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  1. The front office Wes Johnson and Baldelli seem to have a plan in regards to pitching. Seems to be centered around the fact a huge portion of their stagg threw 0 official innings last year, or guys like Maeds hew three 1/3 of their normal innings. The problem has been the bullpen and inability to support the starting staff. This plan will be graded next year and possibly later this year if the Twins' arms stay healthy and teams not planning for the innings increase have injuries.
  2. Definitely Baldelli’s fault the team ERA is almost 5. He should be pressing buttons and managing up the team to be good, like good managers do. Like Tony LaRussa and Dusty Baker, guys who call for more bunts and have their starters throw 8 innings every game.
  3. I’d think about it, if they offered an uncut streaming version. Bring back Blyleven and let the old guy cut loose, f bombs here, cussing out weak starting pitchers going 5 innings there. Full on old man yelling at the clouds level of analysis.
  4. Maybe it is my years of taking care of critically ill patients in the emergency department or my board certification as a nurse practitioner that makes me annoyed at this. But alluding to the immune response after vaccination in the same sentence as a reason not to be vaccinated is completely and absolutely idiotic. You want to know what is even more uncomfortable than an immune response post vaccination? Being intubated due to severe respiratory distress from covid. Or the associated urinary catheter that we shove into you or OG or NG tubes that we shove down so we can suction gastric conte
  5. I think you should just let your old-man yelling at clouds self go and let the filter do it’s job. No self-censorship!!
  6. Unless your pitcher is named DeGrom, pitchers are going to give up hits. Exit velocities under 80mph for Shoemaker on 2/3 hits. Complaining about it is just whining to whine.
  7. One positive note, Arraez did not hurt his knee more trying to catch Polanco's throw!
  8. A complete 180 from what they did to Greinke in the first inning.
  9. Maybe Romo and his schtick can light a fire under the Twins?
  10. I think his season ERA+ of 126, his FIP of 2.85 and WHIP of 1.118 is why he is still in.
  11. The ESPN crew is talking about the lack of energy and attitude from the Astros, well the Twins haven't been much better. Just a slow, slow, burn of a game.
  12. All this fancy literature crap, phewy. Victor Reyes is the new Niko Goodrum, with the way Reyes hits the Twins’ pitching.
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