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  1. baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. I think there's value in keeping guys fresh as the season wears on... just my 2 cents. I think there's a lot more wrong with this team right now than Rocco giving guys the occasional day off.
  2. well, based on the time frame, I'm guessing that enough passed for people to have some meetings and talk it through. It's certainly not unreasonable given the situation. I'm not sure the consternation... it's not like the game won't be made up.
  3. I don't think teams do this all the time. I'd be hard pressed to find this type of thing done consistently. I also think that there's an assumption that we didn't try and deal Badoo... we don't know. I suspect the FO didn't think he'd be taken, and understandably so, but any time you leave a guy unprotected, you run that risk.
  4. There's already a thread on this in another forum. I think with only 11 AB, we're still in the "way too soon to tell" stage. I hope the kid does well, but the Twins are in win now and Baddoo was pretty far down on the pecking order. He hasn't spent time in the high minors and had mixed results in the low minors. It was a calculation on the part of the FO in thinking he woudln't be taken. They were wrong. But it is what it is. He was also blocked by several OFs with much higher ceilings and success in the high minors. All we can really do is wish him well.
  5. Nelson Cruz is on pace to hit over 150 home runs if he gets 500 at bats. Josh Donaldson slash line: 1.000/1.000/2.000/3.000
  6. If this new Buxton is the real Buxton AND healthy, it's probably Byron all the way on that. That said, they should be trying to keep them both as both are gamechangers.
  7. Hopefully this guy wearing Buxton's uniform is also healthier than Buxton.
  8. hopefully the illness isn't something highly contagious like the stomach flu... we might end up seeing a lot more of those if that's the case.
  9. yeah, unfortunately the spammers have been stepping up their game... You should see how many the filters catch on top of it...
  10. There is absolutely nothing confusing about this decision. ST stats may not matter for vets, but they most certainly matter for rookies who are trying to make the team. Had he raked this spring, I'd agree that this is confusing. He didn't. Bottom line is that there was a competition for the job and he lost. Given how little experience he has in the high minors, some seasoning in AAA is certainly warranted.
  11. spring stats don't matter much, but they most certainly do for people on the bubble trying to make the team. I don't see a grand conspiracy here. AK didn't look good and he's going to need to improve. His competition looked a lot better. He'll be here soon enough, but I wouldn't lose much sleep about him starting in AAA until he gets the ship going in the right direction.
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