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  1. I like this idea. Farmer is great against lefties, with a .837 career OPS vs. a .650 OPS against righties. If they intend on using Farmer as the utility guy against lefties and Nick Gordon against righties, I like it. On the other hand, if they plan on Farmer being the Opening Day SS, I hate the move. If they aren't going to spend their money on SS, where else are they going to spend their money? I have a very hard time thinking they have a shot at signing the likes of deGrom, Verlander or Rodon. Unfortunately, I think the latter is a much bigger possibility than the former. I just have a hard time thinking that the FO would pay $6MM for a utility player when they are so obsessed with their cap space. I don't think they have completely ruled out signing a top SS, but I think this is one of the moves that we have seen time and time again in recent years where they prepare their fallback option beforehand so that they have a backup plan for whenever their feeble attempt at signing a top free agent inevitably fails.
  2. I think this trade means that the Twins don't have any intensions of signing a top SS in the free agency market this year. If they were seriously considering signing Correa or Bogearts, it is highly unlikely that they trade for Farmer as a backup when he himself makes nearly $6MM.
  3. The season is all but over now. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Great timing for the NFL to start though. These losses made my transition from baseball season to football season a lot easier.
  4. Did anyone notice how small of a lead Hamilton had when he tried to steal third? I know he's known for his speed but that didn't look like a good steal opportunity in the slightest.
  5. Very interesting stuff. Gary really stands out to me in that he has already exceeded his average numbers of doubles, but needs 20 more HRs. Prior to this year, he had 78 career doubles and 138 HRs, and not a single season in which he hit more doubles than HRs, so I guess he is getting pretty unlucky in that his deep fly balls aren't going out as much as they did in previous years. His statcast numbers indicate that he is hitting the ball just as hard as in previous years, so it may just be luck, or it may be from changing home fields. I just want to point out that the OPS numbers probably aren't correct. Buxton has a .843 OPS so far this year, so he wouldn't need a .907 OPS the rest of the season to end up with a .770 OPS.
  6. I guess we can't have nice things around here. Just when you thoughts things were turning for the better we lose what may be our best pitcher... And to rub salt in the wound we get to see Pagan in the 3rd inning.
  7. What in the world was Rooker doing on that play? I know we sometimes say that anyone could do better than player A, but in this case, I think any of us here could quite literally have made a better throw than him.
  8. The movement on Sands' pitches look really nice. If he can just learn to control them he can make hitters look silly.
  9. We finally have a comfortable lead. I'd like to see Sands for the last 2 innings, we haven't seen him in a while.
  10. As good as the Dodgers lineup is, with Jax-Fulmer-Duran-Lopez, we likely only need 2 or 3 more runs to win this game. Not easy, given the quality of the lineup, but definitely doable.
  11. The Dodgers broadcast is oozing with confidence and you can see why. Down 2 runs and they are talking like the game is just getting started.
  12. So thankful to have him. He's more or less hitting like Larnach was (with better contact) and the underlying stats back it up. If you add in the defensive flexibility and speed, he's one of the best utility men in the game. Not to mention he might even add a little more power as he gets even healthier. He could be the prime Marwin Gonzalez that we never got to see.
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