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  1. Yea I think nobody cares how we get in but they do care that we’ve been leaking oil for two months. Can they snap out of it and win the division? Sure. Can they keep playing the way they have the last two months and win the division? Highly doubtful.
  2. I’m a little worried about Ryan. Have no idea what’s going on. I really hope it isn’t the league getting used to the unusual arm slot. On the bright side Rocco used the two worst relievers in the blowout. We can come back today with a fully armed pen.
  3. Remember last year at this time when we were eagerly awaiting the pitching pipeline that was going to pour out numerous good pitchers this year? You can take any group of minor league pitchers and half won’t make it due to injury or ineffectiveness. You can include Ober in that group as well.
  4. He just couldn’t catch up to a good fastball above the belt. For all the strikeouts he didn’t chase that much. He just swung and missed at strikes. It’s a tough league when they find your weaknesses they are going exploit them until you adjust. He never seemed to be able to do that. I wish him well.
  5. Really hope for his sake this can be fixed. Good thing Arreaz has adapted pretty well to first base.
  6. Well that’s been the case in baseball for a hundred years. Hardly revolutionary thinking. He’s persevered thru lots of crap. That’s the most notable factor in his success.
  7. Yea I’d prefer to give Nick the credit - he’s hung in there. If anything I think the Twins have underestimated him.
  8. Still think the chance he stays is near zero. Somebody will give him a mega deal and the last thing he wants to do is go into the free agent market any older than he has to. Also for people wanting to sign him to a five year extension that just ain’t happening. He doesn’t have to take that and he won’t. I like the idea of taking the $35 million and spending it on pitching but our front office just sat out a bountiful free agent pitching market last winter. Why would we expect them to dramatically change course this off season?
  9. He really did. Makes me wonder if he was a sticky stuff user.
  10. Yea I wouldn’t get too excited when his replacement is Sands. I would call that marginal improvement
  11. Pagan and Megill have stuff. What they don’t have is command. Command is more important than stuff every time.
  12. Wow. Jordy Blaze is just a mess. I was worried about him last year when he struggled at times but never thought it would be this bad. If he isnt 100% IL him and if he is send him to Wichita. Getting the crap kicked out of you every start is not a development plan.
  13. I think we should temper our expectations on Alcala. Mind you I hope I’m wrong but his injury history is concerning. I will be shocked if the next step isn’t Tommy John surgery.
  14. They surely had a plan it just didn’t turn out too well. I believe it was a fools errand to rely on the so called pitching pipeline this year. In any group of unproven pitchers a substantial percentage just won’t cut it and several others will be hurt. That left them with the eventual outcome which was close to nothing. They fixed the problem to a certain extent by having a great trade deadline but that can’t be the long term solution or you won’t have a farm system left. Here is something to consider: all our best pitchers have been obtained via trade. Not one good pitcher developed from the farm. I could throw them a bone with Jax but that’s pretty thin gruel.
  15. I still think it’s too early to tell much. I believe the league is starting to adjust to him so his progress will be determined how he adjusts back.
  16. Any bullpen that contains Duffey and Pagan can’t be a strength . It is looking much better but not solved imo.
  17. I’m excited by all the moves. They shored up the pitching for this year and next and used their excess at 2nd and 3rd to do it. It was as good an outcome as I was hoping for now we will see how it plays out. Leone looks very smooth behind the plate - he is already our best defensive catcher.
  18. Yea I didn’t write that very well. I didn’t mean from a singular transaction rather the overall inability to develop pitching in other ways besides burning top prospect capital over time.
  19. Yea so they could have signed him in the off-season for just money. Now we are willing to pay the contract and add quality prospects? This is how front offices get fired.
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