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  1. I agree with wabene. Canterino's STUFF is just too good NOT to end up being a major league pitcher. Can he ever stay healthy ? Who knows, but I want the Twins to stick with this guy. Maybe he's destined to the bullpen. Maybe he could still be a starter, but baseball players can play well into their 30's so his age as a prospect doesn't faze me. His raw stuff excites me. Don't give up on him. I'm not a doctor, although I played one in a Mayo Clinic Heritage Days film a couple years ago. But it just seems like TJ surgery was coming for Matt a LONG time ago. Hope it all goes well and he's ready to contribute in 2024. I for one, would like to see the Twins move him quickly through the system once he comes back if his health and performance merit it. Let's have Matt get "major league" mileage on that arm.
  2. Yup, you can never have too much pitching, especially with all the injuries Twins pitchers have had to deal with these last 3 years or so. Maybe Canterino is destined for a bullpen role. But I've got to believe that the Twins would want to get him to the big league club at some point in the not too distant future and protect him a bit by limiting his innings by having him come out of the pen and then after a solid season, like Duran is having, see if he can get over the injury bug hump. Duran looks awfully good as a dominant BP piece, but with Jorge Lopez now in the fold, along with Fulmer (not sure he will be back, but he's a solid piece, so let's assume he's resigned for a reasonable price) could the Twins consider using Duran as a SP in 2020 ? I've read on TD several times that the Twins still like his potential as a SP. He just hasn't stayed healthy. Canterino is very similar to Duran. Dominant stuff when healthy...but rarely healthy. I think the Twins have Duran, Canterino, Winder and Balazovic as guys with a lot of potential. And guys like Woods-Richardson and Varland aren't far behind. With Mahle, Gray, Ryan and Maeda they have a solid #1-#4 and Ober showed some real potential. I could see Archer even being back next season. IF...and this is a big if...guys can stay relatively healthy, could you imagine a SP rotation of the 4 guys listed and Ober or Winder and then a BP with Jorge Lopez, Duran and Canterino in the back end with Archer available to give you 3 innings here and there ? THAT'S pretty intriguing going into next season. To me, this is why retaining Correa, at least for 2023 is crucial. He's darn good. and I think he'll be even better in 2023. With the continued development of Miranda and a healthy 2023 for Kirilloff and Larnach... (and Lewis) toss in Polanco and Buxton and the Twins will certainly be in the mix and could even knock off a Yankees or Astros in the playoffs. I think the Twins are positioned to be very good for the near future.
  3. The trade deadline addressed several of these and the bullpen got much better by the additions as well as the subtractions. But clutch hitting as well as "situational" hitting has been a Twins weakness consistently. We still strike out far too much, especially in situations where a strikeout kills us. For example: striking out with a runner on 3B and less than 2 outs. We also appear to be incapable of moving the extra inning runner at 2B to 3B with our first hitter of the inning (even when we're fumbling to get a bunt down). Putting that runner on 3B with one out puts incredible pressure on the defense and we consistently fail to accomplish this.
  4. I agree guys, he was the best ever. My wife is the Heritage Days Coordinator for Mayo Clinic and each year they do a movie to highlight someone who has a tie in with Mayo Clinic history. One such movie is about Moonlight Graham, who people became aware of after the Field of Dreams movie. I remember my wife saying to me, "we've tried James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner to see if they would narrate this, but both turned us down." And I suggested "why don't you reach out to Vin Scully? I'm not sure he's ever been a Mayo patient, but he's the greatest storyteller baseball has ever had. He'd be perfect." So she reached out and Vin said he'd do it. That's the kind of man he was. And he was indeed "Perfect." Check the film out some time. You won't be disappointed.
  5. I agree Major League Ready. I could see Winder being that #5. We could also go out and make a FA splash, but I doubt it. The #1 priority will be keeping Correa in the fold. And maybe next year we will finally get to see Canterino and Balazovic.
