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  1. Yeah, I really liked both seasons of the Witcher.
  2. The Spielman and Zimmer regime gave the Vikings a level of competency that wasn't there before they got to Minnesota. But like everyone says the stagnation, the stubbornness, and poor coaching needed to go. Especially with what O'Neil and Kendricks said after Zimmer was let go about the communication and culture Zimmer created solidified the need for them to let go.
  3. Spider-Man was great. A little downer of an ending, but eh. I can't say I've seen the original West Side Story, but did see something online about the new movie not using Spanish subtitle as a form of respect. That seemed a little too much.
  4. Long term solutions? Almost no team has long term solutions, thus the big deals for FA pitchers.
  5. The Stroman deal really sucks as a wins fan. Not terrible yearly average and only 3 years. His on field talent plus attitude would have been awesome.
  6. Satire maybe the weapon of the powerless, but the subconscious of many working-class Americans is the weapon of the rich.
  7. I'll always remember Rosario getting ejected.
  8. These minor leaguers will never learn how to budget now.
  9. Rosario was so sought after at the trade deadline that the Braves traded the desiccated corpse of Pablo Sandoval to get him.
  10. I would hate to see how many homeruns Jax, Barnes and Ober would have given up without Simmons and his magical glove at SS.
  11. Neifi Perez from the 2002 Royals had one of the worst seasons ever with an OPS+ of 45.5. Simmons was 57, he was horrendous this year. Whether judging him by his batting average or number of COVID infections.
  12. These athletes are supposed to train, eat well and be ready to play. When was the last time you went to the grocery store? That **** is expensive. Your lack of of understanding what actual living wages are is sad. These wages suck and do not place these athletes in the best position to succeed. Your lack of any awareness about that aspect is alarming. Let them live 5 deep in a ****hole, who cares? They can go work at McDonalds. Why try to create an environment that lets people succeed. I’m sure that will have no barring on the future of MLB.
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