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My thoughts on our Minnesota Twins.

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Gopher Preview (Week 3)

The Gophers are back playing baseball in Minnesota today. The first pitch is at 6 PM on B1G+, and for those of you looking to take in a baseball game in person, they will be at Zigi's house, US Bank stadium. The mid-week tilt will be against UW Milwaukee, who comes to town with a 4-2 record. The Panthers are paced offensively by Luke Seidel, who is 6-6 on stolen bases in as many games. He also boasts a .824 OPS as he holds down left field and the leadoff spot for UW Milwaukee.  

Gopher Baseball: Built on Resilience

The storied University of Minnesota baseball program is the only sports topic nearer and dearer to my heart than Twins baseball. I’m a Gopher baseball alum from 2015-2018 and had the honor of playing for John Anderson, Rob Fornasiere, Todd Oakes, Pat Casey, and Ty McDevitt.  There was some turnover with our pitching coach during my time. If you want a feel for why this program is important, check out some of TO’s story, “Hearts, Guts, Balls.” He was one of the best human beings I have come

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Gophers

They’ll Love You When You're Dead

A major pitfall of human beings is eulogizing people once they are gone. The nicest comments you’ll ever hear about another person is when they are, sadly, no longer with us. Isn’t that depressing? We can’t appreciate people while they are here or to quote The Office “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them”. As Twins fans we bring this unfortunate reflex to our fanhood aggressively and without question. Some examples Joe Mauer, our current Fron

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Blog

My Way, The Highway, and Breakfast.

Anyone that’s been around baseball recently has heard some variation of “Old School” vs. “New School” baseball. It’s like asking someone to pick between bacon or sausage. Both are good, and you can like one more than the other, but you don’t have to hate someone or the meat over it. Makes no sense. The difference is people identify baseball as a part of who they are and baseball isn’t high in cholesterol. The “old” vs. the “new” is an incredibly broad generalization that has split baseball

Happy Holidays, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Alright, Twins fans... time to put your money where your mouth is. If it's all about spending money, if it's all about pushing the budget where it "should be", if it's all about signing a pitcher, once he receives his imminent release, it's time to sign Trevor Bauer. You're sick and tired of the low-risk pitching signings with no ceiling? Here ya go. An arm with ace-type stuff, a wild amount of baggage, and every player I know has hated him more than getting leftover concessions for the pos

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Twins

What’s the difference between the Astros and the Twins?

Seems like the dumbest question ever but it’s a great place to start. What does the World Series champion do that we don’t?    Something I love to reference when it comes to the Twins is the “dark years”. It was those years that ruined the pinstripe cream uniforms. I can’t look at those uniforms without thinking about how much of a disaster this organization was from 2011-2016. We are feeling the effects of those decisions right now, bad scouting, and a lukewarm feeling toward competin

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Twins

Joey Gallo- your dads least favorite player

To say Joey Gallo was bad last year would be like saying a turd isn't particularly tasty... it hardly describes the full truth. He hit .160 with 19 homers and a .638 OPS. Not to mention the 163 punch-outs in 410 plate appearances, that's just shy of a 40% strike-out rate. Absurd. His defense took a step back as well last year but inconsistent playing time can do that to an outfielder in terms of in-game jumps. On the surface, this sign makes little to no sense with the roster in its current stat

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Twins

Swim, Swammi, Slippy, Slappy, Swenson? Swanson.

As the offseason has unfolded I’ve been softening my stance on the Twins making a push for Dansby Swanson. As a shortstop and leader in the clubhouse, sometimes the best ability is availability. He has missed two games in the last three years which is WILD with how players are managed in Major League Baseball.    Statistically, with Correa landing in potentially the worst hitter’s yard in baseball I would put money on Dansby having a better offensive season than Carlos Correa. Correa i

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Swanson

Signing Carlos Correa- Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

Some of the best advice you will ever get- just because you can doesn't mean you should. Is it disappointing to see a great talent go elsewhere ABSOLUTELY. For the the long term health of the franchise is it for the best? Probably. A Shortstop whose value primarily comes from his defense will not age well. Paying Carlos Correa 27+ Million in 2032 is going to leave an ache similar to me taking down 7 cups of eggnog at the company holiday party. A huge piece no one seems to want to ever menti

Alex Boxwell

Alex Boxwell in Correa

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