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  1. The Vikings model which leads to a lot of .500-ish finishes which is the worst place you can be if you ever want to really compete. Go all in or punt and acquire assets. Finishing 82-82 gets you a **** draft pick and at best an early playoff exit, though it does sell more tickets than punting unfortunately.
  2. He was going to opt out unless he had a terrible year or a major injury, he is a Boras client that was basically typed in bold on the contract. I think I would be ok with him at 35-36 a year for 3 or 4 years (no opt outs), but anything past that years wise is paying for decline at a premium position. It's frustrating to watch the New York and California teams sign all the stars because they can eat the decline years, but it is what it is. This team is only signing big contracts that are short years or older/ riskier players with limited options, they will never buy a contending squad. Hindsight is 20/20 but I really wonder what they could have got for him at the deadline, incredibly hard move to make but that's how a team like the Rays competes consistently in that powerhouse division. /Deadhorsebeaten
  3. Next year is going to get interesting with the rotation, they have money to spend but I'm not sure it will be on a starter. Mahle/ Gray/ Maeda/ Ryan is on paper the best rotation they have had in a long time. Winder/ Ober/ Varland/ Dobnak is good back of the rotation depth. Lots of betting of returns to health but they have spent a lot of prospect capital on that top 3.
  4. Duran and Miranda have been amazing but I think it goes to Duran as of now. He has absolutely carried the pen from day one, debuting and excelling in a brand new role while the guys intended to fill the back end have failed at it. Miranda came up later and after initial struggles has been the reliable offensive catalyst for a month or two. By the end of the year Miranda may over take him because he has so many more opportunities to contribute but Duran has been everything you could have possibly hoped for. I worry about his work load as we get later into the season, he has to be super stretched at this point and we still badly need to rely on him often.
  5. I am fully on board with this trade. They needed a back end arm and ended up with 2.5 years of cheap control of one who has been awesome his first year in the role. I am hoping the Twins just found their Liam Hendriks, back end starter becoming a real bullpen weapon when they focus on pitch mix and throwing 100%. Povich hurts but a 10-20 starter and 3 wild card relievers is a price I am well willing to live with.
  6. This team is in a major funk right now. They are looking bad right when deadline is here and it's perfectly reasonable to question spending future talent to boost this roster. That being said the pen has cost them 7-10 wins and control of a weak division. Bring in 2 guys to stabilize the back end with Duran (and sacrifice whatever needed to gods to keep him healthy) and they should win it. A starter is a playoff move, ya they look bad now but playoffs is a crapshoot and Buxton/ Correa is a good core to push with. This offense could do damage if hot at the right time. I still kinda want them to push, the division is there for the taking and anyone can get hot come playoffs. Idk if I pay for a top end starter but they need at least someone to throw game 3. I pay for real pen help period.
  7. People need to chill, hes playing through an injury and this could help going forward. Let the man enjoy his accolades, its his first ASG and he came up huge in it. If they can't win without him they won't do **** in the playoffs anyway. A successful baseball team does not rely on one player, see Mike Trout.
  8. Looks like two big steals with top 5 potential guys falling to the Twins. Gotta love that! Prielipp will most likely cost over slot money to sign and they didn't save anything taking Lee, I doubt they can go over slot on much else now but the return certainly looks worth it initially. There are 3 could be nasty lefties in the system now, we haven't had that in the majors in a long time.
  9. Hey weird connection, I live about 30 minuets from Cal Poly and even worked there for a short time. Definitely not known as a big baseball (or sports in general) school. It is famously where Ozzie Smith came from as well as Weird Al Yankovic. Former Twins Casey Fien and Kevin Corriea are both alum as well with a few more mlbers scattered throughout the years. Seems like they have been having more kids drafted higher up in recent years, though Lee will be the 4th first round selection overall and first since 2012. He certainly fits the big college bat mold they target in the first most years. Interesting that his Dad is a coach like Kiriloff.
