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  1. Non tendering him seems pretty dumb. Yes 7 mil for a reliever is a decent chunk in a year they aren't "going for it", but its also doesn't prevent them from signing anyone else and he could be a great trade chip if they don't intend to resign him in FA. If he needs surgery after an off season of rest sure don't pay him to be hurt, but barring that its an easy tender in my mind.
  2. I think they re sign Pineda and get one more comparable vet on a similar contract, no big money 3 years or less. Ober and Ryan are first to get shots. Duran/ Balazovic can claim a spot when they preform. Strotman, Jax, Canterino, Winder, Dobnak, Thorpe, ect all battle for 4/5 There will be one if not multiple Shoemaker/ Perez type vet signings with a hope that something works out. Pitching will be bleak with upside next year, hopefully they graduate some real contributors to the rotation because I doubt they will spend the money to do it via free agency.
  3. This guy is going to be interesting to watch. Does the deception on the fastball delivery transfer to the mlb? If it does there is a lot of potential.
  4. Dobnak has a profile to be a good reliever. Power sinker/ slider combo is strong for late innings if he can maximize it, or his starter mix makes for a good swing guy.
  5. An Arraez duplicate presumably without the leg problems and able to play ss/cf is a pretty ****ing awesome player.
  6. Martin is the headliner but the pitchers intrigue me more. Joe Ryan is the one that really peaks my interest. From my limited viewing he seems to be a weird baseball player and I love those guys the most. Major bonus points for being Rays drafted and developed so far. Funky background with athlete parents and an unconventional upbringing. Weird approach that has brought him success, current AAA numbers are based on throwing like 75% fastballs. Speaking of the fastball it isn't an overpowering pitch but his motion seems to create a lot of deception. So he is dominating with a mid 90s fastball and less developed secondary stuff. It will be interesting to watch him going forward how far can the weird fastball take him vs mlb hitters, 3 starter or late inning weapon? SWR is also pretty interesting. Fastball looks to have good break to it, change/ curve look to have real plus potential, slider/ cutter in the mix as well. If the change or curve develops into a real out pitch you have a similar prospect to Berrios.
  7. I think you summed it up well. Pineda wants to be here and they need the vet arm. Overpay would get him but why sell the consistency and veteran presence if its not an overpay.
  8. Sorry Shoe we were really holding you back by having you throw to mlb hitters.
  9. Berrios isn't going to sign anything team friendly before hand and he will get an offer the Twins won't match when his free agency comes. It is time to trade him. Scherzer has now moved for a haul and Jose is the best arm available in an extreme sellers market. Sell him to the highest bidder! My money is on San Diego who is going to have to make up a lot of ground with Scherzer/ Turner/ Duffy all going to LA. Bos/ Sea/ TB/ SF/ NYY all seem to be in the mix bidding against each other. Berrios is a good #2 with an extra year of control, in this market they should be able to get a pitching prospect with more than that upside in addition to another truly valuable piece(s). Zero guarantee those guys work out but its a better return than the draft pick from giving him a qualifying offer when he hits free agency.
  10. Nelly is one of my favorite Twins of all time even if it was only 2 1/2 years. Monster bat and the best clubhouse leader I have ever seen. You will be missed Mr. Cruz but go mash in Tampa and get that franchise a ring! That being said it was the right move, 12 something years of controllable pitching for 1/2 a year of boomstick in a wasted season is a major win.
  11. This particular trade I am not in favor of, give me a pitching prospect that isn't coming off thoracic outlet surgery or tommy john and I am all for it. I think they move multiple players but I doubt Donaldson is one of them. Its hard to get much value for an overpaid vet that looks over the hill, and he could just slide into DH next year when Cruz is presumably gone.
  12. I find it interesting that Polanco/ Kepler/ Sano were the 3 to sign extensions early while Berrios and Buxton declined extension to get to free agency. The 3 guys that signed after big years have struggled since, and the 2 guys to not sign have only helped their chances at a large contract. I wonder if those early contracts are really worth it unless you are locking up a top prospect really early. Next core is just starting to get its feet wet, Kiriloff and Larnach look like they will be big middle of the order bats. Lewis will get here at some point, Duran looks legit, Donaldson/ Cruz money has to go somewhere which will be Buxton/ Berrios/ or free agency.
  13. Rosario is hitting .203 with 3 hrs for Cleveland, it was absolutely the right move to let him go. Kirilloff and Larnach are ready and need that spot.
  14. Berrios is a good pitcher but he is not an "ace" or even a "1". On a roster with real world series chances he is a "2" at most, and ideally a "3". Think of matching up Verlander/ DeGrom/ Cole/ Kershaw/ Scherzer/ Beiber vs Berrios, then think of matching Bauer/ Snell/ Buehler/ Darvish/ Strasburg vs him. Berrios to me is more in the Stroman/ Wheeler category. Big market teams can make the Berrios/ Stroman/ Wheeler types 20 mil offers to be the 2/3, the Twins can't. It hurts but I am ok with trading him, preferably for the best pitching prospect you can get. The system lacks big upside arms, if you can turn over paying Berrios into a chance at a real top of the rotation arm its a win.
  15. I bet Tony La Russa had his batting practice guy throw at Mercedes in warm ups.
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