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  1. I like the idea of failing spectacularly much better than failing protractedly. If it's not going to work out it will be easier to move on and try again than it would be if the results are once again just mediocre.
  2. Good list, I'm getting excited to see these guys. This team didn't get the starting pitching it needed in free agency. I'm over it, but unless they want to drag out contending into 2024 or beyond, they can't tinker with these guys in the minors most of the season and have most of them debut late in the year. Get them up to the majors early. Much earlier than we expect, let them work out their kinks against the real competition. Don't coddle them, toss them in the deep end. We need to have a large sample size on most of these guys this year if the team is planning on building a competing rotation through development alone. Radke, Santana, Berrios are the only three starting pitchers this team has developed even remotely recently that weren't at all cringeworthy when the team ran them out in the playoffs. All got lit up as rookies, it was ugly. I don't think it's a coincidence that the best pitchers this team has developed did NOT suffer from 'not-being-ready' in the long run. They were mentally tough and figured out what needed to be done to be good pitchers. If getting their butts whipped is going to stunt the development of any of these new arms, I don't think they are the types of pitchers I'd want leading the rotation anyway.
  3. So it sounds like the Bears are closing in on Ryan Poles: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/01/25/ryan-poles-closes-in-on-becoming-new-bears-g-m/ Does that mean the Vikings are going to be hiring Adofo-Mensah? Those two were reportedly the finalists. The Wilfs seem like pretty open minded owners, this doesn't surprise me, I could see them being interested in the analytics angle. They just can't mess up like the Browns did originally; hire an analytics-minded GM and hire a coach who resented it. Dan Quinn and Atlanta were pretty favorable to analytics, the Vikings interest in him would make sense if Adofo-Mensah were also the GM front runner.
  4. I'm probably in the minority, but I've always thought good defense was overrated. While I'd prefer a better option at SS, if the alternate option is Polanco at 2B and another season of a blackhole bat at SS, I guess I'd roll with Polanco again. Giving 500 PAs to someone who's going to have a .600 OPS seems way worse than someone who's going to bungle a couple dozen balls as opposed to an average SS who will bungle only a dozen. But I mean, there's no rule saying the Twins can't go get a SS that's competent with a bat and a glove..........
  5. Sorry: https://www.si.com/nfl/vikings/news/vikings-coaching-search-rumors-dan-quinn-demeco-ryans-caldwell-campbell https://thevikingage.com/2022/01/23/leaders-minnesota-vikings-head-coach-search/ I don't know how Quinn is high on the Vikings list unless someone already within the organization thinks they get to call the shots. "Hey, we are thinking about giving you the GM job. We also really like Dan Quinn as your coach. It's totally your call, and you can choose anyone you want, but he's high on our list. So, just hoping we are on the same page. No pressure!" Why are they even having coaching interviews with no GM in the room? Is the new GM just supposed to watch some pre-recorded videos of these coaches? I know the Giants and Bears are doing it too, but those aren't exactly model franchises.
  6. I'm a bit concerned that the Vikings seem to have narrowed their HC search when they don't have a GM yet. It's not like the Wilfs to meddle, so this is all quite confusing to me. Did the GM candidates weigh in on the head coaches somehow? Any sensible GM candidate should tell the would-be employer that they will get his or her input on coaches once they are hired; no freebies. But if the Vikings really have narrowed their HC search, I don't see any other way this could work out. Did each of the two GM candidates specify who they'd like as coaches, and those are the two coaches the Vikings are reportedly interested in? Because if the team is seriously only going to give the new GM two coaches to choose between, than this was already a disaster of a decision and the rebuild is off to a horrible start.
  7. No, it's Super Bowl or bust for me. I don't think winning what would likely be a terrible NFC North would do anything other than give them one home playoff game.
  8. I like Donaldson as a player. The only reason I'd move him if there is an interested team, is because the Twins inaction during free agency informed me not to take the 2022 season too seriously.
  9. *****Moderator Note***** Let's stay the course on this thread please. This doesn't need to dissolve into more finger pointing and protectively guarding a pet topic. This thread was about the lock out, not justifying payrolls and market sizes.
  10. I used to think this was an easy no. But the team has next to nobody else to spend money on any time soon. There aren't any young players that need to be extended in the next couple of years and free agency doesn't appear to be a priority at the moment. If it's not outrageous, go ahead and pay the guy.
  11. https://bringmethenews.com/.amp/minnesota-sports/rick-spielman-it-was-constantly-like-a-moving-target-all-the-time Just read an article which I assume was based on this interview. Ugh, I wanted Spielman gone years before I wanted Zimmer gone but I’m having second thoughts. I liked his comments about the difference between “smart” QBs and QBs who process this information quickly. Spielman not only acknowledged his mistakes, but seems to have looked for answers as to why he made them.
