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  1. The way I see it, as a top 30 pitcher, he's a #1.. If he's on the lower half of top 30, then he's not an ace. Bottom line, he's a pitcher anyone would want and certainly a guy I wouldn't be afraid to hand a playoff start to, no matter what the game number.
  2. I do not understand why people want to pay him astronomical sums of cash. He's barely on the field. He was having a monster year in 27 games, I'll admit that, but many players can do that in a small sample. Outside of that, he's been a good hitter in that he can maintain an .800 OPS and of course an elite defender when he's on the field... the problem is that he's never on the field. No team is going to throw that kind of cash on him given he's more likely to spend the season on the DL than he is on the field.
  3. I cannot emphasize this enough. They need revenue sharing too... at least at the amount to make sure the smaller market teams can safely operate in those ranges. MLB and MLBPA need to recognize this or baseball as we know it is done. It's been really hard to follow the last few years when you know your team has a razor thin margin of error compared to most of their competitors.
  4. Berios was clearly going to test the market and it sounds like Buxton is too. If they cannot sign him, then I tend to agree that he's traded this offseason as waiting until the deadline would be a major gamble given his health issues. The question to me is if they can compete in 2022. If the answer is no, make the call and send anyone packing that won't be contributing beyond 2022.
  5. mixed emotions here. Was hoping to see Berrios here for a while. Though with the looming labor stoppage and baseball not fixing it's competitive issues I'm sure, I'm guessing this is the right move. Better get a haul and hope and prey they hit on all of them.
  6. Buxton is hard to quantify. I don't think the Twins offer was exceptionally low for the simple reason that he's been unable to stay on the field. He's at a point in his career that the label of "brittle" certainly applies. I would be pretty queasy personally guaranteeing that kind of cash as is and think an incentive laden approach is the right answer.
  7. Perhaps I have my Twins colored goggles on, but I think Berrios would be a far more valuable commodity than Stroman. That might be the Met's starting point, but I'm not sure our FO says yes.
  8. My question is whether or not they can compete next season. If so, you keep Berrios and Rodgers. If not, then well, ship them out. But I have to ask how a team with such bright hopes this season failed so miserably. At some point, our front office/owernship needs to take some blame.
  9. baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. I think there's value in keeping guys fresh as the season wears on... just my 2 cents. I think there's a lot more wrong with this team right now than Rocco giving guys the occasional day off.
  10. well, based on the time frame, I'm guessing that enough passed for people to have some meetings and talk it through. It's certainly not unreasonable given the situation. I'm not sure the consternation... it's not like the game won't be made up.
  11. I don't think teams do this all the time. I'd be hard pressed to find this type of thing done consistently. I also think that there's an assumption that we didn't try and deal Badoo... we don't know. I suspect the FO didn't think he'd be taken, and understandably so, but any time you leave a guy unprotected, you run that risk.
  12. There's already a thread on this in another forum. I think with only 11 AB, we're still in the "way too soon to tell" stage. I hope the kid does well, but the Twins are in win now and Baddoo was pretty far down on the pecking order. He hasn't spent time in the high minors and had mixed results in the low minors. It was a calculation on the part of the FO in thinking he woudln't be taken. They were wrong. But it is what it is. He was also blocked by several OFs with much higher ceilings and success in the high minors. All we can really do is wish him well.
  13. Nelson Cruz is on pace to hit over 150 home runs if he gets 500 at bats. Josh Donaldson slash line: 1.000/1.000/2.000/3.000
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