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  1. I'm certainly looking forward to when the Twins have plenty of healthy starters to choose from, but I'm not counting on Paddock for the beginning of the year, and Dobnak is no more an answer than Devin Smeltzer is. Even IF Gray, Ryan, Mahle, Maeda, Winder and Ober are healthy and ready to go, I wouldn't be opposed to finding another option that's not currently in the system.
  2. Yeah, I wish all those prospects well, yet have no regrets about losing them whatsoever.
  3. Great news about Lee, though it shouldn't be too surprising since he and Noah Miller probably both need SS reps and Miller isn't going anywhere just yet. But it does bring up a bit of a quandary. Where ARE all of the college shortstops they just drafted going to play? They'll be sharing a bunch of reps or learning new positions right away it would seem.
  4. At least there will be no Kershaw. The Twins are still looking for their first ever baserunner against him.
  5. High A is exciting for Lee. It's not terribly uncommon to see top end college players go there around the league, but it's uncommon for our team. If he tears it up this year, starting in Wichita isn't out of the question in 2023. The Twins having the first MLB graduate of a draft class might be a first. But I'll slow my horses. Don't want to get ahead of myself.
  6. I like the idea of Varland being in AAA when the major league pitchers start rehabbing there. If he’s there while Meada, Winder and Ober start ramping up, it seems like it could induce a great mix of awe and inspiration. Put Canterino there too, even if it’s only in the pen.
  7. There is no amount of advice Rod Carew could give me that would enable me to hit a baseball at the MLB level. I heard the Carew interview and I don’t believe he said Sano didn’t listen to him; that would have stuck out if it did. And every sportswriter in town would probably have an article about it. I don’t think he even brought up Sano.
  8. I bet it seems even longer to Trevor Bauer.
  9. He was the last player Cleveland had from their big Bauer trade. It's fun to see Cleveland whiff as badly as Reyes did.
  10. You're having the Twins pay Miguel Sano 14M next year....for his defensive value?
  11. Well since it would cost them 14M I guess people can stop with the complaints about the Twins being cheap.
  12. Wish him the best. I'm certainly no expert, but as awful as it sounds, repairing a bone issue is probably still a better proposition than repairing a ligament or tendon issue. Based on the description of the procedure, I wouldn't be surprised if this outcome was a known possibility for quite some time, but everyone was hoping to avoid it. It probably also explains why he didn't go back on the IR immediately; there was nothing to heal, it was simply a congenital problem.
  13. Duffey wasn't bad last year, if the Twins had DFA'd him 29 other teams would have put in a claim. He just wasn't as dominant as he was the prior two years and with Colome getting crushed early, and Rogers going down at mid-season, it really stuck out because the Twins needed an elite shut-down guy.
  14. Lot's of people are acting like Duffey's been bad for a long time. While his actual results weren't as good as his numbers last year, let's not pretend that 2021 Tyler Duffey wouldn't have been a huge boon to the overtaxed bullpen here in 2022. And then I suppose we also have to pretend that his monthly long stretch starting in the middle of June where he appeared to round back into form wasn't needed nor a hope for better results going forward. After an up and down season that included him pitching as well as ever for the last month he basically went four bad outings and they released him, just as we fans were asking for. That seems like a pretty quick trigger for a guy who's been here over a decade. It was the right move, but it's not like the team dragged this out for two years.
  15. Don't you know that any hint of a complement is a complete endorsement of the front office? If you despise someone, you must despise them completely and never indicate that they've done anything of worth.
  16. Great job by Sands. Confidence seems to be a huge requirement for relievers, this should help.
  17. I think one could argue that swapping out Mark Helman for Contreras might upgrade the roster. Obviously not a bold move, but Helman looks solidly interesting.
  18. Duffey had a really good run here and I wish him well. I hope he ends up in the NL though. I've been hoping to see Sands in the bullpen, I really like turning those borderline starters into relievers. Of course I was hoping to see him in St. Paul's bullpen first. Hope it works out, but if it doesn't I'm sure his leash will be short considering he has options.
  19. I tend to think the odds that a 32-year-old ballplayer will improve are much, much less than the odds that a 23-year-old ball player will improve.
  20. Yeah. Jake Cave's awful season last year looked All Star worthy compared to Bradley's. Also, this year's.
  21. I think I'd pass. Even with the injuries, the OF defense isn't an issue. Or at least it doesn't have to be an issue. What ever combo of Buxton, Celestino, Gordon and Cave they run out there is a solid unit with the glove. Kepler should be back soon, then hopefully Larnach. As for the bat, woof. Boston's outfield bats aside of Bradley are abysmal. If Boston is cutting loose a long time Red Sox in a year they already basically waived the white flag, I think that says all we need to know about his offensive skills. If the Twins absolutely NEEDED another outfielder, I'd rather see what Michael Helman can do. It couldn't possibly be less than Bradley.
  22. Miranda's defense isn't good, but if he's got Correa in his ear, I'd guess that's something he could get better at. Buxton has tendinitis, no doctor can fix that. Pagan is a lot like Colome, which might be why the front office is giving him some leash. Colome was actually pretty good last year after the fans gave up on him. Yeah Duffey's shot. I know his performance is angering everyone, but it's also a bit sad, he's been here a long time. Nick Gordon can play at the MLB level. I wouldn't have said that to start the year. But with his lack of power and minimal ability to draw walks, I'd much rather see those other guys at bat. We could use Kepler back. But just outfield depth in general is missed.
  23. I’d try them too. They just bought their “veteran leadership”, they can do without Duffey and Pagan now.
  24. This front office is meticulous, this is totally something they micromanage.
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