  6. This. Was. A. GREAT. TRADE !!! Povich may or may not make it. The other guys are less than lottery tickets. I'm not sure why the Orioles did this but I couldn't be happier. Lopez will NOT turn into a pumpkin. He's found his home as a solid BP arm. It would be just like Rocco to use him primarily in the 6th inning (since Rocco doesn't really know how to manage a BP or clearly define the roles BP pitchers should have). This kind of move is JUST what the Twins needed.
  7. I agree. Great trade. They gave up some talent, but Mahle is only 27 years old and will probably be a solid part of the Twins Starting Rotation for the next 5-6 years. The Twins were going to have some tough 40-man decisions to make in this off season. Now, with Mahle and Lopez, they have a couple guys who will certainly be important cogs for the rest of this season and hopefully, several more. Other players in the system will emerge. They didn't give up: Kirilloff, Lewis, Miranda, Larnach, Canterino, Balazovic, SWR, Winder, Martin (you get the point).
  8. This is a GREAT move !! hate to give up Povich but 2.5 years of control for Lopez is tremendous. I have been advocating for the Twins to get him and have even suggested several trades on TD. Rocco should put Lopez as his primary closer and use Duran as the 8th inning guy who can close when Lopez is not available. This is a solid addition to the back end and hopefully we can land Pablo Lopez or Tyler Mahle later today. Way to go F.O. !!!!
  9. It's getting LATE. There is no doubt the Twins need a SP and at least one, probably two BP arms even with Alcala and Maeda probably being able to contribute a little "something" to the pen. I want to make a deal to improve the team for THIS year but also for 2023 and beyond. I'd be targeting Mahle and Lopez and trying to land one of of them. (maybe Rodon as well, but he's a FA after the season, I'd rather persue him as a FA than give up prospects for two months). BP options are getting kind of thin as well. Cleveland and the White Sox are hot on our tail. We can't afford to stand pat.
  10. I'm frustrated. I think the Twins could have beaten the Yankees offer for Montas and Trevino (I would have asked for Puk). But I think Dave Overlund and others are probably more realistic than me. Maybe what we have to offer just isn't tripping the trigger of other teams, although I think Steer and Austin Martin among others are certainly worthy pieces. Maybe they'll come up with a deal for Mahle and get at least one bullpen arm. Alcala is coming and I fully expect to see Maeda at some point being able to help the pen. I know EVERYBODY has issues with pitchers and injuries, but I can't help but think the Twins seem to have an inordinate number of injuries, especially with young pitchers. At some point, Canterino and Balazovic just have to be able to go out there and PITCH.
  11. So THIS is the big move we've all been waiting for...Aaron Sanchez. By the way, I don't see the Yankees package for Montas as anything THAT great.
  12. Good Morning Celtmeister ! You're probably spot on with many of these for the reasons you've listed. I have to note though, that as a Twins fan, if we settle for Drew Smyly and let Cleveland grab Mahle and the White Sox grab Quintana that would be very disappointing. But SO Twins FO. And there's no way I'm giving up either Steer or Canterino for Smyly, a guy the Twins could have signed of the street anytime in the last 6 years. I MIGHT do Steer and Canterino for Mahle. (maybe with a little extra tossed in). I'm always impressed with the sheer "stuff" Canterino has. I'd be loath to give him up. But he's kind of like Lucy with the football and Twins fans are Charlie Brown...he's ALWAYS hurt. ALWAYS !!! If he EVER gets healthy, I'd just like to have the Twins bring him up to pitch a couple innings at a time. I fear his tremendous stuff will never see a major league mound.
  13. Nice job "moderation!!" I haven't seen enough "good things" from Thor to warrant that trade. But the trade with the Orioles is a winner. I'm not sure of the contract status of Merrifield but he would be a great addition to the top of our order and adding Staumont to the pen would also be helpful. I would also make the trade you proposed for Rodon. Great addition to the top of our rotation. The Marquez trade is interesting if moving from Coors field could actually unlock his potential. He's been pretty so/so these last two years, but I'd take a chance there too.
