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  1. It would be poetic if the Twins could turn him into a valuable player after the Dodgers refused to trade him.
  2. Let all of the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.
  3. The Tigers' bullpen may yet allow the Twins to make a comeback.
  4. Perhaps all balls used in each game should be labeled with the name of the pitcher who threw them then tested in a laboratory after the game to look for banned substances?
  5. I have been there just once, and would caution you that the weather can get very hot in the summer. Much hotter than you might expect.
  6. Lots of good ideas here, but no clear solution. I like the idea of allowing more padding, and the idea of counting a pitch down the middle as two strikes is creative and intriguing. Another idea would be to require a pitcher to bat in the following inning after the pitcher hits someone if the batter is injured.
  7. From CBS Sports -- "Jim 'Mudcat' Grant, the first Black pitcher in American League history to win 20 games, has died at the age of 85. The Minnesota Twins, for whom Grant pitched for four of his 14 major league seasons, announced his passing on Saturday. " https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/former-all-star-pitcher-jim-mudcat-grant-who-spent-14-seasons-in-the-majors-dies-at-85/ This is sad news for us older fans. RIP Mudcat.
  8. Kiriloff is injured? Did it look serious? The Twins should probably add vomitoriums at Target Field.
  9. I have stopped watching the games in order to preserve my mental health. That's working for me so far.
  10. That hit gives him a chance at redemption.
  11. I rarely say this, but I think that the home plate ump is doing an excellent job calling balls and strikes.
  12. If this is going to be a turnaround, then maybe the bullpen needs to make a statement today.
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