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  1. I tendered my sirloin steak last night (sirloin instead of ribeye because of inflation) with a meat cleaver. Does that work with arbitration eligible players too? Does it make them better players??? Things to think about...
  2. Trading him is crazy unless there his a huge return. Think Herschel Walker Vikings/Cowboys crazy.
  3. If that is the case about Lewis, ranking him as our best or second best prospect is depressing...Does Lewis project as a top 200 minor leaguer or top 300? We probably need to change or update the 2022 handbook.
  4. Looks like Edwar Colina wasn't a lock....Head scratcher.
  5. I think Miranda is the real deal. I hope they bring him up next year (like early April). Give this kid a shot! We don't have to jettison any decent players to get him into the "show"...Just get him into the action and see what happens. We need to quickly combine that core group of young players with the veterans in order to launch another WS team.
  6. Thanks for all the posts this year! Great job and very informative!
  7. By the way, Donaldson, Garver, Sano and Buxton go yard today.
  8. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to the second to last Game Thread for 2021. Apologies for the early post but I had to boat over to a nearby lodge on Elbow Lake (just north of Lake Vermillion) in order to get internet access to post the game thread today. I'm staying with some old high school buddies at their cabin and to say we are remote is an understatement...Gotta throw out a special thank you to the resort owner who let me tap into their wifi to post this...thanks again Elbow Lake Lodge! Well, here we are at the end of the season. This year didn't go as well as any of us thought but we still had a lot of fun on the game threads. I would like to thank all of you for the humor, snappy conversations and banter. I'm somewhat partial to the Game Threads and find its a lot like sitting next to educated fans during the game. It's great to get everyone's opinion and thoughts about the team. I'm excited for 2022. I think we will probably be better than we think and not as bad as we think...does that mean we will be a .500 team? Not really sure but I think we are better than a .500 team in 2022. I'd love to stay longer and write a more prolific game thread opener but it's overcast with a light mist. The walleyes are calling my name and probably ready to eat the slew of leeches I have ready to go in my bait bucket. I'll try to get score updates and post from my phone but cell service is only one bar at best around here. Thanks again everyone for all of the game thread fun this year. Next year will be better! Trust me! I'm a fisherman and never lie or exaggerate. Go Twins!!! Today's Expected Lineups: Someone may have to post the last minute updates. TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, LF 2. Jorge Polanco, 2B 3. Byron Buxton, CF 4. Josh Donaldson, DH 5. Miguel Sano, 1B 6. Mitch Garver, C 7. Brent Rooker, RF 8. W. Astudillo, 3B 9. A. Simmons, SS P - Griffin Jax, (R) ROYALS: 1. W. Merrifield, 2B 2. Nicky Lopez, SS 3. S. Perez, C 4. A. Benintendi, LF 5. C. Santana, 1B 6. A. Mondesi, 3B 7. Ryan O'Hearn, DH 8. M. Taylor, CF 9. H. Dozier, RF P - Kris Bubic, (L) Weather: 24% chance of rain. 72 degrees.
  9. My favorite memory was sitting with my dad at game 7 in 1987. I was 15 years old back then....What a great World Series and so much fun! We sat behind Lou Brock about 10 rows behind first base. Watching Hrbek throw his arm up after getting the last out was a memory I'll never forget.
