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  1. Bundy putting up those first 3 games was pretty hilarious after all the angst in the off season about him being the best pitching addition. Even when succeeding it was still apparent he is a back of the rotation piece at best. I do think continued work with this coaching staff could improve his pitch mix and approach. He is valuable as a decent 4/5 vet starter but may just not have a spot in this rotation. Gray/ Ryan are locked in the top spots, Paddack/ Ober/ Winder all have much more upside, and Archer has a higher ceiling as the reclamation project. He still may be very worth keeping around if you can, 1-7 in the rotation there are no pitchers you can count on a full season from.
  2. I think this spells the end for Sano as a Twin. Kirilloff/ Miranda can take over 1st if they hit at all and Arraez is an unconventional choice even if they can't. Sano gotta mash to be valuable, he spends 1/2 the year decidedly not mashing or hurt a lot of the time. Awesome prospect, awesome stretches as a mlb power threat, and lots of time as unplayable due to slump or injury.
  3. Nelson Cruz set the example for vet leadership, look how everyone praised him for it. Compare that to Donaldson who came with that expectation but never really got credit for doing it outside of talking with Garver. Finding the right vets that have the attitude and desire to mentor the young guys is super valuable. I'm sure its a hard thing to find, and acquire, the ones that actually succeed in this but it adds noticeable value. Gray and Archer seem to have set a great culture into the staff with however they are handling leadership.
  4. Its awesome to see the pitching development start to bare fruit. Falvine has taken deserved heat for last years meltdown and the continued playoff incompetence but they were brought in to modernize the pitching development and philosophy of this organization. That task takes a couple years to do as you burn through old prospects/ vets/ coaches/ scouts, find their replacements, upgrading the facilities, and most importantly get the right players to mold as they develop. They appear to be on the cutting now with stuff like slider usage and the kind of slider they want, now the same appears to be taking place with fastballs. There have been some funky pens and some trades that looked (and may turn out to still be) questionable but they certainly seem to know what they are looking for. Maeda, Ryan, and Paddack were all targeted for a specific quality they thought they could maximize. Home grown guys like Ober and Winder were brought up with the new approach and are succeeding with it so far. Even the reclamation guys like Archer and Bundy are looking good so far with a revamped approach. There are also multiple close to the mlb prospects that could make an impact in the rotation or pen this year. The pipeline is here, the test will be if it can sustain itself going forward because a lot of the more promising arms are close to the majors now.
  5. I think Duran is here to stay, meaning his starting days are over. I don't want to see him pigeon holed into the 9th either, but I also don't want to see him get to many multiple inning appearances. Duran looks like he is going to be an awesome reliever and I want him used as bullpen ace to get the biggest outs be it the 7th, 8th, or 9th. That being said this year is going to be tough to not overuse him, 19 something innings last year, covid year, and an injury history on a power arm. Let Pagan/ Duffey/ Alcala "close" and be the work horses. Limit Duran getting back to back days or multiple inning stints to keep him healthy and build him up. I want next year to be when he is truly unleashed instead of dealing with arm problems.
  6. Yep there will always be a place for frisbee guys in my book. I honestly think every pen should have one so they can just give a wildly different look, the changeup of pitchers. Pat Neshek is still my favorite non star Twin ever. Imagine facing a starter throwing 95+ then this funky weird side arm/ submariner comes in throwing bowling balls at 85 or sweeping frisbee breaking stuff in the 70s, then its right back to Alacala or Duran throwing 100+. They might not strike you out but there is going to be a ton of soft contact and its going to screw with the hitters timing for the next ab as well.
  7. 3 games in the pitching has looked pretty good. Ryan, Gray, Ober got hit some but overall pitched well. Duran and Alcala have the potential to be major weapons out of the pen. Urshela and Sanchez mashing the lefties/ Arraez giving righties fits is great to see. Buxton is a monster. Correa is a monster. This is an insane pairing of talent at the two most important positions.
