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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I am not well versed in Simpson references. I’ve been properly admonished down thread.
  2. Sigh. I’ve had better things to do than pay attention to the Simpsons
  3. I guess I’m not familiar with that. I think your point about him not being involved in the org is much more salient than making sweeping generalizations based on somebody’s age.
  4. That’s weird. Kind of a coarse rebuttal but maybe that’s because I’m Violas age.
  5. I don’t care for the premise of the post. People are entitled to their opinion and nobody needs to tell them what they are allowed to post within the rules of the forum. I don’t think they should be fired but if other people do that’s their opinion.
  6. I think I will wait until the league sees him for a while before I make any conclusions.
  7. Amazing what happens when pitchers attack the zone and throw strikes.
  8. The problem with any of these scenarios is that we are fielding an entire rotation of #4 or 5 starters. Anybody counting on the minor league pipeline to solve this problem is going to be disappointed.
  9. Any list without Jake Cave is incomplete. It’s amazing the number of players that could have been on the list.
  10. I’m other words if everything breaks near perfectly we will have a slightly above average rotation. I think I would bet the under.
  11. No. They literally need 15 new pitchers for next year. While they have some numbers in the high minors they are mostly back of the rotation types. Not to mention the fact that a certain number just won’t make it. the Maeda news was the last nail. We are now officially looking at 2023 or 24.
  12. Why would anyone think Jordan B is ready for the big leagues? He’s inconsistent at AA.
  13. Message to Ober: if they try to remove you from this game don’t do it. otherwise we can take bets on which reliever blows the nice start.
  14. I was so looking forward to watching Gil strike out Cave 3-4 times just to drive myself nuts.
  15. I think he needs some starts up here to see if his fastball heavy mix will work in the bigs. If it doesn’t then we have a problem because he doesn’t have much else.
  16. I think The jury is still very much still out on Jeffers.
  17. I hate the catcher on one knee thing. Both Jeffers and Garver are horrible blocking pitches in the dirt. The odd pitch you get framed isn’t worth not being able to block a pitch or throw a runner out.
  18. Wow. 109 pitches for Barnes. He’s on the light rail headed east.
  19. This ship has sailed. The Twins aren’t having two mega contracts on the books so I hope you like J Donaldson. This contract will go down as one of the many blunders of our current FO.
  20. For the love of god play the kid. Simmons can sit and Cave should sit. Let him play three weeks at SS and see what he has. I don’t trust the brain wizards to determine what he can and can’t do without seeing him do it.
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