  14. As a Twins fan, I'm in favor of practically ANY trade that brings back a pitcher the quality of Rodon, Mahle or Montas. I firmly believe, with their starting rotation wheezing and hacking right now, that at minimum of frontline SP and 2 bullpen pieces are needed...even IF Alcala and Maeda fortify the BP in the not too distant future. That said, I'd be more focused on Montas and Mahle due to their availability for 2023 (and possibly beyond if an extension can be worked out). I think Rodon still has plenty of quality innings left, but the 2-month rental, in my opinion brings his MLB trade Value down from 13. I would offer the Giants Austin Martin or matt Wallner even up. I'd track what else is being offered and stay in touch. But like Dr. Bauer, I'd certainly kick the tires. At this point, the twins, like everyone else need to have a Plan A,B, C, D & E.
  15. I like how you've laid that out Major League Ready. The Twins have a "core" that can be pretty competitive. But Archer & Bundy are getting by on smoke and mirrors and Smetlzer's magic is done. They need reinforcements for this season and they need them NOW. The Twins really have plenty of depth in their minor league system to sell of some assets for enhanced major league performance. Thor is interesting. He would be MORE interesting if there was ANY indication he could start throwing 98 next year year and reclaim that power slider. If Castillo, Montas or even Mahle are not brought in, I could see taking a chance on Blake Snell. Underlying metrics show he's "close" to what could be VERY effective. Someone has to unlock that talent. Why not the Twins?? I really like the Ohtani idea, but just can't see the Twins pulling off a trade like that under the radar. Dodgers, Yankees or Padres seem like more probable destinations (but Ohtani in a Twins uniform? That would be pretty Awesome). Finally, I see Palacios as a viable SS next year. He's certainly got the glove and for Pete's Sake, Lewis HAS to catch a break sometime...Right ?? But I'm not so fatalistic that Correa won't be back next year. And look, all Correa does is WIN. Retaining him may prevent the Twins from going for a stud #1 like Musgrove, but having Blake Snell and Maeda to go with Ryan and Gray is not a bad starting point, and I'd be just fine with Winder as a #5. The bullpen needs help. Badly. There is no reason someone like Barb and Moore cannot be acquired. All the better if they are retained for next year. But if something isn't done to significantly improve this BP, the Twins will NOT make the playoffs. In fact, the longer Bundy and Archer are in the rotation or throwing any significant amount of innings the Twins season is in dire peril. I'd DFA Bundy and move Archer to long relief--2-3 innings at a time ASAP.
  16. It looks like the Twins MIGHT be shutting Winder down for the year as his shoulder is still bothering him. So now, it doesn't look like the Twins will be able to use Winder themselves OR as a trade chip. Just can't catch a break. All this "Max Effort" pitching is ruining a LOT of young pitchers.
  17. I just feel Rocco is especially bad at "managing" a BP. Guys do not have clearly defined roles. It appears to be a "make it up as we go along" type of approach. In each season Rocco has managed, he's never had clearly defined roles in his BP.
  18. If the Reds are willing to make this trade you do it in a heartbeat !!! They are all great prospects. I especially like what I've seen from Winder this year, but you don't add an ACE like Castillo without giving something up. And at this point, except for the limited look we've had of Winder (which has been good) the other two haven't accomplished a thing at the major league level. Did any of you NOT wanting to do this trade happen to notice the 13-K, shutdown performance against the hated Yankees a couple of weeks ago from Castillo ? We haven't won a playoff game in how many years? Going forward, a staff of Castillo, Ryan and Gray with Maeda available for 2023 would be as solid as any Twins staff they've had in their history. And in this trade you don't give up Kirilloff, Larnach, Miranda, Lewis or Martin. Come On ! Stop fretting about giving up a couple "prospects" to land a pitcher of this caliber. Sign Castillo to an extension for more money than you would ever have given Berrios, because he's 3-times the pitcher. Stop over thinking this. I would have commented sooner but I've been in Cooperstown welcoming from favorite Twins player (Tony Oliva) into the Hall of Fame. Just got home at 2:45am last night, but had to weigh in on this. Steer, Winder and SWR ? In. A. Heartbeat.
