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  1. while I don't think everything analytics brought to baseball has been good for the sport, I'd rather be on the lead of that change effort than chasing it like the Twins did.
  2. My bad, I misunderstood you. Me personally, no. I don't think Cousins is the answer (at least for the price). If he wants to stay and takes a salary between 15-20M, I'd probably keep him and use the difference to get help on the OL, since he's definitely dependent on good pass blocking. But beyond that, no. I want a ring more than a division title personally (yes, I realize that one makes it easier to get the other). Cousins can get you that if he's got top notch supporting cast, but that something he's never had here and it's something pretty hard to build from a QB making 35M/season. Personally, I'm of the opinion that we trade Cousins (as I think we get at least a 1st for him, especially if we ask for a 2023 first) and let Mond have a shot in 2022. I'd trade off anyone nearing the end (Smith, Theilen, etc) for 2023 picks as well if I could and use 2022 to draft higher ceiling development types/bolster solid play out of core positions on the lines. If Mond fails, we're likely drafting pretty high in 2023 with capital to move.
  3. It's kind of a moot point, Rodgers would never be traded within the division. The Packers bent over backwards to make sure Favre didn't leave GB to end up in Minnesota. I don't see that changing. And to the other point, we're more than a QB away at this point. We need some more strategic restructuring and I don't think trading away more capital for a year or two of Rodgers will help.
  4. Here's to hoping you're wrong At least the Wilfs are saying the right thing in this regard... I've commented elsewhere that I want a HC focused on being an HC and to hire the best coordinators out there. No problems with an offensive minded coach doing some planning with his/her OC, but I expect that coach to let the OC do their thing... same on defense if it's a defensive minded coordinator.
  5. Minnesota. They would rightfully want more than just Mayfield.
  6. Zimmer needed to go. I was more on the fence with Rick (leaned towards keeping him), but if that's what it took for change, it was worth it. As more and more come out though, it's pretty obvious there were some pretty dysfunctional issues with this team. That falls on Rick to some extent as well.
  7. that was my first thought. Good return, fans forget. We're pretty deep in the infield right now. It's a position of strength, and well Arraez is well liked (deservedly so) from a business standpoint, you make a trade if it makes sense.
  8. I don't think anyone disagrees about your statement about well run clubs. But the rules as setup make it harder for well run clubs to win, period. I don't know if you'd call Minnesota well run or not, but it doesn't take nearly as much well running for a big market team to consistently make the playoffs. That's what I'm getting at with margins of error. The Twins do not have the same margin of error that the Yankees or Dodgers do. The Pirates don't have the same margin of error as the Twins. That leads to a lot less competitive baseball. The dynamics of this need to shift, and my fear is that there's not nearly enough altruistic people in MLB to make it work. The sport is in trouble. Viewership data tells us that, even if revenue increases being largely driven by inflation are not.
  9. To be honest, I think the status quo is bad for the game. It's dying a slow death because of it. The game is in real trouble with its competitive issues right now. Its fan base is aging and not being replaced by younger fans. The game itself has enough challenges with that crowd, but you're going to lose viewers when you know your team simply has no chance every single April. Ultimately, as a passionate fan, I need to know that the rules are the same for the Twins as they are the Yankees. It's bad enough that we get to debate whether or not certain teams/players get a friendlier strike zone, but it goes beyond that. The Yankees will walk home with any player they want, regardless of cost and have the ability to unload said player should it end up being a sunk cost. The Twins will never operate like that in large part due to the disparities that you quoted. We all know that every year there are only a handful of quality free agents. That's true in most sports too I'd add. The problem is that in baseball's model, only a few teams will get those free agents and they get them every single time. In our world, we have to take the ones with question marks and hope we guess right. Some sort of revenue sharing model is going to be needed to fix that. There's no scenario that I can see where baseball can be fixed if teams like Pittsburg cannot keep up with the Yankee's spend.
  10. You're right that MiLB wages aren't hard to fix. They haven't been hard to fix for decades too, and that's what sad. No one seems to care about fixing them, and the cost per MLB team is that of a utility player to do it if they took it on themselves. It's definitely fixable and there are a number of ways to do it. But on to the other parts, that disparity is essentially the big problem as there's a huge competitiveness problem. As I said before, I'm close to being done with baseball. Why? Because it's really hard to get excited for a season when you know your team has a razor thin margin of error in order to succeed. The deck is stacked against small and mid market teams, and while they can compete, as Tampa has shown, it's usually the same big teams in the mix every single season. The Yankees are not some spectacularly run team. They are a team with a huge competitive advantage due to the structure of the game that they can exploit. You ask why fans of mid and small market teams should suffer. I'm not sure where you're going with that b/c where I stand, they already are suffering. While it definitely isn't the only one, It's one of several reasons why baseball is not gaining younger fans. My son likes baseball, but he's not watching it much, and a big reason for that is that his dad isn't either. Back to the economic disparity, big market teams aren't going to vote for anything that changes their revenue to the extent that it needs to change in order to fix the competitive issues. Approximately half the league is going to see a reduction in revenue in some way if we fix them. For the teams near the median, you may get their vote since they can see a bigger picture ROI, but you won't see either New York team, the Cubs, Dodgers, Angels, or Red Sox voting for it, and right there you've just about killed a new CBA that fixes the game. You have a similar problem on the player side, as those there couldn't care less about minors wages anymore... some might, but most won't. Most care more about the fact that analytics has vastly shortened playing careers. MLB is a bit different from other sports in that most players are going to spend several years in the minors at which point they have 6ish years of team control, only the last 2 do they really start to make money. It's a pretty crappy situation for them. In the NFL, you play immediately and have 4-5 years (though you cannot get drafted out of HS)... NBA is similar except that you have to do 1 season in college. That's a lot less time needed to get a second contract and their service time on the first contract is lower that MLB. So yeah, I don't think there's a scenario where the players don't get a concession here, and they're wise to push it.
