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Everything posted by glunn

  1. This is from the Wikipedia page for YES-- "In March 2023, YES launched a direct-to-consumer streaming service that included access to a 24/7 feed of YES Network and all New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty games appearing on YES. The service is only available in areas where YES is also featured on local cable. The service costs $24.99 per month or $239.99 a year, but was initially offered for an introductory price of $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year.[26]" That seems pricey to me, but it includes two other sports. I wonder how much they make on advertising.
  2. Why can't the Twins create their own network along the lines of the Yankee's YES network? Cut out the middlemen and the ad revenues might exceed what they were getting last year. This would require a lot of work and business expertise, but it seems worth exploring.
  3. This seems like great news. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Maybe he should look for a place that has a lot of lakes?
  5. After a successful season the Twins should be in a good position for a more lucrative TV deal. I wonder why the Twins don't set up their own network along the lines of the Yankees' YES network. My to-do list would focus on finding a way to keep Gray for at least 1 year. Maybe year 1 at $30 million and a player option for year 2 at $20 million. This could be sweetened by some incentive provision if necessary to close the deal.
  6. The announcers talked about this before the game started. I think that it was a mistake for Rocco to announce his plan so that the Astros could prepare for it.
  7. I believe that the losses were a team effort and don't see the point of assigning blame to particular players. Also, for purposes of discussion, my sense if that Lewis did well for a rookie coming off a hamstring injury and Thielbar had one bad pitch.
  8. Watching the game now. Some coach needs to teach AK to get his body in front of the ball, not just wave at it with his glove hand. Lot's of blame to go around, but Twins need better fundamentals,
  9. Good idea to try to concentrate all the anger in one thread. I am deeply disappointed, but hope that the Twins play angry and focused tomorrow. Screw the cheating, ugly, arrogant stinking Astros. Beat them so bad tomorrow in the first inning that they have to use a position player to pitch the final eight innings. Beat them so bad that the owner considers selling the team. Maybe I am angry after all. 🙄
  10. Shoot him up with WHAT?
  11. I hope/pray that Sonny will make a statement by going 7 shutout innings to match or exceed Pablo.
  12. How fitting that Correa made the final play with an incredible throw,
  13. And Sonny will be motivated to prove that he is the true ace like the Twins' Don Drysdale.
  14. More insurance runs, please. Let's wear out the Astros' bullpen.
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