  10. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome back to more game thread banter. Tonight the Minnesota Twins try to make it 5 wins in a row! Last night was a great game to watch and it was nice to get a win against former Minnesota Twin Jose Berrios. The Twins starter tonight is John Gant (5-9, 3.76 ERA) against Toronto's leftie Robbie Ray (12-6, 2.72 ERA). The Twins will want to score some runs early tonight as Ray has been a good thrower for the Blue Jays this year. Tonight's ballgame has some added excitement, the Minnesota Twins will be honoring Justin Morneau with a Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight. There will be plenty of his old team mates and coaches on hand to honor him into the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame. I do miss watching Morneau play the game. I always remember that violent swing he possessed. When Morneau and Mauer were in their prime I don't think there was a better 1-2 combination in MLB. I know some people don't like him in the broadcast booth but I sure enjoy his perspective and color commentary. Anyway, grab your favorite drink and food/snacks and settle in with Twins Daily to cheer on our Minnesota Twins! Congratulations as well to Morneau. He earned his place in the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame. Go Twins!!! Tonights Lineups: Minnesota Twins: 1. Byron Buxton, CF 2. Jorge Polanco, 2B 3. Josh Donaldson, 3B 4. Mitch Garver, DH 5. Brent Rooker, RF 6. Miguel Sano, 1B 7. Nick Gordon, LF 8. Ryan Jeffers, C 9. A. Simmons, SS P - John Gant (R) Toronto Blue Jays: 1. G. Springer, CF 2. M. Semien, 2B 3. V. Guerrero, 1B 4. Bo Bichette, SS 5. T. Hernandez, DH 6. C. Dickerson, LF 7. S. Espinal, 3B 8. A. Kirk, C 9. R. Grichuk, RF P - Robbie Ray, (L) Weather: Cool with light winds. No rain forecasted.
  11. The boys look ok tonight. I like what I see so far the last 3 games....I know it's a SSS. 2022 could be interesting. You never know who shows up for the pitching mound. Offense will be OK....
  12. Good evening Twins fans and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! The mighty Minnesota Twins take on the tepid Toronto Blue Jays tonight. Can the Twins continue their 3 game winning steak and turn it into 4? I think so! Big Ober takes on the former Minnesota Twin Jose Berrios tonight. Truth be told I miss Berrios on the mound but I think we got a great deal out of that trade. I'm not cheering against Berrios tonight but I still think we got the better side of that trade. Nick Gordon is gonna try to keep the momentum up after last night's game. He's batting in the 6 spot tonight. Hopefully he can plate a few more runs and keep us guessing whether or not he can make the starting lineup next year. It's interesting to see some of these young guys step up. The best example is Joe Ryan. What a surprise! Please, please, please Nick Gordon make us proud. It will take guys like Ryan, Gordon, etc., to put us on the next level. I'm confidant they will get there and next year won't be as bad as we think. I'm a small business owner and always try to have some positive thoughts. Here's to my positive thoughts....Win Twins! Enjoy your Friday evening watching the Minnesota Twins! Grab your favorite drink and celebrate the great game of baseball! I'm leaving the office and will pick up some rib eyes to throw on the grill. I might even make a few cocktails and watch the game on TV tonight. I don't care if we're not in contention...I just love baseball! Especially the Minnesota Twins. Go Twins!!!! Tonight's Lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 3B 2. Byron Buxton, CF 3. Jorge Polanco, 2B 4. Josh Donaldson, DH 5. Miguel Sano, 1B 6. Nick Gordon, LF 7. Brent Rooker, RF 8. Ryan Jeffers, C 9. A. Simmons, SS P - Bailey Ober, (R) Blue Jays: 1. G. Springer, CF 2. Marcus Semien, 2B 3. V. Guerreo, 1B 4. Bo Bichette, SS 5. T. Hernandez, RF 6. Alejandro (Captain) Kirk, DH 7. C. Dickerson, LF 8. S. Espinal, 3B 9. Reese McGuire, C P - Jose Berrios, (R) Weather: Game time temp, 59 degrees, 3% chance of rain.
  13. I agree, that's why I thought they need to shoulder half the blame. Maybe the team chemistry is a little off. Chemistry plays a huge factor in championship teams. I know it's somewhat anecdotal evidence but I just remember the 87 and 91 teams had a great clubhouse.
  14. I'm not sure either...It's like someone turned off a switch or something. Maybe I just imagined it but there seemed to be a difference from the previous years. Maybe it was the injuries that took the life out of the team.
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