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  1. We all know that April games only count half as much, so it's OK, right?
  2. No. That's the only answer to this premise. He's the best CF in baseball. His bat is still good at a DH, but you lose a crap ton of value with him not in the field. The team needs to figure out how to keep him healthy, and that is not going to be done by wrapping him in bubble wrap.
  3. If he played a full season and healthy? He'd be a legend. He'd likely lead the team in SB, HR, 2B, OBP, and SLG... you could make a case for a few other categories too.
  4. It's worth noting that Donaldson is not the only member of last year's team missing this season.
  5. the deal didn't look that bad in my opinion without the ptbnl. I didn't realize there's one there, but I like it more now that I see that. We're kind of top heavy in the farm right now, so a non roster player with some talent in the lower minors would be really nice.
  6. Two on and no outs... and nothing to show for it. TwinsBaseball
  7. Spring training is over. You're not allowed to use that phrase until next spring.
  8. I gave it a B. Makes the rotation a bit better at the expense of the pen. I wasn't counting a ton on Rooker. Given his swing and miss tendencies, he may not ever really amount to much in the majors. Wish him the best though.
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