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  1. I advocated for Polanco to be moved to SS three years ago so that’s how I feel about that. However if they aren’t going to add any proven pitching what difference does it make? Polo can play SS until they figure it out.
  2. Interesting observation about how a payroll floor would damage their go to free agent plan. I get why they don’t want to live in free agency. However they can’t be so rigid as some years it may be your only option. From a pitching standpoint this was one of those years. They are going to throw away this season by being so rigid.
  3. Anybody else wonder about any correlation between the magic uptick in velocity and all the arm problems young pitchers everywhere are experiencing?
  4. I want to add Buck to my honorable mention list. I love his attitude and he seems like a really good loyal dude.
  5. Goodness no. I enjoy watching him hit but there isn’t a spot for him if you are going to be serious about good fielding. Trade him for pitching.
  6. I feel like this article is written frequently. We take a bad pitcher tell him to throw the slider more and hope for the best. i would like to just get good pitchers.
  7. There are plenty of guys that hit 25 homers strike out a ton and have no defensive position. This means Sano has limited trade value and there is no way they are picking up a $14 million option. As fans we are always trying to put lipstick on a pig. It’s unfortunate but this was just a big lost opportunity for Sano and the Twins.
  8. Well we have needed a legit back up center fielder (preferably a right handed hitter) for about 5 years and it hasn’t happened. So I have no anticipation that it is going to happen now.
  9. You make it to the 8th? I usually hang in there until the fourth pitching change meaning the 6th.
  10. My childhood hero as well. Hawmon Billefrew was one of the first full names I tried to pronounce. In todays world of between pitch gymnastics I loved how Harmon waited patiently in the box with his bat resting on his shoulder until the pitcher wound up. There wasn’t a tense muscle in his body until the bat exploded into the ball.
  11. I did not realize how few strikeouts he had. That is a complete batting line!
  12. I’m not nearly as interested in this experiment as many of you. I’m interested in winning games in 2022 and this plan ain’t going to get it done.
  13. You literally cannot know this. We have no idea how their development was affected by the new FO. To assume they would be worse if Ryan had stayed is baseless conjecture.
  14. Actually Ryan drafted Kiriloff. SWR and Martin are here because of Berrios.
  15. If any of the above scenarios become reality the FO should be fired immediately then runout of town on a rail followed by tar and feathering.
  16. I agree with this. At some point all the clever manipulation of pitching roles don’t matter. If you have crappy pitchers you will get crappy pitching no matter how you slice and dice it.
  17. Wanted to bump this thread as some time has passed and the $20 million is in the owner’s pocket. I was willing to be open minded on the trade if they replaced JB. Now that it’s clear they won’t I hate this trade more than ever.
  18. Oh yea Tovar was great. When he came to the plate I can still hear CEEEEsar TOOOvar.
  19. The only reason to trade Donaldson is to free up money to sign starting pitching. Since they apparently are not going to do that you might as well keep him.
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