesn't discourage tanking in the NBA. I'm not sure why it would matter for MLB where draft picks are even more of a crapshoot. Bad teams are going to sell off talent. Universal DH is a net zero. Those DH jobs just replace someone else's job. The roster didn't get bigger.
  12. The owners clearly have responsibility for this impasse. They voted unanimously for a lockout. If you look at the demands the players are mostly asking for an extension of the status quo. The owners are the more radical proposal. The owners clearly believe they have the leverage and are trying to squeeze the union.
  13. Hollywood Salaries Revealed: Who Makes What on the Lot and on Location – The Hollywood Reporter "Newcomers can expect to earn just $15,000 to $20,000 per episode on a network or cable series." That's for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour episode. MLB minimum is $3500 a game.
  14. It also conveniently prevented marquee names from bolting for a job in Japan.
  15. However, unlike actors, they're not allowed to start their own production company and create their own entertainment company. The anti-trust exemption prevents the players from creating a competing league.
  16. The owners are a cartel with a monopoly guaranteed by the federal government. The teams themselves are a legal way to shelter income so it can avoid taxes. A tax shelter is not a financial risk. Did you know those huge player contracts are considered assets that can be depreciated as well as being deducted as a business expense? The players are well paid because they're media stars who produce at least 162 3-hour episodes of some of the highest rated shows on television every year. Union actors getting paid scale make more for 3 hours of TV than the pro-rated MLB minimum salary.
  17. John Donaldson was overpowering - against town ball amateurs. He was a legitimate professional. Look at his Negro League stats against top competition and they're good but not as impressive. John Donaldson - Seamheads Negro Leagues Database
  18. With the lockout I wouldn't buy any Spring Training tickets
  19. It's time for another 50% bump. They need to recover the last increase (imagine if it had been 15% instead of 5%). I'd draw a line in the sand at $675 but ask for $875..
  20. I already can't watch MLB on my TV at home except for the random game on Hulu. No change for me.
  21. MLB doesn't need a CarQuest Auto Parts Bowl for the last place teams.
  22. The problem is this rotation has no front end.
  23. Heard that the Blue Jays did not pursue Robbie Ray or Steven Matz because they're not vaccinated and wouldn't be able to play in Canada.
  24. Wonder if they could pay Couloumbe to play in AAA like they did with Jake Cave.
  25. Hard NO to every team making the playoffs. Why even have a regular season. Linking pace of play to draft order doesn't make any sense. The people playing slowly don't care about draft order. Teams can't predict draft order at the beginning of the season. It also takes two to tango - both teams have to agree to play faster. You need immediate, in-game penalties to incentivize pace of play (balls and strikes). The salary floor is the MLB minimum contract - which needs to increase by at least 60%.
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