  19. Go back to the original idea of players wearing their "Team" jersey---home or away. They also wear their team cap and batting helmet. Does MLB really NEED to sell some ugly, weird looking ALL Star Jersey ?!!?? Are they THAT desperate for a little bit more money ? One of the things that always made the Baseball All Star Game so magical was seeing Koufax in Dodger Blue, Clemente, Aaron and Mays, Gibson, Killebrew, Bench, in their TEAM uniforms. It made them stand out.
  20. I would target Montas and AJ Puk and stay away from Murphy (overrated) and Trevino (not as good as Puk and not left-handed). If I'm trading for a catcher, I'd rather go for Contreras from the Cubs. Better player and cheaper than Murphy. I still see both Montas and Castillo in play for the Twins. I think Pablo Lopez is a good target as well. Miami has more young pitching than they know what to do with, they don't need a young pitcher back. They need hitters.
  21. Cruz's 2019 season was maybe the greatest single season of any Twins hitter outside of 1977 Carew. I love me some Thome, but Cruz would be my pick. Don't sleep on Jim Perry. He was also pretty darn good. (so was Camilo) !!
  22. Jim Kaat 1966 100% over Liriano 2006. How about Jim Perry 1969 or 1970 over one year of Morris as well. Perry 1969 20-6 2.82 ERA. 1970 24-12 3.03 ERA. In 1970 Perry was the American League CY Young winner. I agree with Carew at 2B (1973 ? or still 1977--he played a couple games at 2B) to have Morneau 2006, 2009 at 1B over Knoblauch.
  23. I would have to say Kirilloff is untouchable at this point. As in the "Wonder Years" when Kevin's friend told him when trading Baseball Cards "McCovey is OFF THE TABLE !!" Larnach and Miranda, to me, are their two biggest trade chips. Hoping someone is also enamored with Ober, Balazovic or SWR. There's really no way for us TD'ers to know what players teams like the Reds or A's covet. We will find out soon enough though. I'd try to make a layup like Bard for Sabato first and then start jacking up 3-point bombs in the hope the Twins could land a Castillo or Montas.
  24. This is why any trade for a Castillo or a Montas has to involve Larnach or Miranda as the headliner and Ober as the #2 in the deal. As Otto pointed out when listing the actual proposed trade from MLB Trade Values, that package from the Twins is actually LESS value than Castillo. Anybody acquiring either Castillo or Montas will need to overpay to some degree. And I'm fine with an overpay. We're talking PROSPECTS for either of those two guys who are bona fide Top of the Rotation ACES!! The short term benefit would be tremendous, but the long term strategy would be to spend the money and lock either Castillo or Montas up for 5-years. BOTH are FAR superior pitchers to Berrios. If the Twins can get one of these guys, they simply have to. Did anyone notice Castillo just fanned 13 Yankees and beat them just before the All Star Break ?? THAT'S the kind of pitcher the Twins need to trot out in a first round playoff matchup with the Yankees. A guy who can single handedly shut down a potent lineup and win you the game.
  25. I do the Montas trade to get us an Ace to lead the rotation. Montas is a superior pitcher to Berrios. Remember, we were always "waiting" for Berrios to break out and be that #1 and he never quite made it. He was good but not great. Montas has been great for 3 years running. He has arrived as an Ace. I would try to add A.J. Puk to the deal to further fortify our BP. Puk is finally healthy, is very affordable according to BBTV's and is left-handed. I give a little more to have him added. I too think we'd need to give up more in the Bednar/Quintana deal and I'm not comfortable stretching THAT much for those two. But I WOULD do the Bard deal. So if you added Montas, Puk and Bard, then Alcala as well and subtracted 4 arms that have been underperforming you would have a much better pitching staff going forward in the 2nd half. And I think the Twins NEED to do something like these two deals or Cleveland or Chicago could very well pass us up and we'd be on the outside looking in at the playoffs. We had a chance to really put our boot on the necks of the White Sox and Guardians and our BP let us down. Multiple times. We're in for a real dogfight in the second half of the season. P.S. Buxton should have been All Star Game MVP. He had the "Game Winning Hit." If what he did and Stanton did was reversed, I'm still not sure Buxton overcomes the East Coast Bias and wins it. But he should have.
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