  8. Paddack for Rodgers as the main framework is a good deal in theory but there is certainly some gamble to it. Paddack for Larnach as the main framework is a good deal, trade corner OFs for SPs. Rodgers is a great pen arm but he is here for 1 year and likely has priced himself out of the Twins plans going forward. Larnach is a good hitting prospect with 6 years of control but has a ton of question marks and best case scenario is still just a defensively limited corner outfielder. Paddack with 3 years of control has mlb success in the rotation but is coming off some down years. You generally don't get that for a reliever or corner OF prospect. This deal comes down to the extra stuff involved.
  9. I was on the Padres deal bandwagon but looking at them closer I am not sure anymore. Snell (3 years control) and Darvish (2 years control) interest me but both have injury and performance concerns. I could be on board with a Kepler led package for one of them (preferably Snell) but those are 2 of the top of their rotation so that may rise the price to high. They aren't trading Musgrove and Clevinger is set back coming off tommy john. Paddack could be a buy low guy but there seems to be a lot of negative steam around him. Gore is interesting as another buy low guy but he would add to the AAA log jam, I would probably do a Larnach + another middle prospect for him.
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/03/padres-open-to-trading-from-rotation-catching-depth.html#comments Padres seem to be in the mix to trade a starter and they are in need of outfielders. Kepler or Larnach should get the conversation started. Add some prospects depending on the return or eat Myers or Hosmers contract to pay for it.
  11. The one year of Correa would never have happened if they had signed a pitcher. Its a weird deal that came about because they had to do something.
  12. I am on board with this. He can bounce back to being a mid rotation starter, he could just be a back end guy now, he could suck, he could get injured again. Its a cheap contract if he isn't good and they will happily pay the bonuses if he is. Its not the splashy trade everyone wants, but its about as good as you are going to get at this point in the off season. It is also cheap enough that it does not prohibit trading for someone or signing whatever else there is left like Cueto. This season is going to be rough on pitching staffs. Shortened spring they are already going in under prepared. Starters going 5 is going to be luxury for a bit, injuries will happen, and who can you trust to throw 180 innings? The stable of young arms will see plenty of work it would have been insane to go into this year with 3/5 your rotation as rookies. I am still on the trade bandwagon for sure though. Go get Means, a Marlins pitcher, or eat a bad San Diego contract to get a starter back. They can still do more even if Oakland is asking for a ransom for their assets they clearly want to move.
  13. This is fine if they were rebuilding, let the multiple young arms earn their licks. However spending a prospect like Petty to bring in Sonny Gray and signing Carlos Correa to a historic AAV contract, even if its for a year, is a much different route. Ryan and Ober both have potential but also limited ceiling, limited experience, and limited stamina. Both are major question marks for next season. Rookies breaking out would be awesome but there are a ton of innings to fill before thats a thing. There has to be at least 1 if not 2 moves coming to the staff, or they just signed Correa to trade him.
  14. Ryan and Ober have earned shots at a rotation spot but other than them there should be no questions in the rotation. They have signed Buxton and Correa, put a serious rotation out there to back them. There are a lot of high minors arms with potential but you are already betting 2 rotation spots on that. They need a legit top of the rotation arm and then the 5th spot can rotate amongst the possibilities. Gray Vacant spot Bundy (ideally your 5th starter) Ryan Ober That being said this is going to be a very interesting year for pitching endurance. Short off season off multiple covid effected years, there will be a lot of bullpen innings to eat. The long reliever and the extra bullpen arms are going to get a lot of play.
  15. Combined Polanco and Correa offer a somewhat slow middle of the infield, Correa makes up for it in a major way with his cannon but its kinda what limits Polanco defensively. I think they will be a fine pairing but that is the weakness. Urshela will help as a good defensive 3rd but Arraez and Miranda innings will stretch it some. I haven't watched a ton of Correa play but a lot of his defensive highlights come with a rocket throw picked on the bounce by the 1b. Sano/ Kirilloff are going to have to make sure they are ready to dig some balls out of the dirt.
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