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  1. It’s hard to limit the number to 5. I liked Mike’s selections. Donaldson and Cruz have not been good. Kepler looks lost at the plate. Sano looked a little better after trying to change his swing, but it seems like he reverts back to the same big loopy swing most of the time. I think sometimes the pitchers throw the ball where he swings and hit his bat. But then, I can’t bring myself to watch every game. They aren’t much fun to watch. Nobody seems like they are having much fun, even when they win.
  2. Just saw the Twins are going to sign Caleb Thielbar. He was probably easy to sign but not exactly the ace I was hoping for.
  3. I think I would be a fan of the Jersey if they had one with Wheeler on the back.
  4. I like Eddie in left field. He had a great throw to win that game in Boston. I think he is a better fielder with Buxton in center. His ankle injury seemed to hurt his second half of the season. He needs to hustle more when he hits a ground ball out, but that is Rocco's job. He was a solid cleanup hitter who drove in more than 100 runs. Very successful season.
  5. I think Harmon helped establish the Twins in Minnesota and brought fans to the park. In those days very few games were televised so I learned about Harmon by listening to Herb Carneil call the game. He was so fun to listen to as he described the game in such detail. Some of the World Series games were played during the day in the middle of the week. This was a really different ownership to play for with Calvin Griffith. More games were televised when Kirby played so I saw him play more. He was such a great player too. I remember the double header in Milwaukee when he went 10 for 11 an
  6. He made me nervous too. Early in the season it was too cold to grip his splitfinger. When it got warmer, he still didn't use it much. Hard to figure what was going on. A straight 91 mph fastball doesn't work real well at this level. On top of this his motion was hard to watch.
  7. This isn't Molitor's fault, but I don't think we need to see more of Belisle, Duffy, or Field. On the manager, though, wouldn't it have been fun to have had Gardy managing today when Belisle got tossed?
  8. I think it is a good move. Right now I am not sure he can hit AAA or AA pitching. Teams have figured out how to pitch to him. If I can see that you don't have to throw strikes to get him out I am sure big league scouts can see this. He will get himself out consistently on sliders low and outside. Something needed to happen and I hope this helps.
  9. Jim Mudcat Grant had a nightclub act and was a singer. I read where he worked in the Cleveland ticket office and for their community relations team when he played for the Indians.
  10. Pretty sure Bob Allison worked for Coca Cola.
  11. While I am tired of tired of watching Santiago and Gibson get shelled and would rather see Romero or Jorge get a chance, I have a related question. Are Gibson and Santiago trying to get better or are do they think they are good right now? I read where Jack Morris learned his splitter from pitching coach Roger Craig. That is when he became a good pitcher. Frank Viola learned his change up from Johnny Padres and then he did well. Is the pitching coach working with them and they won't or can't get better or is nobody working with them?
  12. Things might change, but isn't it fun to have a winning baseball team and to be even talking about winning the division?
  13. I didn't see every game down the stretch last year, but I saw Pat Light pitch. He is supposed to have a big time fastball. I remember watching and waiting to see triple digits. Light seemed to want to throw all off speed stuff. Was he hurt or did I miss his fastball?
  14. This is a great idea. Thanks Seth. 1) My daughter was in 1st grade and the Twins' Caravan came to our town. Kirby was there and my daughter and I went to see him. He signed her baseball card but didn't say too much. However as we were leaving, his wife Tonya, stopped us to compliment my daughter on her pretty braids and talk to her. Tonya insisted that I take a picture of the two of them. This made a little girl's day and is a memory that has lasted for 25 years. 2) I wish I had met Harmon and got his autograph on a baseball.
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