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  1. The Twins better win this game. Got a spatchcocked chicken ready for the smoker along with sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts with bacon. Maybe a bourbon too.....If they lose I'm throwing the whole damn dinner into the garbage can.
  2. I think the Gio pickup was a good one this year. If he doesn't work out let Lewis play there for awhile. Can't hurt.
  3. Touche!... Fine keep Celestino and send the kid back to AAA. Gordon has a much brighter future ahead of him.
  4. We need to keep the kid at the MLB level. He is performing and doing well. Give him a full time spot other than SS. The more time at the MLB level the better. He is performing now. Of course we can always play Kirilloff and any other guy we want but why? Celestino? Kirilloff, Gordon? Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why even debate this? He either makes it in the next year or two or doesn't"t. He's batting .286 and executed an includible DB today. I KNOW...SSS..... He's our number one draft pick and ranked as one of the elites. Play ball!!!
  5. On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone is zero.

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      Well sure, with that attitude!

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      I wasn't entirely sure what I was posting when I did that. Apologies! 

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  6. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Taking the girls for Mother's Day dinner at Coalition in Excelsior. If any TD fans are there I'll buy drinks! Beer only (no White Russians, Manhattan's, Whiskey sour's, etc.)
  7. This game is like a slug walking through the garden. Win Twins! Try to do it under 8 hours...
  8. Such a great intro! Thank you for the inspiration. I just tuned in after Mother's Day festivities. Go Twins!
  9. Go Twins! We on a roll!!!! Yes, I know it's supposed to be we're. Not as much fun to write though.
  10. Royce is going to make history tonight. The stars are aligned. Trust me. All is well! I'm actually nervous for him. I might go pour myself a drink...My excuse, It's Friday, 75 degrees and Royce makes his MLB debut. Just moved into a new place and have no cable. Will be listening to WCCO. Let's go Twins!!
  11. This is a great way to take the sting away losing Correa! I'm excited to see Royce play! Congrats kid!
  12. Excellent breakdown! I miss Herb and Gordon. Still love to listen to baseball on the radio...I must be old school (still feel young and hip though). I do like to listen to Gladden. he is a great guy. Met him a few times and he really is down to earth and super friendly. Will talk your ear off if you let him.
  13. Look, everyone who has the Twins still pegged for 65-75 wins this year is just wrong. It's your Minnesota negative (although real) attitudes coming through. Don't confuse your Wild, Vikings and Timberwolves frustrations with the Minnesota Twins. Unlike our other Minnesota pro teams we do have 2 World Series Championships to boast. We are not destined to be ruined this season. I think we will go a looooong way this year. Relax and enjoy the decent April and start of May. We're on a roll baby!
  14. My pick to click tonight is Mr. Miranda. He is gonna rake!
  15. Good afternoon Twins fans! Welcome back to the "real" fun zone at Twins Daily! Remember this: Game Threads are the place to see and be seen.... This evening's match up should be fun to watch. We've got starting pitcher Dylan Bundy for the Twins (3-1, 2.95 ERA) going up against the Orioles righty Kyle Bradish (0-1, 3.00 ERA). Can Bundy keep up the magic he's thrown the last few weeks? I don't know but guess what? I'm betting on the Twins. The Twins have a 4.5 game lead over the White Sox and Cleveland going into tonight's game. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games as well. It's so nice to get through April and keep a winning streak into early May. We are on the right track for sure. However, it's still early in the season but I'd rather be in this position than 4.5 games back. Keep the faith Twins Territory! We are moving forward. As the wins accumulate the confidence for this team grows too. By the way, Buxton, Kepler and Sano are out of the lineup tonight. The real test for this team is when the backups can fill in and keep up the momentum. Miranda filling in for Sano will actually be a positive for this team. Not trying to be negative but until Sano can get his knee fixed and achieve a batting average over .100, I will take my chances with Miranda. I'd like to keep writing but I am in the middle of a move right now. Trying to unpack boxes and rearrange furniture. Cable not hooked up (cutting the cord) but just figured out my new wifi password. My first Twins Daily post in the new abode. So glad I could share it with you! Let's go Twins! I see 92+ wins this year! Trust me! Tonight's Lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 2B 2. C. Correa, SS 3. Jorge Polanco, DH 4. T. Larch, RF 5. Jose Miranda, 1B 6. Nick Gordon, LF 7. Gary Sanchez, C 8. Gio Urshela, 3B 9. G. Celestino, CF SP - Dylan Bundy, (R) ORIOLES: 1. C. Mullins, CF 2. Trey Mancini, DH 3. A. Santander, RF 4. Austin Hayes, LF 5. R. Mountcastle, 1B 6. Rougned Odor, 2B 7. Ramon Crias, 3B 8. R. Chirinos, C 9. Jorge Mateo, SS SP - Kyle Bradish, (R) Weather: 70 degrees, 9% chance of rain, 4 MPH winds.
  16. I'm holding onto my original predication on April 4th. 92 wins. I get this correct every year and nobody ever believes me. Geez.....
  17. Keep those Costco kids in line tomorrow. Keep the White Sox fans away from the store!
  18. I'm gonna go make a White Russian. Can't hurt our chances....
  19. I'm guessing Twins are good for at least 5 more runs. BP: 2 hits, zero runs. Just a prediction.
  20. This defensive squad reminds me a little of the 91 Twins....
  21. Sorry I'm late. It is taco Tuesday at the Narrows Bar and Grill. Back in time to see Correa make a great play at 2nd base! Go Twins!
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