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  1. I’m going to the game tonight for the first time since the Pre-Covid days of yore. I’ll have a talk with the boys and try to get ‘em on track. It’s gotten a bit ugly out there.
  2. For any of those inclined to dump on Archer, I submit this stat. Short starts? Yes, but he’s held opposing hitters to an OPS of just .680 That’s better than league average and better than Mahle, Ryan, Bundy, Smeltzer, Ober or Winder. Sonny Gray is the only Twins starter who has a better opponent OPS (.654) Heck, our 100+ mph, short burst super reliever Duran is holding opposing hitters to an OPS of .619 If our most dominant reliever holds opponents to a .619 OPS, I am not inclined to be disappointed or critical of a starter who holds them to .680 He’s trended down recently. Here’s hoping it is a blip. Might be one of our better hopes for a dominant playoff pitcher (starter or bp)
  3. You had me at “Jake Cave and Tim Beckham are also in the lineup.”
  4. Geez. I hate this situation, but Ted’s writeup is about perfect. He really fairly represented every facet of this issue. I feel like I’ll always hear the Tiffany song “Could’ve Been” in the back of my mind whenever I think of Sano.
  5. Crazy to think that this was a valid TD feature article on May 29: … and I’m 0% picking on Ted. It was a valid concern and a fine article. Today, Gordon has instead anchored his place on the team and proves his value on repeat. The 2022 Twins are getting a lot of contribution from this particular “bubble guy.” As I write this, Aaron Hicks is batting for the Yankees. .226/.347/.319 @ $6m I’ll take Nick 100 times out of 100. That’ll make me sleep a little better.
  6. This is probably what I needed to read this morning. I have been feeling like they should just stand pat and let the cards fall where they may. Send the team the message that “You are the cavalry. Step up.” But truly, bullpens can often be patched without paying a huge penalty and this team could be so much stronger with a couple bullpen reinforcements. If they fall apart, at least don’t give up much.
  7. Ugh. I feel terrible for him right now.
  8. I'm right there with you. Can't believe I was looking forward to this.
  9. Archers Strike percentage this year is 59.9% For comparison Corbin Burnes strike percentage is 62.9%
  10. You are entitled to your own opinion and you choose pretty safe ground when you continually call any player cooked, because you'll eventually be right with every player. I personally saw a lot more potential upside in Archer's pitching a few week's ago than I've seen in any other member of this rotation. The strategy seemed to be slowly build him up in hopes that he can be a reliable starter by the time the playoffs arrive. If they prove unable get Archer back on track, I personally don't see much hope for this team. I mean, maybe Joe Ryan can start every game of a playoff series.
  11. In June, he contributed 27 innings with a 1.67 ERA and held opponents to a .156 batting average Then, he hit the IL and he's now pitched just twice since. So yes. It is absolutely disingenuous to characterize today's season-low 3 IP, season high 6 BB, season high 6 ER outing as what he does "most days."
  12. He looked pathetic today. I'm not arguing that. He pitched better for the entire month of June than any other Twins pitcher and we've only seen him twice since, so we can overreact as much as we like, but if you proclaim every starter "cooked" and cut them all after one bad outing, you'd have already discarded every starter in the league.
  13. Seriously? "Most days"? Look at the game logs. This tied his shortest start of the season and was certainly one of the few worst outings he's had as a Twin. Most every starter has some days where they just can't find it. We just saw Sonny gray have a similar meltdown against Chicago. To act like today's lousy outing was representative of Archer's season is totally disingenuous.
  14. Thanks for calling that to our attention. That is a cool feature
  15. Looks like no one told the hitters that they are supposed to be afraid of Corbin Burnes
  16. I love watching Luis work a long at-bat like that. Even though it ended with a whiff.
  17. Nick just smoked that! I like how aggressive they are taking these at-bats
  18. My confidence in Archer is looking misplaced so far. Still, I think his stuff has looked better than any of their other (healthy) starters this season.
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