  12. The sport is really making it easy for those "one sport" HS kids to choose another option.
  13. If Dan Quinn gets another HC job, will Zimmer end up back in Dallas? Both he and McCarthy on the same coaching staff seems like they'd be destined for a train wreck. And also sounds exactly something Dallas would do.
  14. Seems weird how slow the hiring is going this offseason. Is it possible that it's slow because Minnesota is the preferred destination of many of the candidates and everyone's waiting out the Vikings? That seem both pompous and preposterous. But with the solid roster (many of us want gutted anyway) they're clearly the team in the best position. Also, yeah, the Vikings should at least put Leftwich and Bienemy on their dockets.
  15. It would be weird to see Carolina trade for a QB two years in a row, but Cousins is clearly a better QB than Darnold, and because of his contract, Cousins may cost less in trade equity. I suppose Darnold coming back in the trade would be discussed as well. Bleh, but whatever. Also, the Giants seem desperate to not be terrible anymore. I could see them being very attracted to Cousins' floor. Maybe Seattle once Wilson leaves. Cousins sure likes to only do what he's told and exactly no more, which seems to be the exact opposite of the Wilson/Carroll dynamic. Carroll might really dig a guy who only follows orders, even if the orders are bad. The Saints are going to be desperate too if they don't land a big fish.
  16. I agree. Though I think in general, the NFL has historically had an extremely lopsided value in draft picks compared to existing players. At some point I'd think the value would tilt back closer to capable veteran players, but I have a hard time seeing that finally happen just when the Vikings are in position to reap the benefits.
  17. Moderator note: Your anti-vax comments have been given way too much leeway on this thread, mostly because it's not in the main baseball forums. However, this is the end of your threadjacks regarding this topic. If you continue to push your agenda those posts will be removed. Covid is real, it is dangerous and the vaccine saves lives. This is Twins Daily's stance and it is backed by every credible medical expert. This site will not host dangerous and disingenuous posts trying to say otherwise. Feel free to post your thoughts on the topic on other sites.
  18. Pittsburgh had a 100% vaccination rate this year though. I know it's a popular landing spot for Cousins as it makes a lot of sense as far as his QB play goes, but that doesn't seem like an organization or a coach that would let the big money QB sink the season because he won't get the shot.
  19. I like it. Except I think Ridder is going to shoot up the draft boards. I think he's going to jump into the same tier as Pickett and Corral. I'm not too sure Denver would have much interest in Mayfield either. Seems like they were pretty disappointed with the QB play this past year and I'm not sure he's an upgrade to Bridgewater. I'd think they might shoot higher. Maybe Patton liked Cousins from their time together in MN though?
  20. Sorry, but I don’t think I’m the only one who couldn’t care less if the Twins won 75 games or 55 games. These guys do nothing to win the club a World Series. If all the team is willing to do is make extremely minimal effort improvements, it’s better to make no improvements at all. I’d rather hold onto he trade equity and give more innings and experience to the prospects. When the best adjective for a free agent is “serviceable” keep walking.
  21. Most of the top young talent in the league comes from these international signings. Fingers crossed. The Twins absolutely have to start finding their Accuna’s, Tatis’s, Guerrero’s and Soto’s here.
  22. I was waiting to read what kind of players the Twins get back in taking on Andrus. I have no interest in him otherwise, his bat died years ago. And good lord, what if the Twins were so strapped for alternatives later in the year that his 2023 option kicked in? Yuk.
  23. I don't know that these guys are the lotto ticket kind of prospects some are indicating. Dunn was a 1st round pick in 2016 and has spent parts of three season at the majors, and not without some success. The other two guys were 2nd and 3rd round picks just in 2019. They've basically only had one MiLB season so it's not like there's been much other than general ennui to scrub off any of their shine. I mean maybe the Twins could do better, but that actually seems like quite a haul to me. Though I'm lower on Arraez than many are.
  24. Mike Florio opined that the big issue between Ross and Flores stemmed from the 'Tanking for Tua' sweepstakes two years ago. Ross wanted to tank and Flores went ahead and won a bunch of games. They still got Tua, but by that time Ross and everyone else in the world wanted Burrow. Of course Florio went on to opine that if the Dolphins had successfully tanked and gotten Burrow, they'd be the AFC's #1 seed. This despite the fact that Cincinnati is the #4 seed and have three excellent receivers and one of the leagues best RBs while the Dolphins have almost jack squat. So I guess his take comes with a big grain of salt.
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