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  1. Kaprizy is signed and appears to be vaccinated with a FDA approved vaccine. If Boldy and Rossi force their way onto the roster the season might not be too bad.
  2. Wonder if any players will decline because they won’t get vaccinated?
  3. What year was it that Jeff Suppan turned into Cy Young for the Cards in the playoffs? That crazy BS still sticks with me. Of the year the Angels won and got contributions from such no names.
  4. Wrigley is a historic stadium, your besmirching of it should not be tolerated!
  5. Who really gives a rip about Maggi getting into a game? He got called up, made the prorated salary of the major league minimum.
  6. Life is what you make it, and I’m making myself irritated by Gordon and his 600 OPS not playing SS and being stuck into LF.
  7. Can we still blame Jeremy Hefner for the poor pitching? And it was well established when Johnson was hired he was going to run the pitching. Incorporating the analytics side with his instruction. Which he had done while coaching in college.
  8. Deolis Guerra has thrown a whopping 160 innings in his MLB career for 5 teams and is 32 years old. He isn't the love that was lost by the Twins. And as your own article said about Henriks he was bounced around after being DFA'd by the Twins. He also somewhere along the way found like 5 mph on his fastball, which ya know, might by an underlying reason he's better now. Perez was blasted so hard the first half of the season the Sawx took him out of the rotation. It has been highly publicized about Pressly refusing to try the adjustments from the Twins that he implemented with the Astros. It isn't as if the these pitchers just left and the Twins would be world beaters if they stayed.
  9. To be fair, when a manager has access to a fountain of knowledge and greatness like Dick Such, it was certainly helpful to Kelly.
  10. I'm more in Levi's line of thinking. I wasn't necessarily saying protect Cook, but that an injured Cook isn't as useful.
  11. Oh my head hurts now. I blame Baldelli 100%, since it is professional sports team sucking. Managers always fall on the sword.
  12. Throwing Cook out there, run after run when you could see he wasn't cutting well was another annoyance. I get Zimmer and the offense is 1980 inspired, but what is the point of 30 mill guaranteed for Cousins, Jefferson and Thielen when the RB is hurt?
  13. My first reaction, since I hate Jack Morris was blah. But their ERA+ during the good years for Morris is close to Berrios. And the good pitcher who gives up more runs than they should is an apt description. I think Brock has me convinced that signing Berrios is a good thing for the Twins, he just can't be the best pitcher on a really good team.
  14. The conservative play calling the second half, capped off by sitting on the FG is annoying as hell.
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