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  1. BA may not be the end all be all, but putting a ball in play makes the defense have to react and we have benefitted from bad opponent defense. Striking out does no good. I agree with OP that baseball with contact is more fun to watch
  2. Wednesday's game was broadcast by Youtube. It was my first time seeing this. I really liked it. I thought the between half inning nat sound/cutting to shots of the dugouts was cool. Pena was o.k. and assume will get better. Graphics were nice. I was impressed. What think you guys and gals?
  3. What sucks is if the is 2021 redux. Out of contention by mid-May. If that's the case bring up the youths. Gotta shake something up, because 2 years of this signifies a problem. That starting pitching is not going to last.
  4. Yes, games count as much in April as September. This Twins team looks good to me. I believe the hitting will come soon, the SP looks good, relief...We'll figure it out. Just don't dig a big hole like last year
  5. Interesting take, and I agree. I'm not worried about the lineup. More interested in SP and RP
  6. I'm happy for Sano dropping 25 lbs. I'm not happy watching his swings. Jeepers creepers. Time to move on. And before anybody jumps on me, I know its ST, but I don't think the season beginning is going to get Sano going. Let's open up a spot on the roster.
  7. I re-watched the Correa media intro, and something jumped out to me. Scott Boras said Correa had a +1200 OPS in Minneapolis. Does that mean he sees the ball well, or Twins pitching is that crappy. Would like to hear thoughts. If this has already been a thread, sorry.
  8. There are a lot of posters over the last few days who need to be held accountable for their comments on front office/ownership and admit they were wrong. The Twins have not been as 'Twinny' the last 3 or so years. I hope this works out '
  9. I'm down with this except...What if (and I don't think it's in his nature as an alpha competitor) he begins to pull up on shallow flies, balls to the wall (not a euphemism), or reduces his number of steal attempts to stay safe? Pay him top dollar and let Buxton do what Buxton does without concern. I believe he has had bad injury luck. I don't think he's a fragile commodity. The bad luck injuries have happened. Let's go forward
  10. Thanks for these Nick, as mentioned above, they're good snapshots of the team in a season which work/life/bad team had me watching a lot less. Color me weird, but I'm optimistic about next BEFORE any Hotstove moves have happened. I believe we will get expensive starting pitching help. I believe in our bullpen albeit a piece or 2. I'm happy with our position players if Kepler can get on track and we get a SS. Luckily our holes to fill (top of line SP, Shutdown Closer, and SS are easy to fill....Go Twins)
  11. This is absurd going in to next season with Dobnak, Gant, Albers, Ober, and Barnes as part of your 2022 starting staff. No thank you. I appreciate your effort, but I would like to win. Our offense is going to be depleted next year. Our pitching needs to step it up. That list of dudes is not inspiring.. FO do something.
  12. Jorge was going home from first the second the ball was struck. Love it.
  13. Uggh. This makes me so optimistic for next year with nothing concrete to point to. I do think we did really well with our trades, but we need to start producing something more than corner outfield lefty hitters. There are a lot more player types, and we need a few of them. As mentioned above, Kepler's energy was a good sign coupled with Polanco having another good day
  14. I know it's 4 plus months into the season. Did we rely to heavily on a 'shake the dice' bullpen for too long? I feel if we brought in 2 or 3 relievers a game we might be better served than the 3-5 we trot out every game. I don't have the time time or knowledge to go to sites to serve this out, but I'm amazed how much we use our shaky bullpen out of the gate. I can't find the numbers I want to prove this theory because I'm not smart. Thoughts? Aside from I'm dumb and can't use Google properly.
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