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  1. During the regular season this post would make me laugh but during the playoffs not so much. My teeth are purple from all the red wine I'm swilling right now. Stress drinking...
  2. Thanks Stringer! Got some nice reds rolling right now. It's 12:36am in Bordeaux but having a great time cheering my home team to a victory tonight.
  3. I think they do! This team has something special going on... Cue a little Marvin Gaye....Kinda has a wedding theme to it too...:)
  4. You can come up to Minneapolis for a few games during the World Series. A lot more fun than France!
  5. Not that anyone cares but flew to France about 4 days ago to get married in Paris. Watching my beloved Twins now in Bordeaux, France. I want a win tonight. Gonna hit some nice wineries and celebrate a Wild Card series win....GO TWINS!!!
  6. Couple of thoughts why this team could go far this playoff season: Depth of pinch hitters (as article above explains) Bullpen more fortified with Stewart and Paddock Very good starting pitching If Lewis and Correa are back even better. Kind of feel fine with Buxton not playing at all....what's that say?
  7. Dude, we're going to the playoffs. Thank the good Lord you're not a Tigers fan. Sorry, wasn't trying to be trite. .However, I do agree with some of your post....I'm on the drop Baldelli express train.
  8. Totally agree. I sometimes think they are trying to solve some weird "Sabermetric" theory. Money Ball 2 in the works?????
  9. The Vike's might blow it this year but I truly believe this Twins team has a better chance of winning the World Series than the Vike's getting to the NFC Championship game. I think the Twins are a real sleeper team this year...I might have to blog an article to give more info. This team is starting to "Gel"...
  10. I've got the smoker going. Watching some baseball and football. I think a drink will be in order soon. What a beautiful day! Let's go Twins!
  11. This kid is for real. Great talent but also has this self-confidence thing going on that is fun to watch. He plays with no fear. Love it!
  12. Just a thought....If the Twins really want to ride Gallo through the playoffs do you know what will happen? He'll hit .475, multiple HR's and 20 RBI's. He's gonna fool another team next year.
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