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  1. no team in the division lost 90 games because when 4 of the 5 teams are all on the same level of suck, they play pretty competitive baseball against each other.
  2. complaining about bullpen games when the team is carrying like 15 pitchers is pretty hilarious. nothing bad happened tonight. the twins lost because one of the best hitters in baseball hit a timely homerun while the bats were stymied by probably the best pitcher in baseball right now. can't win them all
  3. the flaw in this argument, in my opinion, is in assuming that the hundreds of players in MLB are exactly the same and want the same things. what works for one player doesn't always work for another
  4. david price is the twins best chance for "impact pitching" at this point. red sox have clearly signaled they want to shed payroll so them eating some salary for prospects could work.
  5. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2019-10-01/foul-balls-fans-injured-mlb-ballparks-netting according to this article hundreds of people have been injured by balls going into the stands and a 79 year old mother of three and grandmother of seven died as a result of those injuries but as others have pointed out here, the twins extending the netting is meaningless because they haven't yet signed a big free agent by december 4th
  6. yes, the fact that wheeler wanted to stay near new jersey and turned down more money from the white sox to do so, clearly shows that the twins didn't do enough to sign him. perhaps they should have offered $30 mil a year to try and change his mind?
  7. darren wolfson via mlbtraderumors: Meanwhile, Darren Wolfson of 1500 SKOR North in Minneapolis tweets that the Twins, too, made a five-year offer to Wheeler and that money wasn’t the ultimate factor in rejecting that bid.
  8. sorry again for not knowing to how to post tweets. from ken rosenthal: #WhiteSox’s offer to Wheeler was for MORE than the $118M he will receive from the #Phillies, sources tell The Athletic. As @MarcCarig said, Wheeler’s wife is from New Jersey, and that proximity was an important consideration in his decision.
  9. i don't know how to post tweets or i would, but marc craig at the athletic tweeted that wheeler signed with the phillies and specifically mentioned staying near new jersey where wheeler's wife is from. seems to me, that's a non-monetary consideration.
  10. this might be crazy, but hear me out.... maybe zack wheeler doesn't want to pitch in minnesota. maybe it doesn't matter how much money or years the twins offer. i never see it mentioned in these conversations, but the players ultimately choose where they want to go. if wheeler or yu darvish or whoever else the twins have tried and failed to sign didn't want to play in minnesota, not much the FO can do about that.
  11. anyone who complains about an april snowout at target field should be condemned to an eternity of watching games at the trop
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