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  1. Dislike having Pagan pitch, but if Duffey starts the inning and blows it we’d be complaining about that. Thus the issue of a craptastic bullpen bites again.
  2. So walk the best hitter in Cleveland to load the bases for a guy who might walk in a run? Or just give up the 3R HR?
  3. Better to rip the band-aid off quickly than slowly? They're getting their days off now matter what, now it is one game without them than two games without one each?
  4. I would politely suggest you're more full of rubbish than a land fill full of tires. Francona is the same manager who got run out of Boston for losing his clubhouse. Cleveland's relievers have over half a run better ERA than the Twins. Cleveland just had a better bullpen. And the Twins like most teams pull their starters early due to the fact even a mediocre reliever has a better chance against a lineup the first time than a starter does the 3rd and 4th time through. Almost the entire MLB now does this, but of course it is just Baldelli.
  5. Wasn’t Winder the 27th Man for the double hitter? He was just returned to AAA them without an official move.
  6. The saving grace this year compared to last has been the usable talent ready when injuries occurred. This deal strips the depth the Twins have.
  7. But damnit the teams lost by always running hard, and having unbelievable pitcher fielding fundamentals.
  8. I liked the Obi-Wan show. It wasn't great, but enjoyable. I liked how it delved into Leia's backstory, while also showing the Owen/Beru & Bail/Breha as the parental figures who shaped Luke and Leia. And showing how f-ed up Obi was from the end of the clone wars and order 66.
  9. Is the new found plate discipline Kirilloff showed at AAA transfering to MLB? He was almost 1:1 walk to strikeout at AAA this year after being Rosario esque his previous seasons
  10. From the moment Correa signed here it was probably a one year deal in reality. This isnt really news.
  11. This. If you're going to be a hot takes guy, can you at least be funny while making stuff up?
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