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  1. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! Well the big news that most everyone has already heard is Twins pitching coach Wes Johnson will be leaving the organization after Thursday's game against Cleveland to be the new pitching coach at LSU. I can't believe he would leave in the middle of the season but I guess he has his reasons. I suspect he wants to get there sooner in order to recruit new players to LSU. I've read he will be making more money but I doubt that was the reason. I know its all speculation at this point but I bet the MLB schedule, being away from family played a role. He might just like the amateur ranks more than the pro ranks...I guess we will find out later if it even matters. I hate to see him go but "it is what it is"....Pete Maki is being promoted and will take the place of Wes on Friday. Good luck Pete! We need this staff sharp for October! The Twins kick off a big 4 game series against division rival Cleveland tonight. With a 2 game lead over Cleveland it would be nice to see the Twins have a 6 game lead after Thursday's final contest. Cleveland has been in a mini-slump since leaving Minnesota last week and have lost 4 games in a row. Taking the mound tonight for the Twins is Sonny Gray (3-1, 2.53 ERA). Sonny will be pitching against Cleveland righty Triston McKenzie (4-5, 3.51 ERA). After the news of Wes Johnson leaving the Twins it will be interesting to see how the pitching staff responds. I read that Wes was a huge influence on Sonny getting his confidence back this year. Apologies for posting the Game Thread so early but I need to leave for a fishing trip this afternoon. "Need to leave" is maybe a little dramatic but if I don't get out of the office for a little break I may pull a Wes Johnson and leave for good....Heading to the upper Mississippi River north of Deerwood, MN to hammer some small mouth bass and walleye. I will be listening to the game on the radio in the boat though! I tried to post the lineups but at 2:30 only Cleveland had theirs posted...If someone could post the Twins lineup for me I'll send some frozen walleye fillets to your house. Let's go Twins!!! Today's Lineups: TWINS (41-33): TBD CLEVELAND (36-32): 1. Steven Kwan, LF 2. Amed Rosario, SS 3. Jose Ramirez, 3B 4. Josh Naylor, 1B 5. Oscar Gonzalez, RF 6. Andres Gimenez, 2B 7. Owen Miller, DH 8. Luke Maile, C 9. Myles Straw, CF SP - Triston McKenzie, (RHP) Weather: Game time temperature 74 degrees and sunny. 0% chance of rain. Wind 12mph blowing L-R.
  2. Good morning Twins fans and welcome back to the ever popular Game Thread! After last nights punch to the gut, the Minnesota Twins will try to put up a "W" in the win column to prevent a sweep from the Cleveland Guardians. Just typing that makes me sick to my stomach. I'm going to repeat what many here on Twins Daily have already echoed too many times this year, this bullpen needs some help. Falvey and Levine, I know you read this site multiple times a day. Please hear our advice and bring some help to this bullpen. Bring up some younger arms or start making a few trades. This team has a ton of potential but please don't let it go to waste with an anemic bullpen...Please! OK, enough complaining. Today's game features a pitching match up that could be interesting to watch. Taking the mound for the Twins today is lefty Devin Smeltzer (3-1, 3.52 ERA). Smeltzer will be competing against Cleveland's righty Zach Plesac (2-4, 4.41 ERA). I know a lot of people will be at work today but please don't be shy about commenting while at work. The Twins Daily website rarely comes up on any "NSFW" lists. If anyone gets push back from their IT department about the TD site just explain its a family oriented website that helps increase your productivity. Let's GO Twins!! Today's lineups: TWINS: 1. L. Arraez, 2B 2. C. Correa, SS 3. M. Kepler, RF 4. G. Sanchez, C 5. A. Kirilloff, DH 6. G. Urshela, 3B 7. T. Larnach, LF 8. J. Miranda, 1B 9. N. Gordon, CF SP - Devin Smeltzer, LHP CLEVELAND: 1. O. Miller, 1B 2. A. Rosario, SS 3. J. Ramirez, DH 4. O. Gonzalez, RF 5. F. Reyes, LF 6. A. Gimenez, 2B 7. E. Clement, 3B 8. L. Maile, C 9. M. Straw, CF SP - Zach Plesac, RHP Weather: Partly cloudy and warm, 90 degrees, 6mph winds
  3. Happy Father's Day to the TD Dads! Fire up that grill! I decided on chicken because we are gonna win this ballgame. Listening on the radio while sweating on the back porch. The temperature difference between Minneapolis and Arizona can't be more than a few degrees. After 95 degrees does it even matter?
