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  1. Good afternoon and welcome back to more Game Thread fun! Also, here's a huge shout out to all the father's out there! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Can the Twins make this 4 in a row? Not really sure but it's been nice to see a few wins in a row. Big Maeda is on the mound for us this afternoon. Hopefully he returns to his old self and can take us 7 innings into the ballgame before letting our bullpen into the action. The lineup looks better today as well with Buxton back in the fold. Speaking of Father's Day, I have 3 kids, all adults now. They make their own money and only lean on "Old Dad" e
  2. Welcome back to more game Thread fun!! Berrios is heading to the mound tonight. I see a 8-2 win/loss ratio after the game tonight. I'm really not sure what to say about this team right now...Hot, cold, cold, cold, drought, rain, shine. Enough of the weather examples. This team really needs to figure out who they want on their pitching staff and who they want to trade or upgrade. Is the season lost? Maybe but this team always surprises me. Stranger things have happened! Sorry for the late post and short introduction but work got a little crazy today. It's Friday, people should be home enjo
  3. Good evening and welcome back to the Twins Daily Game Thread fun! If you live in Minnesota you know it's really hot here. I know we have TD members scattered around the globe but right now we might be one of the hotter places in the world right now. In Minneapolis we have a dew point over 72, a real feel temp of 108, bright hot sunshine and a major league baseball team that is ICE cold.... I hope we can at least stay close to the Yankees tonight. The lineup is looking better but I have no idea who is playing center field tonight. Here's looking at you Gilberto Celestino! Make the most of
  4. I'm going to the game tonight. Figured it would be a great weight loss plan. 99 degrees and lots of sweat. The 14 beers won't help though...
  5. I put a date on all of the boxes. Anything older than a year unpacked gets chucked into garbage bin.
  6. Good afternoon and welcome back to more game thread fun!! The Twin's seem to be heating up...can they make it 3 in a row? It was nice to see the Twins rally last night. Hopefully they can build off the momentum of last night and pull themselves out of the cellar. Berrios is throwing tonight too. Could be a good game! Finally got moved into our new place last week but still surrounded by boxes and lots of stuff .left to unpack. Will listen to the game on the radio as our internet and TV's still aren't operating at their capacity. I decided to cut the cable cord as well. I doubt anyone on h
  7. I feel like that every morning I wake up. It's just a flesh wound.
  8. 9-0 through 5 is looking ugly. Never know though...I've seen comebacks before.
  9. My pick to click today is Kirilloff. I'm gonna play the hot hand and ride that train til it throws me off. Go Twins!
  10. Good Morning Twins fans and welcome back to another game thread extravaganza! Happy May Day too! Last night we took home a great 9-1 victory over the Royals. We also got a glimpse of Alex Kirilloff's talent. Between Kirilloff's two homers and Buxton's defensive greatness I actually got excited about this teams potential over the next month or so. I think we'll climb our way back up in the standings in no time (assuming the bullpen can pick it up). Speaking of May Day, My daughter turns 21 today. I'm not sure how 21 years can go by so quickly but they do! If she wasn't away at college I'd t
  11. Loved Justin's comment. Byron could walk up to the plate with a table leg and get a hit.
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