  10. Barring a set back he seems in line to get some pen innings down the stretch. His performance will set weather he is a playoff arm there. In the past he was an excellent reliever with LA so there is some real hope if he finds his stuff quickly. Between Maeda/ Archer/ Winder/ Ober they have some real interesting arms from the rotation that could be playoff pen pieces. I don't think they should bet on any of them being setup guys but the potential is there to have a few wildcards in the mix. They still need to trade for at least 2 legit setup arms. Duran/ Jax are going to be so incredibly stretched by playoff time if they even make it that far.
  11. They have some interesting arms that could prove to be good pen pieces, I think this is why they were comfortable trading Rodgers and not signing much. However Pagan/ Duffey sucking has really accelerated the time frame. Maeda is going to be back at some point this year, and probably doesn't have the time to stretch out. He was an awesome reliever with the Dodgers in the playoffs/ stretch runs. Winder/ Ober are going to face innings issues and could use the decreased workload. Archer is getting an early hook to keep his innings down he could be a pen piece. Bundy could be a long guy. Prospects like Henriquez/ Sands/ Canterino could all get their feet wet in the pen and then we will see who they want to develop as starters next year. All those possibilities and they are still short 2 late inning arms. They need Alcala back in the worst way but hes hard to bet on at this point. Duran has been awesome but has already pitched double the innings he has in 3 years? Is he really going to be there later in the year at this pace? They must trade for 2 setup caliber guys period.
  12. I have been pretty supportive of the FO because I like the pitching pipeline starting to produce and realize it will take time. But if they waste the only guaranteed Buxton/ Correa year, while having control on the division like they did to this disaster pen I am pretty much out on them.
  13. Capps/ Reed/ Dyson/ Colome/ Pagan The Twins have an impressively awful track record of bringing in vet relievers, while also letting go of stud arms like Pressley/ Rodgers.
  14. What does the Twins pen look like come playoff time as currently built? Duran - Hes a monster but also a rookie and will be wayyyy stretched past any load he has ever had Jax - Has looked solid, not sure he is a real setup arm but also will be wayyy stretched past any load he has ever had Alcala - coming back from a lengthy injury Thielbar - solid lefty if deployed correctly Maeda - coming back from Tommy John but has been an awesome playoff reliever in the past Smith - old vet presence good for middle innings and tough righties Cotton - seems like a decent middle reliever Duffey - maybe he re finds himself? Pagan - maybe he re finds himself? Moran - stretched out but could be a solid rookie lefty weapon Ober/ Archer/ Winder - whoever isn't in the rotation could be solid pen pieces Bundy - long reliever maybe Some rookie breaking out? Canterino/ Cano/ Sands/ Sisk ect. That is an insane amount of question marks and best case scenarios to put together a mediocre at best playoff pen. Duran/ Alcala is all they really have for dominate arms and both are major question marks. Jax is good but is getting stretched a lot. Maeda could be a real weapon but who knows coming of TJ. Whatever starters don't make the rotation can fill key roles but they aren't trained to be relievers and don't have back end bullpen stuff. The rest is middle relievers and massive question marks. They lack basically everything unless unicorns and rainbows shine upon Duran/ Alcala/ Maeda. To be serious about winning, in the only year they will have Buxton/ Correa for sure, they need 2 if not 3 high leverage arms and will still require multiple in house guys to step up.
  15. This is a weird one. He was an ground breaking hire and is leaving in an equally strange way. Seems like he is getting 2x the salary and potentially an inside track to a head coaching college gig. Might burn his Mlb bridge but 3+ years majors coaching experience (w/o being fired as the end) and some success has to be a major point on a college coaches resume. The timing for sure sucks but its the start of recruiting season for college ball. I am not really buying friction with Rocco as a major motivator, I think he was a college guy who padded his resume with MLB time and went back to the job he wanted. He did a lot of good working with the front office to modernize the pitching development. He did seem to be able to add a couple ticks to guys fastballs and optimize their pitch mix/ sequence to find another gear for them. That said that was mostly fringe vets or lower tier rookies who's contributions were more in the middle innings and back of the rotation. I liked him and would have been happy with him as pitching coach for years to come. I think they probably roll with an interim for the rest of the season, and look to really fill the role in the off season.
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