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  1. I agree, that's why I thought they need to shoulder half the blame. Maybe the team chemistry is a little off. Chemistry plays a huge factor in championship teams. I know it's somewhat anecdotal evidence but I just remember the 87 and 91 teams had a great clubhouse.
  2. I'm not sure either...It's like someone turned off a switch or something. Maybe I just imagined it but there seemed to be a difference from the previous years. Maybe it was the injuries that took the life out of the team.
  3. I think the front office needs to shoulder a majority of the blame here (I'll call it 51%). They knew and we all knew here at TD our bullpen was in trouble. What they brought in for SP was laughable at best. No depth at any position to bring in subs in case of injury, etc. The rest of the blame (49%) falls on the players/coaches. This team never looked like they were having fun or really into it. You watch the White Sox, Padres, Blue Jays, Rays, etc. and they look like they are having fun and look motivated.
  4. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome to the place where the best banter and humor exists on Twins Daily. That place to see and be seen is the one and only Twins Daily Game Thread! Tonight our Twins take on Cleveland after a nice win yesterday against our central division foes. Big Joe Ryan takes the mound tonight for Minnesota. It will be fun to see how he performs and how well that long hair holds up. I think this kid could turn into a decent pitcher in the near future. He looks confident on the mound and throws with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Go Twins!! Below are tonight's lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 3B 2. Byron Buxton, CF 3. Jorge Polanco, SS 4. Josh Donaldson, DH 5. Max Kepler, RF 6. Miguel Sano, 1B 7. R. Refsnyder, LF 8. Nick Gordon, 2B 9. Ryan Jeffers, C P - Joe "Big Hair" Ryan (R) CLEVELAND: 1. A. Gimenez, 2B 2. Amed Rosario, SS 3. Jose Ramirez, 3B 4. F. Reyes, DH 5. B. Bradley, 1B 6. H. Ramirez, LF 7. B. Zimmer, CF 8. R. Lavarnway, C 9. D. Johnson, RF P - Triston McKenzie, (R) Weather: 77 degrees and mostly sunny
  5. Good afternoon Twins fans and welcome to the Twins Daily Game Thread! I hope everyone is getting ready to relax and enjoy the long weekend celebrating Labor Day! For those of you that have to work on Monday try to take Tuesday off. You should get a day off for your labor as well. Tonight our beloved cellar dwellers will take on the Tampa Bay Rays. I lived in Tampa/St. Pete for almost 7 years and loved the area. I was there when the Rays started. The stadium is as bad as the Metrodome was by the way. Not a great place to watch MLB baseball...Regardless, the area is very nice and St. Pete has gone through a transition that rivals a lot of other cities around the country. Great restaurants, attractions, etc. Tonight big Randy Dobnak takes the mound after a long absence due to injury, I'm hoping he throws well tonight as he will need to start building confidence for 2022. Before Randy was put on the IL he posted a 1-6 record with a 7.83 ERA...Yikes! I'm betting Randy throws a decent game tonight against a great team. Hopefully Cruz doesn't light him up. Anyway, here is tonight's lineups. GO TWINS!!! TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 3B 2. Byron Buxton, CF 3. Jorge Polanco, 2B 4. Josh Donaldson, DH 5. Max Kepler, RF 6. Miguel Sano, 1B 7. Nick Gordon, LF 8. Ryan Jeffers, C 9. A. Simmons, SS P - Randy Dobnak (R) TAMPA BAY 1. Brandon Lowe, 2B 2. Joey Wendle, 3B 3. Nelson Cruz, DH 4. A. Meadows, LF 5. R. Arozarena, RF 6. K. Kiermaier, CF 7. Sandy Diaz, 1B 8. F. Mejia, C 9. Taylor Walls, SS P - Michael Wacha, (R) Weather: Dry inside
  6. Totally agree. This isn't just a starting rotation issue its a bullpen issue as well. We need LOTS of arms....Lots and lots of arms.
  7. I was thinking the same thing when posting the lineups.
  8. My pick to click this afternoon is Byron Buxton.
  9. Good Morning Twins fans! We have an early Monday game today. This is a make-up game from earlier this year against the Detroit Tigers. After the ugly loss against Milwaukee yesterday the Twins will try to get back on track today against the lowly Tigers. For the rest of the year I'm somewhat hesitant to cheer for my beloved Twins. At this point being 18 games behind the White Sox I'm cheering for a better draft pick next year. However, I'd still like to see the new kids being pulled up from minors perform well and build that confidence for next year. I'm encouraging people to post comments to the Game Thread from work today (for those of us working). Make sure you leave out any NSFW comments today if posting from work. Keep it clean and professional. For those of you posting from home you can take a little more risk. Beware however, Twins Daily Moderators are always patrolling these Game Thread waters. If you are posting from work, it would be fun to share what you do for a living. If you are participating today from home and looking for a full-time job in manufacturing, PM me and we can discuss job opportunities. We need more people asap, especially 2nd shift! Maybe Twins Daily can start a job posting section??? Subject to Moderator approval of course. Enjoy today's early matinee ballgame! I'll be listening to it on the radio. Go Twins! Today's Lineups: TWINS: 1. Luis Arraez, 3B 2. Byron Buxton, CF 3. Jorge Polanco, 2B 4. Josh Donaldson, DH 5. Max Kepler, RF 6. Miguel Sano, 1B 7. Nick Gordon, LF 8. Ryan Jeffers, C 9. A. Simmons, SS P - Baily "it ain't" Ober (R) TIGERS: 1. Akil Baddoo, LF 2. J. Schoop, 1B 3. J. Candelario, 3B 4. M. Cabrera, DH 5. Eric Haase, C 6. H. Castro, 2B 7. Victor Reyes, RF 8. Zach Short, SS 9. Derek Hill, CF P - Casey Mize (R) Weather: Partly cloudy and 83 degrees.
  10. The only logic I can think why Badelli had to take out Barnes was rain and getting to the 5th. I would have left Barnes in... Dumb.
  11. Taking Barnes out was a mistake. Those hits were soooo soft.
  12. I kind of agree with the above statement. Rooker is "rooking" hard to play his way out of this lineup. I love it when a minor leaguer like Miranda makes problems for the front office. Instead of joining the free Brittany movement, jump on the free Miranda bandwagon!
  13. By the way, the Twins are off Monday and pick back up with Boston on Tuesday (assuming the hurricane doesn't mess with that game too).
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