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  1. There is a total “boy who cried wolf” effect when RandballStu posts something. I buckle up for a good laugh and the journalist accuracy of an Onion article. As I read this, I kept thinking, it just feels too plausible this time. Not quite ridiculous enough, so I checked Simmon’s twitter. Holy mackerel. (Jaw agape) Have all RandballStu articles been true, fair and accurate this whole time?
  2. Welcome aboard. I look forward to reading your thoughts. You have good taste in first basemen!
  3. "Former Twins pitchers Kyle Gibson, Lance Lynn, Liam Hendriks and Ryan Pressly are on the American League All Star team. In addition, Eduardo Escobar is making his first All Star game as well, as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, at least for now. " Kyle Gibson-Left for 3yr/$30m deal in free agency, no return Lance Lynn (+$4.5million)-traded for Luis Rijo and Tyler Austin (who was subsequently traded for Malique Ziegler) Liam Hendriks-DFA waiver claim, no return (Terry Ryan FO) Ryan Pressly-traded for Jorge Alcala and Gilbert Celestino Eduardo Escobar-traded for Jhoan Duran, Gabriel Maciel and Ernie De La Trinidad It was an enlightening exercise to track the returns from these lost loves. The 2021 Twins would sure look different with 5 more all-stars on the roster, but no one sees the future. Alcala, Duran, and Celestino are all positioned to try and help the big team now or soon. De La Trinidad is holding his own at AA but getting old for a prospect. Rijo and Maciel are still in the low minors with reason for hope. I can't find whether Malique Ziegler is still in the organization. He last played in 2019 where he struggled to hit at low levels. Where I will gripe is this- I miss everything about Eduardo Escobar. That was a player for whom I could root heartily!
  4. Are we convinced he’s an upgrade over Cave. Without looking, which career stats are Cave and which are Kepler? .243/.311/.428 .235/.318/.440 I mean, that is near identical production. They are both 28. Should we be convinced Kepler is the better centerfielder? Maybe. But consider the Twins management has chosen to position Cave in CF 83% of his games played and Kepler in center 20% of his games played. They’ve certainly chosen to give Kepler a lot more playing time and signed him to a multi-year deal, so they obviously view him as the superior player. But is he?
  5. It’s no fun to admit it, but he just looks like this is going to be what he is. His approach at the plate seems so disciplined and mature. It looks like he knows how to maximize his ability, yet, the production is just okayish at best. It’s a shame. I think we had reason for high hopes once, but his numbers don’t give much reason to hope anymore.
  6. In reality, Berrios is the only guy that makes sense in my opinion... ...but it seems like a dishonest representation of the Twins if our All-Star rep isn't on the IL.
  7. "Next one's free," said a source familiar with the team's high-deductible medical plan." That's all it took to make my day. Sooooooo good!
  8. I didn’t see the game and sounds like about all I missed was that Buxton gem. Thankful that the video was in the article, because that was marvelous. Otherwise, I made the right choice to catch a few fish.
  9. '“Anyone with a working knowledge of football knows that losing a game in the last minute is public domain,” said the team. “But blowing a lead at the end of regulation, mounting a comeback in overtime, then blowing a lead again? That’s Vikings football.' This is just perfectly written, Stu. You got me laughing loudly. Well played!
  10. "Miguel comes within a foot of tying the game..." -Attabury Does that mean his swinging strike was only a foot away from the fastball?
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