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  1. Yes, but that's why this contract made sense. Byron Buxton was never going to be a 7 year/300M guy despite all the posts around here about it because he simply can't stay healthy enough to warrant that. But his impact and health does warrant the deal he got. What people have to accept is that getting 100 games out of Buxton is likely MORE than we can reasonably expect. He just went through his 22-27 year old seasons averaging far fewer games than that. It is who he is: a transcendent talent, with a ton of heart, but with part-time availability.
  2. Defensible, sure. But it feels like we sent down one of our best regular 9 today and that doesn't feel great. It does make me want to resolve the future with Correa as soon as possible so we can decide where Lewis should be getting comfortable.
  3. Not playing every other day is interesting. I expect if that maintains we would see a trip to the DL....no?
  4. Baseball is a dying sport. Seats will continue to be empty across baseball and less and less of the ones filled will be with kids.
  5. Wrigley is a dump. Take in the history...sure, but the actual ballpark is utterly unremarkable. And since that's the case...it's hard to ignore all the absolutely awful components of it. Sightlines along first and third are atrocious. The wind off the lake there can make even a warm summer day uncomfortable. Venders are few and far between. The bathrooms are gas station level. The food isn't much better. And there isn't really much "traditional" in the experience either. I'd much, much rather hit a game on the south side.
  6. The playoffs are everything wrong with a tiny sample size. Unless you want to tell me the key to World Series runs is picking up two guys in trades who are about to be DFA'd and then have them hit like Babe Ruth for two months is a plan. Or maybe the 2020 Dodgers? You know, the team that was about to be imploded if it failed for the tenth year in a row with their eleventy trillion dollar payroll. Making judgments on much of anything based on the playoffs is foolishness.
  7. Managers are irrelevant. Baldelli seems fine at his meaningless job. That said....the bullpen has been elite under this coaching staff (note the usual complainers not eating crow yet)...but I am worried we are burning them out early and could pay for it in August. Not Rocco's fault per se....but a concern.
  8. Nothing about Buxton's mentality is soft or deserves that criticism. Byron has no control over the fact that his body can't hold up to the rigors of play. He's clearly a fine tuned athlete and takes his craft seriously, his genetics just betrayed all that talent they bestowed with fragility. If scheduled sitting is how they get 100 games out of Buxton, fine by me because we've managed to get that exactly once in 8 years.
  9. Since that was what was said....yes. Of course he burned through our best arms early to preserve a tie game. As he should.
  10. So wait....people are complaining that we used our best bullpen arms first and kept the other team from scoring as long as possible?
  11. Byron Buxton was gifted the genetics of a marvelous baseball player but also the genetics that cannot endure the rigors of playing baseball. I sure hope we aren't in for 7 years of this yo-yo.
  12. Making trade judgements after 3 months of baseball after the trade seems like a poor methodology.
  13. I may not agree with all the particulars of this, but it shares my sentiment: he deserves to be up and playing every day. I would have Arraez/Urshela splitting 1B, MIF stays put, OF stays put (Kep/Larnach/Buck), catcher stays put, and DH continues to be used as a way of keeping people in the lineup but giving them a rest. That leaves 3B and he should play there if he feels comfortable there.
  14. Archer deserved that strike three, but the way he handled that was fantastic. You can see he's not the same guy he was a few years ago. This could end up being a sneaky brilliant signing.
  15. You're asking me to preemptively dismiss baseball victories that haven't even happened yet. I want off this ride Mr. Serling.
  16. I don't know how you expect anyone to make a rational argument when your point somehow includes three weeks of games that haven't even been played yet.
  17. This response doesn't feel like you put a lot of time into digesting the problem. Your entire argument is that the first 30 games can be dismissed because the schedule was easy. Yet the next three weeks are even easier! That's the reality of 2022 in the AL as we sit today. I'd argue if the first 30 are at all atypical it may actually have been atypically difficult relative to the rest of the year. You seem really resistant to actually examining if your "easy" declaration has any validity.
  18. No one is forcing anyone to draw conclusions. I'm not. As for the rest: They are literally about to play an entire month of games against ridiculously putrid competition...by your own acknowledgment!!!!....and STILL the last 30 are the easy part? Please...digest that for a second and perhaps understand my frustration with the problems in your argument.
  19. But winning a bunch of games only happens by winning against bad teams a lot. If playoff success is what ultimately matters (totally fine)...it might be worth remembering those are a vicious small sample too and our historically brutal recent past might have us all a bit extra skeptical
  20. The point is highlighting the absurdity of declaring a team predicted to be a runaway division winner with 100 wins as easy victories based on a few weeks of bad play. You know, like if I declared the Orioles a good team that we split with because they've won series against the Yankees and Angels this season. Cherry picking small samples is bullet-proof!
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