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  1. Thanks for your very educational posts. Do you think that it could be helpful if he could find a batting glove that absorbs more of the energy when he makes hard contact?
  2. Not my favorite trip to Dodger stadium, and some of the defensive plays were painful to watch. As Rocco said, the Twins were outplayed in every facet of the game.
  3. I am a big fan of physics. And I want Kirilloff to be a hall of famer.
  4. Here is a link -- https://www.thestar.com/sports/2010/03/04/hightech_batting_gloves_get_thumbsup.html "Essentially it will reduce the impact by over 60 per cent, so a 100 mile-an-hour fastball will be reduced to that of a 39 mile-an-hour fastball, which is the difference between being in a cast and being a little bit sore," he said.
  5. I think that the Twins should look into a high tech batting glove that absorbs more of the impact when he hits the ball.
  6. I hope that Twins look at trading from areas of excess/strength, because it would be a shame to lose good players to Rule 5 later.
  7. Looking at his facial expressions I would suggest a mound visit.
  8. Moderator note -- we all know the rules here. Please cool down this discussion. Good points on both sides, but no personal attacks PLEASE.
  9. Who is likely to be blocked for a while? Trade those players.
  10. Please don't walk anyone. Make them earn it at least.
  11. It looked to me like Kepler got a late start.
  12. I agree with this, except I still have hope that he can realize his potential and the Twins don't miss out on another David Ortiz. I am wondering how long he can be kept in rehab. In my ideal world, he could play in AAA until people here are pleading for him to come up, and if that does not happen then he does not come up. I am wondering how long it will be before the Twins have to make a decision.
  13. I am enjoying this thread a lot, and am impressed by the way that posters are working together to figure things out. I have learned a lot from the article and what people have posted here. I think that ash made a very good point about the impact of acquiring pitchers who were injury prone. I remember that years ago the Twins had a pitcher with a "rubber" arm who could seemingly pitch whenever needed. Where are those guys today? I also wonder how this would all apply to the Royals in the year that the Royals won the World Series (2015).
  14. That should change the level of positivity in the clubhouse.
  15. Arraez set the table. Now Buxton or Correa needs to come through.
  16. Nice inning by Duran and a nice win for the Twins. Let's enjoy the rest of the weekend.
  17. My brother gave me a blood pressure monitor and it's interesting how it goes down with each insurance run.
  18. I am watching the postgame and it looks like some of the fielding was bad. Also, our starter went only 4 innings. That said, it appears that the bullpen also played poorly.
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