  4. Good evening Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! Have you ever attended a MLB game and sat next to some over zealous fans? Did you sit next to fans that were knowledgable about the game and the teams that were playing? The Game Thread experience is all about that and more... As Twins fans this is our forum to debate and play arm chair quarterback. Don't be shy! Speak up and tell us your opinion about a specific play, umpire mistake or coaching move...Most of the Moderators on the site allow a little bit more leeway in what people say during the Game Thread. Please don't swear but remember, games that start this late a majority of Mods are asleep or 8 beers into the evening. Now for the game information: The Twins kick off a 3 game series against the NL West Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are 11 games behind the NL West leader San Diego Padres. Arizona has a 30-35 record (.462 winning average). The Twins are 37-28 (.569 winning average) with a 2 game lead over Cleveland. The Twins starter tonight is lefty Devin Smeltzer (3-0, 2.38 ERA) going up against Arizona southpaw Madison Bumgarner (2-6, 3.50 ERA). The lineup looks good for the Twins tonight. I foresee a lot of runs for the good guys. Bumgarner has not been as sharp as he has looked in the past. Tune in and find out what happens. Grab a favorite beverage and cheer for the Minnesota Twins today! Don't forget to share your opinions and participate in the Game Thread fun tonight! The Moderators will be asleep...trust me! Tonight's lineups: Minnesota Twins: 1. Byron Buxton, DH 2. Carlos Correa, SS 3. Gio Urshela, 3B 4. Gary Sanchez, C 5. Luis Arraez, 2B 6. Jose Miranda, 1B 7. Max Kepler, RF 8. Gilberto Celestino, CF 9. Trevor Larnach, LF SP - Devin Smeltzer (LHP) Arizona Diamondbacks: 1. Carson Kelly, C 2. Josh Rojas, 3B 3. Jordan Luplow, LF 4. C. Walker, 1B 5. Daulton Varsho, RF 6. Buddy Kennedy, DH 7. Alek Thomas, CF 8. Jake Hager, 2B 9. Geraldo Perdomo, SS SP - Madison Bumgarner (LHP) Weather: Hot! Like really hot.....106 degrees. Zero chance of rain.
  5. LOL! Glad you noticed that. Trying to be a trend setter. Nicknames are good luck! Edited now. Thanks!
  6. My pick to click tonight is Byron Buxton (MLB Player of the Week). Go Buck!!
  7. Good evening Twins fans and welcome to the Game Thread "late edition"... The Minnesota Twins (35-27) head to the west coast to take on the Seattle Mariners (27-33) tonight. These west coast series are tough for the early risers in the midwest and east coast. However, our Twins Daily members on the west coast and Asia finally get some normalcy in their viewing schedule. If you're a night owl this is also a great game time for you! Speaking of owls, if you're from the midwest, remember Red Owl stores? Whatever happened to them????? The AL Central division leading Twins will try to protect their 3 game lead over the Cleveland Guardians tonight. Seattle is 6-4 in their last 10 games and trail their division rivals the Astros by 10 games. Seattle appears to have their work cut out for them if they want to move up in the Al West standings. Chris Archer (1-2, 3.65 ERA) takes the mound for Minnesota against Seattle's righty pitcher Chris Flexen (2-7, 4.35 ERA). Flexen should give the Mariners 4-5 innings and give up 3-4 runs per his stats in 2022. Hopefully Archer can give us 5-6 innings worth of fun and 0-2 runs...Tune in to find out what happens (assuming you can stay up past midnight in the eastern and central time zones). The Twins lineup today looks robust and full of potential. If you can believe it, we have both Buxton and Correa playing at the same time tonight although Buxton will be the DH and not patrolling center field. Hopefully Celestino will fill the roll of center field vacuum cleaner to keep Archer in the game a little longer tonight. For the Twins Daily members living in Europe, the east coast or the midwest avoid your melatonin and CBD tonight and grab some caffeine to stay awake! We got a great ballgame to watch! Go Twins! Tonight's lineups: Minnesota Twins: 1. L. Arraez, 2B 2. Byron Buxton, DH 3. C. Correa, SS 4. Max Kepler, RF 5. G. Sanchez, C 6. J. Miranda, 1B 7. T. Larnach, LF 8. Gio Urshela, 3B 9. G. Celestino, CF SP - Chris Archer (RHP) Seattle Mariners: 1. J. Winker, LF 2. T. France, 1B 3. J. Crawford, SS 4. E. Suarez, 3B 5. A. Frazier, 2B 6. A. Toro, DH 7. C. Raleigh, C 8. T. Trammell, CF 9. D. Moore, RF SP - Chris Flexen (RHP) Weather: Cloudy and 56 degrees. Chance of rain 26%.
  8. In the immortal words of Smokey Robinson.....I second that emotion...No, no, no (that's 3 no's)
  9. Totally agree. He knows more about baseball than 99% of the fan base and probably a decent percentage of MLB professionals. I don't think he's totally negative but more of a realist and skeptic until proven otherwise. I must be getting old too.
  10. Sano is looking like total trade bait come July....Do we even want to keep him around?
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