  11. To be fair, a lot has to go right to get 8 or even 9. But yeah, there's some value there, I wouldn't argue that. To me though, it really comes down to how you use a lost game. Do you play the starters and try to win, or do you accept it for what it is and give the younger players some playing time and a chance to develop. That's technically tanking, but I also think it's the right answer and not even close. The draft spot is potentially a consolation prize.
  12. I doubt there's anything manual to it. They can cameras and other tech to get an exact idea of where the batter is standing and the stance. It's literally a different application of technology used in facial recognition or self driving for that matter. This is all very doable with no manual input.
  13. I think you need a hard cap and a hard floor along with some sort of revenue sharing to allow the smaller markets to spend at the top of the cap consistently. Minor league wages need to be fixed. Given the way analytics has changed the game, I suspect minimum salaries will need to go up considerably and the time to FA will need to drop a bit. Those are the big ones.
  14. Have you followed the Vikings? We always win these games. Remember that meaningless game that AP tore his ACL in? We lose that game, we get the 2 pick which the WFT trades a bazzillion picks for to get RG3... So yeah, we win, and someone is out in 2022. That's Vikings football.
  15. We're tracking this over at purple pain. It's not quite that wide of a spread 8 at the highest and 13 at the lowest, but you do have a point here.
  16. Not sure it's tanking. It's a question of development. Could Mond benefit from some snaps in a meaningless game? I'm sure he's not ready. I don't trust Zimmer to develop him, but I suspect Zimmer's criticism is not wrong either. I have a tough time believing that getting some PT on Sunday would be bad for him. It's not like they're handing him the job for 2022. On the other side, they have to decide if they're going to keep or move on from Cousins. If they move on, a trade makes a lot of sense, and playing Kirk in a meaningless game could have some pretty big repercussions there too.
  17. Mod Note: Let's all take a deep breath and start approaching this with a bit more respect. The bickering back and forth can stop.
  18. I voted half season. But the "I'm done with baseball" vote is very tempting, especially if they miss significant time. I'm sure at some point someone will blink. That's usually how these things work, but there's a pretty high level of animosity right now on the player's side, and there's some legit concerns on the owners side... and neither presents a solution that solves some of baseball's most pressing needs. For me it's going to depend a lot on what the new CBA will look like. I suspect players and owners can probably come to some agreement. My concern is that the like the other CBAs, the things most needed to be fixed are the things that won't get fixed. There's a massive competitive gap in baseball that doesn't exist elsewhere due to the financials of the sport, and I don't see enough altruistic owners and players (and it's going to require both) to ratify a solution that would do more revenue sharing and limit the earning potentials of the stars. It is getting really really really hard to follow baseball when ultimately the team you're rooting for has a razor thin margin of error while teams like LA and NY can consistently get away with expensive blunders. Likewise, the players union has consistently catered to the bigger names and really left a lot of the little guys out, and they have to fix what effectively amounts to wage control in among minor leaguers where some of the real abuse lies and probably agree to some spending caps. They have legitimate gripes over FA too, and now the front offices are smarter, they aren't making nearly as much on the back end. Something needs to give there, whether that be a raise in minimum salaries for minor leaguers and pre-arb players and/or a much shorter time to FA in order to capitalize. I don't know. Baseball's much different in that unlike other sports such as the NFL or NBA, you're going to be in the minors for a bit. That's a lot of time and earning potential lost compared to the NFL or NBA, not to mention much longer contracts once they make it to the show.
  19. I would like to know how it is he can go from a Ruthian type performance to struggling to hit the Mendoza line. I realize there's an adjustment game and what not, but I would think by now he's seen enough MLB pitching to be more consistent.
  20. Yeah... he's what 25? Way too soon to give up on him. We can all be wrong together on this one. I still think he could have a bright future.
  21. Star Wars vs. Star Trek? That's for Brock. Any thoughts on something about how to fix baseball? That might need to be a bit more than head to head though as I could see a few plans there.
  22. Yeah, terrible look for Manfred here. He needs to go. I don't anticipate him finding a fix for the lockout either... or the competitive situation... or well... anything. I think there need to be a lot of changes at the top with both management and the players union. People like Manfred aren't helping the sport. Rosenthall on the other hand, I'd think someone would take him.
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