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  1. My Paul Wellstone story happened at the State Fair. We liked to take our kids around to meet politicians, to shake hands and say hello. We saw Senator Wellstone was there and got in line to meet him. We arrived a little early and only had about third of a block line of people to wait for. The line grew long behind us. We got up to him pretty quickly and he cordially greeted us. I had a question for him about the BWCA and the conflict then with motors and motorized portages. Then something amazing happened. He started explaining at length the background, the current problem, and his position. This took several minutes. As the line grew far longer, his aides were trying to hurry him but he didn’t listen. He stopped only when he had completed his explanation. It was a fun and memorable experience for my whole family.
  2. I can’t watch tonight but checking on Gameday, Mahle looks like he has lost his velocity again. Is this true?
  3. Now Lopez is pitching in the 7th. Who is going to pitch in the 9th if, and it’s a big if, a really big if, the Twins take the lead?
  4. In his last at bat yesterday that ended the game, he looked like he would rather be anywhere else than in the batter’s box. It’s sad, for both him and the team, that he is struggling at the plate.
  5. Snell went 3.2 innings last night in Denver. He walked 6, struck out 5 and gave up 5 runs. So his last outing doesn’t look good altogether Colorado is a tough place to pitch.
  6. That’s too bad for Taylor. I think he has pitched in a lot of games. As of right now, it looks like neither team won that deal.
  7. Yes great job by Watkins and Kepler. Great catch by Buxton. But wow our shortstop has an arm. Great throw by Correa to finish the game.
  8. I am concerned that Buxton is playing hurt. He doesn’t look right at the plate. The ball he missed in right center was a tough play but one I expected him to make. Not every center fielder would catch that ball, but he’s not every center fielder.
  9. Just like that the Twins are in 2nd place! I know it’s early, but it beats being in last place early in the season. It’s also so fun to watch Buxton laughing and having fun.
  10. I’m happy with the new shortstop. I don’t think they are finished with the roster and will add some pitching. It’s fun to read Yankee fans comments on MLB Trade Rumors about the Twins signing Correa. Quite a few are really cranky about who they got so the Twins could end up with our shortstop. I also read that Rortvedt has an oblique strain and is out for awhile.
  11. Big news and big surprise!! Better shortstop than Story. I guess they spent the Donaldson money. Nice!
  12. Very frustrating. They are not trying to get better yet they traded last year’s first round draft choice. And Trevor’s Story wants to be on the Twins because…?
  13. I have never been a real fan of this front office but I like what they are doing so far. I think they have a plan and we need to give them a few days to work it out. I think the Donaldson move is freeing up money to spend on a shortstop. Great shortstops are hard to come by, and if Story is healthy he can be great. They still need to add some pitching to make this successful, but these moves might be coming. I hope I am right, otherwise it’s going to be another rough season that is pretty much over by May.
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