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  1. I agree. I just watched the Nolan Ryan bio on my last Delta flight back home. Watch that and then debate your position. I'm an above average avid baseball fan and learned a ton watching it. You almost can't make it up. These MLB teams need to start letting pitchers pitch. What they are managing to now and how they are coaching these kids now is not working. I miss watching pitchers go 9 innings...I really do.
  2. Great article. St. Peter is clearly not watching the games. I am more than a casual fan and could barley watch this team after the All-Star break. The best term I can come up to describe this team is bland. No spark, no fire, no leadership, no coaching and very poor management.
  3. Agree with you on points 1, 5 and 6. I'm more concerned with their offensive output. Still feels like there are a lot of unknowns there. In addition, the bullpen will need to be upgraded in a big way. Oh, by the way, let's get a new trainer or leader in the strength and conditioning department. Oh, by the way, let's get an instructional coach to teach base running. Paul Molitor was considered a base running genius. Get him to spring training early and let him sit on the bench during the season too. I also suspect we will see a new pitching coach and hitting coach. Nelson Cruz might make a great hitting coach.
  4. I still think there is a 50/50 chance Correa returns. I don't have any information to back that up but its just a hunch. $35mm is still a nice payday...
  5. Welcome back Twins fans to another workday game thread! I'm still dealing with emotional issues regarding this season. If you would have told me back in May we would be in this situation I would have laughed at the absurdity. Under .500 and 9 games back on September 22 is disgusting. I guess we can cheer for the younger players trying to fill in for our ailing starters. I did have an idea for next year though. Maybe we move the Twins team to Rochester, Minnesota to be closer to the Mayo Clinic. It may help with injuries, etc. Just a thought though....Would love to hear from others on what they would do next year to improve the health and durability of this team. Clearly letting your stars take a couple of days of each week has not helped. Hang in there Twins fans! Brighter days are ahead for this team. Go Twins! Today's Lineups: TWINS: 1. L. Arraez, DH 2. C. Correa, SS 3. Nick Gordon, 2B 4. J. Miranda, 1B 5. Gio Urshela, 3B 6. M. Wallner, RF 7. G. Celestino, CF 8. Jake Cave, LF 9. C. Hamilton, C SP - Josh Winder, RHP (4-4, 4.17 ERA) ROYALS: 1. M. Melendez, C 2. B. Witt, Jr., SS 3. S. Perez, DH 4. V. Pasquantino, 1B 5. E. Olivares, RF 6. K. Isbel, LF 7. N. Eaton, 3B 8. N. Lopez, 2B 9. D. Waters, CF SP - Jonathan Heasley, RHP (3-8, 5.09 ERA)
  6. Good morning Twins fans and welcome back to the ever popular workday game thread! For those of you still working from home go ahead and turn on the TV and watch the game while pretending to listen and participate on conference calls. If you're working in an office close your office door and get the radio going. If you work in a cubical city put your EarPods in and listen or watch the game from your computer of smart phone. If those options don't sound appealing go ahead and take the day off. You have my permission. Well, the Twins have certainly spiraled out of control. I'm still in the denial stage of my grieving process...I think anger comes next...I'll wait for the anger stage to kick in before posting anything new in the forums. I will keep this short since we are playing for pride now and not the playoffs.... Today's Lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, DH 2. C. Correa, SS 3. J. Miranda, 1B 4. Nick Gordon, 2B 5. G. Urshela, 3B 6. G. Celestino, CF 7. Jake Cave, LF 8. M. Wallner, RF 9. S. Leon, C SP - Sonny Gray, RHP (8-4, 2.83 ERA) CLEVELAND: 1. S. Kwan, LF 2. A. Rosario, SS 3. J. Ramirez, DH 4. J. Naylor, 1B 5. O. Gonzalez, RF 6. A. Gimenez, 2B 7. T. Freeman, 3B 8. L. Maile, C 9. M. Straw, CF SP - Cal Quantrill, RHP (12-5, 3.51 ERA)
  7. My pick to click tonight is Miranda. And no, he does not need to read your rights!
  8. Good evening Twins fans and welcome back to some game thread fun! This season has been a real upper and downer. The Twins need to win tonight in order to keep any possibility of hope alive...I like the drama but really irritated it came to this. I know, injuries have killed us but this seems to be a continual occurrence. Who is actually in charge of health and fortitude on this team? Whoever it is needs to be canned. Just my observation. I'll be interested to see what this teams character is all about. Even with all of the replacement players it would be nice to see some spark. Who knows what will happen but I hope we prevail. Dylan Bundy (8-7, 4.68 ERA) toes the mound tonight against the Royals southpaw Daniel Lynch (4-10, 5.14 ERA). The lineup for the Twins looks suspect but I guess its all we got...grab a drink, fire up the grill (it is Thirsty Thursday) and cheer for your Minnesota Twins tonight. Sorry for the short introduction but I'm irritated it's actually come to this. I'm already looking forward to 2023! Let's win Twins!!! Tonight's Lineups: TWINS: 1. Kyle Garlick, DH 2. C. Correa, SS 3. Jose Miranda, 1B 4. Gio Urshela, 3B 5. Gary Sanchez, C 6. G. Celestino, CF 7. Nick Gordon, LF 8. J. Palacios, 2B 9. Jake Cave, RF SP - Dylan Bundy (8-7, 4.68 ERA) ROYALS: 1. MJ Melendez, LF 2. Bobby Witt, 3B 3. S. Perez, C 4. V. Pasquantino, DH 5. M. Massey, 2B 6. M. Taylor, CF 7. Nick Pratto, 1B 8. Kyle Isbel, RF Nicky Lopez, SS SP - Daniel Lynch, (4-10, 5.14 ERA) Weather: 0% chance of rain, 83 degrees.
  9. I'm not too concerned. I think it's half pitchers making adjustments and Arraez making adjustments to those adjustments. Statistically it should even out.
  10. Pick-to-click - Miranda and Buxton. We need some leadership on this team! Who will step up and put up?
  11. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! Tonight our beloved Twins take on the Texas Rangers. We need a win tonight to split the series with our I35 rivals Texas. Sonny Gray will take the mound for Minnesota while southpaw Cole Ragans will toe the line for the Rangers. Ragans is 0-2 with a 5.02 ERA while our sunny-side up Gray boasts a 7-3 record with an 3.11 ERA. Our lineup (1-7) looks decent tonight with the exception of Tim Beckham at DH and big Sandy Leon batting 9th. I'm honestly at a cross roads how I feel about the Twins right now. There are so many injuries but there are some bright spots too. Stranger things have happened but if a few of our guys come back and we are within spitting distance of winning the division momentum may take over in October. I just don't know...The Twins are only 1.5 games back from Cleveland. I think we've got this but as they say in the court room..."the jury is still out". It's Monday night, grab a cool beverage, fire up the grill and watch or listen to some Twins baseball while the weather is nice and cheer for your Minnesota Twins today! Let's GO Twins! Tonight's lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 2B 2. Carlos Correa, SS 3. Byron Buxton, CF 4. Jose Miranda, 1B 5. Max Kepler, RF 6. Gio Urshela, 3B 7. Nick Gordon, LF 8. Tim Beckham, DH 9. Sandy Leon, C SP - Sonny Gray (R) RANGERS: 1. Marcus Semien, 2B 2. Corey Seager, SS 3. Nathaniel Lowe, 1B 4. Adolis Garcia, RF 5. Jonah Heim, C 6. Leody Tavernas, CF 7. Kole Calhoun, LF 8. Brad Miller, DH 9. Ezequiel Duran, 3B SP - Cole Ragans, (L) Weather: 80 degrees and sunny (like Sunny Gray) and 0% chance of rain.
  12. Miranda goes crazy tonight. Correa goes crazy at the plate too... Huge output from these two tonight! Bet on it. Trust me....
  13. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to some more game thread action! Trade day has finally arrived. Say hello to former Reds pitcher Tyler Mahle and goodbye to 3 former Twins prospects Spencer Steer, Steve Hajjar and Christian Encarnacion-Strand. The Twins certainly need to bolster their pitching staff and hopefully this moves the needle to get us through October. Honestly we will need a whole lot more as well. The Twins take on the lowly Tigers tonight and hopefully pull out another win after last nights 5-3 victory over Detroit. With only a 1 game lead over Cleveland in the standings, the Twins really do need to take advantage when playing these struggling teams. Chris Archer (2-5, 4.04 ERA) takes the mound for Minnesota tonight. Archer will face Detroit right handed pitcher Matt Manning (0-0, 2.25 ERA). I have yet to see a lineup posted as of 5:05pm (which by the way is really weird...). Maybe the Twins front office traded the entire team to Detroit and Detroit traded their entire team to Minnesota? Must be an issue in organizing and changing all of the uniforms....No information yet on coaching staffs switching sides too. Please post a lineup if you see one come out. I can't stay for the start of the game but will try to chime in later. I'm in Chicago for work and need to entertain some Cubs and White Sox fans...At least they aren't Yankees fans. Go Twins! Tonight's lineups: Twins: TBD TIGERS: TBD Weather: 92 degrees and partly cloudy. 7% chance of rain.
  14. My pick-to-click tonight is Sano. Gotta go with it. It might be one of the last times we see him in a Twins uniform...
  15. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to more game thread fun! Today the mighty Minnesota Twins (and current AL Central Division leaders) take on the NL Central Division leader Milwaukee Brewers. Unlike the drivel Rosenthal discusses in The Atlantic about the Twins collapsing in the second half of the season and getting lapped by the White Sox and Cleveland, I think the Twins are going to run away with the division. Tonight's game will be a good test for the Twins! Not only do I think the Twins will dominate the AL Central this second half but I think they will dominate tonight's game. The Twins lineup looks good and ready to roll. Buxton and Correa are both in the lineup tonight. This will also be Sano's first time back in the lineup since April. If he wants to stay on the team for the near future he will need to start hitting and hitting BIG! I think he will be more than motivated to show what he can do. In addition, Dylan Bundy (6-4, 4.71 ERA) will be squaring off tonight against Brewer lefty pitcher Ethan Small (0-0, 6.75 ERA). By the way, speaking of Dylan Bundy I wonder if he ever got teased as a kid because his last name was Bundy. Like did his friends ever call him Ted? Speaking of serial killers, infamous Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein died on this date back in 1984 in a Wisconsin prison. I think this date in history may be a bad omen for the Brewers tonight...May be a stretch but I'm going with it. Let's WIN Twins! Tonight's lineups: TWINS: 1. Byron Buxton, CF 2. C. Correa, SS 3. Jorge Polanco, 2B 4. Kyle Garlick, LF 5. Jose Miranda, DH 6. Gio Urshela, 3B 7. A. Kirilloff, RF 8. Gary Sanchez, C 9. Miguel Sano, 1B SP - Dylan Bundy (RHP) BREWERS: 1. C. Yelich, LF 2. Willy Adames, SS 3. Rowdy Tellez, 1B 4. A. McCutchen, RF 5. Kolten Wong, 2B 6. H. Renfroe, DH 7. Luis Urias, 3B 8. Omar Narvaez, C 9. J. Davis, CF SP - Ethan Small (LHP) Weather: 75 degrees, 0% chance of rain.
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